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Fandom Anonymous 279

Are you in a fandom? Which one(s)?
Do you contribute or lurk?
What do you like or dislike?

Anonymous 282

I wish I was a fan girl. I have things I really like, but I can't seem to get hyper excited about most things to the point that I want to be involved. I also don't know how to amalgamate myself into a community. I always feel like an outsider, and like I don't know enough.
The thing I fan-girl over the most is definitely Animal Crossing. It's been a lifelong favorite.
Any tips on how to be a better fan girl?

Anonymous 286

I don't care about anything.

Anonymous 287

I've went through multiple fandoms, some more cringy than others.
Mostly, that i remember form the top of my head:
>Linkin Park
>Sleeping with Sirens
>K-pop / K-Rnb-indie

Of those, i only remain in video games and slightly a little less, but still there in Kpop (and even more slightly my precious yaois and otomes).

Kpop: rather than being a fan of it in general i mostly stuck to my own groups that were Super Junior (which i contributed greatly to in my ex-tumblr (mostly about eunhae (i am SORRY))) and current one BTS, which i only contributed with a little fanart and stopped almost immediately being very vocal about them because the fandom is a cancerous growth of edgy demon children and i hate it and don't want it near me.
I still love them, but don't lose sleep trying to watch their shows and shit like i used to.

Videogames: I used to make some Kingdom Hearts /Final Fantasy edits.
Used to love to talk about Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but then the fandom became an SJW shitshow that did not like discussions and stopped.
I find that the newer more "niche" communities are a lot more comfy (think JRPGS like persona, Tales of, Final Fantasy… or older games) but it seems as it becomes more popular some shit migration started happening into it too.
I mostly keep to myself now, and do the occasional fanart if it strikes my fancy.

Anonymous 288

Older* not newer, i suck at proof reading lol.

Anonymous 320


I've drifted back into K-pop fandom because of BlackPink. Sometimes I feel strange about it because I'm getting older, but if I can keep and enjoy it as a personal harmless passion of my own when I actually do enjoy it, why not? I've been learning the dances for Whistle and PWF because it makes me feel so cool to dance those honestly. I secretly dream of dancing everywhere to those songs even though I never will. I also have spent quite a few hours making BP wallpapers, too. I'm buying a replica designer dress one of them wore from Taobao. I listen to their 4 songs especially those 2 quite often with the expectation that I will get sick of them very soon (their new song(s) comes out like tomorrow or something and I can't fucking wait.) Overall, I'm satisfied with my choices. If you only live once, why not do what triggers the most passion in you, if it won't truly hurt you or anyone?

I honestly felt that way too, but I always tried to bring something to the table for the community, usually in the form of graphic arts. I feel you

Anonymous 324

I'm in a standom for a Western artist. Don't feel like saying his name.
Overall the people there kind of suck and they're inactive because he barely tweets to us

Anonymous 326

Same, I'm also into AC but it's so… dead now, it actually makes me sad that I missed out on all the hype when ACNL came out. I also enjoy the Layton series but the fandom is ABSOLUTE CANCER so I keep it to myself mostly.

I'm in the Hannibal fandom, I don't watch the show (though it's tempting with all the gorn, cause I'm also a biiiig fan of stuff like the Silent Hill series, RIP) and don't care much for the characters themselves, though Hannibal is quite interesting I suppose. I'm only in it for the AUs since this fandom has some of the most creative period fics of all current fandoms and a lot of the authors and artists are top notch. I basically just treat them all as OCs.

I used to be into a very small subset of the Sherlock fandom for the sake of like 2 contributors but they've both moved onto SJW-er pastures.

I don't think Kpop is as bad as people say, I can totally see the appeal. Happy songs, everything is rosy and carefree, same reason why people like Asian dramas, they're a fun escape from the Western media. A lot of the fans are underage, immature or koreaboos though, so that's why it has a bad rep.

Anonymous 338


I never really got into fandoms when I was young, it wasn't until after school that I became a proper fan of anything and even then it's limited to two main things.


I was really obsessed with it (all of it, almost every group) starting around 2010, then exclusively obsessed with TVXQ from 2011 onwards after seeing them live. I traveled to Japan a couple of times and Korea once, just for the weekend to see them in concert. That phase was divided into my DB5K loving/yunjae shipping early stage, and then my current JYJ hating/homin shipping stage. I lost interest in kpop overall in recent years, but I still really love them and plan to stan again once they're both out of the army.
I watched it for years but didn't get into actual fandom until SnK. I didn't like the series that much but it turned me into a raging fujo. HxH 2011 became my main fandom, but YOI surpassed it recently. I go through phases with nearly all series I get into though, collecting fanart, reading fic, discussing it online, etc. The bigger ones are Gintama, Jojo, Magi, Yowapeda, FMA, K Project, Haikyuu, Fate, Gundam Wing, Daiya no A, One Piece… not necessarily my favourite series but the more canon and fanmade content, the longer a series can sustain my interest.

