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Movies General Anonymous 2793

What have you watched recently?
What is on your to-watch list?

Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

Movies that you found memorable as a cinematic experience, movies that you rewatch for the feels or comedy, movies that you found bad (and why)?

Anonymous 2794


(I know there's a 2017 movie thread, but I think having an overall thread would encourage more discussion again)

Been watching the Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy again because a friend hasn't seen it. The additional scenes help build certain developments (how Boromir's motivations for his land were what became his downfall, and later his redemption), but most of them are treats to people who read the source material.

Blade Runner 2049 - the story was not as evocative or compelling as the original, but the atmosphere and cinematography still recalls the vast world that was built. Satisfying, but not worth many rewatches.

Howl's Moving Castle - watched this at a local theater for the nostalgia. Howl is still a prime husbando.

Anonymous 2795

not a movie but I just binge watched the whole of the first season of steven universe

Anonymous 2799

I really want to go see First Reformed and the Mr. Rogers documentary.

Anonymous 2800

Saw the Rogers doc- it was spectacular. Highly recommended, but only if you think about the show fondly.

Anonymous 2806

Can anyone recommend anything that's hidden away on Netflix? I was looking for the film Looper, but it wasn't on there so I watched another Bruce Willis film called Once Upon a Time in Venic ("four stars out of five!"), and it was so bad I'm basically too nervous go out on a limb like that again.

Again on Netflix, there's a film called A Ghost Story that's dropping on there on the 7th which I'm looking forward to.

Anonymous 2807

Watched Peppermint Candy a few days ago. It's a bit outdated in terms of cinematography, but emotionally it was moving… though I feel like a rewatch is in order. I think I haven't appreciated it as much as I should have.
Lots of symbolism if people are into that.

Anonymous 2808

I hope you didn't come onto netflix just recently. It's pretty crap, now.

Anonymous 2809


Super fondly, he was basically my TV dad. :P

Anonymous 3278


More recently seen:

Akira - A classic and rewatch. The themes are also still so current and relevant (which is mostly sad because we might as well be in a political dystopia). Showed it to a friend that hasn't seen it before yet.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before - A really cute romcom, the premise is really silly, but it does deal with real feels.

Anonymous 3285

I watched Boogie Nights.

I feel like the acting is not as good as it is shilled in that movie. Perhaps people are just shocked to see Wahlberg in a different kind of role than they're used to.

I think the fact the movie tried to stay as a light drama-comedy stripped it of having a greater impact than it could have had if it ended as a tragedy. It would be interesting if the movie started out as it is, comedic with lots of shots that are trying to establish a feeling and image so it's like we are seeing it from Diggler's perspective as a child, and as he grows up, the comedy dissolves and he is left having to grapple with his choices that rested upon instant gratification. It's funny because when I was watching the insanely long initial party scene at Jack's, I felt annoyed at how drawn out it was, but looking back, I think it had potential as being a more interesting scene that set Diggler's mind to the audience if the rest of the film had been pieced together better.

I also felt like other than Diggler, most of the characters that the movie focuses on lack us giving a fuck about them. There is little connection with the audience to them in the beginning and it seems artificial how the story focuses on their lives. I know people get butthurt when you mention sexism in media, but I actually think the misogyny in the movie clashes with the story when it focuses on Amber and Rollergirl. If the film weren't so pointedly for a male audience and bent on showing male, cock-obsessed women that have little personality of their own, I think the scenes with Amber losing visitation with her son and Rollergirl kicking the shit outta her highschool classmate would have packed a lot more emotional punch.

I guess maybe the problem is the film was trying to handle more than it could hold.

I definitely think it's overrated based upon the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, etc.

I'm biased, of course, because I love a good drama any day over comedy.

Sorry for my shitty and horribly worded review.

Anonymous 3286


Last movie I watched was Silence. It was damn long, but I enjoyed it. It made me think about some interesting things. Like, how self sacrifice is easier than sacrificing others (imo). I wonder now how Jesus would have reacted if instead of himself being crucified, the Romans had forced him bear witness to the suffering of his own people until he renounced his claim as God's son and the existence of God.
I think the movie did a poor job, though, on handling what Christians were doing in Japan in the first place. Or perhaps it's because I don't have faith and understand evangelism, it was lost on me.
I remember watching that as a young teen, and just being shocked by the subject matter and thinking porn was crazy. It's interesting enough, but not something I feel compelled to watch again. I'm looking at rotten tomatoes rn:
>Critics Consensus: Grounded in strong characters, bold themes, and subtle storytelling,
>Boogie Nights, an epic tale of porn
epic lol
>Not since the mysteriously reclusive Terrence Malick has there been such an explosion of sheer talent on the American movie scene.
This one kind of offends me, I think Malick is way better.

Anonymous 3297


Jean Cocteau's La Belle et Bete was AWESOME. The imagery was so gorgeous and evocative.
then I watched the George C. Scott version from 1976 and I was honestly amazed by how much Disney ripped off that version when they did the 1991 animated rendition.
THEN I watched the 2014 version and was blown away by how lush and gorgeous all the sets and costumes were. The DRESSES, my god, I could watch this movie on repeat for 100 years and find some new detail to drool over every time.
Yes, I've been on a fairytale kick recently. No regrets.

Anonymous 3301


I saw Big Eyes on Netflix recently and I really enjoyed it. I was very curious why she left her first husband since it was glossed over quickly in the movie but I couldn't find any information about it online, so maybe it's a private matter she doesn't speak about. I was surprised to learn she's 90 years old and still alive, and still maintains an art gallery in San Fran. I really like her more recent art, I'd like to see her gallery some day.

Anonymous 3518


Yesterday i finally watched Kill Your Darlings after eyeing it since it came out.
I personally loved it, the atmosphere and the acting were superb, Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan had a surprisingly good chemistry and the story kept you interested and glued, they really portrayed the history behind the movie in an incredible way, the ending was very bittersweet though.
Also the music in this movie was amazing.

Any recommendations for movies with the same feel?

Anonymous 3528

Just finished watching Suburbia. I really liked the rawness of it- a lot of the actors were actual punk rock kids. Its production and story is whatever but I feel like the simplicity of it was really charming and had me really engaged. At first I was kinda annoyed by some of the kids but later on you really start to feel for them. Ending had me really bummed.

Anonymous 3554


Saw Arrival on Wednesday. The concept of the film is very interesting but there are some things the movie doesn't explain very well, that I had to google only to find out that it's based on a book which actually does address the issues in logic. The ending was a little bittersweet, and there's a lot of Chekhov's gun-type details that you only notice if you watch it again from the beginning (since that's what the whole plot deals with, but I don't want to spoil the movie too much). It's worth a watch to be sure, but I still wouldn't call it an amazing piece of modern cinema or anything.

