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BJD & DD and Doll Customization and Photography Anonymous 29429

Dolls that are intended for adult collectors such as ball-jointed dolls, Dollfie Dream, and similar dolls that include customization aspects.
>ie not Monster High, Rainbow High, Barbie, Sylvanian Families etc.
>Obitsu and Azone lines are ok
>fashion doll sofubi are also ok
>plz no rxcast discussion

I'm only distinguishing them because the interests of collectors and ease of collecting tends to be very different.

Let's discuss who you're saving up for, the projects you're working on, and the photos you taken lately.

Anonymous 29430


>tfw you will never hold Marie
Is any one picking up any Dolpa items this time? The outfits are cute, so I want to get the rococo shoes. Yor wasn't designed very nicely but popular anyway.

Anonymous 29435


I see this tears effect on DDs a lot. Is it candle wax? Hot glue? UV resin?

Anonymous 29436

what are some good social media sites that i can follow to more bjd stuff?

Anonymous 29437

Japanese and Korean dollers are all on Twitter. For English, Den of Angels is still alive. I'm a refugee from /toy/ but /jp/ always has an active thread if you can get over the dollfuckers. If you want specific BJD info that doesn't get lost to the social media void, you have to go to blogs and personal sites or Den of Angels

Anonymous 29438


no pics of my own but i have a 47cm parabox/obitsu doll
you'd think by now after having one for a few years i'd take pics but the sad truth is i haven't even bothered to sew her a shirt…
should probably just buy one outfit just to put something on her
dolldreaming is a more active forum than den of angels iirc

Anonymous 29442

Candle wax isn't as transparent and hot glue doesn't adhere well on resin. I'd say it's UV resin. Make a little puddle and set a lamp over it. Just make sure you applied a couple layers of UV resistant varnish over your doll to avoid any resin decoloration.

Anonymous 29443


refugee from lolcow repaint thread since moids have ruined it , but can you tell me what kind of body does this phos custom has? i searched and it looks like a 1\6 azone doll body but the head looks different?(is it a precure doll head?) i would like to remake one myself

Anonymous 29444

The bjd section of Doll Dreaming is smaller but if you aren't using the traditional definition and include vinyl dolls as bjd then yes Doll Dreaming is way more active.

It's hard to id without being able to see the hands or joints clearly, have they been edited out? I don't think Azone legs are that shapely. You can make a similar doll with an Azone body anyway, they are easy to source. I don't think that head is Precure but there are lots of 3D printed customs these days.

Anonymous 29445

Thank you for the help anyways! Can I make the head with polymer clay?

Anonymous 29446

The bases are most likely sex dolls considering the others that anon posted on LC (and how they're from 4/2chan), don't bother with him

Anonymous 29447

can't say for sure, i wanted to say it was one of those silicone doll bodies but many i find online either have huge boobs or are muscular as fuck
could just be wearing tights or something too
angelphilia dolls have shapely legs and they're compatible with obitsu iirc and if the joints are edited out they look somewhat similar to that picture

Anonymous 29448

oh that explains the dark basement quality photo and precure. thanks for the warning

Anonymous 29458

i found it by searching phos bjd since i wanted to know if anyone had made customs of her. im very disturbed by that there are sex dolls of it … i just wanted to see cool customs of anime bjds..

Anonymous 29460


I love BJDs made of porcelain like the ones Doll Menagerie makes. They are probably harder to paint but look beautiful.

Anonymous 29463


think those anons were just clowning on you
if you want to make your own phos just go for it
god that skin is so fucking cool

Anonymous 29468

why would they be harder to paint? The materials used probably aren't that different. they are very beautiful though! I think the only reason resin is typically used is because it doesn't require any special equipment, but porcelain gives so much dimension
I did a little more research and sometimes they use cosplay effects makeup sometimes. UV resin would be sturdier though, it would probably be ok to put an opaque barrier between the doll's face and the resin, let it cure in that shape, and then glue it on. Thanks for the ideas

Anonymous 29474


i really love this artists dolls, they're so beautifully made. her jewelry is so well made my hand shakes just looking at it kek

Anonymous 29475

I've painted porcelain before and didn't like the way the paint behaves. It was a plate though.

