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Cyberpunk Anonymous 4426

Do you enjoy Cyberpunk?
I follow the /r/cyberpunk subreddit and I'm bored to hell because all the submissions are

>look at this random tech

>look at this shot of an Asian city in neon lights
>look at this hot robot woman

Please discuss Cyberpunk media, tropes, and art.

Anonymous 4427

Fuck the sun

Anonymous 4428


That's all because some beasts thinks that cyberpunk is about cool stuff of shining things and gangs in sci fi ambients from the 80's. When Cyberpunk talks about why the technology his cool but can take control of our lives, making us more machine than human. Cyberpunk told us about the dystopian future where the technology have controlled the lives of humankind. Cyberpunk is an advise of how the present can become worse.

Anonymous 4429

I've always been a big fan of cyberpunk. It also seems to be coming back into the mainstream which is fun. I do hope more people get into the genre and realize there's more to it than Blade Runner and GiTS.

Anonymous 4432

I'm always been drawn to the aesthetic, though I don't really understand the appeal of living in a cyberpunk world. Things are lonely enough as they are.

Otherwise I really enjoyed VA-11 Hall-A, though the writing did take a dive in some parts. It had a pretty good soundtrack though. I kinda want to play Shadowrun because it looks cool, but I haven't had the free time yet.

Anonymous 4434

It's just like how steampunk was just a criticism of rampant industrialisation, imperialism, and the overall disrespect of natural life found in the early 20th century. Less, "man become machine" more "machine become man." Luddism, and all that.

Anonymous 4436

Can anyone recommend a good CP novel?

Anonymous 4439

Neuromancer :^)

Altered Carbon was pretty good.

Otherland was a good read if you don't mind slogging through 5000 pages

Anonymous 4443

Schismatrix and >>4439 suggestions

Anonymous 4444

I liked Snow Crash, although it's noticeably dated. I would recommend it if you don't mind 90's tropes.

Anonymous 4447

As far as cyberpunk communities go, Lainchan, Arisuchan, and /cyber/ on 8chan are all much better than r/cyberpunk. They're all somewhat dead tho, so YMMV

Anonymous 4475


It's really frustrating.
Cyberpunk seems to at least partially managed to avoid that fate though at least.

Anonymous 4476

Nah. Cyberpunk has had its exaggerations too. Ignorance of the overall themes of authoritarianism, espionage, and the ignorance of human rights in favor of just showing off cool technology seems to be the philosophical equivalent.

Anonymous 4478


Oh honey there was so much cyberpunk schlock in the 90s

Anonymous 4479


Do not call my husbando a schlock. I own this physical album. I gasp every time he plays a song from this CD at a show. I didn't think I'd ever see this on emerald.eatery of all places. Fuck

Anonymous 4484


I never thought I'd see a Billy Idol Cyberpunk fangirl on here 🤔

Just because it's schlock doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it

Anonymous 4486

I try to go a show for every Europe tour he does and have a collection of vinyls and a signed and personalized autobiography FML

Anonymous 4487


…Okay yeah, fair point.
I more meant that there's less people selling a watch on Etsy that they glued a (nonfunctioning) LED onto and then spray painted silver then listed as Cyberpunk ANTIQUE Super FutuRiSTiC watch! and then tag it with like.. shadowrun, snow crash, neuromancer and something inexplicable.

Or maybe I've just managed to avoid that part of etsy.

Anonymous 4488


Anonymous 4489

At-least cyberpunk has some variety because the premise is like the future itself. It’s interesting comparing and contrasting different media from the 1980s to those of today. As opposed to boring ass steam-punk which has largely fallen into using the same tropes over and over.

One thing though; Neon lighting is on it’s dying legs. Granted there are LED imitations but it’s nothing like blade runner or some wong kar wai film set in HK. Don’t know why that trope survives in depictions of the future but I guess its a appeal for the A E S T E T I C S and nostalgia as seeing audiences just eat that neon-shit up

Anonymous 4500

I really love cyberpunk but I feel like a lot of the modern cyberpunk stuff just doesn;t have the right feel to it. I really love the core book and the chromebooks for Cyberpunk 2020 though, they make me so happy just to look at

Anonymous 4501

Well, much like "steampunk" it's not really very "punk", bur it's alright. I think it's an aesthetic that's used to broadly and without meaning, like the way people will put vapourwave aesthetics over stock films of any old crap and think it's cool.

Basically it's fine but people misappropriate it.

Anonymous 4508

It's not an aesthetic at all, it's a literary movement that started as a counter-movement to the utopias common in science fiction at that time and combines the rebellion of lower classes, liberation of the oppressed, "hacking the system", and self-modification using drugs, implants, cybernetics and such. Even when used as an aesthetic, that aesthetic still includes the cornerstones of the movement, like diversity, wealth disparity and all that (except for the bare minimum "cyberpunk" at the very surface of subreddits like OP described). Also, Vaporwave is rather soulless by design because that's the point - consumerism, nostalgia, and the fact that Vaporwave already started out as satire.

Anonymous 4513

Posting again to say that the "punk" part doesn't come from the punk "aesthetic" either but from the themes of rebellion, social/economic castes, and grit. I think Steampunk really is more of an aesthetic than a movement or genre, but Cyberpunk is not.

Anonymous 4515

Steampunk was a movement and genre before cyberpunk ever existed. The only fault is that it was long out of vogue before the internet could get to it. Themes of rebellion in it mostly revolved around Luddism, Ecology, and Autocracy, with the destruction and resistance against technology more prevalent than the usage of it against evil.

Anonymous 4595


>look at this random tech
>look at this shot of an Asian city in neon lights
>look at this hot robot woman

God I hate that kind of "artwork".
Ah yes, I always wear bikinis in bed while contorting myself to look at a screen. Also, a woman's favorite fabric for everyday clothing is vinyl and we love riding high-tech motorbikes in barely any clothes at all. What would a highly technological world be without titties?

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