Anonymous 3567

Are you the anon making the other posts in here? If so I like the way you review things!
If not, you all have very similar typing styles! And good taste in movies!

Anonymous 3574

why netflix? there are plenty of free streaming sites where all content is HD and they have everything. just look at the streaming sites on unblocked (dot) ist. solarmovie is pretty good

Anonymous 3617

I hope you're still here. But you should watch Boys In The Trees. It's a really well-done movie and me and bf loved it!

Anonymous 3618


The last film I saw in the cinema was pic related. It's good if you enjoy having a laugh at silly horror films. I love the way Taissa Farmiga was styled and the location they filmed in was beautiful.

This is one of my all-time favourite films. I might be a little biased because I'm a linguist though.

Anonymous 3620

Aww thanks anon! I'm not her unfortunately but I'm glad that we have a similar taste in movies! I'm actually not very good at writing so that means a lot.

Anonymous 3625

Anyone know any decent horror films on Netflops?

Anonymous 3659


Watched this a couple of weeks ago and it's the first Disney remake-ish I have ever liked. I thought both Maleficient and Beauty and the Beast were garbage but Christopher had a heart without being too similar to Paddington (which was my main fear tbh)

Anonymous 3675

Going to see Best F(r)iends 2 with a Q&A with Greg Sestero today. Very excited.

Anonymous 5079


[i]Shoplifters[/i] asks the viewer to redefine the meaning of family, and then twists that question around in the film's final third. This is the side of Japan rarely referenced by tourism boards or politicians. Kore-eda portrays relationships with nuances and layers of need the characters don't fully understand themselves, or at least choose not to verbalize.

The cinematography's quite gorgeous as well. This isn't a film imageboard and most people into arthouse have probably seen it by now. I'll leave this here hoping more people understand what I felt watching Nobuya embracing Yuri, or hearing Shota's last words to Osamu.

Anonymous 5081

I'm going to look for this. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous 5089

Excellent, Koreeda is a fav of mine but I always lag behind with this stuff. Air Doll is like top 5 of all time for me.

Anonymous 5097

I watched Aguirre: Wrath of God probably some 2 days ago. It's definitely unique and I really like Klaus Kinski.
Just last night, I watched Thank You for Smoking. It's really good, and has a lot of good ideas I'd like to use to improve my life.

Anonymous 5114

I just watched Fitzcarraldo.
That was quite heartwarming and Klaus Kinski fits the role of an eccentric dreamer to a t.
The things that happened behind the camera both enhances and taints the movie IMO.

Anonymous 5123


Let us know what you thought of it when you do!
I'm slowly catching up with his oeuvre. Have seen around five of his other films. Nobody Knows hits a soft spot because of the children's strong acting. Another favorite's After Life, which utilizes an unconventional setting to tell a rather sentimental tale. Koreeda seems to understand people on a whole different level, and sheds light on characters that make them glow instead of sparkle, if that makes sense. I'll move Air Doll up the watchlist priorities. Thanks for the recommendation.
>>5097 >>5114
Same anon? Sounds like Herzog intrigued you. I haven't seen any of his films, but what would you say sets him apart from other directors?

Recent notable films:
>Burning (2018)
The shots in Lee Chang Dong's films are always pretty, but Burning turns up the composition for each scene by a notch. Locations switch between pristine, exclusive Gangnam streets and a sleepy town bordering North Korea. Steven Yuen and Jeon Jongseo stand out for their performances, despite the latter's maniac pixie dream girl hangul edition trope.
I appreciated the film more during the end, but not while watching the film itself. The director described his protagonist as a Faulkner character in a Murakami world. Let's just say I'm not a fan of Faulkner. Granted there's a lot of readings one may apply: sexual trafficking, old peasant Korea vs. new rich Korea, the plausibility of the mom subplot among others being real or existing in the protag's head…but I couldn't connect to anyone as the story unfolded. It felt less like a story and more of a deftly written exercise of the idea "What if everything was a metaphor within a metaphor?" The ratings and reviews prove a lot of people appreciate that. I'm still lowbrow so not my cup of tea, but I glad I watched it for the thought-provoking discussion and metaphor masterclass.

>The Graduate (1967)

Besides the obvious statement that Mrs. Robinson's charisma steals the spotlight in each scene and makes my gay ass swoon over this is the kind of film best enjoyed between life's crossroads. There isn't much to say since others have summed up the film far more eloquently than I can. One thing that's interesting is how mundane the scenes would be on paper if it weren't for the way they were shot, especially the montages that cover a few months so succinctly in five minutes.

Anonymous 5124

(5081 here) I will! I'm hoping to watch it this weekend.

The part that hit me the most about Nobody Knows was after the movie when I looked it up and found out instead of embellishing the truth fir the movie, they had left a lot of horrific stuff out.

… I miss having access to a university library system and all the movies I could watch. Those were really the days.

Anonymous 5125

Oh you haven't seen Air Doll yet. It's got mixed reviews from audiences overall, I think it has a narrower target audience. I'll preface it with perhaps the best description I ever read about it. Hopefully you get a better idea of whether it's gonna be a waste of time for you:
>A fairytale for the lonely, depressed, nihilists, misanthropes, cynics, bitter misandrists, who have been left behind and alienated by society but haven’t entirely lost all hope just yet. Just like me.

Anonymous 5127


To be honest, upon seeing this chart, I felt more like an amateur in terms of films (because I haven't watched anything from half the directors here) so I simply looked at directors whose works I haven't seen yet and google their best work.
That's how I got to watch Aguirre, and came to love Klaus' acting. On a /tv/ thread, some anon told me that they preferred Herzog-Klaus in Fitzcarraldo and that led me to watching it too.

Before Herzog's works, I saw Tati's Mon Oncle and Playtime and my third Tarkovsky movie: Nostalghia.
The two Herzog movies are about two different guys during two different eras but are similar in that they have grandiose dreams that are foolhardy.
Aguirre is looking for El Dorado which always seems to be "just a day's journay" away, and proclaims himself king among a group of about 10 people.
Fitzcarraldo is an ice seller who dreams of building an opera house in a place where the arts are the least of concern for the local people. Since he doesn't have enough money to build an opera house, he schemes a grand plan of carrying a sizable boat from one side of the river, over a mountain to the river on the other side in order to become a rubber baron.
They're very personal movies, and are actually based on real people. A review I've read sums it aptly: "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad".

Anonymous 5132


My favorite movies are Jodorowsky´s Holy Mountain, El Topo and Santa Sangre. So good and messed up too.

Anonymous 5133


Anonymous 5157


Anonymous 5169

Just saw I want to Eat Your Pancreas.
Very cliche, very typical Japanese high school drama and characters, but all the same kind of okay. Girl's pancreas stopped working and read that eating someone else's pancreas cures the illness, hence the title. I really liked how it was more grounded this time compared to Your Name and A Silent Voice, with only 2 characters to focus on so the story isn't trying to fit everything into the movie. It's okay. I just don't understand the very high praise these along with Your Name and A Silent Voice gets due to how cliched they are compared to say, Millennium Actress and Whisper of the Heart.

