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Media you want to experience for the first time again Anonymous 27463

So recently I was reading ace attorney fanfic and I was randomly struck by intense sadness at the realization I'll never get to experience playing those games for the first time ever again. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Which media make you wish you could go back in time and experience them for the first time again? Picrel is just the first duckduckgo image result for "Anime girl playing video games" since I didn't know what else to put there

Anonymous 27465

Chrono trigger

Anonymous 27466

FF7 and ff7 remake. I think I'm going to go play it again this week actually.

Anonymous 27468



Anonymous 27469

paper mario and the thousand year door. The world is just so captivating.

Anonymous 27470

Anonymous 27471


Definetly 999, I bought a r4 two years ago and asked my followers about DS games they liked. An anon told me 999 and without looking into it, I donwloaded it.
Thought it was gonna be profesor layton but on a boat. How wrong I was…
I didn't even looked at the game rating, so a person exploding 20 minutes after starting it surprised me lmao. Loved all the characters, story and uncovering connections little by little thanks to the info bits characters gave you on each route; after finishing it I replayed each route 3 times because it's one of these games who have a bunch of "hidden" text and foreshadowing. I would pay so much to experience the game blind again, it glued me to my console until I finished it.

Also the writter said Clover hates all men, we love a misandry queen, she would use LC I think.

Anonymous 27472

How can she hate men when she loves Snake so much

Anonymous 27473


He is the only man she is ok with! Snake is normal, so she gets a pass. Forgot from where this was from because I deleted my zero escape sperg tumblr, but i have the screenshot of it.
I forgot her name, but I liked that one woman with the blood/heard fetish from ZTD too, she said she viewed men as tools iirc.

Anonymous 27474

Okay that makes sense, based. I love her and Akane.

Anonymous 27494


because Snake is an angel and not a man.
Clover and Snake are such excellent characters, man I LOVE 999. Definitely wish I too could reexperience it for the first time.

Anonymous 27495


Did you know that the writer also confirmed that Snake makes Clover not wear underwear

Anonymous 27496


the danganronpa franchise (as cringe as it sounds), kimi ga shine, and my chemical romance life on the murder scene (the movie) n just my first discovery of the band in general

Anonymous 27499

That was meant to be taken as a joke/non-seriously, just like some of his other answers (junpei's underwear, sigma's giant dick, etc etc)
I love Uchi's games, but at times his humor is… well, he's a scote after all.

Anonymous 27501

wow I hate that, going to file that away in the "writers ruin a good thing with their perversions" cabinet and pretend I didn't read it.

Anonymous 27502


Attack on titan. I cried while watching season 3

Anonymous 27506


hello charlotte (all EPs), i wish i experienced it in a more stable mental state though, as i did with >>27468

Anonymous 27508

I hope to god this is the case, I want to play those games as well since I've seen them get compared to Ace Attorney and have high expectations of it

Anonymous 27592


I'd really like to experience Fate/Stay Night blind. I didn't realize going in just how much had been spoiled for me due to Fate's looming presence over huge parts of the Internet even prior to FGO. It made things such a slog for me as I kept wondering when I would get to the good parts.

Compared to that experience, Tsukihime had me hooked from the start. Nobody ever talks about Tsukihime to spoil everything.

Anonymous 27608


I have a lot of mixed feelings on it but one thing for sure is that it was a really really fun read, especially going in completely blind. I hope to find more media that felt as engaging to me as Umineko did despite all of it's flaws. Ideally as long too tbh I think the length made it more fun for me since then it really felt like an experience.

