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females getting revenge Anonymous 25617

hi do you know any movie, serie or anything that depicts a woman being violent, getting revenge, really anything about women just going berserk ? violence against males is preferred. can be gorish, real or fake, anything

Anonymous 25618

not necessarily physical violence btw, but i dont mind it.

anything about women going berserk as i said. idc about the trope or the ways

Anonymous 25619

books accepted, any media. and ill shut up there

Anonymous 25620

Kill Bill but she kills several women too

Anonymous 25621

•I Spit On Your Grave
•Thriller:A Cruel Picture
•May (2002)
•Eye For An Eye

Anonymous 25622

Nurse, it's a crap movie though. Kill Bill is a good rec. Also American Mary

Anonymous 25623

i just think they'…

Been trying to find more stuff like this myself. The only thing I've seen personally that I didn't see mentioned yet is Gone Girl maybe? I don't think it's quite the same level of like "going crazy" you're looking for but there is scene where she kills a man in the middle of sex and that's pretty cool.

Anonymous 25624


I think in love exposure there is a thing about a woman getting big gore revenge against her dad abuser and stuff??( it’s a wacky wacky movie so… mmh)
Lady vengeance is super good too!
Female scorpio is good too

Anonymous 25625

I like gone girl

Anonymous 25626


Kill la Kill has the MC go berserk in the second half, although against both men and women. Come to think of it, the KLK world is run by women.

Anonymous 25627

Battle Royale (the movie) has a few female characters who kill male characters in pretty violent ways from what I remember. They also kill female characters too, but there's a really cathartic scene of a female student killing a male student who is trying to force her into having sex with him.

Anonymous 25636

Promising Young Woman

Anonymous 25638


Chigusa really gives it to him.

Anonymous 25639

Higurashi Meakashi

Anonymous 25641


The Loved Ones (2009) is my favorite femcel revenge movie.

Anonymous 25642

What is this from?

Anonymous 25643

MS. 45

Anonymous 25644


Anonymous 25645

battle royale

Anonymous 25649

I love you thanks

also yeah i wanted to post in media, didnt notice i missclicked sorry

Anonymous 25674

the last of us 2

Anonymous 25767


The Beguiled sort of falls under this. Nicole Kidman' character does fucked up stuff to Colin Farrell's.

Anonymous 25835

Hard Candy

Anonymous 25841

Anonymous 25843

Thanks for sharing this, nona! There's a ton on that list I've never seen, and those I have, I loved.

Anonymous 25844


Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.
I haven't watched it in years, but I liked it when I was a teen.

Anonymous 25847

my personal recs are:
ginger snaps
jennifer's body
martyrs (but there is also a gratuitously long scene of the main character being tortured by a man in the second half, as well as other violence against women)
also, not a movie and without spoiling anything sharp objects is a show that you may be interested in

and a letterboxd list with a ton of stuff i (mostly) haven't seen:

Anonymous 25853


Anonymous 29843

The Goodbye Earl music video from the Dixie Chicks

Anonymous 29860

Screen Shot 2017-0…

i like the handmaiden
its a really good, lesbian movie :)

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