Anonymous 5170

I sort of regret watching All About Lily Chou-Chou. It's very hard to stomach, but also captivating.

Anonymous 5171

The Villainess is a korean thriller on netflix and it’s insanely good. Surprised no one seems to know about it, I highly recommend

Anonymous 5172


I watched Vibrator recently. It's really beautiful, though a bit of a fantasy depending on how you see it. I'm sure some of the other (older) miners on here would like it too. For a self-inserting target audience the protagonist is a 31 yo alcoholic NEET-ish single woman.
Also, it was done by a pinku/erotica director and there's this almost completely explicit sex scene about 20 minutes in, so don't watch it on a plane or something.

From all the other things you mention, I assume you mean the animated one that came out recently. I watched the live action before and it had some really nice cinematography but the story and the "twist" were just awful. Perhaps the praise is from a wider context, I know it's all based on a novel so maybe it's the novel that's super popular and everyone in Japan forgives the story in the adaptations (or something).

Anonymous 5173


I realized that I hadn't watched any movies during the first half of this year when I ended up watching 4 movies during international flights (2 going, 2 returning). Here are the short responses:

Into the Spiderverse - I ended up watching this twice because none of the other choices seemed that appealing. It's fun, and a good example of how comic adaptations of movies and put the boundaries are visual storytelling.

Crazy Rich Asians - Got around to watching it since the movie selection was so shit. Went in with no expectations other than ~Azn Representation~, and it was okay. A generic romcom as those go, very poor male lead character development, nice outfits and decent atmosphere.

The Lego Movie: The Second Part - I knew going into it that it would not be as good at the original. Turned out better than the Batman version. Had a better message that was aligned with the first one but more catered to ~feminism~, but worse music and a worse plot twist.

Anonymous 5804

Ran poster.jpg

I still can't get over Ran. Really made an impact on the way I look at films. I hope it inspires the same kind of feelings in others, but with a long-ish running time and subtitles to read, not too many of my friends would be willing to sit through it :(

Anonymous 5808

Thanks for the reminder anon, I have to watch it again soon. :)

Anonymous 5882


Oh deary, where to start on this one? On one hand it’s good to see Radcliffe star in an excellent movie that isn’t an HP one and Toni Colette being on par, even if I need a hug now. I’m sorry, but not only did this film partially mark me but it did so with only language being the reason for its R Rating. Like I said I don’t regret watching it, I’m just feeling emotionally bankrupt right now, meaning I may need a week or two to get my thoughts straight. But again I do recommend it if you enjoy films that are 80% suspense and only require 80% talking to challenge you.

Anonymous 5901

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Ok, it’s been more than a week, so it finally dawned on me. To state the obvious I had previously seen Mr. Radcliffe in ALL the HP movies. I’ve wanted to see him again in other movies, but most of them were either indie or only came out on Redbox/Netflix around the time they weren’t popular nor accessible for me. I still wanted to keep seeing him in films along with any other HP veteran since some like Rickman and Fiennes I had seen prior, if not during, the HP films’ releases. Of course I had to settle for Watson throughout the last decade and just one with Felton. Hell, Watson became like a cinematic shoulder to cry on by seeing her in Noah, Perks of Being a Wildflower, and even Little Women this year.

But back to Ratcliffe a funny thing came to mind when this movie was released. He had also starred in “Now you see me 2”, which my sister called ironic since he was dealing with magic. Of course I told her “Nah, that’s a coincidence. IRONIC would be if he shaved his head and played the bad guy”. But yeah, the trailer made it seem as though this was definitely a serious movie, let alone one that was a critical match to the HP films compared to other stuff that he had released to borderline lackluster reviews.

So HOW do I describe this movie? It’s like I mentioned previously: Think “The Hurt Locker” but take out every reason for its R Rating EXCEPT the language (and the coincidence… or irony, of Ralph Fiennes’ presence). Not only is it tense but also exhilarating and suspenseful. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, though, as I kept on pausing it despite the simple fact Mr. Radcliffe’s character was only pretending to be a Neonazi. To put it in perspective he was only doing his job when he said “shut the fuck up, nigger!” To a guy he knew yet was on the verge of blowing his cover.

Overall it’s a good movie if not one for the faint of heart. It just really made me think about how much had changed since I was used to seeing him in ONLY movies for a franchise, let alone ones that weren’t based on true events. I can’t say I recommend it for everyone unless you don’t mind films about radical racism hiding in plain sight in America. I myself had trouble watching it because I kept thinking to myself how these were real human beings that Toni Collette’s character told Ratcliffe’s to relate with on an actual human level, even if they were beyond changing minds. Either way it’s still extremely well made and with the kind of food for thought of an acquired taste that’s nevertheless worth acquiring.

Anonymous 5984

After watching and enjoying the antics of tiger king, someone recommended me the documentary Those Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Entertaining stuff.

Anonymous 6320

I found the MC so annoying that I quit 1/3 of the way through.

Anonymous 18369

The Florida Projec…

I really like OP's gif. These are some of my comfort movies that I can think of right now:
>Lilo and Stitch (2002)
>Scooby Doo (2002)
>The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)
>The Florida Project (2017)
>Coraline (2009)
>Warm Bodies (2013)
Harry Potter
>Good Time (2017)
>Alice in Wonderland (2010)
>any Ghibli movie

Anonymous 18370

Death to Smoochy is a really good one and one I'm surprised people don't talk about even though a lot of A-listers were in it like Robin Williams. Geeky but one of my favorite things is how if you watch the deleted scenes there's a brief explanation on why the footage was cut, which I haven't seen on any other special features before. Another favorite thing is Edward Norton in eyeliner.

Anonymous 18651


I'm an idiot and forgot to add Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
Tried taking a break from here, but I got bored and came back to this thread…

Anonymous 18652

Go to sleep baka

Anonymous 18668

Death Bed The Bed …

I know that no one will believe me, but the film Death Bed: The Bed That Eats is actually a legitimately enthralling and gripping film. That sounds stupid because it is; this movie has no business being even a tenth as good as it is.

Anonymous 18749

You'd probably like Mary and Max (2009), anon

Anonymous 19510

everyone keeps raving about bo burnham's inside. i tried watching like five minutes and i can't deal with it. i agree with him on a lot of things but fuck if his songs aren't getting more annoying over time. is it worth powering through it?

Anonymous 19511

I only watched 15 minutes of it after watching "Welcome to the Internet" and "White Woman's Instagram" on YouTube. Just lost interest.

