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Couples thread Anonymous 5287

Post couples that are important to you!
Canon or not canon, straight or homosexual, any form of media.

Anonymous 5288


Anonymous 5289


Nothing against you, OP, but if you're going to post that couple, I'll post my favorite Evangelion couple.

Anonymous 5293



Anonymous 5294


Anonymous 5295


Cat is worst girl tbh

Anonymous 5306


Hell yeah sister! Another fan of this couple. I could rewatch Kizumonogatari forever.


Not gonna lie, I totally self-inserted as Hanekawa when I first watched Bake in high school, as an Asian girl with glasses and some similarities to her in personality (no boobs though, and definitely not as pretty). Related hard to the lyrics of Sugar Sweet Nightmare.

Anonymous 5307


Anonymous 5308


Anonymous 5309


Anonymous 5310

They sure are close for cousins :^)

Anonymous 5311

Cat is far from my favorite too, that would be Bat or Monkey, but I couldn't stop shipping them after Kizu.

Anonymous 5315


Anonymous 5319



This Fate couple for me.

Anonymous 5320

yuri on ice.png

These two are still precious <3

Anonymous 5321


>Prepare for trouble!
>And make it double!
>To protect the world from devastation!
>To unite all peoples within our nation!
>To denounce the evils of truth and love!
>To extend our reach to the stars above!
>Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
>Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Anonymous 5322


Anonymous 5323


Anonymous 5370


you've made an enemy for life anon

Anonymous 5372


Best parents.

Anonymous 5391


Anonymous 5430


Anonymous 5432


tfw no chloe gf

Anonymous 5434


For me this is the perfect Clannad couple.
Tomoyo was a huge influence for me when I was younger, I even let my hair grow and learned some Kung Fu because of her.

Anonymous 5437


Anonymous 5438


Anonymous 5453


Anonymous 5487


Anonymous 5488


Anonymous 5491

Yes! One of the purest couples.

Anonymous 5501

Are there any more shoujo anime where the MCs are fumbling cuties like these too? So many shoujo where the MC is either abusive or a 2cool4u guy who barely shows any emotions.

Anonymous 5510

Lina Gourry kiss.j…

Anonymous 5515


I wish Gundam was more popular here.

Anonymous 5516


I am a sucker when the shy quiet girl gets the guy she loves. Naruhina or Ichihime.

Anonymous 5517


Anonymous 5518


I want to watch that one! What other Gundam series do you recommend? I’ve seen all the early UC stuff, Turn A, and MS 08th Team. Really liked Turn A.

Anonymous 5521

Underrated couple. I love that movie so much.

Anonymous 5522


Not an anime, but Kawaii Hito is 2cute.

Anonymous 5526

If only Siegfried Kircheis was here…

Anonymous 5528

hitagi catch.jpg

Anonymous 5541


Love how they are bound by would and seem to really understand eachother

Anonymous 5542



Anonymous 5548

Araragi is way too attractive for a stupid perverted harem protagonist.

Anonymous 5549

Araragi-san is indeed popular here!

Anonymous 5552


It is so pure.

Anonymous 5554


Anonymous 5555


Anonymous 5556


I have a lot of couples that are important to me.

Anonymous 5558


I tend to believe that they are the best parents I've ever seen in anime.
This hurts me in the heart Tomoyo was so nice, so caring and she loved her family. It shattered me when she was playing tennis and she finally realized that his heart was taken. There were no other girls that went into Okisaki's house like that.

For me though I think my personal favorite couple was Ryou and Tomoya. Remember when Nagisa was sick, his first pick to get stuck with in a gym storage room was her. She always liked him, even though she wanted him to be with her sister, and her and Tomoya had such similar outward personalities. The tennis scene again.. when she was sobbing with her sister, breaks my heart in two..

Anonymous 5602


Anonymous 5618


Anonymous 5692


they are so cute

Anonymous 5694

OOT Zelda & Link.g…

Anonymous 5695

they have so much great art. masterpiece couple

Anonymous 5827


Fuck the anime.

Yoshino's in a "Pack your bags and move away" situation. I just want what's best for her.

Anonymous 5947


Anonymous 5978


Such a sweet show. I love Miyazawa's personality and her dynamic with Arima

Anonymous 5991


Anonymous 6001

millennium actress…

I always have to fight back tears any time I watch it

Anonymous 6002

One of my favorite movies!!

