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The Sims Anonymous 430

Anyone a fan of this series?
I've been playing since TS2 days and now I'm on TS4. I never played TS3 because I hated the pudding faces and didn't like how different it felt from TS2 but TS4 misses too many features. Thankfully the Vampire pack saves it for me.

But the Sims community is so lame for me now. I miss the hard-working & dedicated CC creators and I miss how invested people used to be in supernaturals. Basically, I miss it when it was more niche and underground.

Anonymous 431

The Sims 2 was by far the best version of the Sims, if the Sims 4 had kept its graphics, had the sims 2 gameplay and the sims 3 open world it would have been perfect!

At least Bella Goth came back tho, I spent ages bringing her back in the Sims 2 in Strangetown (was the desert town Strange town?).

Anonymous 432

What do you like about sims 2? It's the only one I haven't played so I'm curious.

Anonymous 433

Ugh yes. That would be perfect.
The only new sim I like is Vlad.

Anonymous 434

I used to play TS2 a lot as a kid, but after TS3 I probably wouldn't go back. 2 was charming and I loved the detailed stories and families, but the open world + real time progression spoiled me too much. Just thinking about this is making me want to download the TS3 megapack now lol, but I'm scared I'll waste too much time on it.

Anyway I downloaded TS4 to try it but ended up deleting it shortly after. Even for a casual gamer, it's not that enjoyable. It might be impressive if it came before 3, but it really has special nothing going on for it in the context of 2 and 3. I hope 5 will be better if it comes out

Anonymous 437

Fukken yes, this is my "too many feelings about real life" vidya jam. Here's some p. good shit I didn't make~

>The McUgly Saga, 1: http://imgur.com/a/HeSya

2: http://imgur.com/a/hyz59
3: http://imgur.com/a/GxqfV
4: https://imgur.com/a/F9L4C

Anonymous 440

Yeah this
I didn't really like ts3 open world tbh, same with the progression. Part of the Sims charm to me was that it focused on the household or a single family, one at a time. The open world made it feel like a cut GTA/rpg.

I wanted to get into Sims 4 because it's like an improved Sims 2 but last time I looked into it installing cc was a pain and I love custom content too much

Anonymous 444


I play TS4 a lot for stress release. I find it a lot of fun and a complete enough game that I haven't even downloaded mods or DLC! (other than the basic game extention packs)

I think my favourite expansion is Get to Work! I love going to work with my sim and doing the daily tasks. I also really like the scientist career and looking at plants/crystals/metals and stuff.

Anonymous 445

i personally just found the stories and families to be smoother than newer series, but it's possible my love of it is more nostalgia than actual superiority.

ah i loved the open world as you could focus on one family but generally when they aged up so did their friends and everything you made, i used to get annoyed with having teen sims with boyfriends lose them when i took them off to university or whatever.

Anonymous 449

>when they aged up so did their friends
That's what bothered me. I'm a control freak, so I liked playing all the households myself and aging everyone up haha

I'm happy there's still a strong Sims 2 community on Tumblr

Anonymous 480

I can't play Sims anymore, because I always tend to make myself living together with a perfect husbando making many children and going on dates.
I do this for so long until I get a realitycheck and then my feelings hurt.

Anonymous 483

Yeah, the modding community seems to have really died down, which is a shame. Is it that much harder to code stuff or are people just not interested anymore? I know nothing about coding myself.

Anonymous 487

crying but still e…

me too thanks

>tfw base game doesn't have enough negative traits to make realistic version of me (thank god??)

Anonymous 606

I recently got TS2 Ultimate Collection on Origin and I'm already sucked back the fuck in. I spent nearly all of last night downloading CC. There's just so much cute stuff and I can't stop. Someone rescue me from this addicting hell.

Anonymous 617

Anyone here play The Urbz: Sims in the City?
It is the best Sims game I have ever played, I had it on xbox. It came out on ps2 as well.
I enjoyed how different it was to the other Sims games.
Every place in the city had its own vibe and atheistic which was great, and
you had to change to fit in at each place (clothes, how you interacted with
people etc), work was interactive as well.

Sims 2 was decent, but as good as Urbz imo.


Anonymous 774

Both The Urbz and The Sims ps2 had splitscreen mode, I had so much fun with it. Thousands of hours spent roleplaying with friends.
>tfw arguing over who has to clean all the piss puddles
>tfw arguing over who broke the shower
>tfw throwing parties and trying to get as many boyfriends as possible
Too bad Sims4 PS4 won't have splitscreen. Kids would have a lot of fun with it.