Anonymous 19513


The love witch, I loved the aesthetics but I found it mostly boring and the dialogue was awkward.

Anonymous 19514

The scene where she's making the love spell is my favorite part of the movie, and the song that plays in the background is so pretty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFnxxf_gyhE

Anonymous 19551

i saw jojo rabbit yesterday. it was endearing and i really love the costume design and environment. i really enjoyed it.
I also will find myself rewatching rambo (the first one, every other one is ok but not great). i have watched it over and over again since i was 16. every scene of the movie leading up to his breakdown really makes my heart ache for the guy. I also just have a really weird thing for seeing tough, stoic men having a mental breakdown in film, i think its because i gain sympathy for them and i want to comfort them.

Anonymous 19794


I put this on as soon as I saw the title, description and that it's with Rosamunde Pike. It even has a good rating.

The premise is that a crooked legal guardian exploits elderly people and her front is "I care a lot"

But it's so gaudy and over the top and has zero charm so far. She's playing such a blunt uncharismatic caricature of a comic book villain. Fuck. I'll still finish it but this is a little disappointing.


Anonymous 19795


oh and another thing: this happens a lot I bet in real-life and is an original premise with so much potential for a gripping plot, so why not make it a serious, nuanced movie with some charm and subtlety. FUCK

Anonymous 19797


just why

Anonymous 19800

it does happen a lot irl. i have personal experience with it. i didn't watch the film bc traumatic already enough to be reminded of the many horrors, but rosamund pike feels OTT as a villain most of the time imo.

Anonymous 19833


yeah. I just wish she received roles that weren't so on the nose

Anonymous 19865

I think female villains are usually given some sort of bleak traumatic background to justify their actions, like how they invented this whole story about Cruella DeVille to justify her having her own movie. It's rare that a female villain is just an asshole with no justification. So I do appreciate that they were trying something different even if the whole subject is a bit too depressing to me.

Anonymous 19879

Perhaps having female characters just be asshole just cause is not good role model material. Media genuinely does impact how people act and behave 100x more than people realize.

Anonymous 20896


Uhmm it was ok. Almost fell asleep during some parts. Didn't really like John Cena in this movie. Some of the jokes were more annoying than funny. King Shark and Ratcatcher's daughter have my heart. Really loved Harley's outfits in this movie. 6/10 +5 for Weasel.

Anonymous 20897


Stupid but I surprisingly enjoyed it. Go in with no expectations.

Anonymous 21588

I watched encino man for the first time in years and then gremlins

Movies now are a disgrace

Anonymous 22255

hail caesar.jpg

Watched Cleopatra and had a blast. Not as much weird Tezuka sex stuff as I though, although there is weird Tezuka sex stuff.

Anonymous 23231

Fav 2 Kinos of All…

My favorite movies are Antichrist & I Stand Alone, i know that some people call those films misogynistic & problematic, but i don't see them that way, if anything it highlights the underlying negative attributes of people in general, i very much like effed up films when they're done well and have a point to them, bonus if they're beautiful, though i don't like von trier all that much, in fact, i really somewhat dislike him
>recently watched
I watched Ingmar Bergman's Hour of the Wolf and it was good, it was almost great except the horror elements sort of felt out of place, i think the movie works better as a psychological thriller but that's just me
>What is on your to-watch list?
Woman in the Dunes, been meaning to watch that one for quite some time now, seems like i would really like it

Anonymous 23251

Christmas is coming, perfect time to watch Klaus. It's on Netflix and it's crazy good.

Anonymous 24077


Just watched a weird Swedish film called Border (2018). I enjoyed it, especially since the protag is an ugly woman so I could relate. I'd love to see more movies with ugly outcast women.

I watched it and really enjoyed it lol. The way they portrayed social media was so accurate.

Anonymous 24082


last movie I watched was «the invisible man» and I enjoyed it, but I also just love seeing an unhinged elisabeth moss.
it's a bit cheesy & genetic and quickly gets a bit ridiculous, but that didn't make it less enjoyable for me. definitely managed to make my skin crawl at times.

I love this movie so much because it's just so utterly beautiful, but it does feel awkward at times. it works, I just wish it were better somehow. it's both good and bad at the same time, but still constantly gorgeous.

Anonymous 24085


I love Lars, was never a big fan of Antichrist though but it always came across to me as more of an experimental film, that clit scene though…
what about melancholia? I really connected with that one

Many people say he's misogynistic I never really understood it, the biggest argument I've seen is that he makes his female characters suffer in all his films because hurr durr he hates women and wants them to suffer

Anonymous 24086

melancholia is the longest and most boring movie i have ever watched. besides some shots looking pretty, i really don't understand the praise for it. they also show kirsten topless for no reason

Anonymous 24089

just watched dunc - was hoping the ending wouldn't be so bland. it wouldve been better if they made the whole book in its entirety into a movie rather than breaking it up into parts. i'd rather watch a 6h epic than have to wait for p2 or p3 in intervals.
think the casting choices were horrible and they just cherry picked actors who have a promising career. casting someone who is right for the role is better but ya know, hollywood gonna hollywood

Anonymous 24095

I enjoyed the movie so much that I decided to read the books and my only complaints so far are that the baron didn't get very much screen time and Feyd Rautha wasn't in the movie at all. I think the length and abrupt ending are understandable, it must be a lot easier for a series of two hour movies to be made than a single six hour movie. And I wouldn't personally want to sit through a six hour movie anyway, I definitely appreciate some sort of intermission.

I thought Charlotte Rampling as the reverend mother, Stellan Skarsgard as the baron and Javier Bardem as Stilgar were great choices. I'm not really sure what you mean by cherry picking actors with a promising career except for maybe Timothée and Zendaya. Their performances weren't great but they both look the part when you consider Chani and Paul are both teenagers in the story.

Anonymous 24097


Same, though I haven't read the books yet but am planning to. I really enjoyed the movie and didn't know anything about the universe before. I think multiple shorter movies is also better than one big one.
I totally understand why people dislike it though, but I actually really enjoy the methodical worldbuilding instead of just fighting filler. That and the beautiful shots, epic music and great acting made me feel immersed.
I wouldn't be surprised if they drop the ball with the trilogy they are planning though, it might be a bit too grand. Let's hope I'm wrong though.

Anonymous 24104

That is pretty much universal in all films, especially old ones though. It's very easy to tell what the director is going to be like, in future films, based on his sadistic treatment of women. What else am I supposed to think anyway??

Anonymous 24125

watched the new batman movie over the weekend
normally I hate superhero movies but I really enjoyed this one
it was more like a thriller/crime drama than a typical superhero movie and it was pretty dark which I think is what I liked about it plus the soundtrack is good
wasn't too over the top with the action and special effects like other superhero stuff either

Anonymous 24186


I watched Little Women and my heart is full of love

Anonymous 24187

I've never seen another movie accomplish the degree of towering creepines this one pulled off. I always roll my eyes at special effects because they're abused to death. I doubt there's any other movie that accomplishes what this one did, in a way that that speaks to me so much. If anyone disagrees please point me in the direction of that movie.

