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your favorite story Anonymous 28707

What is your favorite story and why?
Could be a book, a game, anime, show, movie - even your own work.
Stories that have truly had an affect on you.

Anonymous 28710

The Three Comrades

Anonymous 28711

The Handmaiden (2016), but it's one of many… It's really difficult to pick only one.

Anonymous 28713


Kamikaze Girls was the first time something truly resonated with me. I have adored stories before and they have affected me but Momoko was the first character I have ever related to. The movies ending really makes me hopeful towards my own life

Anonymous 28716


undertale (2015) made me into who i am today.

Anonymous 28717

I just realized that 2015 was 7 years ago…

Anonymous 28719

I forget the name of it but the plot is that a group of girls from some girls' school or something go on a trip to some meadow and outcropped cliff and some girl disappears into the mountain and whatever, and some other girl kills herself. Very homoerotic too.

Anonymous 28720


Oh yeah it was called Picnic at Hanging Rock

Anonymous 28729

this sounds very sad

Anonymous 28735

I think the girl kills herself. I kind of forget. Honestly the movie is kind of trippy

Anonymous 28740

In Ireland we have the old legend of Cú Chullain. It's the story of a man needs to travel to a kingdom but the place he needs to go through is guarded by a giant Irish wolf hound. When the wolf hound attacks him, he uses a slither (a leather bound iron ball used in hurling) to slay it. He launches the slither down to hounds throat using his hurl. He then goes to the kingdom and ends up becoming the new guard dog of the kingdom, Cú Chullain being his new name (literally "hound of Chullain")

Anonymous 28773


OP image is apt, Haibane Renmei is a great anime, I watched it recently. I really enjoyed the ending, I'm glad it didn't end in a sad way even tho i cried

Anonymous 28779

What does apt mean?

Anonymous 28890

If you mean a story itself regardless of medium I'd say The count of Monte Cristo. Being such an old story but so timeless and interesting makes it have so much merit for me.

Anonymous 28895

Apt is another word for 'appropriate', like, in relation to something. "OP image is appropriate [for the thread]"

Anonymous 28967

The Old Man and the Sea is my favorite book. It is simple and clean and sad. I feel like I can understand the old man and his struggle.

Anonymous 28972


Suikoden 2
I'd probably never venture into writing and reading if not for this gem.

Anonymous 28981


Yojimbo and Seven Samurai. And The Hidden Fortress. Not my ALL-TIME favorites but they're so fucking good.

Anonymous 28985

Zatoichi is good too. Medieval Japan manages to be both degenerate and comfy.

Anonymous 28997

Samefag i had a good cry to the ost the other day, the nostalgia trip is unreal. Funnily enough I never even played it. Just watched the danandphil, pewdiepie, markiplier and jacksepticeye playthroughs. Never joined the fandom (my internet usage did not extend beyond yt then) but I made a lot of shitty fanart.

Anonymous 29315

Toshiro Mifune was so fucking hot

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