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favorite female characters Anonymous 28352

Post any that you like, why you like them etc

Anonymous 28353


Thanks you OP for blessing Crystal Cafe with Maya, she was my favorite mainline AA character along with Trucy.
Outside DGS/TGAA, it has been some years since I last played an AA game, I should replay them sometime…

Anonymous 28354


Maya is great!! Love Lotta too

Anonymous 28366


Speaking of ace attorney….
She's my waifu, I love how stern she is, and her eyes are very cruel, not typical for female anime characters I think.

Anonymous 28370


Anonymous 28379


Anonymous 28385


Anonymous 28392

images (23).jpeg

i think she's really funny.

Anonymous 28393


She's such a dumbass.

Anonymous 28401

Fuura Kafuka.jpg

Anonymous 28402



Anonymous 28407


Anonymous 28408


Anonymous 28410


Nora Helmer from A Doll's House. I think she is a very nuanced character. I love me some controversial female characters

Anonymous 28413

Me too. I Nedd to make a list of controversial female characters I enjoy one day.

Anonymous 28415


Anonymous 28417


Anonymous 28742


Miss Kitty White herself, better known as Hello Kitty

Anonymous 28747

excellent choice

Anonymous 28774


She’s just always caught my interest. I love the green in her dress and the lavender in her hair. Her voice is that low monotone that I find soothing that can be hard to find in real people. She’s strong as fuck. Terrifying as one of the pursers, can cook. Daniella is my fav

Anonymous 28776

I'm sick and tired of this guy. It is like he never grew up from his animu head and shoulders phase.

Anonymous 28778

>thread about female characters
>posts on it to complain about a male artist
Sick of the lolcow anons already

Anonymous 28783

They don't know how to integrate and are gonna shit up the whole board

Anonymous 28784


I'm not from lolcow. I just dislike this artist that much.
He's the worst. His art is banal. He takes a character, he strips it of its soul and personality and slaps his signature ayy lmao face on it. He is just what an artist should not be, imo.
I wont post offtop anymore. Here's the character i like.

Anonymous 28785


Anonymous 28940


Samus Aran because i grew up playing Metroid games and she is so cool.

Anonymous 28948

Who are they?

Anonymous 28983


Maya Kitajima, she took so much shit and came back stronger each time.

Anonymous 29026

I love Bakarina. So excited for the movie!

Anonymous 29057


She's literally me

Anonymous 29058


I love Ponk, mostly because she is relatable to me. I always try to cheer up my friends with dumb jokes. But sometimes, I can go into depressive episodes too.

Anonymous 29070

junko enoshima because she is one of the best villainesses in anime and a mastermind of strategy

Anonymous 29361


Anonymous 29418


Anonymous 29419


Anonymous 29420

who is this?

Anonymous 29421


Anonymous 29422


Sasha from amphibia

Anonymous 29487


That's my girlfriend. Good taste, anon.

Anonymous 29494


Contraversial take but Hibari Kun (Troons can seethe as shes clearly just a female pretending to be a trap)

Anonymous 29501


Where can I watch the ENTIRE show subtitled, do you know? I've only been able to find a portion of it.

Anonymous 29502


Anonymous 29562


Anonymous 29563


Anonymous 29564


Anonymous 29565


Anonymous 29566

sui doll 4.jpg

best rozen maiden (besides Suigintou)

Anonymous 29567


spectacular taste
all the manga club girls are pretty good honestly

Anonymous 29569


the only bad characters in this movie are male.

Anonymous 29735

maggie and hopey from love and rockets

Anonymous 29742


Anonymous 29746

Lucinda posting based content right here

Anonymous 29760


Anonymous 29761


Anonymous 29762


Anonymous 29763


Anonymous 29764


Anonymous 29765


Anonymous 29766


Anonymous 29767


Anonymous 29941


Anonymous 29942

VE MINI CH20P002_d…

Anonymous 29943


You get it…

Anonymous 29944


Anonymous 29954


Saber, specifically the Fate/Zero version. I have such a crush on her

Anonymous 29968


Anonymous 29969


Anonymous 29973

What game is she from?

Anonymous 29978

not that nona, but it looks like kenshi to me.

Anonymous 30337


Anonymous 30461


Love Gintama girls.

Anonymous 30556


Anonymous 30557


Anonymous 30558


Anonymous 30559


Anonymous 30562


Anonymous 30563


Anonymous 30564


Anonymous 30565

It's always been crazy to me that this character model is just Jill Valentine. It would be like if Leon Kennedy showed up as the protagonist of another game in that era and no one acknowledged it.

Anonymous 30573

Watashi no Yuri wa…

Anonymous 30574


Anonymous 30575


Anonymous 30657


Anonymous 30658


Anonymous 30659


Anonymous 30662


Anonymous 30665


I loved Lyra…

Anonymous 30666


…and Kris!

