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Male dominated fandoms Anonymous 27324

I really hate being in male dominated fandoms. Touhou is an example (not only is it male dominated but it's tranny infested too). It's kinda lonely. So many male dominated fandoms would become much better if it had a majority of women. I wonder if others feel that way

Anonymous 27325

I can really relate, it used to not bother me, but I play quite a few gatcha games, e.g. azur lane, fgo, and I'm attached to characters but the complete lack of actual woman can be pretty depressing. Yuri anime and media has also been spoiled to an extent by the male fan base that it's surrounded by.

Anonymous 27326

touhou in particular has become completely ruined by its moid fandom in recent years
there's an infestation of pedo moids who only like it because of the younger looking/loli characters, a ton of annoying autistic male trannies (a lot of which are also pedos of course) and moids who don't care for the games or anything else except for the touhou porn doujins and nonstop sexualize the characters
vocaloid is another one that got ruined in recent years too, and mlp of course
at least otome game fandoms and shoujo anime fandoms will always be majority women - and most of these fandoms especially the otome ones seem to have little to no troons in them which is always a plus

Anonymous 27328

A lot of Touhou artists have been female, but unfortunately that's not enough to keep the Touhou fandom less scrotey. I posted about it somewhere else but it must be hard to husbando Rinnosuke (I've seen a couple of Japanese Rinnosuke yumes) basically everyone else (moids) only use him for harem jokes and as a self-insert and most male artists can't draw him for shit.

I've seen ever seen a single male troon who is into otome games. However, I've seen plenty of TIFs who play it, which is very telling lol. Sadly shoujo fandoms aren't completely safe from the moid cancer.

Anonymous 27331

I prefer female characters and things centred around women, unfortunately men do too. It seems most other weeb women are into otome games and male centred stuff but I tend to enjoy those less especially now that I have a bf.
Even if I do meet a woman who's into what I'm into, she's usually a handmaiden and would probably stop talking to me if she found out my views on trannies. Or she goes by they/them.
I feel your struggle and it sucks.
I want more female friends with similar interests but I can't force myself to like what I don't like and neither can they. Friendship making seems pretty hopeless for me. I'm just waiting until my desire to make friends will die off.

Anonymous 27332

There are actually a lot of women who are into female-centric media, like Love Live, but sometimes, especially if it's very male-oriented, the female fans are pickmes and that's kind of annoying too

Anonymous 27334


Just go on tumblr almost every fandom is female dominated since the platform is female dominated as well.
They’ll talk about media in a completely different way just make sure you stay away from men
Tiktok is also an ok platform

Anonymous 27335

when i watched watamote i thought the fandom is full of women because its relatable to socially outcasted women it’s hard to believe sometimes it’s made by a male although some few things feels like its from a male perspective but the fandom is filled with males no wonder why the manga now became shitty now it’s just yuri fanservice for coomers if the fandom wasn’t full of scrotes the manga will have still been good

Anonymous 27336

i hate how women don’t gatekeep female dominated fandoms take kpop for example since it became popular fanboys are in every fandom these fanboys are so disgusting they sexualize kpop girls even underage ones they act edgy they’re so annoying women don’t mind moids existence in their spaces unlike males we should gatekeep fandoms the best way to gatekeep fandoms from males is making it full of fujos i used to spam johanxtenma gay sex fanarts in monster tags just to make moids less interested in the anime it made moids so pissed

Anonymous 27337

I remember discovering Watamote on Facebook when every cringe anime fan from my region wouldn't shut the fuck up about it and most of them were scrotes who didn't even know what otome was. It was so popular that it put me off and I wouldn't watch it until its popularity waned and I realized it would be fun to watch as a fujoyume and former awkward otaku myself. I love that anime so much because weird, plain, creepy female geeks are VERY RARELY represented in anime, and Tomoko hit really close to home (but not in a bad way! in a funny and heartwarming way).
But now I sort of can't help associating Tomoko with a tranny avatarfag from another imageboard on top of her being seen as just another waifu for coomer lolicon scrotes. Women should be louder about the things they like.
>it’s hard to believe sometimes it’s made by a male
I'm not sure how true this is, from what I've heard the story is by a male and the art by a woman. When 4fags sent dick pics to the author(s), she/they(?) left an author's comment in some manga volume about how they had never seen a penis before. So there's at least one woman in the team. Also AFAIK Watamote is published on a "unisex" magazine so it's not like it's only for a male audience.

