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Kpop thread Anonymous 576

Thread for all of us fans of kpop share our bias, why we love them and their song recommendations and just general photo thread!

(all genres of korean music and all bands/artists are welcome)

Please do not disrespect, anyone's opinion is valid!!! Please don't say stuff like 'he just ugly', cause everyone knows beauty is subjective

(tbh made this cause I want to ind more k-groups/artists to stan)

Girl groups would be very appreciated!

Anonymous 578

I don't really follow Kpop releases/groups as much anymore, but I've been reading about the BTS thing and I feel really bad for the guy.

K-netizens are so notoriously insane, and yeah the guy presumably smoked some weed, but I hope his career isn't completely destroyed for it.

Anonymous 579

Wait, bts and weed?
Do you meam the TOP from bigbang scandal?
Because i havent heard any other weed situation other than that TOP one eventhouugh i'm a BTS fan.

Anonymous 580

Glad a BTS fan confirmed I was real confused for a second.

What I don't understand about the TOP situation is that GD got caught smoking in Japan a few years back and he was just like 'oops didn't knew it was weed lol' and everyone forgot about it.

I guess the other revelations of TOP dating that trainee and overdosing on prescribed meds is what's making his case particularly bad but I feel like he's honestly just taking the fall for all YG family right now. We know by now most of them meddle in drugs (Park bom?) and the police were already looking for a big name to bust. It's just awful for this to all come down on one guy, plus he might be expelled from the military and i'm not sure how that fucks up one's social standing in South Korea but I can't imagine it's good news.

Anonymous 581


In a country like South Korea it fucks up person's life badly, I mean have you seen how they care about things like that and are strict af about social standing. I wouldn't be amazed if he was dropped by his company, never got a job again…

Anonymous 582

Yeah sorry meant TOP, haha.

tbh the whole K-Star scene in Korea is extremely toxic. They basically have to be perfect angels and pander to the political/social climate and can't be individuals. I don't remember who it was but remember the girl who got completely destroyed for bringing back anti-depressants she was prescribed from the states, but because that brand was illegal in Korea they painted her like a drug mule.

I'm not saying Korea should be as open about their celebrities doing drugs/being shambled all the time, but it's shit how they can't make any sort of mistake or do anything not completely straight and narrow.

Anonymous 585

I listen to kpop frequently and enjoy it, but I'v never gotten into the fandom, save for a Shinee stint in like 2011.

I prefer girl groups nowadays. I'll post some stuff I've been into.

Anonymous 586

Okay, this is sort of old but I love Orange Caramel.

Anonymous 587

Some Hyolyn aaaa so good.

Anonymous 588

Oh My Girl

I've actually never seen this MV. I love it.

Anonymous 589

Red Velvet

Anonymous 590

Anonymous 596

Oh! Got kinda confused there for a moment haha.
I never in my life will understand the Park Bom situation, she had a perfectly reasonable defence going for her, but she's got stuck with the title druggie for having her depression treated overseas.

It feels like netizens are getting more and more nitpicky as time passes, only agreed with the outrage over sulli because she is an attention seeking animal abuser (although i think if they didn't gave her all the attention she would stop tbh), but otherwise most "scandals" make my eyes roll into the back of my head over how trivial and stupid they sound.
At least they are getting more chill about celebs dating, which is nice.

> We know by now most of them meddle in drugs
Not only YG, but most of the industry does, if you get into korean or chinese gossip forums, or even salty sasaengs rants, you get a lot of info regarding this.
Idols groups going into bars to entertain sponsors (male and female), fucking people to appear on stations, doing excessive amounts of drugs to be able to stand on stage without collapsing + staying thin, intense overwoking leading to smoking, alcohol and excessive drug consumption… etc
The industry is absolute shit and i doubt many idols don't have an addictiont o at least something.
Like, i remember when Seventeen thought they had a vacation at last but it was just a shitty program where they basically starved themselves on a shitty village, it was so sad to watch and very eye opening.

