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Why people grow out hobbies like games, anime, metal, etc after a certain age? Anonymous 5408

Silly question out of curiosity, and no, I don't care about what others think neither I intend to stop liking what I like just because society thinks I should.

I was just wondering a few days ago. I'm 29 years old, older than most miners I believe and I still like the very same things I used to when I was a teen. None of my highschool friends, who liked the very same things as me, like it anymore. I don't think it has anything to do with time as I probably work harder than most of them and hang out just as much (even though that's not that much when compared to the average person). Also now they're into other media (mostly western Netflix TV shows) that require lots of time too.

So, I was just wondering. Are anime, games, metal and things like this actually made for kids? Why do people stop liking them after/during college. About metal I can understand, most of your angst is gone, but the others still might be fun. Do you think it might have something to do with how society sees people with the so called "manchild" hobbies?

Anonymous 5409

I think a big part of why teens like a certain media is because they are too focused on making their own self-image and joining a group of people with the same interests. When they grow up this need isn't so strong anymore so they drift apart of their hobbies. Not everyone of course.

That being Said, OP, lately I've been having this problem. Some years ago I seemed to be so much more interested in anime/manga/video games in general. But, this year, after I spent last year studying hard to finish uni, and after the start of this year when I was too busy being used to working,the things that I would think where cool back then now simply… don't have the same spark.

I don't know how else to explain it. Back then I could spend the whole night on 4chan without seeing time fly and force myself to leave go to sleep at 4am. Now all threads look stale and the same. Reddit? Everyone feels like a robot repeating the same stuff for upvotes. Guitar? Before even trying to learn a simple game song I feel too lazy to do it. Vidya? Most games feel souless and after playing for 5 min I get bored. Same for anime/manga, Dr Stone, for example, I just couldn't get into it. There's some stuff I tried this year that I liked (Hilda, Your Turn To Die, Earthbound/Mother 3, deltarune, Bokurano), but things seem to be getting boring at an alarming rate.

Anyways, sorry for the blog post, but how do you keep your hobbies/interests alive? I'm genuinely envy at you.

Anonymous 5410

Your post was very good, nothing wrong about your "blogging"!
However I'm not totally convinced about your answer to my question. Sure, there are lots of people thinking this way. Everyone knows someone who forced themselves to learn about football during school just because they wanted to look cool, but hey, we're talking about games and anime, these are for "losers", I think people that enjoy it are the most authentic.

Also I have no answer to your question. I simply enjoy watching/playing/reading them as much as I used to, even though I prefere older material..

Anonymous 5411


>Are anime, games, metal and things like this actually made for kids?

Sometimes. I think what a lot of anime fans don't want to admit is that a lot of currently airing anime nowadays is aimed at a younger generation (I'd say people <30 years old). For example, light novels and their adaptations are usually aimed at younger men who don't have much experience with girls, so they enjoy the power fantasy of an isekai harem, etc. Don't get me started about older anime either. A lot of 70s/80s anime (i.e. if you open up a seasonal anime chart from that era) were actual kids shows aimed at selling merchandise.
>Why do people stop liking them after/during college
I think >>5409 is right. Sometimes it's just busyness. And after a while, media like that starts to feel like the same old, same old, and you want some variety in your life. You realize that you're just wasting precious time that you could be using on other stuff.
>Do you think it might have something to do with how society sees people with the so called "manchild" hobbies?
For some people, yes, but I don't think it's because of fear of being judged or anything like that. By liking more mainstream things, they're able to relate to and have fun conversations with more people, which is more important in the workplace and with career development after college where not everyone is into the types of hobbies you listed. Also, I think if someone stops liking hobbies like these after a relatively older age like ours (I am also in my late 20s), it's usually due to what I said above.

For the record, I'm into some of the hobbies you listed, and I don't intend to stop liking them either. Sometimes when I'm busy and the media is not as good, my interest wanes, but what society thinks doesn't have to do with it.

