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Anonymous 3583

Are you bothered by violence against women in fictional media? Goblin Slayer this season is interesting enough that I think I'll keep watching for now, but the violence is Elfen Lied-tier graphic and voyeuristic. Like for example, the camera pans to a puddle of blood during a scene where nonhuman fantasy creatures are killed but nude human women get raped and stabbed on camera. I think the story could be told just as well without being quite so graphic; it kind of bothers me that is seems like those scenes of sexual violence were meant to be fanservice.

Anonymous 3587


No, I like seeing violence against women, but the kind of sexual violence you describe IS more fun to watch directed at men.

Anonymous 3589

Yeah it bothers me, especially when it is against women.

Anonymous 3590

I believe it's called "ryona".
There's something to be said about it going both ways with people wanting to see young cute anime boys get tortured but I worry the most about men into this as due to male pattern aggression and men being a product of the society they're raised in, there's more of a chance they'll act on it.
Don't quote me on this but women into it seem to be more for the venting aspect and the ones I've met into it tend to be broken bird types who are acting out their rage on an imaginary target or by making a beloved character physically endure, you get sympathy from their fans or a "friend" who suffers with you, making you feel slightly less alone.

Anonymous 3591

Nah I don't really mind it at all tbh

Anonymous 3594


tbh I am not bothered by it.
I really like Goblin slayer! It is a really good manga.
The violence is a main point in the story, so I am okay with it.

Anonymous 3596

I get the point the outrage NPC mob have about the rape scene being titillating (if you're one of those people). But goddamn are they too shrill and hypocritical about this.

I can't go apeshit about tame crap like this while I myself read BDSM bara doujins.

Anonymous 3597

They should have shown more in that rape scene, I was expecting more out of it.
Also I got feel that it's just another generic shounen fantasy anime with few darkish scenes, I don't think I will continue watching it.

Anonymous 3601

Anime is garbage for weirdos.

Anonymous 3602

bluepilled as fuck opinion

Anonymous 3603

Well Akira's great, and I saw an anime inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis that was pretty good, but this Goblin Slayer just looks like utter rubbish. If you get off on girls being raped by tiny green men then fine, whatever, but it's on the same artistic level as stuff like Hardblush and pornographic flash games from 2008.

Anonymous 3604

I don't like seeing women in pain in media, but I love seeing male suffering. I have too much empathy and connection to other girls while I see men as "other" so it's fine. It also turns me on lmao.
Don't really care if this makes me a hypocrite.

Anonymous 3605


Anonymous 3607

I'm >>3596 and yes, you are. We should live and let live, don't kinkshame (especially if you have violent ones).

Anonymous 3611

I will continue to kinkshame.
I'll even kinkshame myself. We are all degen af.

Anonymous 3613

I worry the most about men into this as due to male pattern aggression and men being a product of the society they're raised in, there's more of a chance they'll act on it.

This. Also this type of content contributes to a general lack of male empathy towards women and girl's suffering.

Anonymous 3615

I've seen haters on Twitter go too far and make personal attacks that you must be a terrible person if you find anything redeeming in this show, I really don't think that's warranted. I really don't like how oversexed it is but the tabletop RPG inspired fantasy elements and hard moral choices the characters have to make are very interesting to me, this show and Zombie Land Saga are shaping up to be my favorite shows this season.

Anonymous 3616

Good attitude. People who whine about kinkshaming are weak.

Anonymous 3619

There are two things that I cannot stand in media: violence against women and violence against animals. It would be enough for me to discontinue what I'm watching. I'm just too sensitive to that kind of thing. Someone who isn't singled out for her gender in a horror film is fine but anything to do with stalking or rape or things specific to male-on-female violence is unbearable.

I'd be worried about anyone who isn't upset by this, it means that they're desensitised or a man.

Anonymous 3634

Add sadism against children to this, damn Fate/Zero was some serious male bullshit.

