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Anonymous 26272

How many of you read either of these book series when you were in middle school or high school?

Anonymous 26273

I read both sagas when I was in high school, and I gained a taste for reading thanks to these books. Before them, I thought that reading was very boring, I couldn't pay attention, but after them I managed to keep the habit, my attention threshold improved a lot. I still have my copies, and I reread it a little while ago; The Hunger Games is really great and twilight is silly but I don't understand the hatred towards Bella, she was just a shy and insecure child

Anonymous 26274

Both are cringe when you're an adult but Katniss is cooler.

Anonymous 26275

Only the Hunger Games, almost all girls in my class had this phase of obsession with the books around 2012. We wrote fanfictions, made fanart and even roleplayed our own "Hunger Games" in the schoolyard during breaks.
In retrospect the Hunger Games books are not the best of course, but as far as YA dystopia goes they were decent. The Hunger Games pretty much started that trend, most of the copycats were trash.

Anonymous 26276

I never read either. tbh I probably would've liked twilight because I'm into ust and vampires. When I was in high school opinions on twilight were polarizing but I just never cared.

Anonymous 26277

I only read the Hunger Games. A librarian in middle school recommended me Twilight, but I didn't like it. I read the Hunger Games shortly after and I loved it a lot. I can see why a lot of teenage girls loved Twilight though, it got a lot of friends and family into reading who didn't like to. HG is YA fiction, but for what it is, I think it's pretty alright. I was never a big fan of the love triangle because I didn't care for either male lead, but Katniss was pretty cool.

Anonymous 26278

I read them both in elementary school, I found Twilight hilarious and almost like a comedy book and I found Hunger Games' first book to be interesting but the later two were so boring and I secretly didn't even finish the third book

Anonymous 26279

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Anonymous 26280

Is 22

Anonymous 26281

I read both but I wasn't a diehard fan of either. The Hunger Games is better by miles.

Anonymous 26299

I didn't read. I watched almost all the adaptation movies of Twilight and maybe one part of HG. I'm not sure I liked Twilight at the time though I somewhat interested in the concept of HG

Anonymous 26306

I read both including the retelling of the first Twilight book from Edward's pov.
The Hunger Games definitely holds up until now imo at least as a story. Twilight on the other hand is pure wish fulfilment which isn't a bad thing. I remember feeling really accomplished when I read twilight because the books are thick. I only ever picked it up because I wanted to read books that included vampires while I read The Hunger Games because I liked the first movie. wrote some very obviously self-inserting fanfic for twilight because I was copying the format that many Twilight fangirls used and the hunger games inspired me to take up archery for a bit.

Anonymous 26362

i was genuinely obsessed with twilight when i was in middle school. i had all the books and even went to a midnight release party for breaking dawn (which was super cringe).

i don’t feel that the books or movies hold up very well but they’re a guilty pleasure.

Anonymous 26363

I think I was one of the first people to read Twilight. I'm a huge vampire fan and I saw the description said vampires so I bought it on like October 10th or something. I love it still though I've really outgrown the characters. I loved it because every other YA book that contained romance seemed obsessed with sex and I liked that they didn't have sex. New Moon and Eclipse sucked clit and I pretend that Breaking Dawn doesn't exist. Midnight Sun was really good, shame that she'll never write from his point of view again because she got scared that everyone read it before she edited it. I never read the sex swapped version because that's just stupid.
Also, I swear to god that if she writes another book and it's about Jacob and Rutabaga instead of the actual interesting characters, I'll be so pissed.
Hunger Games was really good. I remember hating the sequels though. And her having children? What a lazy fucking perfect ending cop out. Ruined her character in order to make her into a cut out doll.
I have never seen any of the movies because I am not a fan of movies.

Anonymous 26364


It's after my time. I was a Christopher Pike kid.

Anonymous 26801

What are these about?

Anonymous 26837

Omg same, I collect these now as adult along with Fear Street books.

They're old YA horror books from the 90s, some of them are cheesy but a lot were pretty good

Anonymous 26840

Too scawy for me

Anonymous 26842

Both of these passed me by. Twilight was coming out when I was in middle school, and the Hunger Games movies came out when I was at uni. During middle school we would open the Twilight books to random pages and read passages aloud and giggle. (Years later I would do this page-flipping with adult friends and a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey… Twilight (and its fandom) was truly the gift that kept giving.) By the time I was in high school the Twilight books were a joke. As for the Hunger Games, I never felt its cultural impact. Like, someone would say "the new Hunger Games movie is in theaters" and we all knew what that meant but nobody I knew was into the franchise.

As for why I never read them: I had a big aversion to romance, and this thread is making me realize that back then and to this day I mostly read one-offs and short story collections. If a book is billed as the first of a series or part of the [blahblahblah] series I tune out.

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