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Anonymous 5471

Thoughts on the Joker?

Anonymous 5472

Phoenix is great, the film is okay.

Anonymous 5473

Joaquin Phoenix is great, but the film is overhyped.

The story is barebones, the dialogue lacks wit, the Joker is weak and childish, and the whole thing is derivative of better films.

Anonymous 5474

9/10 movie. It's not a movie about incels or mass shooters, it doesn't have a very deep message, it's a character study about the Joker/Arthur, and it succeeded in doing that. If you go in expecting something else you will be disappointed. I think it will be remembered for many years to come.

Anonymous 5475

it was decent. I saw it with my friend and we couldnt help but laugh at some of the more "we live in a society" moments. after it was over I heard people saying it was amazing (ironically people who were on their phones a significant amount of the time)

>The story is barebones
not necessarily bad
>the dialogue lacks wit
can you clarify? what most normies consider "witty" dialogue is usually corny, cringe and unnaturak
>the Joker is weak and childish
thats the point…
>derivative of better films

Anonymous 5476

>lacks wit
I was the one who gave it a 9/10 but I'd say his rant when we was with Murray was a bit lacklustre and clich├ęd. If I remember correctly Phoenix did that several times more or less improvised and the one they chose wasn't his favorite. But considering the character it wouldn't really make sense for him to go and give a witty eloquent speech when the movie made sure to tell us the whole time that he is very lame.

Anonymous 5477

Do you think Phoenix surpassed Ledger?

Anonymous 5478

Ledger had a better Joker to work with, Phoenix was given a lame duckling of a Joker – which was the point, yeah, but he's still weak.

It boils down to personal taste. I liked Ledger's Joker more, but I can respect someone who thinks Phoenix's performance was better.

Anonymous 5479

On which stereotype(s) was Joker based on in this movie?

Anonymous 5481

Arthur just needed a hug

Anonymous 5482

most of the time in the Joker of the Killing Joke I think

Anonymous 5511

It was okay. Didn't really get all the hype over it.

Anonymous 5641

he wasn't skinny enough

Anonymous 5642

I loved the moment where he spared the little person with a kiss.

Anonymous 17917

how is he gonna fight batman? he's aldready in his 50's in the movie well bruce wayne is like, under ten

Anonymous 17922


>trying to point out logical inconsistencies in capeshit

Anonymous 17933

I almost left the theatre while watching this because I could not stand the cringe. I get that that's the whole point but it was very hard to watch
0/10 will never watch again.

Anonymous 17934

The movie is not that good it would have been better if it did not have the whole super hero shit going on and was a seperate standalone film.
If I see anyone with a Joker PFP I know they are just edgy meme lord cringe faggots tbh lol/

FYI I 'm a massive loser but the film did not appeal to me because I have given up I just do not care about politics as long as I can hide away from normalfags and I feel that you have to be some angry incel to really get into the joker like some people do.

Anonymous 17942

I think it's kinda funny at times

Anonymous 19641

it was fine.

Anonymous 30090

A great film with strong leftist themes - no wonder it was demonised by the press: it hits too close to home for many and people might start demanding change in the medical system, social services etc.

Anonymous 30091

Joker movie comedic appeal is just like males IRL. Ironically, the only time they're funny is when they whine about wanting to kill themselves.

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