Anonymous 3635

I dropped the manga a long time ago but if I remember right it's a typical self-insert story where the GS is supposedly more competent than all the characters. I think the graphic stuff is just shock value and to make the GS look good by comparison.
I wish isekai as a genre would just die already. It's so dull and uninspired. I understand GS isn't technically isekai but its world is a carbon copy of all the other ones.

Anonymous 3642

> and Zombie Land Saga are shaping up to be my favorite shows this season
Oh yeah I like that one too! Although it's annoying that they think heavy metal vocals=random incoherent screaming
The legendary YAMADA TAE

Anonymous 3644

>Also this type of content contributes to a general lack of male empathy towards women and girl's suffering.
>meanwhile multiple posts of "I can watch men get tortured and killed just fine but a woman upsets me" itt

Anonymous 3646

What do you think has the most serious irl consequences?
Who is in real danger of violence from who, worldwide?

Anonymous 3647

Men by other men.

Anonymous 3648

I know what you mean, I was looking forward to this since everyone was hyping it up as a great dark fantasy but it seems to have all the usual isekai LN cliches (adventurer's guild, RPG classes, cookie cutter harem, etc).

Anonymous 3649

I loved that their idol performance was just screaming, headbanging, and trying to bite the audience lol. Tae mai waifu.

Anonymous 3651

Scrote on scrote violence, our valiant TERF selves sure as hell aren't in warzones or pulling ghetto drive-bys.

Anonymous 4197

The violence doesn't bother me. it adds an extra element of realism to isekai the way grimgar does. Not all parties who go goblin hunting make it back and there are terrible consequences for anyone who is captured alive. It's just like joining the military during wartime in the middle east. They won't just kill you, you'll get raped and tortured until you die.

Anonymous 4199

idgaf about violence against anyone in media. I've seen much more gross and uncomfortable stuff on the internet out of morbid curiosity and I'm pretty much desensitized at this point.

Anonymous 4202


I have mixed feelings about this.

This is going to be long.

Violence against women in media makes me feel uncomfortable, but I would prefr to focus my attention into the women that are raped and murdered every single day, specially in my country.

What I can't still process is the fact that most women are the ones who make most degenerate shit. Why I'm saying this? Because most hentai and doujin artists are women, not men. In fact, male authors are recently raising in numbers compared with years ago.

As far I remember, most women in Japan enjoy degenerate shit in porn, like non-con, while men prefer MILFs, and a lot of guro artists re women. Fuck, even one of the organizers from Ryonaket is a woman. She is Harasaki, a popular artist in the guro circle, and there are more guro artists that are women.

If any of you have more questions, just ask me!

Anonymous 4203

I'm comfortable with violence as long as it's not sexual, but that's for personal reasons. I'm not going to say "this is bad" because that would be hypocritical tbh.

Anonymous 4204

I've also noticed that most guro artists are women. I'm into it for venting reasons, have limits and admonish violence IRL of any kind but yes, women who were abused's tastes are more likely to veer into violent shit I won't always approve of.
Why do you think this is and does it have something to do with how women internalize pain/helplessess or is just plain degeneracy let of the hook?

Anonymous 4205



Yes, and not.

There are guro artists that use hentai as a coping mechanism. I remember that tksn made an interview time ago, and she stated that she used to be abused by her father and ex couples. Yeah, those women exist, but just it happen doesn't mean that all guro artists or most of them were abused. Some of them just find that entretaining, but a lot of them are fucked up, sadly.

Taste in porn in Japan is also very peculiar. Men prefer MILF. While molestation is very popular towards men, it's even more popular with women.

Anonymous 4211


As an anon once said, the mangaka is a hentai artist and literally cannot draw naked woman non-erotically. Maybe it could be justified saying it creates more of an emotional dilemma within the viewer? Though if the anime isn't as violent and brutal as the manga (I don't know if it is or not) then that point may be lost (too "softcore").
But I don't care, really. I'm not the moral police.

Anonymous 29938

goblin slayer and fate/zero break basically my only rule with anime. if the show has a no warning rape scene frame 1 i'm dropping it. fuck that.

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