Unfortunately, girls are socialized to be too nice and inclusive and not speak up for themselves while moids are selfish, loud, abrasive and invasive. Males want us out of """their""" hobbies and online spaces? Well, we should kick them out of every female space (online and IRL) and female-dominated fandom as well. It's only fair.
>the best way to gatekeep fandoms from males is making it full of fujos
Not just fujos, moids also hate yumes and any other woman who sexualizes male characters (they call them all fujos because moids are retarded)

Anonymous 27338


> Not just fujos, moids also hate yumes and any other woman who sexualizes male characters (they call them all fujos because moids are retarded)

you’re right they hate yumes because of jealousy even characters make them insecure

Anonymous 27339


>>But now I sort of can't help associating Tomoko with a tranny avatarfag from another imageboard on top of her being seen as just another waifu for coomer lolicon scrotes

same that’s why i don’t like to post tomoko in any place

>> so it's not like it's only for a male audience

now it’s fs targeting moids look up the latest chapters it feels like a moe manga tomoko has friends all of them aren’t similar to her she’s no longer a loser so there’s really nothing interesting about the manga now

Anonymous 27342

WI am into Love Live which is why I said what I said. It applies because so many are gendies or super for gendies. And I feel like everyday as a love live fan I have to block transbians

Anonymous 27351

>female dominated fandoms take kpop for example since it became popular fanboys are in every fandom these fanboys are so disgusting they sexualize kpop girls even underage ones

Who will tell her?..

Anonymous 27352

I am used to it I guess. It doesn't bother me really, facts are that anything with girls in it is going to have a subset of male fans of varying size. They increasingly pander to this fans and meanwhile the shows made for women are the ones with tons of men in them which can be offputting to me. Those reverse harems gross me out, I would be fucking scared if I was the only girl in a house full of men.

Anonymous 27360

I've seen a few tifs into newer otomes but most the older or more obscure ones (like hakuouki) are usually safe even from tifs or maybe I've just been lucky and not encountered them yet lol
fandom for shoujo like kimi ni todoke, kamisama kiss, nana, etc seem to be mostly moid free - I guess the newer and/or more popular it is the more likely that moids and troons will flock to it and shit up the fandom

Anonymous 27361

what is a tif?

Anonymous 27362

trans identified female, basically a woman with a made up gender (like ftm trannies)

Anonymous 27363

sounds weird. ive never heard of any woman calling herself tif or a made up gender but maybe i am misunderstanding whats a made up gender.

Anonymous 27365

some severely mentally ill/terminally online women will convince themselves they are men or another made up gender identity like nonbinary (despite still being a woman obviously)
a lot of people who refuse to pander to their delusions have started calling them tifs (or tims for male trannies)
anyways this is a thread about moids ruining fandoms and not about delusional troons denying reality, sorry op I don't mean to derail your thread

Anonymous 27375

TIF is a term that trans rights activists (TRAs) and FtM transgenders/"trans men" hate because it implies that the trans "man" is actually just a female who merely identifies as a man and isn't actually a male (which is true and used to be the accepted view, but you can't say it anymore). In other words, TIF = the "TERF" way to say "trans man". They don't call themselves TIFs, they call themselves transmen because the accepted way of referring to trans people now is by their chosen gender identity to "affirm" this identity and not make them feel "dysphoric", effectively encouraging their delusions.
It can also apply to any girl/woman who identifies as non-binary or any other made-up bullshit that isn't their actual sex (female).

There's a lot of TIFs in otome fandom in recent years. They try to create their own otome games that are more "inclusive" and have non-binary or transmasc (and even transfem) characters. Unfortunately for them, most of those games are hideous, boring and few become popular. Since actual otome games must by definition have a female protagonist and a male cast of love interests, genderspecials have created a new romance game genre called "Amare" which is where all those ugly Western games with "diverse" casts would fit. However this somehow hasn't stopped TIFs from demanding to be pandered to in otome games.