Anonymous 24191

What movie are you talking about?

Anonymous 24195

clearly they are replying to the poster above them

Anonymous 24278


'Twas an experience

Anonymous 24308

god damn i wish i …

Hardcore Henry was cool because video games are cool and it's just a weird video game. I wonder what someone with zero video game experience would think about it.

pic completely unrelated

Anonymous 24310

From what I understand when most non gamers watch it they literally become ill from the camera movement.

Anonymous 24311

you mind explaining that completely unrelated pic with that fish person-thing?

Anonymous 24319

nta, but it is from fantasy comedy series Slayers, that episode was a mermaid story basically

Anonymous 24344

the power of love

Anonymous 24380


Watched "Contact" again last weekend since I haven't seen it since I was a kid. Loved it back then and still do, even if it is a little odd but maybe I just love space movies, maybe I just love Matthew McConaughey.
I will gladly take recommendations for any lesser known or obscure space movies!

Anonymous 24562

Watched Woman's Wold (1953) a couple nights ago. Lauren Bacall looks so elegant. I found the film quite intelligent and fun.

Anonymous 24564

Samefag, forgot to mention I have linked the film on youtube, it's in HQ without subtitles.

Anonymous 24567

>Sunshine (dir. Danny Boyle) 2007
A gorgeous movie with great performances and amazing atmosphere.

>Dark Star (dir. John Carpenter) 1974

Zany. If you're into trying a space comedy, give this one a go.

Anonymous 24576

i watched tess of the d'urbervilles recently (polanski version); my phone nearly died while i was watching it but the movie was so damn good that it was hard for me to get up to get my charger. it's been a long time since i've gotten that deeply engrossed in a film.

i've also been watching a lot of cheesy but good, underrated made-for-tv films. i found a couple of youtube and i actually ended up loving some of them lol. there's a particular version of anna karenina you can find that's quite fun and even though the english dub is a bit annoying (they all have mush mouth and speak in received pronounciation), it ended up making me buy the book. i need to pick it up again before i head off to uni.

oh, i also forgot, but barbed wire is a great 90's cult film that people rarely talk about. idk what it is about it but i rented it off apple tv+ recently since youtube decided to bombard my recs with clips and i hadn't watched it in a while. one of my guilty pleasures.

Anonymous 24580

Wake In Fright. Very scary movie despite using pretty much none of the typical horror movie tropes and devices.

Anonymous 24672


Go to see this film in theatres. This is a threat.

Anonymous 24685

I saw this at home (torrented it) and let's just say I was kind of disappointed.
Didn't like the quirky random humour. I did like the concept of living multiple realities at the same time and learning and using those skills your other selves developed over a lifetime. That's a pretty cool concept.
I loved the family dynamic. I am Chinese-Canadian (third generation - basically her daughter lol) and it was just so on the nose and relatable.
I also like how they finally have middle-aged women as main characters in movies. It's either very young women or old men, never an older woman.

Anonymous 24698

I agree a good deal of the gags don't land. They felt out of place in a film with such earnest character moments, and much funnier, less on the nose, jokes. But I was impressed that basically all of them come back around in some way. For example even if the buttplug fight didn't get any laughs, they weren't on Jamie Lee Curtis' desk for no reason, that's something at least. I've seen a lot of stuff about how important the film is to Asian-Americans, but as someone who's from, and lives in, part of the UK that's hardly changed since the Norman conquest I still found it very touching. It's funny, "the Daniels'" first film, Swiss Army Man, made me laugh uncontrollably, but fell flat on the emotional stuff, and then it's kind of the opposite here. I think I wanted people to see it so badly in cinemas because my showing had about 10 other people in there and when I booked my ticket online there were like 50 showings a day for Dr Strange, which all made me a bit sad.

Unfortunately I've had to call the Mounties on you for theft of digital media, sorry you didn't like the last film you'll see before going to prison forever.

Anonymous 24878

I just rewatched Hell House LLC. For some reason I love this movie

Anonymous 24899


I'm watching the Aliens movies, and am on the third now. Ripley saving Jonesy the cat is based af.

Anonymous 24902

I enjoyed it, in general, but I did not think it lived up to the hype. The use of the multiverse theory was interesting but a little shallow. It seems like it was used mostly as a device to explore the family dynamics part of the plot, which is fine, but the reviews I read made it seem like a super profound, tight sci-fi, "the best use of multiverse in film" type of thing, which I don't think it was.
The characterization of the villainess was a bit cheesy at some points, but then again it's probably accurate for the type of persona someone young and immature would come up with in that situation. I liked the main characters and the point about growing away from family vs. keeping in touch with your roots was touching.

Anonymous 25258

who are your favorite women directors?

Anonymous 25364


Did anyone actually watch this at all?

Anonymous 25367

I need a spooky spooker movie. Does anyone have recommendations? I don't enjoy gore too much, I like subtle soul-chilling horror more, especially if it has folk elements (but not necessary). I enjoyed some East Asian horror movies (Ju-On, Noroi, The Wailing, A Tale of Two Sisters) and recently Midsummer and Hereditary.
Folky-type movies like The VVitch are also welcome.

Anonymous 25373


Anonymous 25393

nope, but i watched a video of a guy who watched it 5 times.

what about you?

Anonymous 25394

try The Boy (2016), it's about an american woman who moves to england for a babysitting job.

i really loved it on my first watch. it has little gore.

Anonymous 25402


I haven't gotten around to it myself yet, but The Wicker Man 1973 may be something you'd like.

Anonymous 25405


The Boy is good until the ending, where it falls apart. Since it's on Netflix US right now, it's passable but I can't say I'd recommend it.

1973 Wicker Man still holds up and is worth a watch if you like folksy/cult horror.

I recently watched Fresh on Hulu and found it to be really good. I'd give it a recommendation. Without spoilers, there's a definite feminist tone and a majority female cast.

Anonymous 26304

Try the musical.

Anonymous 26307


Seconding! Kirsten Bell is so good in it.

Anonymous 26309

lol it's a bit silly

Anonymous 26324


The Garden of Evening Mists

I was looking for a war movie about the Japanese occupation of Malaya because the book I have been reading about it doesn't have a movie adaptation. It was excellent and I must have cried about 5 or 6 times while watching it.

Anonymous 26346

that moid is disgusting and his movies fucking suck. i don't understand what the fuck goes through people who watch some shock jock's cinematic rapes and find it deep and profound

Anonymous 26348


Fallen angels 1995

Anonymous 26349


Fallen angels 1995

Anonymous 26350

You’re probably replying to a tranny.