Anonymous 775

TS2 was the best IMO. The mechanics were simple and it was easy to handle. I was able to make detailed families with great stories and houses to match. I got TS4 with high hopes (the character customization looked amazing) and was honestly disappointed. The open world was hard for me to control, in addition to the camera controls and house building controls. I felt a lot less involved in TS4 mainly because I had trouble using it which led me not to really like it much. I like how diverse you can make your characters look and give them detailed personalities but everything else was meh to me. The save game mechanic also confused me too (TS4 just left me very confused, maybe I just don't get technology). Also I feel like its graphics had a weird unnatural glow to them which I didn't like /:

Anonymous 780

TS2 was very good and probably the best mechanic-wise, however I think TS1 had the best expansion packs. I loved the superstar and the magic ones. Really had a lot of fun being this popstar wizard with pets lol

Anonymous 781

anybody here have a sim blog on tumblr? i recently got back into posting and i'd really love to fins some folks to follow, or even some suggestions

Anonymous 788

I've been wanting to play TS2 ultimate collection again because i used to love it so much, but i get discouraged because i uninstalled it in the first time in a rage because i lost all my mods (over 1-2k of mod files (i know)) and i don't feel like downloading every single one again and even if i did want to do that, most got deleted or the pages died after all these years.

Anyone have some kind of mod dump link that contains essentials (i.e good CC or lifestyle (like automatic romance, teen romance… etc etc) mods)?

Anonymous 853

Been playing TS4 more recently. I really loved TS2 also. I think it was the height of the series, especially as far as content creation.

My fiance and I made our flat in TS4 and it's scary how realistic it looks, straight down to the furniture.

Anonymous 1077

Played all the games in the series and owned Sims2, it was my favorite. I wish the game devs who are working on 4 would go back and play the previous games and feel the magic about what people loved about the series and implement it in 4

While 4 is pretty and runs mostly smooth it's bare bones it a lot of regard and doesn't have the same love.

Anonymous 1083

Has anyone ever done the dynasty challenge?

I find it fun as hell, it's kinda hard though. I'm trying to convince my friend to do it but I'm having no luck (she's way more creative with the game than I am)

Anonymous 1670

Who has bought Sims 4 Cats and dogs?

I bought it recently and LOVE the create a pet part. So many breeds to choose from! However, I found myself quickly becoming bored with the pets. It kinda sucks that you can't control them. I just end up watching them shit and sleep all the time.

Anonymous 1673

Thank you tothe person who started this thread, I feel like I'm not the only person still dumping a ton of time into this franchise! I feel a little more normal and sane at least. <3

This is going to sound sperg-y as fuck, but lately I've been throwing waaaay too much time into trying to build a functioning city of monsters like in Monster High (pre-revamp).

I got the idea around Halloween when I was rewatching some MH stuff for the atmosFEAR. [spoiler (See what I did there? Yeah? Yeah? groan) [/spoiler] I started thinking about what a city of monsters would be like, how it would function, what families of monsters would be like, and I started looking at how a city/school/family of monsters had been portrayed in other media like The Munsters, Gravedale High, Groovy Ghoulies, Monster Party, etc etc.

Anyway, I decided to try building a monster city in the sims to see how it would turn out. I ended up just getting bogged down looking through custom content and planning out appearances/houses/architecture so far though, but we'll see how it goes.

Anonymous 1674

Mourning my lost ] :'(

Anonymous 1683

The save option really confuses me on this game. I'm used to sims 2 where you can build as many neighborhoods as you want and you only save inside a sims house, and there was no "save as" or "save". I honestly miss the play style of sims 2 so much, it made so much more sense to me, i just really love the character customization on sims 4.

Anonymous 1684

cmon anon dont tease us with cool stuff like this and not show any pics!!

Anonymous 1686

There’s a mod you can download where you can control them, I haven’t used it but a summer I watch did a video on it.

Anonymous 1688

oh this is great news! thanks anon!

Anonymous 1689

Thank you for thinking it's a cool idea! I've been feeling like I'm pretty lame for devoting so much time to it.

