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Anonymous 26787

who are your favorite female musicians? pic related

Anonymous 26788


Courtney's first two albums with Hole were the best.

Anonymous 26796


she is underrated, noob zoomer "fans" dont count

Anonymous 26804

yeah seriously. pretty on the inside is so underrated.

my favorite thing is debating moids about hole, of course they dont like hole's music its literally for meant for women lol. or they just say she killed Kurt. like idc thats none of my business. she probably had her reasons if she did.

Anonymous 26805

ive never really gotten into Kate bush, where is the best album to start?

Anonymous 26806


lingua ignota is one of my more recent favs. She makes angry music for scorned women. I hope all her exes die

Anonymous 26815

I love Violet. It's the only Hole song I know. I'm bipolar and I get obsessed with it when I'm getting manic. I need to listen to more of their stuff.

Love Kate Bush. I got into her as a high school kid, haven't listened to her much since then. Definitely need to change that.

Anonymous 26816

Her first one tbh

Anonymous 26826

I love 10,000 Maniacs and Natalie Merchant. Her music just resonates with me so much.
On the other side of the spectrum I also love L7, they have a rhythm-based take on metal/hard rock that I haven't heard any other band do.

Anonymous 26834


It'll always be her it'll never not be her

Anonymous 26835


Kerli. A lot of her music isn't my style anymore but I still love it, and I really like her as a person.

Courtney Love too ofc Hole was life changing for me.

Anonymous 26836

as a kid I acted like I was "too punk" for Avril but secretly always had a soft spot for her

>nobody's home

>my happy ending
>I can do better
>I'm with you

all certified bangers

Anonymous 26838

I found Natalie Merchant through the aileen wurnous documentary where they use her song Carnival ( I guess it was aileen's favorite song). very disturbing context of course. but such a thoughtful and lovely song

Anonymous 26839

idk much of her music, but walking on air was definitely the freaky girl in middle school anthem

Anonymous 26868

she is so iconic, I really wish her label hadn't fucked her over. They stole so much from us freaky middle school girls by forcing her to do pop music.

Anonymous 26896


Lana Del Rey. I only really started getting into her around late 2019/early 2020 but I'm already a huge fan especially of her early stuff. This is cringe but this is an anonymous imageboards kek so I'll admit it but I've always had this deep inner fantasy about being a model in old Hollywood and she kinda taps into that in a way very few artists have done for me. I like listening to her when I'm in the car or going to sleep since that's when I normally revert into those daydreams anyway

Anonymous 26913


And Lorde tbh

Anonymous 27053


Wuthering Heights pushed me to read the book and watch the movies just so I could expirience the song more

Anonymous 27059


There are too many though.

Anonymous 27060


I miss this little rare band a lot too, brazillian girls

Anonymous 27061

i'm lazy and don't feel like image-searching everyone. post the names of the ladies too, as well as their image!

Anonymous 27062

Fiona apple

Anonymous 27068

Same kek, I never watched the movies but I read the book because of her song. Amazing song, great book

Anonymous 27090


Her music is fun to yell to.

Anonymous 27101

Screen Shot 2022-1…

lets not forget the queen of weird girls, Bjork

Anonymous 27102

My favourite
So good
I think it must have been you who turned me on to her. Thank you.

Here's a dark horse pick. Love this tune

Anonymous 27121


Annie Lennox

Anonymous 27164

They are not very popular, but Warpaint has become one of my favorite bands. Everytime I watch one of their live videos I wish I was in a band with only women

Anonymous 27166



Anonymous 27168

Oh I know them. Heard them twice on Fip, they're great.

Anonymous 27190


Hashiyasume Atsuko from BISH

Anonymous 27268

Sade is one of my favorite of all time. She's a fantastic and authentic singer with one of the most soothing and fantastic voice I've ever heard, combined with a mesmerizing aura and presence. There's something unique and captivating about her and it shows that she's extremely passionate about music.
I also read the book because of that song and I'm glad I did

Anonymous 27275


akina nakamori

Anonymous 27425

Gezebelle Gaburgably

Anonymous 27426

He's a tranny. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Anonymous 27430

Tranny and an incel, absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 27433

Ick, tranny voices are so so unpleasant to listen to. Grating to the ears.

Anonymous 27434

just looked his lyrics up and they’re so misogynistic holy fuck, he literally admits to being agp in the “i hate my body” one kek
i respect her as a person but i couldn’t really get into her music, i’m more of a pharmakon/puce mary kinda gal i think. i like harsh noise/death industrial with female vocals

Anonymous 27435

if you want to cringe some more try listening to him live.

Anonymous 27437

News to me
I like abrasive vocals in punk music

Anonymous 27439

yeah I rather bleach my ears than listen to moids trying to do soft voices its so cringe

Anonymous 27446

I understand you. I do like that tranny's music but I can't find myself listening to it for long. The mysogyny is just too offputting. I wish we had more female punk bands.

Anonymous 27452

Queen Adreena. Idk if it's punk, their music is pretty original, especially entire Taxidermy album. Drink Me album especially has a lot of screaming like Hotel After Show and then quieter sort of singing as well. Her other bands like Daisy Chainsaw, Liar Flower, Ruby Throat and solo Lalleshawi projects are good too, although last 2 are acoustic stuff. KatieJane Garside is also a really interesting and original artist with weird personality/aspergers vibes. Idk if you listen to her interviews you'll see.

Anonymous 27460

The singer behind Queen Adreena had multiple projects, one that I do enjoy is Daisy Chainsaw (her first one).

Hard to pick a single musician though, I go from Anna K (Hanzel & Gretyl) to Daughter, Liz Fraser, Morcheeba and Soap&Skin…

Anonymous 27467

Susanne Sundfør, she's from Norway and produces and writes all her albums. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous, and her album Ten Love Songs has become one of favourites of all time. If you like electronic mixed with orchestral instrumentation it's a must listen

Love them, their latest album was awesome

Anonymous 27531

Heart! And not just because it was in Guitar Hero!

Anonymous 27534

WOMB_Purity Ring.j…

Purity Ring.

Anonymous 27538

i discovered this radical feminist punk band called S.C.U.M a while ago and i absolutely love them! you might appreciate them as well. i love female punk bands so much

Anonymous 27557

omg nona! <3 tysm for sharing!!! i'm digging it!

Anonymous 27576

JOJ. I love Jessicka's screams!

Amazing taste!

Anonymous 27623

Anonymous 27674

Jazmin Bean!!!

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