Anonymous 6008

Anonymous 6010

Reverse image search shows Millennium Actress

Anonymous 6328


Always and forever

Anonymous 6369


I like all the couples though.

Anonymous 6414


There is a severe lack of pics of these two.

Anonymous 6429


love them so much forever in the corniest and most sincere way. can't wait for the inquisitor to save solas from himself ha… ha

Anonymous 6441


Anonymous 6663


They're just cute and sweet and I want to ship them.

Anonymous 7064


A love that will cross space and time (literally).

Anonymous 7066


Anonymous 7082


Anonymous 7120

i cant get over him being bald, sorry anon

Anonymous 7202


Anonymous 7212

Based. Fuck Emilia, fuck Rem.

Anonymous 7214


Personally I'm more into Felt, but Subaru belongs with Beako

Anonymous 7266


can't show whose hand she's holding for vn spoilers ;_;

Anonymous 7267

best paring.jpg

you are both so wrong

Anonymous 7269


Anonymous 7270


the house in fata morgana. there's a manga i haven't read where the initial image is from, but the game is among my top three favorite visual novels. it's a gothic romance accessible to those not into vns or anime culture tbh. ost and art are also top tier.

Anonymous 7755

Thanks! I’m going to check it out.

Anonymous 7922

Best VN of all time imo.
I really loved how the relationship between Giselle and you-know-who developed. Also very heartbreaking it's the only VN that ever made me cry.

Anonymous 7938

Does this have gore-y images? I looked up this game on VNDB and one of its tags is torture.

Anonymous 7941

Yes it does have some gorey images in it (especially in the second chapter) but a lot of the bad stuff is told through text rather than shown.
It’s a great story and I recommend giving it a chance but it is very heartbreaking.

Anonymous 8216


Cybersix/Adrian and Lucas Amato,

Anonymous 8352


Anonymous 8742


> Post couples that are important to you!

Anonymous 9033

But anon, they hate each other. At least ship Asuka with Mari.

Anonymous 9215

If you take everything at face value then yes, they hate each other. But if one of them was a different gender then suddenly everyone would have no problem interpreting their interactions as unresolved sexual tension and would expect them to end up in bed with eachother when they're older. Just because they're the same gender the same interactions must somehow be completely genuine instead of hiding any attraction, which is more than just slightly hypocritical. They also exhibit the standard pattern of interaction that same sex pairings are required to possess when they must be explicitly covered as straight to get them past the censors, like Drarry, Pansione, Chloenette or Tanya/Stephanie (lego). And Mari only puts in a very thin pretense of being a girl so I can't ship either of them with Mari since that would have nothing to do with yuri. Mari is exactly the type whom, at least in our school, we didn't want to have in the locker room with us before or after gym class, since it would be the same as letting a guy in, and when we had to use the bathroom and she was around we'd only go after forming groups for protection.

Anonymous 9235

Anyone who ships two characters of the opposite sex who obviously hate each other are also stupid.

To justify anything with that short of interaction, there either has to be a misunderstanding, or one of the characters has to change fundamentally. There's no misunderstanding going on between the two, they hate each other on a fundamental level. Therefore, the only justification for the relationship would be one of them fundamentally changing on who they are. At that point, you're not dealing with the characters as they exist, but as you create in extension from there original context. At that point, you might as well not be dealing with those characters anymore, you have to turn one or the other into a sham of themselves.

Anonymous 9300

Sorry for sperg but this is one of my favorite kdramas. They're so cute together.

Anonymous 9348


Anonymous 9351

Your entire argument is predicated on your decision to use "they hate each other on a fundamental level" as a premise. I have already said in >>9215 that "if you take everything at face value then yes, they hate each other" and pointed out that this is a standard cover for other pairings. This doesn't mean a cover by the characters but a cover by the writers. You are of course completely free to believe in a world in which anything can be put into a show without worrying about the censors, and in which the hate between the two main rival girls is not a standard cover for anything and is completely genuine. However, simply to show that your belief is far from universally shared, in Miraculous Ladybug where Chloenette "obviously hate each other" like Asuka/Rei, the alternative reading of their interaction was so obvious to both the fanbase and the writers that in the second season, under fan urging, they were allowed an on-screen accidental kiss on the lips, which of course they were required to hate afterwards. Another standard interaction in virtually all shows with two main rival girls who "obviously hate each other" is that they get an entire episode dedicated to the fact that, for whatever plot-hole reason usually concerning their parents, they are required to spend several days living together in the same room and sharing a bed, while constantly bickering like an old married couple. Strangely, from your perspective, this always happens with the main hate-pair, not with either of them and one of their friends.