Anonymous 27609


Came in to post the same thing. Trannies love it though, the whole Furfur and Zepar, Leon and Beatrice bits. It doesn't ruin for me but I still cringe

Anonymous 27610

Yeah, that's what I don't like about it too. Also anon why didn't you just use the spoilers… they're literally listed to the right of every post so you know how to do them

Anonymous 28704

everything pre 2016. that's when i developed depression and nothing really hits the same

Anonymous 28708


I wanna erase everything I know about Star Wars from my mind and watch the original trilogy again. They where my introduction to Star Wars but I already knew the plots for all 3 movies when watching them and I just want to experience them without knowing the dialogue or stupid prequel lore.
Also I know this isn't the exact point of the discussion but I wish I got to watch the original Star Wars movie back in the cinema back in 1977. Imagine watching the binary sunset scene on the big screen without knowing much about the sw universe it must have been such a breathtaking experience that really made you itch for adventure

Anonymous 29028


Hollow Knight. I'm actually trying to forget most of it now, since I played it a few years ago I swore to myself to not think about it much so I can forget some things and discover them again. I want to replay it when Silksong comes out this year.
Hollow Knight is everything that is beautiful in a game. The music is outstanding, the art is timeless and the story is unlike any story I've ever read. For me it's the best form of digital escapism, and it honestly helped me through really difficult times.

Anonymous 30052

i usually feel the same or even happier when i rewatch something i liked the first time

Anonymous 30056

Godot Fetishes.png

ace attorney for sure, specifically the first three games. They really introduced me to point and click games and I was so obsessed with them during secondary school. It doesn't feel the same playing them again.

I have the same opinion towards Steins;Gate as well, god, that game is really solid. imo playing it is much better than the anime

Anonymous 30062


Honestly, I wish I could see Shaman King for the first time again. All my little nerdy middle school friends were into it and traded the VHSs or DVDs and talked about each episode at school.
Also, just MMORPGs in general. For me, that was WoW on an old office PC in like 2004, but for others it may be FFXI on the PS2

Anonymous 30074


I would love to be younger again and play WoW for the first time again, the nostalgia I get from that game just hits different and this fantasy world feels just comfortable for me

Anonymous 30125


Deadspace. When it first came out it was so scary to tween me. Ive been wanting to replay it because of the new remaster, but Im broke so Im playing on my bf's game pass. I literally started the game last night, I'm enjoying it and its fun to remember some parts and I forgot other parts. I wish it was scary like the first time but I watch and play a lot of horror, since then. I still love the game.
Theres a lot of videogames I wish I can play like the first time, dmc1, definitely on that list. (The list is mostly horror and jrpgs.) I wish I was a kid again and had more freetime.

Anonymous 30126

I'd like to play Persona 4 again but this time not be spoiled about the killer.

Anonymous 30151


Anonymous 30153


Same for all type moon stuff
>It made things such a slog for me as I kept wondering when I would get to the good parts.
>Compared to that experience, Tsukihime had me hooked from the start. Nobody ever talks about Tsukihime to spoil everything.
I think it's mainly due to the fact that Tsukihime isn't nearly as infodump-heavy as Fate. Half the prologue is Rin babbling about magic and the holy grail war whereas Tsukihime doesn't really need any setup at all beyond explaining Shiki's powers.
Also that the "first route" in Tsukihime feels stronger than Fate's since the Fate route is infamous as "the setup route" where you get infodumped the hardest.

Anonymous 30158


I think, for me, experiencing the Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy Advance all over again would be a dream come true!

I was introduced to the Resident Evil series and Bloody Roar: Primal Fury via the Gamecube, as well as Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance via the Advance. All three of those games helped me discover my love for/of yaoi.

I used to love reading fanfic about Chris and Wesker from Resident Evil, as well as Yugo and Bakuryu from Primal Fury. I also shipped Juste and Maxim from Castlevania and Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the Zelda yaoi I used to love…

Anonymous 30159

I'd like to rewatch Higurashi but not through the lens of being a middle school edgelord who just liked the violence

Anonymous 30188


Another anon here also agreeing on Tsukihime specifically. Was going to sperg more about it but realized it'd be too personal for such a small imageboard.

Anonymous 30189

>not reading the VN

Anonymous 30245


Undertale in the pacifist route. Oh how I wish to experience this game all over again during the cozy season of fall. It's such a wonderful masterpiece from the fun adventure, heartfelt moments, banger music, loveable characters, tidbits of detail, I could go on. Just listening to the ost brings back fond memories.

Anonymous 30259

final fantasy x would be nice to experience again.

i would also like to re-read all the sailor moon tokio pop manga on rainy days like when i was a little girl.

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