Anonymous 27384

i know ggs target males i know m0ids are pedos these are good reasons to gatekeep ggs

Anonymous 27385

males don’t watch magical girl animes with characters that don’t look like children sailor moon fandom is mostly women

Anonymous 27386

It's true that Sailor Moon fandom is mostly women (thankfully) but scrotes have been creating doujin manga and games (and even hentai anime) of Sailor Moon since the 90s. >>27360 seems to be right about popular shoujo shows getting more moid """fans""".

Anonymous 27390


Anonymous 27825

tumblr never lets me down, i just wish it was more populated again. the creative girls on tik tok need to migrate there. i think the reason is because its the only platform that wont allow users to profit

Anonymous 28322

I know a guy who loves sailor moon, josei and BL anime/manga and he's not even gay.

Anonymous 28369

i used to like touhou because it was awesome that some japanese moid made a game with only women as characters and none of them were sexualized, instead they had interesting designs. and also i like how males are irrelevant in the gensokyo lore. but moids always have to coom and misinterpret the artist shit drawing skills and read the lack of bust as muh lolis muh coom muh transbian world…a pedo classic. same with mlp

Anonymous 28398

That’s how I feel about superhero comics, I end up going to /co/ on 4chan and r/dccomicscirclejerk for discussions and I know for a fact both are male dominated.
I’m on a radfem gaming server and idk they don’t talk about games that much which is weird and they kicked the only member that would because a certain clique disagreed with her and pushed her buttons

Anonymous 28399

I have a small confession, I never liked how tumblr does fandom, it’s so much focus on headcanons that go against canon and fanfics but I don’t like either of those. Also it probably has to do with who I follow but I can’t get away from “OMG THIS CHARACTER IS GAY, THAT CHARACTER IS TRANS!!!” crowd

Anonymous 28400

Nta but same, and I especially hate "shipping". They're obsessed with it.

Anonymous 28412

Ignoring male filth is like eating and breathing to me

Anonymous 28686


Many girl groups are actually targeted towards men in Korea but otherwise I agree with this. I like to lurk dead livejournals and fansites and it was nice how unapologetically female they where. It's not that they went out of their way to discuss how something appealed to women but they just enjoyed what they liked without worrying about men. Nowadays you have to see a gazillion "it hurts mens feelings when women like attractive characters and actors so it's important we uplift fat men who are they same age as our fathers to not make them sad" takes between fandom posting because got forbids that women has any sort of powerfantasy.

Sometimes you do find a woman who has been active in the same fandom for 20 years but it's extremely rare. And they also have stopped producing content. They just pop in to occasionally chat with other old fans or make short metas. Which I do appreciate. It's nice that they haven't left the fandom even if they have no time/desire to make fics and fanart. They still have the mentality that fandom is a female space so it's nice to see them continuing supporting stuff made for women rather than worrying about hurting men's feelings.
There are also cases where you do find a woman who was active in your fandom 20-10 years ago but she has switched over to making fanworks for some children's manga which sucks but as long as they keep the women only mentality I'm not complaining.
I get stupidly emotional when I think about this subject because even though I was geeky 10 years ago I never really participated in fandom for different reasons. If someone had warned me how bad fandom would become I would have participated when you could be a woman without having to apologise for literally everything
I like shipping and headcanons but I get this. I think it takes up too much of fandom. My favourite fandom thing is metas but those are rare and even then the meta writers have tendency to mix up the official source material with the version they made up in their head.
Male fandom spaces sucks because it's all about listing trivia to prove you are the most knowledgeable and getting the biggest collection. There is no deeper discussion. And while female fandom spaces do have deeper discussion it's only from a shipping point of view

Anonymous 28691

What do you mean by metas? How is that different from listing trivial things.

Anonymous 28692

> If someone had warned me how bad fandom would become I would have participated when you could be a woman without having to apologise for literally everything
Same I somewhat regret mostly reblogging posts on tumblr I wish I did more cringe fanart

Anonymous 28693

I also like meta but I've never seen a female fan do meta that wasn't centered around shipping which pisses me off. I don't care for shipping so I tend to like male meta writers because they focus on the plot more

Anonymous 28694

NTA but metas are usually in-deep readings/analysis on a subject/character as far I know

Anonymous 28695

Basically what >>28694 said. By listing trivia I mean going "uhm actually the lore in episode 15 contradict itself because in the spin off book written in 1996 it is said that […]". Metas focus more on getting a better understanding of the characters and the world they live in and how it effects their daily lives while trivia listing is just stating the facts without looking much deeper into it

Anonymous 28696

But don't meta and trivia intersect because they both have a lot to do with canon?

