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Problematic female artists Anonymous 24628

What problematic female artists are /media/ into?

How do you cope with knowing your fav is a dirtbag? Where do you draw the line with regards to supporting the artist?

Anonymous 24630

Why are we just discussing female ones here

It's mostly the male artists that are the absolute worst

Anonymous 24635

Yeah, the only female one I can think of is that rapper who killed chickens to read fortunes and says homophobic stuff all the time. I never liked her anyway.

Male artists I've generally gotten lucky in that almost none of the ones I like have been revealed to be secretly evil. Except Ethan Kath. Ethan Kath I legitmately would have murdered if I've had the chance until about 18 months ago, I could still be persuaded to change my mind back I think. Given that there was a 10ish year long period where I didn't go more than a week without listening to a Crystal Castles song the strength of feeling is still quite strong. Even now the melodies will creep into my head and I'll feel a spike of irritation about it.

Anonymous 24643

Uh Marylin Manson much

Anonymous 24644

Also I will never forgive R kelly for what he did to Aaliya smh

Anonymous 24646

You mean Azalea Banks?
I don't listen to Crystal Castles but what did Ethan do

Anonymous 24663

Anonymous 24666

wow thank you for sharing this anon, I'm so angry and i feel so sad for her. I hope she's doing better with her new project

Anonymous 24667

Thanks for posting, that's really shitty so many men in music are just evil. I really think a lot of men who go into music to begin with were already horrible people who figured being a musical 'artist' (not going to use the word musician, unless he could actually play instruments idk) will give them easy access to victims

Anonymous 24673

Amanda Palmer
I've heard bad stuff about her, but her Dresden Dolls songs helped me a lot when I was younger and felt like nobody can understand me. I still wanna believe she's actually a good person who is just misunderstood because she still seems pretty relatable in some ways and helped my teenage self a lot

Anonymous 24696

I loved her music as a teenager too. Her songs always had a lot of feeling to them.

Anonymous 24699

Lana Del Rey though she's more dumb than truly problematic.

Anonymous 24722

It's horrifying for me, I idolized her voice in the late 2000s, it absolutely destroyed me for a little while, when I learned what happened

Anonymous 24802


Anonymous 24810

Why are these problematic? No offense, but you're all assuming everyone is aware of everything.

Anonymous 24819

That's what they say about Amanda Palmer for example
Here's her talking about some controversies
I really wanna believe she's just a misunderstood

Anonymous 24821

Thanks, but lol. It reads as regular 4chan edge. I mean, it's show-business, makes sense she would make a spectacle of herself being edgy, it sells.
What does "problematic" actually means? Is it "this person is the apologist of a shitty dangerous ideology" or "I'm a tad bothered about what this person said that one time"?

Anonymous 24822

I guess sometimes artists get canceled for just saying something not completely appropriate one time, so I guess it really depends on the definition of what people see as problematic

Anonymous 24862

ITT: let's parrot moral panics engineered by celebs representatives and their enemies

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