Anonymous 26351

What movie is this?

Anonymous 26365

It made plenty of sense it just wasn't linear in the way average movies are. It's fantastic.

Anonymous 26393

This movie seems to be Petal Dance (2013)

Not sure about the other one though. I couldn't find it through reverse image searching.

Anonymous 26394

Une femme est une …

I just watched une femme est une femme from 1961. It's a great film even though some parts are slightly sexist. But it's a movie from the 60s so what can one do? I really like how he used text instead of speech in many scenes, it made the film feel quirky in a good way. Anna Karina is beautiful in it as always.
Howl's moving castle is magical. I love Ghibli's movies.
Same here, I wanted to like it but found it lacking as well.
Looks really good, where did you watch it?

Anonymous 26402

I watched "The House That Jack Built" recently, the psychology and archetypes are spot on,

Don't Look Now (1973)
Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Anonymous 26403

Ops i accidentally posted before finishing, what i was gonna say is people like to shit on von Trier but he's just a bit of a sperg. He exposes hypocracy so well with such accurate portrayals and he's not afraid to show the real ugliness. Makes very good movies for the most part. Melancholia, Dogville are among my favorites.

Anonymous 28411

Anyone watch Ginger Snaps trilogy? Would you recommend it?

Anonymous 28675

Can anyone rec me movies which are set on ships? Other than the Pirates of the Caribbean and Titanic

Anonymous 28679

The Terror and The Northwater are good TV shows set on ships.

Master and Commander is another good movie about ships. Uhh… someone posted an image on /tv/ about movies about boats because they have a joke over there that women hate movies about boats. I wish i had save it. If you go on the Terror threads there, some anon will post it eventually. I love medias about ships too nona

Anonymous 28688


The boot

Anonymous 28724

I can't stop watching shitty 60's and 70's Mexican horror movies on YouTube. They're all pretty bad, boring and trite, but I am completely enthralled. I can't even recommend any of them since they all suck.

Anonymous 28728

I have seen the first movie only. It was good.

Anonymous 28737


Not sure if right thread but does anyone know of animated movies where the black and white color scheme was due to a stylistic choice? So not because they were made in times where colored media was not a possibility. I could only think of the upcoming Uzumaki movie

Anonymous 28738

Does anyone know of movies where the theme is fear of technology? Other than 2001 Space Odyssey, the Ring and Kairo/Pulse

Anonymous 28750



Anonymous 28752



Anonymous 28754

There's a movie? Is it any good?

Anonymous 28756

Yes and yes. But tbf, I haven't read the comic yet, so I don't know how it compares

Anonymous 28769

I’ve only read the comic

Anonymous 28906


I liked The Banshees of Inisherin, it's funny and I liked the characters, but I feel really sad and depressed after watching it, I don't often get a feeling of melancholy this strong after watching a movie

Anonymous 28907

Not a movie, but the final Gunbuster episode comes to mind. Anno used to have to defend his choice of using black and white until Eva came out and took all the complaints up.

Anonymous 29651

Calvary has similar vibes, the main character is Brendan Gleeson and despite being similarly dark it didn't leave me feeling as depressed as Banshee's of Inisherin did. The characters in Calvary are more interesting too, if a little goofy at times. It is far more psychological.

Anonymous 29748


I seen The Whale with my nigel for valentines day, here's a mini review:

I had gone into this with the expectation that it wasn't going to be good. However, I was surprised to find that it was actually great despite my initial belief that the hype was just because Brendan Fraser. The movie follows a man who destroyed himself with food following the suicide of his gay partner. Years of monstrous obesity has lead to the man having heart failure and is set to die in less than a week unless he goes to the hospital. This inspires him to reconnect with his daughter and attempting to fix their nasty past, which is an emotional rollercoaster that has several genuinely shocking twists. My favourite part was the use of Moby Dick throughout the story which doesn't make much sense until the end (the incredibly fucking intense end that had myself, my nigel, and the people around us literally crying holy shit it was so much)

Anonymous 29749

I'm so excited to see this one! Does it have that darren aronofsky sort of feel?

Anonymous 29753

I'm not sure I've ever seen a movie by him but what I'll say is that it's the most sad and serious movie I've watched in years while somehow managing to be somewhat lighthearted and have genuinely lovely moments. Very raw film, jesus. You'll know what scene I'm talking about when it comes up but there's a part in it that really fucking brings you into the pits with the character

Anonymous 29756

Garbage propaganda film. As an Iranian, so much of the shit mentioned in this film is just a pure abridgement of real life that the author made to get famous with western/american audiences. There was never any widespread Persian adaptation because Iranians who had actually lived in the country at the time found the movie laughably inaccurate on many accounts.

Anonymous 29770


im 3 years late but i just watched this movie and wow its amazing

Anonymous 29773

This movie is crass, and just kind of reminds me of some kind of circus sideshow. It doesn't come across genuine at all to me.

Anonymous 31921


Awesome scenery and some cool ideas, but I think I need a rewatch to accurately rate it.

There are clear allegories to the Garden of Eden and the movie quite literally opens with the MC eating an apple off a tree before being chastised, but I don't know what to do with the symbolism.

As far as Alex Garland films go, I think it's better than Ex Machina, but not as good as Annihilation.

Anonymous 31960


Bad movie time. 4/10

This one was marketed as a sex comedy but it's incredibly tame in that regard, it's mostly just tacky. MC is an intelligent college boy who ends up inheriting his fathers fashion company. Hijinks ensue as he ends up accidently in an affair with the wife of a competitor.

It's unfunny which is a suprise since the same writer did Blazing Saddles, though that film is greatly elevated by the actors. The director of this film has hardly done anything though so even if he was working with a great script it was probably lost in translation. I also feel bad Richard Kiel is always cast as giant oafs, he has talent but his height means he's stuck as brutes. He hardly even has character in this, they have him speak in fragmented English and lumber around.
Hightlight is probably the climax of the film where there is an opera themed showdown sung entirely in italian.

Anonymous 31962

For example?

Anonymous 32262


Good dark film about a real-life shooting. Movie is tastefully done and doesn't try to glamorize the shooter, I appreciate the fact that the director went out of his way to get the blessing of the victims families and screened it for them first to assure their approval before releasing the movie to the general public.

Anonymous 32265


I recently watched Paw Patrol The Mighty Movie. Mostly because Matpat made a Paw Patrol theory. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

Anonymous 32267

I remember thinking the first one was really well animated and had great fur-textures but was too kiddy to enjoy.
Did you watch the first one and how does this compare? Any value for adult viewers?

Anonymous 32463


I saw the FNAF Movie today and it was just as mediocre as I expected. Didn't leave disapointed just overall indifferent. Like watching a forgettable horror movie you stumbled across on Netflix.