It's such a scummy industry, but they paint it like an uguuuuu fantasy of perfect darlings being super good and skipping on flower fields.
I still cannot believe how netizens believe that shitty facade and condomn idols when it's uncovered as if they are trash, even after all the ex-idols that came saying what the industry was like.

I love KARD! It's so nice to have co-ed groups that are actually good in kpop.

I'm more into boy groups and solo (indie or otherwise)artists, myself though heh.

Anonymous 597

whoops, condemn* not condomn kek

Anonymous 598

Yeah it really sucks how much of a forced unhealthy image they have to create of themselves.

I also find it to be extremely hypocritical, Korea has such a high depression/suicide rate that they refuse to acknowledge along with one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world. They need to realize that a) hiding behind alcohol is just as bad as the rogue drug abuse that gets revealed every once in a while and b) just bottling shit up and hiding mental shit isn't going to solve the problem. It sucks too because I haven't seen any major shift in social ideologies surrounding both of these things and I think once the government or society makes a bigger effort to say "hey lets work on this" then it'll be better.

To go back to a slightly relevant topic, anyone into K-Indie?

Anonymous 684

I started listening to kpop in 2006-2007 when I was about 11. TVXQ, Super Junior, SS501 and Shinhwa were really big at the time but I could never get into boy groups at all. Much preferred the old school girl groups like SES, Baby VOX and Finkl until finally their predecessors debuted. For most of the early 2000's there was really just BoA, Lee Hyori and Ivy for female idols I think. CSJH The Grace were supposed to be "female TVXQ" but they never really blew up or got that big.

Finally 2007 was the year that the big three debuted their follow up girl groups. Baby Vox Rev disappeared into obscurity but JYP debuted Wonder Girls which I guess took their place. Then SNSD (known as the female super junior "super girls" at the time) continued S.E.S's legacy and KARA took over for Finkl.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised that SNSD is the only ones left standing. Although I always much preferred KARA and Wonder Girls.

I still follow current groups like Red Velvet, Twice and Blackpink very loosely. Mainly I just download their albums when they have new releases but don't engage with fandoms much anymore and I don't even bother learning member names tbh.

Anonymous 695


Ah, KARD. They recently came to Brazil and appeared on TV. The host (a fat and old white dude) was super racist towards them (fake accent, slanting his eyes with his fingers, calling them japanese, the whole deal), and it sparkled even more racism from K-netizens. Truly, a cringy shitshow.

On another note, does anyone have any news on Bestie? Fuck, I miss them so much. Dahye is my role model.

Anonymous 714


I can't wait for TVXQ to come back. I'm out of the loop with kpop and don't pay much attention anymore but I miss them so much.

Anonymous 849

I feel really bad for it, but I just love FanCams. I can't help it. I feel like an old pervy voyeur, but it's just so… enticing nnhhh

Anonymous 855

oh man i remember their debut MV Tri-Angle with BoA. Those days man. I loved old K-pop. I still have some old Shinhwa and BoA mp3s I listen to regularly.

Anonymous 858

Since everyone is talking about oldschool k-pop, here's a blast from the past mini dump.

These remind me of my 8th grade so much.

Anonymous 860

My school had a loooot of koreans, and of course most of them were super into dancing haha I was more into VK that time, but I also listened to Kpop and thought all the korean girls were very pretty and stylish.

Funny thing, some didn't like BoA because they thought she was a sell out and traitor when she went to Japan and "abandoned" Korea lol

Sorry for the blog haha

Anonymous 861

Anonymous 862

Anonymous 863

And lastly, I don't know if this counts as Kpop still, but well, it's TVXQ lol I used to loooove this song and though it was the coolest shit, even though I didn't like Kumi Koda that much at the time. I just thought all the guys were super ~kakkoii~, and now I can't even remember their names, sad :')

Anonymous 906

I must say, I am very sad that the new songs from SNSD kinda… flopped. 4kk for more than 5 days for k-pop, especially such veteran group, is very weak. And I don't get it, because I loved both Holiday and All Night. They are very summer-y.

People are also calling the girls old. I guess they are all like 13 y/o, but still annoys me.

