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mog Anonymous 3994

mog - Multiplayer Online General
This thread was made so people can post about any game that supports multiplayer online and to make it easier to find others to play with.

I just started playing FFXIV and made a Lalafell because they are so small and cute. I tried taking some pictures of the one I made but I couldn't get the angle right. Does anyone else play it? If yes, in which server? I wouldn't mind changing servers if that meant playing with someone else especially because I just started and haven't done much yet.


Hello OP, feel free to email me if you're still playing FF, I'd be glad to help you out! On Excalibur, btw.

Anonymous 4253


I play eve online.

It's actually warm and cozy in this wild capitalist game.

Anonymous 4255


My guild in wow on Emerald Dream Alliance is looking for new raiders, if anyone is interested post your discord or bnet. we are 8/8 heroic and 2/8 mythic. We are really hard up for new members so if anyone is interested in getting into wow I can help out.

Ps. I don't run the guild

Anonymous 4266


My first battleship

It looks somehow like scorpion

kawaii :3

Anonymous 4267

it does look like a scorpion! so cool!

Anonymous 4268



It cost like 1/3 of month subscription, so i want to farm at least 600 million isk on it before someone whould blow it.

Anonymous 4273

wow, pricey, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Does anyone play TERA? I like how the characters look and the combat seems fun. I don't have time to play an mmo right now but it would still be nice to know what kind of game it is.

Anonymous 4274

I used to play it like 2 years ago, but it's kinda boring onece you got max level. Surely, there was endless "defend/attack the castle mod" and many others, but i think it's just not enogh fun.

But it's only my opinion, so try it's out. Leveling to maximum takes only like 40-50 hours, so you could easily do it.

Anonymous 4326


I downloaded it just for the character creation, I don't have time to play the actual game but creating characters is so fun, they all look so nice. Here are my qt castanic bf and my goth wife with a reticle over her face.
Also since this is a thread for mmos and I know a lot of people like me enjoy creating characters a lot and are proud of their characters, post them here, please, I love seeing cool characters.

Anonymous 4327

i played tera about a year ago, the combat is fun and the characters are cute but the game is optimized really badly and you'll probably drop a lot of fps in any major city. The endgame daily grind is also super obnoxious and using the AH is pretty awful unless you have a sub. Other than that, the game is alright to play really casually. I enjoyed levelling more than anything lol

Anonymous 4329


Download EVE online then, it's availible at steam. It got large character creation screen. Personally back then in 2014 i liked to create a dorky-looking characters, but after few changings of haircut i managed make her look better.

Anonymous 4331

Also, if you wanted to play somthing specific i whould recommend you to play mabinogi.

It's an old game with funny mechanics - your character ages, 1 day = 1 year. After a week you could make re-birth of your character. It changed your level to 1-st, but the bonuses you earned during this run you won't change.

And most funny thing about it - game allows you to play as pet of your character. So if you got a cute pet, you could rush several novice dungeons as your pet. I used to have a lot of cat pets in this game and just endlessly walked over cities as a cat, meowing to people :3

Anonymous 4339


Update: I got my first suit of SKIMPY ARMOR~! thanks based Korean developers
Hell yea! I'll definitely download it, it looks so good. I really liked the character creator of Black Desert online after seeing it in videos but it seems it's only deceptively deep, the characters end up pretty much all alike anyway.
That's so crazy! And awesome!
I just remembered reading about an mmo I think where one race was actually three beings in one, as in your one character consists of three characters actually, I think it was set in space, does anyone know what I'm talking about? I wish I hadn't forgotten it.

Anonymous 4340


Corporation wars are fun and massive.

> I think where one race was actually three beings in one, as in your one character consists of three characters actually
It's allods online, russian copy of WoW. It's not actually three separated characters, but model.

If you want to play more than one character i whould reccomend you Dragon Saga - it got "Fighter" class. While playing it you got 2 characters - normal and "dark" one. Normal fights with it legs and dark one with fists. Hovever this game is some sort of fighting-rpg and to create "Fighter" character you must have a character with starting profession of level 20-40, i don't remember it correctly.

Anonymous 4342

that's it, thank you! I think it's a really original idea to have 3 little beings as one character. Also I should show my mother Eve, she would love it.

Anonymous 4346


> show my mother Eve
Just prepare her to this game.

You can't fully trust anyone there.

People scam and robe there people for monies equal for several tousands dollars every day.

Anonymous 4529

Does anyone play Mabinogi Pro here?
It's a very small private server. I just started playing and I'm level 6. It's a cute game with about 100 people playing (according to the site).

Anonymous 4568

w-what game is this. asking for a friend…

Anonymous 4569

this is TERA, it's very good because the castanic and elf races are very handsome (the humans too I guess but their huge hands are weird) and there is lots of skimpy armor like this. The only bad thing is a lot of classes are female only and there's lots of creeps playing as lolis dressed in equally skimpy armor but I guess I can't judge them too harshly because I downloaded the game just because the characters are so handsome.

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