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What's the Consensus on Persona Anonymous 26106

How we feel about Persona, sisters?

Anonymous 26107

looks like the kind of game I don't have the attention span to play

Anonymous 26108

you can play as a girl in the PSP version of 3 :DDDDD

Anonymous 26109


Glad to see other persona fans out there! I started to play them last year and haven't left my mind ever since

P1 - Little bias towards it because it was the first one I played, but it's my fave along P3. Real bad graphics & clunky mechanics, but the female characters are great. Maki is deep, Ayase spent 3 whole textboxes cursing, Elly can and will steal bones from a graveyard, Yuki is butch-ish…. I miss characters like them in newer games. I relate to an offensive level to Maki, so that probably plays on my bias too; the game said some things I needed to hear.

P2 - Great game, I'm sad 90% of the fandom reduces it to the canon gay ship (as happy I am to see some normal lgb rep). Very funny group dynamic in IS, but it's ending still destroys me. I specially enjoyed EP and Ulala, since I'm on a similar situation as her. The amount of symbolism in these games is crazy, I love thinking about it.

P3 - Wasn't fond of this one due to its slooow pacing, but I'm glad I kept playing. Probably bias towards this one too because I'm obsessed with the relationship between the MC and Aigis, they're too pure and in love. Super glad you could date girls as FeMC in PSP, but again bad pacing & I'm sad characters and some concepts (Strega, Ryoji…) were barely used on the game itself. At least the manga+anime fixed a few stuff. I believe in Yukari supremacy, I'm sure if she wasa guy people would love her (just look at junpei…)

P4 - I'm anime-only for this one. It was… a cringe fest for a good part, but Nanako healed my soul. Her relationship with Naoto was so cute too. Enjoyed Naoto's arc and a few scenes. The music is so good it almost makes me want to actually play the game, but I'm not touching it ever . Thanks you for the spin-offs tho, loved P4U (always glad for more robot girls & P3 characters grown up) and PQ (Q2 sucked tho)

P5 - Amazing music & graphics, fun to play. Sadly, it (and P4) has a storytelling problem for me: it's just character arc after character arc. I prefer P1-3 style where the characters grow as the game progresses, P4-5's way of storytelling make me love the characters during their arc and then stop caring abut them since they remain static (& trope-ish, even more than P3) during the rest of the game, which is a shame. The only characters I enjoyed from their arc to the end of the game were Yusuke and Futaba

Anonymous 26155


I only like 3.
A lot of that is because of nostalgia yes and because I do like playing as the FeMC.
It just feels the most special.
I've played every persona but 1 and didn't really enjoy any of them but 3.

Anonymous 26160

I haven't played the PS1 games but I like all the later ones.

Anonymous 26165

Play a real shaun megagay tensay game.

Anonymous 26167

Not OP & Im gessing It's Joke, but I'm actually testing the waters with them! So far I have played the IV games. The gameplay was super fun and loved the characters, but I guess I got too used to VN/text-heavy games because the story itself felt kinda lacking and didn't enjoy it much starting a bit after reaching tokio; I wish the characters talked more. Isabeau is the love of my life tho, I'm obsessed at how she read some yuri and then based her morals around it lmao.
I decided to step a bit away fron mainlime for a bit and I will start Devil Survivor next soon, felt like undusting my DS

Anonymous 26168

I’ve only played 5 and am in progress with 4. Feels clunky going backwards
Next up is 3

Anonymous 26169


Kazushi is best boy by the way. Why would they remove him as a social link for the female protagonist? Not cool

Anonymous 26235

Because Kido (the one in charge writing FeMC and her social links/story) thought that the same sport club social link would be boring, so she changed it to be focused on romance/gossip instead. At least he has a few cameos around the game.

Anonymous 26487


I love it, been a fan since I overheard some kids talk about P4 on my way to school (just like those ingame early morning cutscenes lol) and come check it out later that day.
P5 is a masterpiece in term of their rpg/visual novel mix going on, but I loathe the community so much as time goes on. Thank goodness my boy here remained relatively safe in comparison of Joker and Akechi that got fanwanked beyond belief.
I'm excited about Royal, tried to not get myself spoilered, but I heard the new girl's storyline is as heavy as Suzui/Kamoshida one, so I'm not sure if I want to went through it again.

Anonymous 26489

Congrats on not getting spoiled! The new semester in Royal was what saved P5 for me, the writting went downhill after the 1st palace (though there are good moments/palaces, I enjoyed the game overall) and then rose again for the very last palace. The tone of that arc is pretty serious, but it's really good. If it helps, it doesnt involve sexual abuse on any way iirc, so it was way easier to stomach (I had troubble going thru Kamo's palace too, unafortunely it hit way too close to home).
Hope you enjoy enjoy Royal! Yusuke is my fave too handshake

Anonymous 26524


Futaba in P5 was too relatable.

I played P5 during hikikomori times when recovering from trauma. Stayed up until 4-5 AM just so I could save Futaba. Was crying at the end of it, when she left her damn room and opened up to the others. Didn't have the heart to make MC date her after she finally had such a nice family.

Have never felt this way about a female character before, Futaba is the princess of Persona and I want her to be happy.