Anonymous 28697

They do but trivia is on a much more shallow level.

Anonymous 28699

I've never seen moids just do trivia and nothing else though. If anything they're more interested in how the plot will twist so they like to go back and reread stuff a lot to see if they're being accurate. Female fans ime will read something once, take a liking to certain ships and come up with theories based on that, then never read it back again and go straight to making fanart or something. I guess I've always just gravitated to talking about plot more which has landed me in more male dominated fan spaces than female.

Anonymous 28701

it's not all shipping, character-centric meta is also common with female fans. When it comes to plot I've never found a shortage of female fans to bounce off ideas with.

Anonymous 28702

I'm assuming you've never been on tumblr?

Anonymous 28705

I care less about characters than plot
I was mainly talking about tumblr actually lmao

Anonymous 28709

I guess it depends on the fandom, I used to follow several female theorists on tumblr and aside from the monthly chapter discussions, I remember them predicting several plot twists based on clues from previous chapters…

Anonymous 28712

I followed some Steven Universe bloggers back when the show aired that managed to predict the whole showbut then again people also tinfoil that the writers took plot points from fan theorists because they hadnt planned an ending

Anonymous 28715

I was in the black butler fandom and it had a big twist a 100 chapters in or so that a tiny portion of the fandom predicted while everyone else called them crazy.

Anonymous 28723

I hate scrotes in fandom more than anything else. They bring their degeneracy with them and ruin everything they touch. So when you're surrounded by that it's hard to even stay interested. Even if you block and stay away from every hint of them online you still have to acknowledge they exist every now and then especially when they directly interact with the subject. If women stopped coddling them too maybe some of them would be able to be shamed into shutting up and staying away.

Anonymous 28762

in my experience, the worst thing about male dominated fandoms arent even the males themselves; theyre easy to spot and avoid especially if you pick your platforms carefully, but it feels like the more "masculine" a fandom is, the more women who are into it will be some flavor of genderspecial he/him, which ruins such a huge part of fandom-produced content.

Anonymous 28764

>but it feels like the more "masculine" a fandom is, the more women who are into it will be some flavor of genderspecial he/him
Opposite of my experience. The most TIFs ime are in heavily female-dominated fandoms which is ironic, the few girls in male dominated fandom like to flaunt their femaleness to seem not like other girls.

Anonymous 28766

all the anime/manga i like is stuff my brother watches and its just standard bullshit like berserk and what ever he likes

Anonymous 28770

touhou has alwas been a moid heavy fandom since the beginning, sure theres some of us who make content but for every women doing writing songs theres a dozen more scrotes drawing cirno scat or something
and with zun approve waifu baiting gachas that isn't going to get any better
i wish there were more women discussing lore online instead of hearing about potential boob sizes for over 10 years

Anonymous 28772

I miss when it was Cristina Vee making Bad Apple covers. Moids really do infect everything. It’s so shit.

Anonymous 29781


Very late to respond to your post, but I also play Azur Lane. Who is your number one wife? It's a tie between Amagi and Glorious for me

Anonymous 29790


i hate how recently discord moids are appropriating female-oriented media they didn't give a shit about years ago when they came out, just because they happen to have a predominantly girls cast (and don't even know it's not made with them in mind, completely missing the point).
picrel is the prime example. a show that metaphorically depicts the struggles of being a woman and of how males pitch us against each other, reduced to a misdepiction of it as a brainded moe harem. i wish they would keep eating up their abundance of shit shows and left our stuff alone.

Anonymous 29796

One of the things I wish never happened is men getting into magical girl manga/anime too, I hate it so much

Anonymous 29799


if moids get to tokyo mew mew i'll kill someone

Anonymous 29801

Screenshot 2023-02…

The new Precure season got a male lead cure & it makes me so angry. I dont follow it anymore outside of checking the yearly new designs, but I used to love it when I was little and I hate that they added a guy to the main group when Precure was always meant to be an inspiration & fantasy for little girls. The design itself is super cute, it's a shame they had to make it a boy.
I hope it will be a one-time thing for inclusivity points… I don't want any ~boys can be magical too~ shit, men already got 80% of anime catering to them.