I hope they don't disband :(

Anonymous 908

Most "old" groups have started to flop, which is very sad since they were my introduction to kpop and i hold them quite dear.
People rarely care about them anymore because new groups have such huge fanbases full of new kids that don't venture outside of them and are not interested in "old" idols.
Plus, most fans of snsd/super junior/2pm/and whatnot are oldfags that while still loyal, they cannot stream and support them to the lengths that teenagers may because:
1. they have things to do that makes them not able to spend 40000000000 hour streaming / buying 60000 copies of a cd
2. they don't care about numbers (as a kpop oldfag, i sure as hell don't and find most discussion of it annoying.)
SNSD is also a special case because they have been on so many "scandals" and relationships, which caused some of the fanbase to leave. I, however, don't think snsd will disband any time soon, since they are such a cashcow for SM.
Taeyeon's solos bring such brings numbers still, that i don't think they can be considered a complete flop solely because of age.

Most fans who care about the ages of the idols and not the music are superficial 12 y/o trendy group hoppers, so i never consider their opinion imortant kek.

Holdiay is such a fun summer jam though, i hope it picks up because it deserves it.

Summer died for me the day that sistar disbanded tbh.

Anonymous 909



Oh, don't even tell me about Sistar. Really loved their upbeat songs :'(
Also I loved how they were more tanned, especially Hyorin. I mean, I love pale skin, but when every idol has it, it's a breath of fresh air to see someone with color on their body.

But yeah, you are mostly right. I just care for views now because I am afraid the company will consider less views as less money and disband the group. Maybe SNSD is still too big to disband, but you never know.

Anonymous 941

Bumping this thread to make a very, very random remark.

Does anyone here reads Junji Ito? Because Exid's Hani reminds me SO MUCH of Tomie. Like, her face is what I picture Tomie to be IRL. And it kind of creeps me out, especially when she smiles. She has the fox eyes. I can only think she'll try to transform me into another Tomie.

Sorry for it being so random, I can't help it and I needed to share lol

Anonymous 966


I didn't understand the hype for Kpop til I watched Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake MV when it came out 2 years ago.
I've been a pretty big fan since then although I go long stretches without catching up on news/updates because I just don't have enough time, I always listen to a lot of Kpop/Kindie though. I'm also in the kpop dance club at my university

Anonymous 967


I love Junji Ito and Hani always gave me an eerie feeling, like she reminded me of someone. I can definitely see it, anon!

Anonymous 968

I mean, back in the day, groups rarely ever survived to their 10th anniversary. So it's actually quite amazing the groups I grew up with are still together for the most part (SuJu, SNSD, Big Bang etc).

The internet and international success contributes to the longevity of these acts I believe. If these groups weren't icons that represented the country on a global scale, which makes up a huge economic export and helps with tourism, then I don't think they would stand the test of time.

Seo Taji & Boys were the biggest and most influential kpop act in history, yet they disbanded after four short years together. There's a difference between being a cash-cow for a single company versus being a cash-cow for your country.

One of the most heartbreaking disbandments this year was the Wonder Girls. Honestly, WG were the it-girls for the first two years after their debut, they were dubbed the "nation's little sisters", even SM had a hard time competing directly with SNSD. But then JYP forced them into the international market way too soon, which forced Sunmi to leave the group due to depression and their entire US album got scrapped. By the time they returned to Korea in 2010, they were already just a shell of the group they once were.

I'm very proud of the girls for coming back with Reboot + Why So Lonely which was their best work by far and written mostly by the girls themselves. The remaining members were strong performers that took their music and image into their own hands. Unfortunately, JYP kept dismissing their efforts and pulled funding/support for all their projects. Finally they were left with no choice but to officially disband this year despite releasing the best bops and concepts in their entire discography.

I can't believe JYPE would treat their own legendary act like such flops, if it weren't for them, the company would barely have any reputation and it's their own failed strategy/marketing mistakes that killed Wonder Girls hype.

Anonymous 969


In related news, Sunmi actually released her single teaser under her new company yesterday.