Anime is far more enjoyable to be a fan of because the characters aren't real. Kpop made me stressed and emotional because if shitty things happened (and they did), real people can be hurt by it, and I can be hurt by them as well if they do shitty things. It made me angry and defensive, because kpop fans are stupid in a way that can cause real issues for idols. Anime is mostly just cute boys and fun, 2D is truly superior.

For other fandoms, I don't get invested and just read fic. Harry Potter, Check Please, Voltron etc are examples of those. I also had weird and unfortunate 1D and MCR phases long after their peaks, and I got over them quickly.

Anonymous 340

I enjoy the AC fandom more than I enjoy AC tbh. I get into cycles of minmaxing when I play that burn me out (but I still do it because I want that perfect town layout). Even when I'm not playing I love making fan art because it's simple and cute and I really like the idea of a quiet life.

And I think the fandom is quiet but hardly dead. Still activity on the bell tree forums and the numerous subreddits and other places, it's not as happening as whatever flavor of the month game may be big, but there is still defiantly a community.

Anonymous 342

Would you like to share cute AC fan art and guides and all that? I just got back into it andrestarted my town and would like to get back into it, but the sites I followed stopped posting.

Anonymous 355


I used to be active in the MSPA fandom (I know) and produced content for it. It was a really interesting and creative fandom once you got past all the underage SJWs, but eventually I just stopped using Tumblr and that was it.

Anonymous 377

I've been involved with many fandoms but never contributed because I'm not particularly good at anything (drawing, writing, editing, etc). I used to feel bad about it but looking back, I'm glad I’ve always been a lurker because I'm pretty cringy when it comes to stuff I like, and I’d hate to become known on a website for something stupid I did years ago.

These last few years I don't even bother with fandoms anymore. Whenever I become interested in something I just rope my friends into it and then avoid fans like the plague. I hate seeing people mischaracterize my favorite characters, which happens often, and then there’s the whole ”if you like this character/ship you’re an abuser” thing. People are trying to hard to be ”woke” and not-problematic nowadays and it’s just tiring.

Anonymous 403

Really? It was just the opposite for me. I found that getting attached to fictional characters more stressful, especially since many of these characters are beyond my creative pen and I just have to see them tossed and turned into whatever. But I do agree stanning for a pop star is incredibly stressful. However I like the perks of getting to meet them, them noticing you, and being your friend

Anonymous 406


You can't just leave that here without details, you know.

Anonymous 493


I want to vent about undertale a bit. I heard about it when it was still a kickstarter and eagerly awaited its release with my husband. We played it day one and both really enjoyed it and did all the different runs of it together. I watched the tumblr tags from the beginning and within a week I knew this games fanbase was going to be a shit show.

Why does everything I like have to have the most annoying fan base in existence

Anonymous 645


Pretty into Jojo, I guess.

Anonymous 647

I feel sick to my stomach whenever I see Undertale 'fanart' depicting Frisk in a sexual scenario with another character. Since when did being in a fandom give you free license to start illustrating child pornography?

Anonymous 652

I finished this game a few days ago, sooooo good. But I agree furries and fetishists ruin everything. Even quite a bit of the "normal" art is shitty but I'll give the benefit of the doubt that most of them are underage artists.

Anonymous 655

I used to be really into anime as a teen, but after choosing my major I ended up being really into classics (from ancient greece up until romanticism) and have found lots of warmth in the community. Of course there are a lotta nazis, but the chill funny people I've met outweighs them.

Anonymous 661

>Are you in a fandom? Which one(s)?
Tolkien's Legendarium( all of Middle Earth books, LOTR, The Hobbit, Hurin, Silmarillion, Beren and Luthiel etc etc etc etc etc)

>Do you contribute or lurk?

Only place I visit to read other people's opinions is reddit and yes I contribute but only sometimes (theres people that know much more than me tho). Oh and a couple of discords.

>What do you like or dislike?

It is formidable how HUGE the world that Tolkien created is. I mean books upon books upon books, lineages, back stories, LANGUAGES that you can actually learn, etc etc. Theres just so much information that it can feel a bit drowning, but its def worth it.

Anonymous 677

Ugh yes this. I dont mind sexual fanart but I feel weirdly gross when any of the characters from Undertale are sexualized. Especially frisk/underaged characters/and the skeletons.

Anonymous 679

it's fair game to complain about these things the same way it's fair game to complain about furries, but we really need to put a stop to this tumblr-tier game of calling everyone/everything you disagree with pedophiles/child pornography. It's not child porn if it's fictional and no children were involved, you know that right? I'm not even into that shit and it pisses me off because real child porn is terrible, life ruining shit so it seems really callous to use that when talking about fictional ships you simply disagree with.

Anonymous 693

drawn sexual images of kids can still be considered CP, legally

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