That said though, I don't have too many pictures yet, more like just tons and tons of research. I like building cities in the sims, but I like to plan the cities out on paper first, since I find it just makes it easier, plus I think it's really fun. I came across Charles Booth's London Poverty Maps in a Jack the Ripper book a few years ago and completely fell in love with the idea and I plan out all my sims city layouts like that now, but it takes a ton of time and effort, but at least I'm enjoying myself, I guess?

With the monster city, I started with what the city should be laid out like. There's a town near where I live that was designed in the 1950s by the military and was apparently considered a "state of the art" efficiently functioning small city when the city plans were made. I decided to use that city as a model for the monster city layout.

If you zoom in far enough on google maps you can see the outline of houses, and there's a similar local online map that shows both houses and property borders. (A little creepy there, google, but whatever…)

I had thought that I'd just zoom in on the local map and then take a screencap and use a program like Gimp to digitally "sew" the map images together and create my own custom map (a nearby city has a cemetery in the center of it which I wanted to add too). However, it turns out because the model town is close to a military base that you actually can't view the houses on google (I guess for security's sake?). That means I'll have to draw the houses on my map by hand, which will take a lot longer.

I love Victorian houses (and architecture in general) and I have a few Victorian house plan books that have different styles of houses and how the rooms are laid out inside. Rather than use the PMQ-style military designed houses that are in the actual city, I'm going to use some of the more gothic/haunted house style designs from the house books.

I have another book about Victorian cities about what industries cities had back before cars were in use and I was thinking of adding some of those industries/businesses in for flavour too.

This is getting really long, so I'll quit here. My other things I was doing was thinking about what the families would be like, what everyone should wear and look, but I'll only go into that if you're interested, since I don't want to clog up the thread.

Anonymous 1691

Happy to help! Ngl Pets does look a little boring unless they have the hunter/prowler trait or the “bad” traits to make them more interesting, with how massive and detailed it is, I think it’ll be a long time before they update to add more interesting stuff to do with them.

Anonymous 1700

Sims2ep9 2016-02-1…

Fuck, I spent so much time on sims 2. I still have my "save" files and my downloads folder but the game stopped working when I downgraded to windows 10 and none of the fixes the "simblr" community had fixed it…

I miss this game so much. Sims 4 just feels so sterile in comparison, wtf is up with the neighborhoods.

Anonymous 1701

This screenshot takes me back to a better time. I remember I made a neighborhood on Sims 2 and each family and person had their own story. I made everyone so unique yet their stories and relationships intertwined, making the neighborhood feel like an actual community. Sadly I lost all the data since my computer I had the game installed on was really old and just died one day.
I tried doing the same on Sims 4 but it really doesn't feel the same. Also I'm still having troubles figuring out how to play this dam game. I'm so used to sims 2 controls.
Maybe one day I'll reinstall sims 2 and try to do something similar but I just don't have the time or motivation rn. I spent so much time building that neighborhood and it saddens me that it's all just gone away now.

Anonymous 1705

Origins is having a Black Friday sale until Nov. 28


Anonymous 1713

>giving ea games your money

Anonymous 1718

Same, anon, same. I actually still had most of my files saved to an ipod… which broke too. I kept the thing for years hoping to find a way to rescue my files, to no avail. I eventually made another neighborhood on sims 2 though, and it's the one I have to this day and can't play anymore, but the effort was worth it. I think the building part is more fun than playing it in itself hahaha

Sims 4 fucking sucks, I couldn't get into it at all. I even played sims 3 for a long while and though it didn't feel as solid as 2 (it felt like a gun-free GTA and I always had a single sim because it was impossible to control an entire family), it was still somewhat fun. Sims 4 on the other hand just feels like a worse sims 2.

Anonymous 1728


>When you're cleaning out your pictures folder and come across your old, edgy TS2 screenshots from when you were a teenager and start feeling nostalgic
God, the ridiculous amount of time I invested in trying to make these ridiculously perfect and pretty sims.

Anonymous 2172

>make a sim of oneitis
I feel like a middle schooler again.

Anonymous 2701

FUck I loved Ts3 so much, I was doing a legacy challenge and was 6 generations deep and then the game totally crashed on me and now it won't load at all (I spent $60 on it and two expansion packs altogether so I'm pretty annoyed). I would only play Ts3 if I could… but maybe now that Ts4 is getting seasons it will be more playable for me? the loss of the open world really killed everything and people saying the game is sterile and boring now really hit the nail on the head. I can't quite figure out why but doing things in that game is either absurdly easy or stupidly difficult. But I do appreciate the improved graphics and decreased lag.