>are also stupid

Perhaph you could tone it down a little bit.

Anonymous 9354


God i miss gay jesus

Anonymous 9358


Sigh, my all time fav
Everything about Nezumi is just perfect, his voice really is to die for…

Anonymous 9366

>I have already said in >>9215 that "if you take everything at face value then yes, they hate each other" and pointed out that this is a standard cover for other pairings. This doesn't mean a cover by the characters but a cover by the writers.
This is a stupid way of thinking. What the author does or doesn't intend doesn't matter. Why the author chooses to censor something doesn't matter either. What matters is the product, anything else, you are projecting onto the product. If it was important enough to them, they wouldn't have censored it, if it isn't important, they would. Therefore, no matter why the creator may or may not have censored the product, all that can be taken is the product itself.

tl;dr doing anything but "taking it at face value" is retarded. It's probably fun, but retarded.

Anonymous 9405

gay time.jpg

[spoiler]Even if it was in a timeskip, I'm really glad they got together. I wish we got to actually see them (mutually) fall in love[spoiler]

Anonymous 9441


Anonymous 9673



Anonymous 9674


Fuck you anon it's too early for that

Anonymous 10094


Anonymous 10201


God Ouma was so fucking gay

Anonymous 10402


I couldn't understand this character before I met my boyfriend, now I unironically think we are like her in the sense we love each other and are always together. If we were gems we'd definitely do the same.

Anonymous 12697


I like to imagine they go fishing together

Anonymous 12715

The blue one reminds me of Mordecool.

Anonymous 12774

Cu's one of my husbandos so I can't stand this ship, especially when he's the bottom.

Anonymous 14787


Anonymous 14798

Oh I love this couple. Lloyd is a great character with a lot of development through the story.

Anonymous 15014

yoko kamina.jpg

Anonymous 15680


Anonymous 17794


Anonymous 17831


Anonymous 17838


Kyomami > Kyosaya

Anonymous 17873



Anonymous 17903


This one for me. Saber is my waifu too.

Anonymous 17904


+All of the above, I'm a huge shipper but Lelouch x C.C. were my first and all time favorite couple, I really love the chemistry they have, their banter and the "partners in crime" dynamic.

Anonymous 17909

I love this couple.

Anonymous 17916

Based one room anon

Anonymous 17963


Anonymous 17971

Power Couple

Anonymous 18125


Anonymous 18129


Anonymous 18136



Anonymous 18144


Anonymous 18166


They make me feel emotions

Anonymous 18173

the only exception from my general aversion to good girl x bad boy couples

Anonymous 18200


Anonymous 18204


cheelai's design was so unfortunate but the cheelai/broly moments were so cute
based and what I came here to post

Anonymous 18357

@Ma2_Ereki on twitter
Can a crackhead prostitute even be considered a good girl? I get what you mean though, I feel the same way about that trope. It's just that the circumstances surrounding this particular couple… make me feel so many feelings ;_;

Anonymous 18362

gay south park shu…

i'm an autist but i can't help myself

Anonymous 18372


well it was never made clear whether she was forced into prostitution and drugged by that drooling producer or she was being a porn actress consensually so idk. the sprites show her crying although it may be because she heard all the gunshots and stuff
jacket's home becomes less cluttered and they don't even move their beds close together at first. pretty cute imo, maybe that's where the fan drawings of her as pure (she's really innocent in comparison to jacket tho) come from

Anonymous 18840


Anonymous 18967


my favourite pairing ever

Anonymous 19029

i don't see them getting enough love. i LOVE the way santa clarita diet portrays a very healthy husband and wife relationship. their relationship with their daughter is adorable and realistic, too. just a great show all around. barrymore is kind of bland and replaceable but joel is a top tier husbando. they could have written sheila better. she's very mediocre compared to him. i watch this show over and over and over just to get the fuzzy family feels. they're so cute as a family unit.