Anonymous 5413

Some people I know who were into videogames from a young age are still gamers today. Those who got kids and a fulltime job/career stopped, most of them completely. As a 30+ who is still totally into these things it feels weird. Who's the alien here?
Plus, I noticed the bidder clothing: no more bandshirts, videogame key chains, simply no play instinct.

Anonymous 5414

I agree with this. I think once you've consumed a lot of a genre it stops surprising you and just seems repetative. People also follow what their friends are into and as you go through life you meet more people.

>Are anime, games, metal and things like this actually made for kids?

No, but they can be very time consuming hobbies. As people get older, get a full time job, have kids, etc they have less free time.

Anonymous 5415


>Why do people stop liking them after/during college
Because you have to actually work/study for living instead of just waste time in school.

I definelly could spend entire weekend watching anime and playing games, but who will clean house, do laundary, go to mall for shopping and rest of small stuff?

Anonymous 5416

You girls can't imagine how much I am jealous of everyone here.
I wanted to be a "grown up" and tried to hang out with the "winners" at high school. Therefore I only started watching anime at 19 and playing video-games at 26, two years ago.

I never had friends with similar tastes and lost the oportunity to browse internet forums, go to anime events, make stupid content on YouTube, DA, etc just because I wanted to look like an adult.

I regret so much…

Anonymous 5422

Games are becoming something more of something I do with friends to interact with them in the same space, but they're not entertaining me mentally enough like they did.
I like reading and creating though.

Anonymous 5450

I think the older you get, the less time you can devote to your hobbies if you don't schedule your day right. This is especially true if you work long hours and/or have kids.

I learned pretty fast that if I don't have a specific schedule in my days, I end up wasting them and don't have much time for things I enjoy. Now I have a tight schedule and I almost always have time for hobbies in the evening, even if only for an hour or two. It also helps having a partner to share the load with.

As for metal music, which I do listen to… Eh, it's just that after a day of work you just want to relax. But I never grew out of it, I just listen to it less and listen to anime/game OSTs more.

Anonymous 5459

I'll counter what everyone here said.
I'm 23, and while I have at least as much time as I did in high school (and even more free time) I found myself losing interest in anime entirely, I just can't get engaged in something anime no matter how much I try.
at 20-ish I just sort of stopped watching stuff and by the time I made the pilgrimage to glorious Nihon I lost interest in anime almost entirely.
It's not like I dislike it all of a sudden, I just can't seem to engage in it.
I think it might actually be like the first poster suggested and it has to do with who the media is aimed at, if I try watching something now it's just so stupid and, I guess, flat? (as in lacks depth).
I'm still very fond of cartoons like Venture Bros, Archer (not the latest seasons tho) and ATHF, it's just anime that lost it's allure.

Curiously enough, when I hear someone is into anime I'd still think "one of us, one of us", but then when I'd try to engage them I'd realize the things we watched barely overlapped.
It's like I'm still an anime person, except not really.

Anonymous 5508

They get drained by everything else in their lives and they fall out of it. There is no time for themselves anymore when there's uni, work, social expectations, chores, for some people kids, etc. They don't want to invest energy or time in something that's considered non-productive and useless. You'll see past a certain age most people don't have hobbies at all. They lose that spark and excitement for things they used to enjoy because the daily grind numbed them. They scroll through social media mindlessly, watch whatever's on TV or dumb streams for an hour or so because they don't have the energy to engage in anything else.

Anonymous 5615


I'm 28 and definitely "grew out of" anime and gaming around late high school (2007-09). My interests shifted more into indie music and films. It makes me sad because I think I have ended up as a really "serious" person, maybe even a bit pretentious. It also makes me sad because when I stopped being so into media with intense fandoms that meant I lost a lot of my online communities and prompts for creativity (e.g., fan art, fanfic, RPing LOLL).

I go through phases of seeking out new anime titles to watch, but I never actually watch them. The closest I get is showing my husband my fav old anime like Neon Genesis, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, etc. He was never exposed to anime before I showed him so it's fun to watch with him through fresh eyes.

I miss my weeb self. Back then we were "otakus". yikes.

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