Anonymous 978



Thank you for validating my weird opinion, anon! <3
On a related note, she was super thin the last time I saw her live, I hope she put on some weight, poor k-idols :(

Anonymous 979



Just another Tomie-esque Hani. Polite sage.

Anonymous 981

I think the big issue is that groups, no matter how big they get, are seen as disposable/replaceable by their managers and companies. And sadly to a certain extent it's true. There are so many groups that even if one gets huge they can easily be cast aside and the new group promoted like crazy to take their place, and fans are inundated with so many new groups and idols every day that even if there's this obsession culture with netizens of having ONE BIG FAVOURITE, that favourite still changes all the time. And while usually that isn't a big deal with music, in the K and J Pop communities that one-fan obsession is what the companies are marketing for, it isn't the group or the actual music, they're selling the 'idea' of an individual person more than anything else.

Anonymous 1063

I've been obsessed with Mamamoo lately. I really love smaller groups, usually 4 girls, 6 girls maaax. I think the only group I really like that has more members is SNSD.

Anyway, Hwasa and Moonbyul slay.

Anonymous 1074

ok but have yall seen this masterpiece? it's produced by teddy and is an absolute jam

Anonymous 1135

new Hyuna mv dropped

Anonymous 1172


I didn't like it at first, but I can't fucking take this outta my head either lol

Anonymous 1173

I am probably their only fan in this site, but I am so sad that BESTie is officially over. I loved them :'( (same anon as >>695)

I'll still support them, though. Uji and Dahye were my favorite and they are looking so cute here, so I am looking forward to see them together on another group, although I know it's unlikely. I wish all 4 would just leave and them make like a BESTie II on another label lol

Anonymous 1230

So BTS released their new MV track.
I'm a fan of the late 2000's kpop vibe with super colorful over-saturated scenery, cheery vibe and box dancing, especially since their latest concepts have been pretty dark.
But honestly, i think this is the first title track song of theirs that i feel i will need some time to like, i like the whistle and rhythm but it didn't catch me as fast as their other title tracks, i think it's mostly the hook "dubstep" that throws me off.
The rest of the album is absolutely fantastic though. There is no song i did not enjoy apart from DNA, and even that i like overall and will surely grow on me after 3 listens or so.
I personally think some of the other songs of the album would have been a better choice for a promoting song, but maybe they'll do like they did with BST and promote multiple ones.
Also, they look very nice in this promo.

Anonymous 1235


I don't know why, but I just can't get into male groups. They are pretty and all, and I guess I like some songs (like ko ko bop), but in general it just doesn't click with me.

Anonymous 1462



Well our era is over. SNSD is dead.


>The act is the latest K-pop band to shake up the industry this year, joining groups like Infinite, AOA, and T-Ara, who have also lost members this year during their contract renewal period. Other popular girl groups, such as Wonder Girls and Sistar, have broken up entirely, signaling a generational shift.

Anonymous 1471



Fuck I literally gasped I can't believe this

Anonymous 1509

Why are people obsessed with K-pop (or drama! Anything)? Unironic question.

Is it the way they dress? Dance? Their girly faces? I swear to God I don't see the appeal, but maybe that comes from the fact I'm not a huge fan of pop anyway, no matter the country. Thanks in advance if anyone responds.

Anonymous 1515

You sort of answered your own question there. It's just a different realm of pop culture.

Anonymous 1549


I was really sad at first, but shit like video related make me glad she's out of the group. It was unhealthy.

Anonymous 1615

Oh man, I am addicted to Likey lol And they are all looking so gorgeous and stylish with this comeback, I am actually super jealous and I wanna be all of them lmao


Yeah, if you don't like pop music, you won't like kpop. But there are a few things that I like better with kpop next to american pop:

-They always have dances for their big songs. I just love love love the choreos, it was actually how I first got into kpop; I had a looot of korean friends/classmates growing up and they were all into dancing; the guys were into "street"/break dancing and the girls would do the typical kpop stiletto dances, and if they didn't dance themselves they all loved watching. I got sucked up into it pretty quickly as well because it was so cool. Before that I hated dancing lol Anyway, i love how some choreos are super in synch, like twice's or gfriend's, for example. Check this one out, I always get hypnotized at 1:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uypQGzzhns
- The style. Yes, I love korean fashion, I like how they are a bit edgier than japanese normie fashion. I appreciate that.
- I like looking at pretty korean girls lol I like getting jealous at their faces and bodies. I always pick my favorite in the group based on how jealous I am of them (semi-kidding) Funny thing, I am actually straight but I don't like the male kpop groups. I usually don't like their fake swag act or fake cutesy act lol With girls, it's usually a bit more natural (of course it depends on the group, some are just tooooo sugary)

That being said, I don't partake on any kpop fandom in general because it's pestered with cringy 13 y/o and I am an old fag (at least for them)

Anonymous 1621

Does anyone have a playlist or something they'd like to link? Trying to branch out a little, but I'm not really into groups. My favorite Korean artists are Hyuk Oh, Loco, Sam Kim, Henry, and IU.

Anonymous 1762

Likey is such a stellar comeback song. I feel like TT and Likey are the equivalent to Into The New World and Girl Generation (title song) that SNSD debuted with 10 years ago. It's such a fun-loving concept with the appropriate production to make it a classic hit.

I feel like Red Velvet and Blackpink don't have any chance against Twice for market domination. Nine member girl groups seem to work like a charm for the Korean public and 4 or 5 members girl groups can't quit compete. I think it comes down to fandoms and the sheer number of girls that attract older male fans.

I find it ironic that YG has stuck with 4 members (2NE1, Blackpink) while SM and YG swapped (SNSD = Twice, Wonder Girls = Red Velvet) which has produced the exact opposite results. JYP now dominates with Twice while Red Velvet struggle to keep up. For the previous ten years, SM was dominating with SNSD while JYP's Wonder Girls trailed behind.

Peek-a-boo is an okay comeback but meh.

Anonymous 1764



I am the same anon as >>1615 and I find your input and parallels very interesting, but I think peekaboo is my favorite comeback of this Fall, though. And I also think Red Flavor was my favorite of the Summer. I didn't like them very much when they first debuted, been kinda warm to them the following years as well, but I think they've stepped up their game this year. Also.. <3 Joy <3
Anyway, I really thought RV was more popular in Korea? At least with older audiences and such. I thought it was usually teen girls that were into Twice, and that it had a lot of "haters" because they are mostly looks and can be pretty off key sometimes.

Anonymous 1769

Fuck my dudettes

Anonymous 1784

Thoughts? I really like the visuals, but I am not sure about the song itself.

Anonymous 1786


It grew on me pretty quick. At first the song seemed annoying and obnoxious. Then I was like 'meh, it follows the structure of a typical kpop song, so not too bad'. By the end of the day, I was desperate to hear it again and even brought out the good headphones lmao.

It's such a solid pop jam. I can't.

The visuals are on point and it's by far the most sexually explicit music video I've ever seen come out of South Korea. She also groped herself on live television during an award show. That's unthinkable for an idol.

Gotta love this bitch.

Anonymous 1803

i feel like she's being too tryhard.

Anonymous 1807


Not the same anon, and I kinda agree that HyunA is pretty tryhardy, but tbqh, I think it's good in this situation. I believe that if it was in the west like Miley Cyrus or something I wouldn't care much for the tryhardiness, but in Asia that is legit edgy and may open up for something new or different on the k-pop scene. I am all for k-idols trying to break korean molds of beauty standards and behavioral standards, even if for us is just an old trick. I don't know lol

Anonymous 1808

honestly, my main reason for saying that is cause despite this being very raunchy, it plays right into south korean superficiality, depsite it 'trying to break beauty molds'. korea is really sexual in general and sexualizes women worse than other asian countries.

Anonymous 1811


Yeah, makes sense putting it on that way. I saw some people in the comments saying though she was getting flack for talking about her own sexuality from a lady perspective rather than for the male gaze, because she had "gross" scenes like the bathroom one. Not sure if I agree though, but would like to hear other's inputs on it.

