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girlboss characters Anonymous 29258

How do you feel about modern female leads?

Anonymous 29259


they're all trash, literally just male characters replaced by a female to meet a quota. I don't even watch any of this shit anyway, I only watch older movies.

Anonymous 29260

I don’t like the fact powerful female leads also have to be young sexy dressed in figure hugging outfits and also sexually available to men.

I want to see more leads with ageing older women who give off a genuinely powerful energy and don’t give a shit about looking sexually appealing to scrotes.

Anonymous 29261

They suck. Menboss suck too. Good autors no longer live.

Anonymous 29262


they're all terrible, only one I found remotely enjoyable and not forced was Brienne of Tarth

Anonymous 29263

she was cringe and forced though, very stereotypical stick it to da man character. The tyrells were infinitely better and more enjoyable, especially the old lady

Anonymous 29264

smh the whole time i wished the tyrells could have just won olenna was based

Anonymous 29265

Yeah but at least she looked the part and was kind of a weirdo which made her already more interesting than most other 'girlbosses'

Anonymous 29266


>shitty character written by male to snag female audience
>fulfills typically moid violent role
>even the women who like her only do because she’s ugly and less of a threat to them
Sigh. I’m sick of women pretending that doing the same terrible things that men do is an accomplishment. Moids are shit and we should be less like them, not more. Reject male violence. Reject male ugliness. Reject male hatred of beauty. But I do like female characters who have determination.

Anonymous 29267

I was so ready to see a regal demigoddess casually walk all over the kingdoms of moids and instead got a hyper-masculine, soulless moid with a woman's face and tits stapled on. Still aggressive, still unflinchingly abrasive for no reason, absolutely uncaring and male in all ways until she has to be oh so demure when dealing with a cute boy.

Anonymous 29268


Always some character made to appeal to NLOGs but branded as feminist tbh and the only ones who like them are pickmes and moids.

What is your guys thoughts on chick flick characters? Elle woods for example. I keep seeing libfems make video essays on them about how we shouldnt be afraid to be like them and like them, but idk. On one hand chick flick characters make moids seethe to where they'll endlessly make fun of them, on the other they're just not great characters. A lot of times their plot centers around menand their successes can usually just be attributed to comically unrealistic scenerios.

Honestly I think everyone overanalyzes media anyways. Its supposed to just be mindless escapism. Why's it have to mean so much? Get something more meaningful to analyze and give a shit about. Fiction is pointless.

Anonymous 29269

win or not, her presence on the screen was always captivating. Brienne was a very bland character

Anonymous 29270

I want to see more old beefy matrons with heavy armor

Anonymous 29271


Only actual girlboss in movie history

Anonymous 29272

Aliens Terminator 2 and the only mom action movies that aren't cringe. Is James Cameron based?

Anonymous 29273

kim wexler.jpeg

best character

Anonymous 29274

these two and Dana Scully from The X-Files are among the best written female characters.

Anonymous 29275


I fucking loved her character. Complete girl boss. My favorite Better Call Saul character by far.

Anonymous 29276


Sakura Ogami

It's a pet peeve when she gets drawn skinny/bishoujo'fied because that's insulting

Anonymous 29277

I like masie williams in game of thrones, she's the best girlboss imo

Anonymous 29278


Lucy Steel is the best female character ever written, ever.

Anonymous 29279



Anonymous 29281

tbh I never got in to ghost in the shell because she seems way too sexualized, especially for a robot lol

Anonymous 29283


Anonymous 29284


Penelope from Criminal Minds.
She was funny and the GOAT IT girl.

Anonymous 29285

>FBI Department of Supreme Genius
Terry Davis found a worthy opponent

Anonymous 29286


Francis McDormand's character Marge in Fargo girlbosses while pregnant.

Anonymous 29287

I liked the girlboss from the girlboss show. I haven't finished the show, but she seems like a real piece of shit.

The boss lady in Ted Lasso is also awesome. She towers over all the men in heels, has an amazing body, and has as a good supportive friendship with the other girl in the series.

Anonymous 29288

images - 2022-10-1…

Forgot the image soz :)

Anonymous 29289

people whos say "rings of power galadriel was always right because she's feeeeemale!" clearly haven't watched the show. even before the halbrand reveal she was portrayed as foolhardy; putting herself and others in danger. the show portrays her fiery desire for revenge as understandable but ultimately destructive.

Anonymous 29290


Sarah in DOTLD too

Anonymous 29291

gits 2.jpg

She is a bit sexualized especially with her outfits, but compared to other anime it's pretty tame. Her personality though, when I hear the words "strong woman" I instantly think of her. She's so badass and such a strong leader as major of section 9. Most anime has the female characters as props devoid of personality existing only as a love interest or fanservice but Motoko absolutely carries the show + movies. She reminds me of Sparta from the book Sparta, they're both independent and brilliant. Also she's not a robot she's a cyborg.

Anonymous 29292


They're shit and only exist because the standard for who gets to work in Hollywood has gotten extremely low over the years.
Actual GOOD strong female won't be written by people like, nor will the writer ever have to try so hard to make them strong and independent that it might as well be plastered along their face.
Pic related is what people writing these ""girlboss"" characters WISH they could make. Also watch Avatar.

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