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Shipping Thread Anonymous 2845

inspired by the thread discussing problematic shipping on /b/! post your otp/otps. Tell us what they're from and get livejournal fangirl in the mid 2000s levels of excited about it.

I'll start with pic related, Seishirou and Subaru from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon and X/1999. I read TB when I was 15 and it's stuck with me all these years. I know it's old as all hell but i'd recommend it to any of you guys anytime.

Anonymous 2846

my otp.jpg

Anonymous 2847

I am >>2846 and forgot to add,

Problematic af, but I think Sesshomaru and older Rin make a good couple although Sess + Kag is my fave from that serie.

Royai still owns my ass tho.

Anonymous 2867

>Seishirou and Subaru from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon and X/1999


Anonymous 2878

op here

COME BACK ANON, I need someone to yell about my old as hell ship with/be bitter about X never being finished with

Anonymous 2884


(Sorry for yelling)

Anonymous 2885


honestly the best pair in any CLAMP series imo, they just make ya hurt. I'll never forget Seishirou giving up his eye for Subaru at the hospital, because you know it was only out of obligation bc of the bet.. but.. yikes

Are we in agreement that Seishirou's last words were "I Love You?" I remember back in the day a bunch of people trying to argue that he actually said I Hate You

Anonymous 2911


Bum and Sangwoo from Killing Stalking

Anonymous 2916

I'm not really into this one myself BUT I don't see why people who ship it get so much hate online like they do. I support you anon!

Anonymous 2942

seiya and usagi.gi…

Usagi should have stayed with Seiya, not Mamoru.

Anonymous 2949


Anonymous 2955

Thanks Anon! I don't get it either. Like if you don't want to ship them then don't. It's not that hard lol

Anonymous 4085


AU where Taytay is the Queen of the Sound Village.

Anonymous 4102


I'm going to be riding the fact that they're basically canon now until I die. All I ever wanted as a kid was a real-ass hero/villain ship, and now that I've seen it fulfilled I feel like I'm on some higher spiritual vibration.

Back in season one it was both the glaringly obvious ship and the shame ship, and if I could go back in time and tell myself that this one was going to be the ONE, I would not have believed me. It was horrific obsessive and cruel and it goes down like really rich chocolate cake.

Anonymous 4103

X cover.jpg

Good taste OP, Tokyo Babylon and X are more recent discoveries for me but I got very into them.

I love that a lot of early CLAMP couples are very ends-above-means blood and thunder romances blended with domesticity. They went hard as fuck back then, I would love to see them go there again somehow, although time seems to have tempered them a bit.

Anonymous 4127


ah, would this be one of those "problematic ships" the kids rage about nowadays?
I know, pretty pre-teen tier, but they made a good comedy duo and their more serious interactions were interesting. All the ingredients for a fun ship ya know?

Anonymous 4129


Anonymous 4132

Maes Hughes is my waifu and I shipped him with Mikiyasu Shinshi because I didn’t care about canon

Anonymous 4135


I'll ship them forever. They're the best ship on the show~

Anonymous 4138


Fucking agree 1,000,000% with you anon!

Anonymous 4143

>>Aggressively saves picture

Anonymous 5086


why can't we
be friends
who all love
this man

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