Anonymous 1812


I think the thing is, Korea loves sexualizing its idols, but hate when they do it themselves

Anonymous 1898


Holy fucking shit, Jonghyun from Shinee has died/commited suicide.
I was not expecting these news what the fuck is this, i am actually speechless and so fucking sad, i cannot believe this this is so fucking miserable, shinee was my second group that i stanned and jonghyun was one of my favorite idols.
I was hoping for it to be fake, but it has been confirmed by SM.

>Police are trying to determine the exact method and reasoning as to why SHINee Jonghyun committed suicide but they discovered a coal briquette lit on a frying pan (carbon monoxide poisoning)

SHINee Jonghyun's reported final texts to his sister

"It's been really hard up until now. Send me off please. Tell me I did (lived) well [Tell him he did well during his time here]. This is my last greeting."

update: 11:50 PM KST
SM Entertainment finally confirms Shinee's Jonghyun death. deep condolences to family, friends and colleagues. Funeral will be private

Anonymous 1901

OMG. Never was into kpop but past acquaintance was a huge stan. Nit sure who was her bias tho.
I'm so terribly sorry… This is horrible… I'm heartbroken over Chester 's suicide so I know how awful you must feel. So many singer suicides this year…
I hope his soul finds rest. RIP.

Anonymous 1902


Damn, man. I was never a shinee fan but this is awful. He was so young. I don't even know what you say.

Anonymous 1903

my bf and i are super sad about this omg! i cannot believe this.

Anonymous 2096


anyone like loona? or, can i convince someone to like loona?
here are some of their songs.


they haven't debuted as a whole yet, the company has been revealing one girl with a solo, then putting them in sub units.

Anonymous 2097


I love love vid related. So upbeat and fun!

Anonymous 2102


word! oec is so killer.
do you have a bias? and what are your thoughts on 1/3 and the recent singles?

Anonymous 2382

Rez'ing this thread just to state that I love this lmao

Anonymous 2394


I just saw this now that this thread was bumped. Oops! I don't have any bias because I legit don't know them enough. The only one I know by name is Yves.

You can could help me if you want lol

Anonymous 2397


the fan chants for this are so wild.
have you checked out any of their other tracks?
also what do you think of the girl in red & black aka jeongyeon

if you've gone through their discography, give loona tv a try.
every episode is barely a minute long, but there are like . . . 500 of them & counting, lol
it's a good way to learn about the girls.

Anonymous 2398

also i'm surprised this thread isn't more active,, kpop's got cute boys + girls & good tunes. what gives

Anonymous 2425



I think that in general, I like all twice girls, although Jihyo is growing to be my favorite and I do think that Mina is a bit overrated. I wish I could be friends with JY and just tell her how beautiful she is. I feel like sometimes they just push the "handsome tomboyish" thing too much on her; I feel like DH would be more comfortable in that role (she herself said that). Like, how long she have had short hair and short hair only? I remember my bf saying something like "that short haired girl really has a style that's not cute at all" Poor JeongYeon :c

Eh, a lot of miners said before they don't like k-pop or even korean beauty standards and such. We truly are in the minority

Anonymous 2427


My favorite girl groups are Twice, Pristin, and Loona atm. I'm looking forward to Loona's debut and the next Twice comeback. I feels like it's been ages since Pristin promoted though.

I've been listening to a lot of Oh My Girl and Exo recently. At first I only really liked Coloring Book and A-ing but after listening to A-ing I started to like Oh My Girl's music more. I avoided listening to Power for awhile but now I kinda like it. Boomerang is catchy though.

Also Jeongyeon is really adorable

Anonymous 2443


>push the "handsome tomboyish" too much on her

word. i remember that post on twitter where a fan called her hyung during a fansign and her annoyance.

these days though, it seems like they're trying to go for a more 'chic' look, which is great imo. & sort've similar to the style she rocked during sixteen.

also, i hope more ke pap loving miners come through soon.

oh you've got taste anon.