Anonymous 29802

what's the point of it, I don't get it
(inb4 ayden money)

Anonymous 29803

Trannies are rare in Japan (and isn't like the industry tries to catter them anyways) but Precure is known for being progesive in a way because since its a show for kids one of its core themes is acceptance/friendship. They had stuff like boys in dresses, lesbians, black girls etc before which is fine, but I wish they had kept the main group as female-only since there aren't many good media with female role models made for little girls.

Anonymous 29832

Yeah this is not it. Seems like its defeating the purpose of precure as a whole

Anonymous 29863

by the bullshit posts and content produced by the (moid)fandom

Anonymous 29894

While not 100% accurate, eyeballing the disparity between fanart and fanfic is pretty telling. A lady-dominated fandom usually has a shitload of fanfic comparatively, even when the fandom lacks fujobait.

Anonymous 29899

i know i shouldn't judge people and that i should respect their interests blah blah blah but i fucking hate seeing moids enjoying shit that was meant for women. mostly because they ruin everything with their porn-sick minds and sperg out.

Anonymous 29903

You're not being unreasonable. Moids do bastardize and sexualize everything that interests them. I believe it's normal to dislike male fans in general. It's not like they're great at understanding messages and themes anyway, just look at how they miss the point of Fight Club. Sorry if you already saw my post, I had a typo and wanted to correct it.

Anonymous 29906

>touhou in particular has become completely ruined by its moid fandom in recent years
To be fair, Touhou has also gotten much more popular in recent years, which is the biggest factor in why the fanbase is so bad nowadays. In my experience there are a lot more women into touhou now than ever.
Which doesn't mean it isn't the moids ruining the fanbase, it definitely is, but back then it was even more male dominated and I could search for touhou pictures without having to filter the massive amount of porn I have to filter now.

Anonymous 30034

cute cat with carr…

>Friendship making seems pretty hopeless for me
aww baby, hang in there. explore the world a little more and you'll stumble upon a place where you feel you belong, and enjoy the wholesome friendships it has to offer eventually. good luck!

Anonymous 30041


thinking about how my childhood show Totally Spies is just a glorified moid fetish show…

Anonymous 30082

Sometimes I wonder if some of those fetishes get started because of shows like that influencing people at a young age or were fetishes the creators already had that they spread around and propagated through their works.

Anonymous 30085

I've chosen to believe this stemmed from ancient times where archdemons would project vile imagery onto others via telepathy, and then they would feel compelled to spread the word of their visions

Anonymous 30097

I'm kinda on the fence when it comes to calling Totally Spies a fetish show.
On one hand, this stuff does exist and did happen in the show. On the other hand, it really wasn't too different from what other 'toons had as jokes at the time, and makes me wonder if the reason we think this way about Totally Spies in particular is because of its art style and modern internet culture making everything sexual.

Anonymous 30100

I feel the same way, even about stuff like Kill la Kill. It all came off as physical humor to me. Like, I can totally SEE why people are calling it fetish stuff but I watched it at an age where I was already tripping over fetish art online and it didn't give me that same feeling. Maybe I was just desensitized already haha.

Anonymous 33757


I particurlarly hate how a lot of moids in male dominated otaku spaces are obsessed with loli. It's leggit annoying. I see this in touhou/vocaloid/higurashi (fandoms I'm fairly active in) and it's just so tiring. Like why do they have to shoe horn their fetish into the stories/media they like? You could argue that for Higurashi (particularly the VN) you had some distateful loli scenes but even then why focus on cooming to this than the complex story you're reading? I have heard from a moid that the Higurashi fandom has more women than I might initially think but the fandom feels moid infested nonetheless.

Anonymous 33759


xmpp is male dominated and i hate it i wish there were more women on xmpp

Anonymous 33895


the "fighting game community" at large is COMPLETELY FILLED TO THE BRIM with porn addicted moids/trannies and it's so disheartening. it feels impossible to even find a libfem who enjoys this shit, let alone other femcels. i wish there were more yumes who played fighting games, because theyre the only ones who are actually fun to talk to

Anonymous 33896

why is this an issue? it's just a torso

Anonymous 33897

The fighting game community is kind of insufferable to begin with, even discounting the porn addicts.

Anonymous 33898

When you say "community", you mean the people commenting under the vids?

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