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random idea I had Anonymous 32343

basically I thought out of nowhere while I was leaving somewhere (I don't remember now when it was) "what if there was a Survivor Horror game with a PS2 vibe but it takes place in a school (which in this case is one of those fancy academy)", it's basically The school's superiors did a fucking satanic ritual to make the school more powerful, but it went wrong and made the school look like a Void. Our protagonist (who must be in 6th grade, idk) wakes up and sees the The room is all fucked up and dark and she have to manage on her own.
The weapons we would have would be standard school things (sharpened pencil, stiletto, scissors, etc.) and we could somehow craft items to make other weapons (for example, take things from the cafeteria post boss battle and make pepper spray), the bosses would be the school employees such as the cafeteria worker, janitor, math teacher, coordinator… When our protagonist interacts with objects, she reveals information about her (like she goes to the bathroom, interacts with the mirror and appears "It's [character name] !" or when we interact with a textbook and it says "You were never good at math, were you? hehe").
Anyway, this was just a rather crazy idiot idea that I had, I'll never put it into practice because I don't know how to do any programming stuff, besides I'm more into drawing and writing, not programming.

Anonymous 32344

crazy idea but im living for it anon!

Anonymous 32345

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