Anonymous 30698


Anonymous 30699


Anonymous 30710


Anonymous 30711


Anonymous 30878


Anonymous 30895


Jane Eyre

Anonymous 31146


Based, here's Elinor Dashwood

Anonymous 31149


Anonymous 31158

wife material.jpg

Tess, my beloved…

Anonymous 31994

Isn't that just Dante from Devil May Cry?
He was originally supposed to be Leon, but then they turned what was originally gonna be the fourth Resident Evil into the first DMC.

Anonymous 32001


Zoe. I played Dreamfall when we were the same age and going through similar things, both just kinda lost. Had a soft spot for her ever since.

Anonymous 32090


Anonymous 32098


I’m not sure if you were referencing San or Lady Eboshi, but Eboshi is one of my favorites. I hate how she doesn’t have a respect for nature, but she is strong-willed and clever and has a deep compassion for people who society tends to cast out (lepers, prostitutes). I love her so much

Anonymous 32105


love this little mutant

Anonymous 32112

Who is she? Cute art.

Anonymous 32114


katya from parties are for losers. it's a series of vocaloid music videos

Anonymous 32558

Picture 2.jpg

Wish I had as much as love and wonder as she has or at least had. She's as lost as I'm, I want her to learn what love is.

Anonymous 32652


Anonymous 32676


New personality just dropped.

Anonymous 32815


I love Kiki ever since I was a kid. She's sweet, kind, adorable, relatable, hardworking and independent. I have a love for witches and her movie is so comfy to watch.

Anonymous 32989


Anonymous 33125


These two come to mind

Anonymous 33126

Screenshot 2023-12…

Sasha Braus.

Lives to eat, is fun-spirited, lightens up a room, and a badass hunter.

Anonymous 33131


Clannad girlboss

Anonymous 33132


Ermes Costello. She's a little stupid but with a heart of gold. When presented with "revenge won't bring your sister back alive" she said "no it won't, but I'm gonna get my revenge anyway" and obliterated that bastard. Love her for that.

Anonymous 33133

sauce please?

Anonymous 33183


Yuri from DDLC
I know she is a bit stereotyped, and these is lot of female characters that I like. But she is my comfort character.
I feel represented by her. I am shy. I have shitty habit with SH, I like writing. I just hate the fact that people sexualise her :/

Anonymous 33194


Prettiest pretty in the world
(Credit: zoezhuart on artstation)

Anonymous 33218


So who are we thinking? Cate Blanchett or Tilda Swinton?

Anonymous 33224


I dont care, I love her

Anonymous 33225


Fun Fact: At one point Kojima was interested in a prequel game where you would play as The Boss.

I love her too, sympathetic, and easily the best female Metal Gear character.

Anonymous 33228


I need that prequel game NOW

Anonymous 33425


Mizu from blue eye samurai, I want to marry her <3

Anonymous 33434


ayla from chrono trigger

Anonymous 33439


My new hero. To be that kickass….

Anonymous 33441


The fact she’s one of the few followers who straight up refuses marriage to your character makes her based as hell. I hate her moid fans though, fuck them. Nobody understands serana like I do. I cast testicular torsion on every moid that makes a “serana sex” mod

Anonymous 33537


>moids on their way to post CP on CrystalCafe (they don't enjoy masturbating to children, they just need to disrupt women's spaces)

Anonymous 33538

I can't resolve the following: Who is worse, the character in the vid you posted or the moids you are taking about?
I guess the later get some extra points for being so 'unflushable'….

Anonymous 33588

The cp one is a bot, but there is a faggot posting scat and zoophilia porn too, inshallah his xy chromosomed fat ass will get ran over by a truck.

Anonymous 33744


Gilpin (the middle one) was very touching in Three Women.
Basically a woman going mad with lack of affection, and she then becomes a woman going mad with sex.

Anonymous 33766


Elisabeth le Fanu obviously

Anonymous 34118


I liked her more as an adult. It was relatable to see her go from being an optimistic teenager to more jaded in her mid-20s when she didn't get her dream career.

Anonymous 34119

who is she? sounds relatable as fuck.

Anonymous 34122

nta but that's Ema Skye from the Ace Attorney series. she appears as a teen in the first game and both investigation games, and as an adult in Apollo Justice, aa5 and aa6. I'm also a big fan of hers.

Anonymous 34123


Nayrt but Ema Skye!
She's from the Ace Attorney series. Only in one episode in the original trilogy if you played the DS version and otherwise in the sequel series. Picrel is how I know her, I've never played the future episodes cause I was too happy with how the trilogy ended but eventually I'll probably check them out for future Maya and Ema content. And Pearls!