Anonymous 19094

MS ZETA Gundam - E…

Anonymous 19137


i dont care if they aren't even real ;_;

Anonymous 19141

Where is this from?

Anonymous 19142

It's Sailor Neptune and Uranus from Sailor Moon.

Anonymous 19242

Kaworu is too gorgeous for Shinji.

Anonymous 19670


Bob and Dot from Reboot

Anonymous 20839


Anonymous 20877

Weirdly enough Sherry and Jake from the giraffe game is the only straight couple I've shipped. I like to imagine the reason this ship still occasionally gives me butterflies is that the ending to their campaign blueballed me so hard I got brain damage

Anonymous 20934

What about her design is unfortunate?

Anonymous 20936

Am I the only one who can't even see Jacket as a human being anymore? The weird meme that he talks with a tape recorder just makes him seem like this soulless automaton made of pure malevolence.

Anonymous 20939

The payday version of him is an interesting take on his character but it's not canon in my opinion. That being said, I don't think you're supposed to see him as human in the first place. He's supposed to be this soulless vessel void of any personality, so that the player can self-insert into him no matter who they are. Theoretically anyway, according to the developers of hotline miami themselves. I personally think Jacket has plenty of personality, demonstrated by the way he treats people around him.

Anonymous 21023


Anonymous 21146


Funny. I dislike Death Note nowadays after… 10 years? But I still love this couple.

Anonymous 21191

… why? Light was horrid to Misa. She should have just lived out her life with Rem who actually loved her instead.

Anonymous 21192


Anonymous 27543


Anonymous 28868


Anonymous 28935

images (1).jpeg

I'm obsessed. They take up so much of my mind-space.

Anonymous 28936

They are so wholesome ;_;

Anonymous 28947


They were perfect.

Anonymous 28958


Not sure if they’re already in this thread, but Madohomu is my everything

Anonymous 28963


Too much anime in here Bubblegum and Marceline are my favorite animated couple

Anonymous 28987


Anonymous 28988

Great unrequited/impossible love

Anonymous 28993

i dig the artstyle. where is this from?

Anonymous 28994


Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Anonymous 29025


Anonymous 29780


came here to post them too

Anonymous 30152


Anonymous 30154


Anonymous 30155


Anonymous 30156


Anonymous 30157


Anonymous 30166


Anonymous 30167


Anonymous 30168


Anonymous 30187


My teenage self laughed and cried so much with them. I have a thing for manlets because of, ugh .

Anonymous 30192


i love ruby sparks so much

Anonymous 30280


My current obsession

Anonymous 30281


Anonymous 30282


Plata quemada
Or burnt money
Argie movie about gay bank robbers

Anonymous 30286

Drool just how much of this is pumped out of south America? Does it have a bl genre of its own?

Anonymous 30288

Nah those are just lgbt+ movies like in every other place

Anonymous 30576


Anonymous 30727


Anonymous 30735


very bold of you to say that

Anonymous 30736


for me, it's..

Anonymous 30738


They make me smile so much.
Do yourselves a favor and watch Machikado Mazoku !

Anonymous 31220


Anonymous 31241


Anonymous 31273

my OTP

Anonymous 32820


Based. I like OT3's too as long as it's 1 girl and 2 boys though there is a certain dynamic that I like
>strong girl who can fight and kick ass; usually protects the gentleman from the reckless guy and knock some sense into him
>proper gentleman with brains, logic and grace; very kind to the strong girl and annoyed by the reckless guy
>reckless guy who's messy and wreaks havoc; sometimes teases the strong girl or gentleman and has a thing for them

Anonymous 32842


Anonymous 32848


My childhood OTP was Sonamy but this is my adult OTP.

Anonymous 32858



I think Tomoyo and Tomoya made a better couple. I feel like they had more to relate to with eachother and in general were more similar to eachother. If the series hadn't pushed Tomoya with Nagisa, she would have definitely been a great match.

Anonymous 32866


Anonymous 32868

I like just did not find Rei interesting at all - she doesn't speak enough to be interesting. I looove Ritsuko though

Anonymous 32879


kuroko’s faggotry is irrelevant. they belong together.

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