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Western Animation should allow more talented women Anonymous 32161

Did you know that over 70% of mangakas are women? For some reason, this doesn't affect western animation or cartoon comics, and I wish it did since pieces of media like Bee and Puppycat and Lackadaisy are great, and they're made by women.

Unfortunately, mid to bad pieces of media made by women like Steven Universe are more popular than the former two I mentioned.

Anonymous 32166

They exist and all we can do is spread the work of more talented female animators and directors.
Lotte Reiniger is notable and doesn't get mentioned enough when it comes to early animators and pioneers of the industry, she actually directed what is widely considered the first full-length animated feature and was very prolific in the 1910s and 1920s

Anonymous 32288

Screenshot 2023-10…

>directed by lauren faust
>animated in 2d, which is rare for modern animated featured films

This has to be a joke Sony. If this movie started development during their redemption arc with Spiderverse, it would have continued development.

Anonymous 32372


I always wonder why Lauren Faust is only allowed to create adaptations of certain properties like MLP and DC. She can create original properties but they don't allow her to.


Anonymous 32373


Anonymous 32377

I think some of it is symptomatic of the larger problem with studios not wanting to greenlight original projects period. Don't remember which fat cat it was, maybe paramount, said that they had no interest in any show that wasn't based on a preexisting property.

Anonymous 32388

Speaking of Lauren Faust, she has a franchise currently in development hell called Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls. If you look at the artstyle, you could see why because when she pitched it to Hasbro in 2008/2009, an employee told her about MLP and she accepted rebooting the toy franchise since it was her favorite childhood toy.

Anonymous 32470

she told the original Cinderella story, with the stepsisters cutting their toes off to fit the shoe. If this version was more popular instead of Walt's version, animation could've been seen as serious as non animated films.

Anonymous 32471

*couldve been taken as serious

Anonymous 32485

This. Studios have become ridiculously risk-averse the last 20 years. It’s why everything that comes out now is a sequel, reboot, revival, etc.

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