Anonymous 26525

Same here anon. To make it even more relatable I played through P5 and Futaba's dungeon after my mom's death, but my mom wasn't an actual good person like Futaba's was.
I like that her dungeon was similar to how dungeons were in P4, I think it allows for more character development because I think most of the P5 cast is so bland and boring.

I always make Joker date Makoto because I think they just fit together, but I don't even like her lol.

Anonymous 26556

God that leg is absolutely fucked

Anonymous 26622

He's just build different, leave him alone

Anonymous 27519

the writing in this series is just "I'm 14 and this is deep" crap. It's a power fantasy for gross weeb men who wish they could be a teenager in Japan and fuck underage girls.

Anonymous 27522


It's an okay series. I have some nostalgia for Persona 2 and 3. Persona 5 is extremely overrated right now and I'm tired of hearing about it. Pic related is best girl.

Anonymous 27526

Fake MZD.png

persona 2 is probably one of the best rpgs I've ever played. I love the characters and symbolism. persona 1 I never played, but I read the manga and really liked it.

I think 3-5 are shit games that are extremely overrated and just generic shounen bullshit. It really crapped on what the first two persona games were. I do like the art styles in Persona 3 and 5 though. Soejima's a pretty solid artist.

Anonymous 27535

What did you think of 2's ending?
I really liked it but I know a lot of people didn't.

Anonymous 27546

I think the both of them are alright.
I like how Nyarlathotep wins in the end of IS, and how bittersweet EP's ending was. My problem with the plot wasn't really in the endings, but I didn't like the whole "mighty god who fucks everything up" plot most SMT games have. Also, they would introduce antagonists, but then kinda forget about them later.

I like how Persona 1 handled the whole "kill god" ending, because the final boss wasn't actually a god, but a manifestation of Maki's nihilism inside of the world the characters were in. It was pretty damn cool.

Anonymous 27547

>It's a power fantasy for gross weeb men who wish they could be a teenager in Japan and fuck underage girls.
Well I doubt Persona was made with an international audience in mind, but other than that, you're right.
It's very telling that the protagonist in every game has always been male, with the exception of like a couple of games that have had the option of playing as a girl.

Anonymous 27556

>a couple
Only 2

Anonymous 27558

Lisa Garbage.jpeg

it's even worse in 3-5 because the protagonists are mary sues. they're the "chosen one" that everyone likes and wants to fuck.

persona 3 portable let you play as a girl as well, but it didn't really change that much in the story, and also you could date a fucking 10 year old.

the protagonist in 3 FES is also a girl. idk much about fes tho, so I can't really trash on it lol

Anonymous 27561

FES is the best version of Persona 3.

Anonymous 27563

Glad to see another P1 appreciator over here, sad almost everyone dismisses it with the excuse of dated graphics/gameplay when the manga is right there.

I think P1 and P3 were the only ones who made the whole kill god plot feel natural/in line with the game. P4-5 were the worst offenders, it was so forced and out of place it ruined the whole endings for me.
I guess they keep doing it because it's a staple on SMT, but persona is now its own series so it doesn't really make sense to keep with that. Since P6 will have a new writter I hope they re-think adding another non-sense god to the story.

Anonymous 27566


Last time I played anything smt related was a decade ago, but from what I remember FES was pretty good and it had a good conflict going on. It was cool to see the group split and stand in each others way.
Thing is, gameplay wise FES is pretty different as there's no social aspect to it thus it completely lacks the wish-fulfillment element, just the story you have to plow through.

Anonymous 27569

?? P3/FES is where the social sim part started in lol

Anonymous 27570


Sorry, I was talking about The Answer, like I said it's been a decade kek
My mistake, I thought it would be obvious considering the spoiler I was replying to, that talks about aigis being the protag - hence, The Answer.

Anonymous 27580

My bad, the spoiler flew over my head. Nice to see someone else who enjoyed FES' extra story though, lots of people hated it but it was what made me like the game. The confict the cast had going on it made them a bit more solid.

Anonymous 27611

Hawaii come back.p…

this is my fantasy and i cant believe a popular game enabled this for me.

Anonymous 27612


This. And make it Strange Journey.

Anonymous 27620

IV better, it has my girl isabeau.

Anonymous 28971


I hate that Royale basically killed the female self-insert trope from ever spreading again. Now every new fans are some Shuake kiddos.

Anonymous 29048

I really just hate how much the fans of these games build them up as RPG gospel. If someone can't acknowledge the flaws in media they like, or tolerate people posting negative opinions it's kind of a red flag to me.
I can't tell you how many times Ive had people tell me that posting my negative opinion of Persona means it's "living rent free." As if you're not allowed to ever think about something you don't like. I played them a lot and when I started thinking of the he's critically I found them very unimpressive.
So yeah, they're really mid games, I liked the plot of 2 but I thought it would have been much better as a novel.

Anonymous 29075

Yeah. Persona is really eh as far as gameplay goes. Doesn't help that 3+ are trying to go for this social simulation type thing but they do it in the most dull way possible without any desire to improve on it in a significant way.

Anonymous 29914


Persona 2 is the pinnacle of the series, there will never be another Yukino Mayuzumi or Maya Amano and hashino is a fucking hack.
pic related.

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