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Idol Games Anonymous 4889

Thread for discussing all kinds of idol games and media (Bandori, Im@s, LL, Enstars, etc.)

>Best girl(s)?

>Favorite units?
>Favorite events?
>Favorite cards?

Anonymous 4890


>Best girl(s)?
maruyama aya from bang dream, shiki ichinose from idolmaster, and rei sakuma (not a girl i know) from enstars!
>Favorite units?
ankira and hagoromo komachi are the best and i hope they make more songs soon. bi ni iri sai o ugatsu is one of my fave songs
>Favorite events?
i grinded hard in jounetsu fun fanfare for mio's card and it was my fave event to tier for i think?
>Favorite cards?
pic related!

Anonymous 4892

Here's a Tokimeki I like. No one really talks about Tokimeki, but I usually like their songs a bit better than most other aidoru stuff. Not to say I don't like any others, it's just these ones are terribly underappreciated which is a bit of a shame.

Anonymous 4894

im new to this stuff, is reiji kotobuki a high-tier husbando?

Anonymous 4895

depends what you mean by that. i kind of think everyone individually decides whether or not they decide a husbando is 'high-tier' or not, no?

Anonymous 4900

That is true, however I am new to this stuff and I am only seeking the closest counterpart to the god-tier idol that is Anzu Futaba and its between him and Natsuki Shinomiya.

Anonymous 4908

well, in that case that would be natsuki imo but of course that's ultimately your decision!

Anonymous 4918

Is this stuff pay to win?
What is bestest app with male idols available in NA; IOS?
Are the limited time events with their limited rare drops actually worth it?
How confident can I be that if I ever fall for the whale-drug and drop $10 or so on cards that the app wont shut down after 2 years

This stuff interests me but dno where to start

Anonymous 4920

The only male idol game I've seen in North America is Utapri Shining Live.

Anonymous 4922


Top 5 idolm@ster (765, Cinderella, Shiny colors
1.) Chihaya
2.) Asuka Ninomiya
3.) Yuuki Otokura
4.) Mika or Shiki ( in general all of Lipps
5.) Yuriko Nanao

Fav Unit, L'Antica

I just play the gacha games, but don't spend $

Anonymous 4927


Forgot to add Kirari Moroboshi as all time fave

Anonymous 4981


I've tried a lot of idol games with female charas: llsif, bandori, mirishita, deresute, t7s, tokidoru and photokatsu. I can say, that all games were good and I've spend a lot of time playing each of them. I recommend every game, but for newbies llsif/bandori gonna be the best, because both of them have an English version. I've also tried to get into imas shiny colors game, but it's way too confusing.
Also, I still wait for love live all stars game, i hope it's gonna be good.
I don't play idols games as much as in past, but I still play deresute and mirishita a little.

Anonymous 5029


I have become addicted to King of Prism. I love how silly it is. The difficulty is a little too easy though as most male idol games are.

Anonymous 5791

i really like the new love live game and bandori. they're pretty fun

Anonymous 5800


The Idolm@ster is my favorite idol game. Yukiho and Yayoi probably have to be my favorite girls in it.

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