Anonymous 32482


Anonymous 32496


watching this made my entire week, it was extremely cathartic and a feast for the eyes.

Anonymous 32500


Gonna recommend some horror for Halloween


Very unique film, can't say I've seen anything like it before
>Come True
This movie was legit so fucking scary to me that I regretted watching it. I rarely get scared by movies, but this one had me sleeping with a night light
>Ginger Snaps
More fun then scary, very enjoyable girl movie
>Jennifer's Body
Also more fun then scary
>The Witch
Pretty disturbing

Anonymous 32534

kek. Too bad that KoTFM sucked though

Anonymous 32613

watched rhe barbie movie recently, was kinda good but felt like one long toy commercial at points

Anonymous 32614

Way better than The Killer.

Anonymous 32653


>The Killer
What a bore. Fassbender renting cars and driving for 2 hours.

Anonymous 32654

I have a friend who's really into David Fincher so I've seen quite a few of his movies and Fight Club is the only one I really enjoyed. He's really good at shooting nice looking pictures and can get really dynamic with his shot composition, but everything he does is so boring. Killer feels like a 4hour movie and not an interesting 4hours.

Anonymous 32657

I watched Flight of The Dragons and The Last Unicorn

Anonymous 32665

Anonymous 32732

I watched John Wick 4 and I thought it was stretched and boring initially but the final 30 minutes were good.

Vid related is my year 2023 in a nutshell.

Anonymous 32746


Remember when moids seethe about women destroying civilizations because they are selfish whores or some shit? This is it unironically. I don't even know what Disney is doing anymore. Simply awful.

Anonymous 32747

Is it bad as a kids movie too or just boring for adults?

Anonymous 32748

Well my baby cousin liked it I think, me and my aunt agreed it's a lazy mashup of several Disney movies, I guess done on purpose for the 100th anniversary, but still incredibly lazy and bad.

Anonymous 32749

>What have you watched recently?
The Day Shall Come by Chris Morris. The plot is kinda hard to explain but it's a satire film about a group of black nationalists in America who get set up by an FBI sting operation and try to game the system. It wasn't quite as comedic as his other stuff but in terms of satire its by far his best.

>What is on your to-watch list?

Pixote: a Lei do Mais Fraco

>Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

I don't really have a favourite director or actor or anything. But I tend to like older, out-of-the-way dramas and thrillers. Wake In Fright is a movie I've become obsessed with recently. I think it's a horror film that doesn't use any horror film tropes and that's really interesting to me

Anonymous 32750

Akira didn't really grab me as much as I thought it would tbh. I should give it another watch. Also, what themes do you see in Akira that parallel today's society? Apart from the whole "high-tech but living in poverty" thing I thought it was mostly just a character-focused film.

Anonymous 32751

How I wish to watch this again for the first time


Anonymous 32773


I finished watching In The Mouth of Madness.

I thought it was entertaining but that's pretty much it. It's not a must watch or a masterpiece. Just something to watch if you want jumpscares, good special effects and an interesting story that's still interesting. Typical John Carpenter, meanwhile The Thing and They Live were something else more than that.

It's interesting to see what would happen if a Paranoid Schizophrenic was actually right.

Anonymous 32783

90s Carpenter is divisive, but Mouth of Madness is probably the best work of that time. Strong agree on it not holding a candle to The Thing or They Live, but the premise is very original and the scene from your picture really delivers. Wish it turned out differently because I think a much better movie hiding in it.

Anonymous 32827


I watched Sorry to Bother You. It started well, and it was going well, but I didn't like how it ended. Something seemed wrong but I don't know what it is.

There was a part where the main character is asked to rap in front of an audience and he gives them something that "white people" enjoy that made me laugh so hard!

Anonymous 32828

>Wish it turned out differently because I think a much better movie hiding in it.
Yeah, I agree.
I wish I knew how to better articulate my thoughts about why it felt wrong, lol. The premise was good, the execution was good, the acting was good, the bad guys win, the good guy realizes that he had been right all along… but I guess the execution of it fell flat? Hmm…

Anonymous 32845

The book is very good, a collection of short stories. I recommend them.

Anonymous 32846

you might enjoy Harakiri (1962)
It's really good.

Anonymous 32851


Believe the hype.

Anonymous 32978


So Miyazaki is a hack, right? His movies may look nice, but once you've seen one of them you've seen all of them.

Anonymous 32979

"Once you've had one type of beer, you've had all beers."
It's sort of true, but I still like beer.

Anonymous 32981


Kiki has little to do with Mononoke.
That said, the last one's trailer looked like a mash-up of his earlier works.

Anonymous 32982

Mononoke would be unique if it wasn't a direct clone of Nausicaa.

Anonymous 32986

he's made a lot of unique stories. no clue why this latest one failed so hard.

Anonymous 33013


What was the point?
I didn't get it at all.

I actually slept somewhere around an hour in because of how boring everything was. It looks good for sure but that's pretty much it.

Anonymous 33018

either youre being sarcastic or youre kinda blind… ghibli works characters are always either cute girl or cool nerdy boy. the moid on this cover looks like every other boring libtrash main character these days, almost as if its parody.

Anonymous 33020

Nah, sometimes it's a family drama, the chronicles of the tanuki's war, a pig fighting WWII era fascism in Italy, old women who may not be old, or traditional Japanese folktales in a Ukiyo-e style.

Ghibli actually does have a good bit of variety. I can see the same-face argument, their male-protags can blend together visually, but usually in those circumstances the setting and location steps up to the challenge of making the movie feel unique.

Anonymous 33021

In fairness, if you're talking about the hairstyle, that's due to a head injury the mc gets at the start of the movie, they only cut the area around the wound.

Anonymous 33035


What the fuck did I watch and why do I feel so disgusted about myself after finishing it?

It sure was something. I don't even want to or know how to rate it.

Anonymous 33038

All I learned from this movie is that I like The Kills.

Anonymous 33044

I'm still thinking about this scene about male gaze getting BTFO'd. Cool.

Yep, that was a really good one shot scene. I read a review about that scene about how moids are so insecure to accept that they're in some way attracted to automobiles that they need a woman dancing on it to reassure to themselves that they actually aren't.

Anonymous 33081


Barbie but for adults.

Anonymous 33082

Screenshot 2023-12…

That girl from high school that forgot to grow up.
It's funny and is about those old, stupid things that are hard to let go.

Anonymous 33104

This is a great little known movie

Anonymous 33110


Why are the most mediocre men given so many chances to prove they are undeserving of another chance?

Anonymous 33115

Have you ever seen the dozens of novel-length essays describing Michael Bay as an "auteur"? Everybody knows Michael Bay, he's the man with two different films in the Criterion Collection…
Something similar happened with Zach Snyder for a while.
I expect that in ten years we'll be seeing an absurd gaggle of bald bearded gay men talking about how "Sukerpunch" was smarter than it's audience therefore "Man of Steel" was the best superman and "Rebel Moon" deserved all the oscars.

