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Star Trek thread - Jadzia isn't trans edition Anonymous 31961

Anyone here into Star Trek? What's everyone's favourite Trek? (If you don't say DS9 what is wrong with you?)
Favourite characters, episodes, anything? Fanfic recommendations? Opinion on NuTrek?

Anonymous 31963

Big fan of TNG and Voyager. I love most tof the characters to be honest, Picard Beverley, and Data are my favorite of Next Gen. Tbe Doctor, Janeway, and Paris are my favorites of Voyager.

>Opinions of NuTrek

I'm glad it gets people into the franchise, but I refuse to acknowledge anything past DS9.

Anonymous 31974


What is cc's opinion on the Ferengi custom that their women have to be naked in public?

Anonymous 31978

personally I would dislike that

Anonymous 31979

Only got into startrek earlier this year but i've been watching a lot to catch up. Currently watching all of Next gen (data is my favorite). I've loved every episode of DS9 i've seen (not many yet), dr bashir is my favorite but thats mostly because genetically modded people seem kinda like aspies in that show from what i've seen so far.

Anonymous 31984

TOS is my favourite. It's more philosophical than the others and every episode stays with you and lingers on you mind. There's something frightening yet sublime about them being inside a small cramped submarine tin can in space so far away from everyone else. Anyone can go space happy any moment and there is no one near to offer aid. They encounter strange aliens and human colonies gone mad. The three main characters play off each other well. Kirk is action, Spock is brains, and McCoy is heart.

And it's from before Gene Roddenberry got over hyped and it went to his head and he started claiming Trek was some futuristic utopia (that's why there is money in TOS). Everyone on or off the ship is miserable. Kirk has keep up appearances as the captain and can't fully relax. He longs for a woman who is his match (he only sleeps with two women and is not the Lothario he's made out to be) and a return to a simple Riverside lifestyle but it never works out. He's haunted by childhood trauma. Spock is torn between being human and Vulcan and never fitting in. McCoy is bitter about his divorce and child left behind and has a drinking problem. Chapel joins the academy and studies for years just to be able join her fiance in space, only to find he's gone mad making sexbots. And Spock barely knows she exists. Scotty is lonely and only has the ship for comfort. Uhura misses her partner left behind on Earth.

The low budget and 60s aesthetics give it the feel of being more like a theater play. It's slower and dialogue does more than fancy effects or camera work. A lot of the episodes were written by actual established scifi writers. There's a whole episode focusing on Shakespeare and no dumb formulaic technobabble saves the day episodes or excessive personal drama. The matte paintings are gorgeous. The characters are beautiful and have accents and stronger ties to their home countries which feels more realistic.

And to return to Kirk, he's such a layered character. The heavy chemistry with Spock while flirting with numerous women in front of him. Maintaining a calm exterior as captain yet being ready to fight anyone barehanded who threatens his crew. Always striving to do what's right and applies the Prime Directive correctly (it's ok to interfere if the planet is stagnant or in danger).

The TOS movies lost the magic though.

Vid rel - Shatner is a better actor than you think he is.

Anonymous 32012


Nerd pop culture did Kirk(/Shatner) so dirty and I'm convinced it's because every male writer couldn't understand that Kirk was handsome and kind–nope, had to be a womanizer to get all those women to warm up to him that fast!

ToS for me as well. I had a great time watching it all with my dad as an adult and Spock/Kirk is fantastic. Before going into it I knew that they were the grandfathers of slash and thought it was just maybe fangirls being fangirls. No. They are soulmates. Learning that Chapel/Spock is a thing in the newer series has me too butthurt to follow it.

>opinion on nutrek

Lower Decks is good but otherwise I do not give a fuck about anything after Voyager. The AOS movies were good for the fresh flood of Spock/Kirk fanfiction but little else.

Seems weird that they wouldn't want to bling out their property when being (or at least looking) rich really matters to Ferengi. I forget if they ever stated the canon explanation for it beyond women being second-class citizens.

Anonymous 32013

>Learning that Chapel/Spock is a thing in the newer series
It was a one sided thing in TOS but only briefly mentioned in a few episodes. Of the episodes I watched, they are going way too heavy handed with it in nutrek.

>Kirk was handsome and kind–nope, had to be a womanizer to get all those women to warm up to him that fast!

I wish they would make Kirk/Spock canon already or show it in an alternate universe or sex pollen or whatever. Kirk is clearly bi/pan and Spock is too intellectual to care about labels. I don't think there is much of the fanbase that would be against it. They made Sulu gay like 10 years ago and had the couple Asian/Asian which is pretty stigmatized. They filmed it in Dubai of all places. And no one cared.

Anonymous 32040

A ST thread in my CC?
This never happens… computer end program….

Anyway. My favorite series is TNG. The plots of some episodes are so good and self contained. Sure I liked DS9's overarching plots but TNG episodes like Inner Light, Family, The Offspring and of course All Good Things live in my mind and I think about them ever so often. And I mean how often can you say your favorite series ended in such a good way as TNG?

When I first watched it the scene of Picard meeting his late mother sold me on the show

Anonymous 32079

TNG is the comfiest, but DS9 is my favorite. The whole show from like the last 2-3 episodes of S1 straight on through to the end is so darn good.

Anonymous 32200

>I wish they would make Kirk/Spock canon already or show it in an alternate universe or sex pollen or whatever. Kirk is clearly bi/pan and Spock is too intellectual to care about labels.

Basically is canon if you take Genes original TMP treatment that got turned into the novel. Basically humanity by the point of TNG is entirely Bi and very free love.

Anonymous 32423

>Nerd pop culture did Kirk(/Shatner) so dirty

Obligatory link to definitive essay:


Anonymous 32424

Kirk wasn't at all a scoundrel but Shatner… well there's stories about him.
A lot of the parodies and fanlore grew out of people who were "in the know," either regarding his on-set behavior or his fan convention misdeeds, not from the on screen canon. There's always been tendency in writers to air studios' dirty laundry under the guise of criticizing the fictional product rather than the real production. Norman Spinrad's "The Iron Dream" was only half about the fascistic themes of Dune and other popular works of SF/Fantasy, the more biting half was about the reluctance of writers to actually spell out that one of their own was a bad guy rather than an innocent friendly artist who wrote a book that has totes unconscious completely naively innocent but unfortunately fascistic elements–even if said writer was the author of Mein Kampf. The same reticence against personal criticism happened with a lot of the Hollywood inner code of silence regarding sexual misconduct. Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey were both beneficiaries of the protection Hollywood long granted to homosexual vices, but Shatner instead used the concept of being "in character" at conventions as as excuse to behave as a lecherous, adulterous and often drunken celebrity at conventions and towards fangirls in the clear light of day. And con attendees would accept that and even remember it fondly as a funny convention moment when their wife was totally not cheating on them with their childhood hero because funny celebrity encounter in character.

Anonymous 32436

Star Trek Enterprise is underrated

Anonymous 32454

When people say this they usually just mean the last season. Maybe the last 2 seasons if they are extremely generous.
Don't fall for it. Investing 40-60 hours of viewing misery for a payoff of 20-40 hours of "average scifi show" is a bad investment. The reason ENT viewers want you to make that investment is to improve the fan conversations social interaction aspect of fandom to improve the return on their own investment.

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