Anonymous 29478


i’m trying to make a bjd in ceramics

Anonymous 29479


Anonymous 29480

have you ever held a bjd in person before? I have no idea how you expect this to work. just make it a figure instead.

Anonymous 29481

The longer the clay dries, the harder it is to cut or make holes in it. My advice is to make a standing figure out of clay and from that make a mold. Then from the mold you can get a cast in a material that's more workable.
Or keep those parts covered very well in plastic and spray water in them everyday. For a nice finish use a smooth rock to polish before firing.

Anonymous 29499


I love everything about be my baby! Cherry-chan except for her eyes. She stands out because other fashion sofubi all kind of look like Licca. I wish this type of style was in bjd so I could change the small things I don't like.

Anonymous 29550


Let's talk about ugly face-ups. Last year there was a Myoudoll/Dolk collaboration release and the mouths were painted black which didn't match the company photos at all.

Anonymous 29551


There are interesting heads on Yahoo! Auctions sometimes. People with no skills try to sell their heads because custom heads can sell for a high price. There's nothing wrong with learning to do it, everyone's first attempt is poor. I'm not sure if selling is delusion or a cashgrab attempt.

Anonymous 29552


i wish i could find the pics again…there was an etsy seller who claimed to do faceups and had nice pictures but they were other peoples faceups, all she did was add freckles to them.
her actual faceups were on instagram and they all looked like they were scribbled with sharpies. it was very strange.

i will say i don't like these heads by volk. i don't know why they look like that one bread(?) puppet meme.
this one is almost charming in a grostesque way that i cannot properly describe.

Anonymous 29553

she probably didnt even seal her freckle additions properly. I hope no one was buying them. sounds like a stupid plan anyway because it's not like faceups are cheap.
>bread(?) puppet meme

Anonymous 29559

Didn't even sand the mouth….

Anonymous 29560

>loved Rozen Maiden when I was younger but always thought real BJDs looked kind of creepy
>buy a PureNeemo a few years ago
>have had a growing desire to get a real BJD ever since
One day I'll finally pull the trigger…

Anonymous 29561

I don't think this is uncommon at all since lots of early BJD were a little uncanny. Maybe if you got into them a little earlier you could have had the Rozen Maiden ones. Even if you outgrew them they all go for thousands more than they originally sold for. Buying BJD is easier than ever now but PureNeemo are also great. BJD are only more fun than other dolls if you really have the time and patience to customize them.

Anonymous 29571

For me the biggest thing stopping me right now is that I'd want it to be of a specific character, but she doesn't have an official one and there's no way I'd trust myself making her face/hair look good on my own so I'd have to look into commissioning one and I'd like to finish hunting down the rest of her official figures first.
It would be a big motivation to learn to sew if anything. She has so many cute outfits I'd want to make but the PureNeemo being 1/6 is kind of a fiddly size for small details.

Anonymous 29572


I'm curious what character it is that has a lot of outfits and official figures, but no official doll. Do you mind sharing? I have a lot of BJD but I'm starting to want a character doll too. I have no issue with wigs and face ups, but sewing is the problem for me.

Anonymous 29573


Yazawa Nico
She has the PureNeemo at least, just not one of the bigger BJDs.

Anonymous 29579

anon I think you can manage black twintails and pink eyes without needing to commission. both are extremely common.

Anonymous 29583

I know but I really have zero faith in myself to make it look nice or not fuck it up.

Anonymous 29585

You should stick with figures if you're scared of handling a doll. Even if you commission, there is basic maintenance that you will have to do. Don't you style your own hair and makeup or are you scared of that too? How are you going to even learn to sew if that's your mentality? Don't you know you that fucking up is the first step to getting anywhere with anything? Don't be such a coward

Anonymous 29587


Harsh but true. Lots of dollnoobs act all scared but it really isn't that bad. Just don't be a blithering idiot.

Anonymous 29619


>>29429 If you could design a fullset doll (head, body, hair, clothes, everything) to be created and sold by your favorite artist or company, what would your dream doll be?

Or tell me what your ideal hybrid doll would be!

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