Anonymous 33120


Hollywood has pretty much been churning out to "mediocre movies" these days.

Mediocre men who make mediocre movies for the lowest common denominator are doing it because they're interested in making money without taking much risks, and maybe spreading some politically correct messages in the process to appeal to the audience and make them think that they're contributing to something progressive. Strong female lead, important black character, there's the Chinese representation, and I bet someone is gay in there. Making politically correct movies for the sake of political correctness and not because they actually have any meaningful significance to it.
I can see that Rebel Moon is a mix-media and something that is made for sequels, videogame adaptations, board game adaptations, books, figurines, fan-fiction, etc. It's safe, it's mediocre, and most importantly, it's a goyslop that's intended to make money.

Anonymous 33137


Ok but the first 3 transformers movies are actually great. I love Starscream so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 33170

A Cure for Wellness was actually a really good slowburn mystery! Gore Verbinski always shoots such pretty films and this one has incredibly strong imagery equally gorgeous and foreboding. The film is very long, but the way the story is drip fed information about the facility makes it satisfying as the film comes together at the end. 7/10 surprised by the low average.

Zack Synder makes me sad. I adore his early films like 300, Sucker Punch, Gahoole, ect. His directing was very flashy, but worked primarily for the comic book films he was making, style over substance perhaps, but the source material was strong as served as a good vessel for his flashy slo-mo cgi.
Then he made Man of Steel an ugly grey mess and never made a good film again. I can't believe the same man made them, its crazy how much less energy his later film have, none of the stylish action, just long, bloated, superhero schlock.

Anonymous 33234


I watched a movie called Los Olvidados by Bunuel. This must've been an amazing movie back when it was released. Everyone who watched it must've been shocked at how the poor were portrayed. Most of the children are psychopathic, their parents are drunk, cheating, abusive and neglectful, a kid's mom doesn't even know who his father is, a blind man who gets beaten up and you start feeling sympathetic to only later gets shown that he abuses a boy and attempts to molest a little girl, the authorities who are supposed to reform children only superficially care about them, there's a lot I could say about it. Everything is just hypocrisy.

It's available on youtube for free and it's just 77 minutes. I liked it, but I won't say it's a masterpiece because I've seen enough depressing movies already. It didn't age like milk, but it's not wine either.

Anonymous 33238


I watched The Exterminating Angel by Bunuel. It was okay. It's definitely another movie that would've been amazing when it was made, but after seeing too many survival horror movies featuring these perfect moral figures regressing and losing their sanity, it's nothing new to me. Another movie that didn't age like milk, but it's also not wine. Besides, I already live in a dysfunctional house where sanity doesn't exist.

Another movie that's available on youtube for free. I also watched it in 1.5x.

Anonymous 33411


I watched Belle de Jour by Bunuel. God damn it, what a hilariously stupid movie. Muh rape fantasies. I started to laugh my ass off at the end when they reveal what happens to the girl's husband and when the truth gets revealed to him. I watched it at 2x speed which made things look even cartoonish.

Fucking stupid movie. Moids become absolutely stupid when they write female characters. Shit movie.

Anonymous 33413

Yes, I agree. It's visually a really good movie, the actress and her outfits are beautiful, and they made something that's disgusting and graphic like rape fantasies pretty, but the whole story made me go yikes that all I could do was laugh when she gets punished for her actions.

Anonymous 33415

Sure, tbh I had expectations that it'd be good, or maybe become good later. I've read reviews about it and people seem to love it or at least see it as one of Bunuel's best works. It's just me that it didn't impress me.

French 60s aesthetic sure is good. I also thought that psycho with the golden teeth looked cool. Well, everything looked cool!

Anonymous 33417

>I just watch whatever I find interesting and if I like it then cool and if not then that's ok.
That's the best mindset!
I hate it when people write extremely long essays using complicated political or philosophical terms to rationalize their emotions and justify why they like or hate something lol.

>Pierrot Le Fou

I'm going to watch it next. The trailer looks really pretty, sunny and colorful.

I've been always meaning to watch Godard but his filmography is huge and I didn't like [get] Breathless.

Anonymous 33431

I tried but I couldn't watch more than 30 minutes of Pierrot Le fou. I think I'm retarded or I don't get it lol. I gave up. This is exactly how I felt when watching Breathless years ago. I don't think I like Godard and his direction. I liked how clean and pretty it looks but wow, I don't care even a single bit about the guy and the girl's interactions.

Anonymous 33443

Watched Saltburn by Emerald Fennell recently with no expectations, it was fine. A collection of very nice visuals but not too much else. Surprised to learn she was behind A Promising Young Woman, this movie feels so limp in comparison.

Anonymous 33669


Villains who did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 33688


I just finished watching Saltburn.

It was "OKAY". The gothic horror aesthetics were cool but I feel like I've seen these psychopath impersonation-takeover movies a lot already and it's nothing new.

It hurt a bit because I lie a lot [I've reduced it though] to make people like me and realized I have antisocial traits in me like the main guy. It's not as worse as going as far as killing people and using their weaknesses like eating disorders to manipulate them though. Just the self-pity and victimization part that the Carey Mulligan character did in the movie.

It's interesting to show that the psychopath had an ACTUAL NORMAL AND HEALTHY FAMILY instead of boohoo tragic past broken family and throw some disgusting shit at him to make him look bad like what they did in True Detective.

Anonymous 33689

The psychopath from a normal family bit was refreshing, because the main character would have been way more sympathetic if le broken tragic past happened. Interesting possibilities in the future for movie plots as I think your upbringing can influence if you get "cool hot psychopath" disorder or "filthy fent zombie" syndrome.

I think that the wave of family drama/class aware movies is going to continue for a bit but this movie might slow down the demand.

Anonymous 34498


I don't know what this was all about but it was so fun.
That's all that matters!

Anonymous 34499

I see they adapted my The Last of Us 2 alt-universe slash fiction.

Anonymous 34502


Anonymous 34503


Kek, but they made the muscular girl behave like a total bottom and the smaller one behave like an awkward Joaquin Phoenix.

Is this good?
I'm so tired of how bland and boring movies from this year look.

Anonymous 34504

It's good but the ending is kinda dumb

Anonymous 34505

Anonymous 34520

So glad I didn't pay to watch this crapfest

Anonymous 34523


i just watched this and i'm in awe of how good al pacino looks

Anonymous 34524

Anonymous 34533


I watched Godzilla Minus One. Literally spent the entire film waiting for King Kong to show up.

Anonymous 34684

Anonymous 34685

Did anyone see mad max furiosa? I saw it with my friend group and it was fucking incredible, it sucks it's not selling well.

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