Anonymous 2706


You could try downloading Sims 3 from a torrent… you already paid for it anyway. It might work then.
I used to play Sims 3 in that neighborhood from pets and I only played the Bird sisters household or however it was called, one sister wanted to be a writer and the other a thief so I sent the thief to gym everyday and eventually I got sick of waiting for my home lot/gym lot to load so I built beds and fridges at the gym lol and she would live at the gym.

Right now I am playing sims 4, I used to play with CC but I deleted it all since I was relying on it too much - now it's way more satisfying when I make a cool sim.
I decided to make my own townies too, I deleted all the original sims and now it's so fun to see sims I made when walking around in town. In the pic are some of my favorite sims. I think the trick is not to make them pretty or fashionable, but to make them unique and fun.
Sorry for the long post. I would love it if everyone posted their favorite sims too - you know you want everyone to see them, admit it!

Anonymous 2707

I want to get back into playing Sims but I feel like I've sort of lost my love for it. I always make a family in CAS and move them in and then I get bored straight away. I have these great storylines but the game is limited as to how much you can allow storylines to play out, e.g. if you have a sim cheat on another, it doesn't really affect their relationships in the desired way. Any tips on how I can get back into it, how to keep it exciting?

Anonymous 2709

That's my problem too. You can use cheats to change relationships and install various mods, if you play on PC

Anonymous 2737

I would, but I can't even figure out how to download mods as it is (plus I'm always worried they'll fuck up my game). But I'm watching an old livestream put up by sims community of seasons and I have been hyped for like an hour straight, so maybe this expansion pack will be what makes it just as good as ts3 for me.
That was how it was for me too, which is why I tried the legacy challenge. Having goals to meet and occasionally failing really forced me to explore the game more and gave it a sense of challenge I was sorely lacking. I was all of a sudden panicking about keeping sims alive, who's gonna marry who… and that was when I had the best drama (one sim who got together with another, found out he was dating someone, then never spoke to him again, then went to try and be with her childhood friend IMMEDIATELY after this failed date, and at their wedding, she accused him of cheating and the entire wedding was off. She didn't talk to him for 3 days bc she had a "betrayed" moodlet or something, and then when that went away, she immediately went to smooth things over (like, the game did this and I couldn't stop it) WHILE HER SISTER'S WEDDING WAS TAKING PLACE (I made her slap this guy and they were enemies for the rest of their lives, with her sister high in fitness skill delivering a beat-down to him at one point lol). Then she married a nice guy and had a daughter who looked EXACTLY like her, and got really good at gardening. When death came for her she had a flower for him- unbeknownst to me- and lived for a long ass time after that. None of this would have happened if I hadn't tried to play by different rules and it definitely made things more exciting lol). It also forced me to give sims random traits and that led to interesting personality development and me trying to figure out new careers I had never wanted to play with before that were actually lots of fun.
So I guess maybe try some challenges? There's a bunch posted on the internet. You can even modify to make them harder if you choose… or make your own! (if you do that, share it with us! I'd love to read it)

Anonymous 2748

I'm doing a legacy challenge rn and it actually does make the game so much more fun!! Typically I play w/ aging off and have everything all planned out so no surprises really happen and I have control over everything.
Now while playing the legacy challenge everything is sooo much more exciting and I'm discovering new features and things that I haven't tried before.

One of my favorite outta the blue moments was when my founder just recently became an elder, her alien husband was gonna become an elder in a few days, and their three children were nearly all young adults. Well… one night the husband gets abducted and comes back pregnant! The child barely got to spend anytime w/ her parents since they were pretty old by the time she was born, but she technically got to have three parents (her siblings) which was really fun to watch.

Anonymous 6418

Hearing that Sims 5 is supposed to have all players living together in a neighborhood is making me nervous.

Anonymous 6419

Why? I kinda feel you but honestly, I don't think we would ever get a Sims 5 if it didn't include an online/social component. It wouldn't make business sense. It's where everything is headed these days (I don't play it but it seems like the new Animal Crossing focused on online much more) and I have to imagine it's what younger people are coming to expect from games. If it's done well it's a very effective way of getting people to play more and be more invested in it.

I'm definitely skeptical but we've had 4 Sims games already, I'm interested to see a new approach.

Anonymous 6422

I think that would be fun, I'm sure a lot of people have wished for that and it would be fun to play with friends. But also that means I won't be able to pirate sims anymore…

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