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Disney's Wish was A.I generated theory Anonymous 32840

Everything about the film feels artificial and generic. From the songs all the way to the character designs. There's no way this film was made by human beings. Most likely Disney experimenting with A.I to make films.

Anonymous 32843

I go to an animation school and some people from Disney showed up to screen Wish at our school. The audience, being filled with artists, filmmakers, and animators, could't even manage holding back laughter lol. I doubt AI was actually used to create it but it definitely feels AI generated.
What are some moments from the movie that stood out to you nona?

Anonymous 32983

It wasn't AI made, but you bet Disney wish it was.

Anonymous 32998


Just got done watching this, bland and soulless, but doesn't look or feel AI.

I actually think it's an attempt to replicate the kind of cartoony and "flatter" styles other companies are exploring with films like Puss n Boots and Spiderverse. It's just off-putting because it's trying to retain Disney's signature style. Weird half-way mark.

Music is terrible, hate the "You're a Star" number in particular. Villain was ok but could have been better. The idea of a king who wants to help his people but feels unappreciated and used is interesting, but they drop the ball and make him power hungry and cartoonishly evil instead of actually revolving the conflict they set up.


Anonymous 32999

Why does the star in this drawing have a butt

Anonymous 33000

You know, I didn't even notice that was just looking for art to use. I have no idea.

Anonymous 33001


Oh god, please don't tell me that stars shit.

Anonymous 33619

I think it was just painfully boring and uninspired. Although, it is possible that they could have hired humans who were dishonest and cheated with A.I. The same thing has happened in some other companies.

Anonymous 33620

So he can take huge nasty star shits

Anonymous 33667

How much did it cost to make this movie? It looks like a TV special.

Anonymous 33690

I hate that goat creature. It screams lazy marketeable plushie bait. Glad the movie flopped and their gamble didn't pay off

Anonymous 33694


The goat is fucking awful. Disgusting old man voice.

On the topic of the art design, can we talk about how shitty and unimaginative the wishes look? They're just ugly blue orbs with no visual appeal. Like a worse version of soap bubbles. How did this make its way into the final product, instead of being scrapped immediately and replaced by something decent?

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