Anonymous 34124


Double posting for a pic of my favourite duo

Anonymous 34125

yay I love the ace attorney girls in general

Anonymous 34140


I love Nadia Fortune and her cooler version.

Anonymous 34297

peak anime.webp

I can't believe that until now no one had commented on Ika Musume.

Anonymous 34303


she’s adorable and well written. i love how witty and realistic she is and her friendship with joe is so sweet. i love all the your turn to die girls but sara is the best

Anonymous 34304


i also really like maka too. you can tell i have a type

Anonymous 34317


Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is so hot to me bc she is obv very butch but still fairly femme presenting. It's really fun playing as her bc it very much feels like playing Breath of the Wild, except with a more masc Link, lol. The game is also more realistic, not that I have a problem with the fairytale fantasy aspect of Zelda games at all, always been a huge fan. She's just so much more badass. Very nice to play a strong and capable female protagonist who is human first, her womanhood is treated as only incidental.

I fucking love her, and I'm only just almost half done with the first game. I also noticed when moids flirt with her in the game she's noticeably uninterested (although you can choose to play along for the sake of manipulating them into giving you needed info.) At the same time, there was a female NPC I did a quest for and while I don't think there's any actual romance scenes in the game, there was a noticeable yet somewhat subtle mutual flirtation between Aloy and the female blacksmith (also an awesome character) NPC who gave me the sidequest.

Also, I'm definitely gonna play the sequel when I'm done with the first game, but upon searching for a pic of her to post here I accidentally came across a spoiler that in the sequel she is confirmed to be gay and apparently has an on screen kiss with another woman and holy shit I can't wait to finish the 1st game now, knowing THAT awaits me.

Sorry for the wall of text, I'm just really fixated on this game right now.

Anonymous 34428


Eileen from Bloodborne, she such a badass.
I already love some good plague doctor theme and she got the best drip in the entire game, has one of the most coolest weapons, a charming voice and she hunts other hunters.

However, her quest is a kinda of a pain for me to do, ugh.

Anonymous 34432


the doll from bloodborne! shes just so adorable i could emote at her for hours :(

Anonymous 34557


Who knew a hivemind of fitoplankton possessing the body of a dead prisoner could become the most loyal friend a girl could ask for? I love Foo Fighters.

Anonymous 34566


Anonymous 34568

they made Aloy look really weird in the sequel

Anonymous 34626


Currently watching breaking bad and omg I love Marie so much.
She seems a little crazy on the surface but she's frequently the voice of reason and despite being really pushy does push some people in the right way and always with the intention of doing what's best for them. She seriously cares for everyone and only wants the best for them all. Anytime a character close to her has an emotional breakdown even she's there for them in super supportive ways but she also knows not to take their shit if they're taking her offers to listen in a negative way. Her flaws are also interesting and I'm enjoying her kleptomania cause it's an interesting trait to give a character on screen and I can't wait to see what happens in regards to it. I love that it never took over her character and has even been in the total background recently. I'm really enjoying how layered she is, at the beginning you might think she's very much a "my way or the highway" type of person yet she's one of the few who was shown to take the time to think about if it's her right to make a decision for someone or not. Top to bottom she's probably one of my favourite perfectly imperfect characters of all time so far. I also really like her sister Skylar and my liking for her is increasing as the seasons go by but Marie from the start was easily my favourite for all her quirks.
I'm only on season 4 so I bet there are going to be more revelations and interesting moments with her. But if they kill her I will absolutely riot but I think I may have spoiled myself on her future in the series looking for a pic of her in a good way cause I think she lives! Also she's in better call Saul which I hope is good cause I'll be super happy to see more of her after the show is over.

Anonymous 34633


These gals!
Based, best jobro. We love Foo Fighters!

Anonymous 34718

I'm one year late but bless you alicenona

Anonymous 34733


forever my favorite doll <3

Anonymous 34779


I like that she cares about bugs.

Literally me

Anonymous 34796

Love Stocking. Her dynamic with her sister reminds me of my relationship with my own sister lol, although I’m not as much of an addict to sugar

Anonymous 34797


oops, forgot a pic

Anonymous 34799

Who are they?

Anonymous 34800

Heinkel And Yumiko from Hellsing

Anonymous 34814


Speaking of Hellsing I would DIE for Seras. I despise what she has to go through and I despise that she's like the sex object of the manga. Girl just needs a hug. Other than that, she's wholesome asf and her character development is top notch.

Anonymous 34840


miu is a loud, obnoxious jerk and i love her for it. she has the best trial moments, she's funny as fuck and i adore her sprites and design.

Anonymous 34866


Yuki from Vampire Smile

Anonymous 34877

Don't worry I have the same type

Anonymous 34878

Not garbage taste, nice

Anonymous 34882


Anonymous 34901


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