Anonymous 2444

oh, & loona may be debuting soon?
they dropped this + a next (final?) girl teaser.
i'm so fucking hype

Anonymous 2449

So the first openly gay kpop idol has debuted.
The song is hot garbage and he can't even hold a note but the video is really visually pleasing.
I really hope that this opens up more diversity in kpop and idols are no longer afraid of coming out.
I also hope he doesn't get the hong seok chong treatment of "ew, gays, get out of my industry or be my show monkey" as soon as he tries to go into any show or the fangirl treatment of "everyone who even is withing 5 meters of him is also gay", but i think i'm expecting too much out of the industry and fangirls kek.

Anonymous 2458

giphy (5).gif

Girl Group Choreo Synch appreciation dump

Anonymous 2459

giphy (6).gif

Anonymous 2460

giphy (7).gif

Anonymous 2461



Agree with everything there lol

Which makes me think, do you think anyone on big groups like TWICE, RV, EXO, etc are LGBT?

I honestly think Wendy is bi.

Anonymous 2462

Since she's even still ignorant about race, i highly doubt she'd accept or is lgbt…

Anonymous 2466


Most likely, there are a few idols/artists that have alluded to not being straight and other that have been quite direct about it. There is also shifty chinese websites full of rumours (used to be really into them back in 09 and 2010 because they were really juicy), but those are best taken with a grain of salt.
From the top of my head (not all popular idols, but you know):

>The kid from romeo that on a interview said his ideal type was a man like him, after the other members got freaked out by the word man, he assured them he meant men kek

>A member from Toppdogg came out as asexual and another one has hinted being bisexual.
>A member from D.I.P has come out as bisexual, and two members from that band are dating one another (allegedly).
>Suga (my fav boi) from BTS has alluded a few times to being bisexual, although it could be debatable since it could be minstranslations (i.e gender is not important, he writes sexual lyrics about both genders, etc) . Also Jimin did not deny it when a member said he liked men so, shrugs. And some people think V's song in wings was about his sexuality, but, again, rumours.
>There were a lot of non-translated chinese rumours about Eunhyuk and Donghae actually dating, but it could be shipper shit. Also a lot of rumours about yunho and jaejoong.
>A few years back there was an open secret of Yuri from snsd supposedly dating her trainer, who was a woman in a relationship or some shit.
>A member from Monsta X was supposedly dating a trans ulzzang.
>A member from IMFACT semi-confirmed on various streams that he is bisexual.
>MAMAN is a openly lesbian singer that got kicked from her agency for coming out
>an underground rapper that was supposedly to be in BTS came out as bisexual in a song (so bighit has no qualms hiring lgbt people)
>probably more but forgot

All the other shit i "know" about other groups is pure speculation and rumours with no fundament though, and i don't delve too much into it anymore cause most likely they will settle and marry someone from the opposite sex even if they aren't straight because korea, so what's the point of knowing.
I just hope Holland gets a positive reaction so idols can finally be treated at least a little more like humans and not as afraid to be themselves.

There's lots of racist or bigoted lgbt people, anon, one does not cancel the other out.

Anonymous 2467



Interesting, anon! I don't follow boy groups, so all of this is entirely new to me. As for girls, I'd eat my hat if Solar and especially Moonbyul turned out to be straight. I think Solar is bi and Moonbyul is full lesbian. I truly believe they are a couple.

For TWICE, it's hard to say because there's a lot of fanservice and skinship going on, but I think Dahyun is the strongest LGBT candidate. Also Nayeon.

Girl's Generation, Teayon. I think most people seem to agree on her. I think she's bi with a strong preference for women. Also Yuri and her ""yoga instructor"", and the fact that she was, alledgely, caught on a lesbian love triangle with two actresses.

There's also CHEETAH, everyone says she's dating/married to her manager, and I also strongly believe these claims.

Some claim Hani is bisexual (even that tarot reader lol), and her segments with Soyou are sooper kyut, but I am unsure. Wouldn't be surprised if so, though.

Have you ever heard a rumour that one girl from a fairly big group (I think about GFRIEND's level of fame) accidentally came out on a interview (that got cancelled), their agency took her to conversion therapy and she tried to kill herself. The agency only claimed she was hospitalized because of an accident injury or something like that. Take this with the biggest fucking grain of salt ever, though lol Really don't know anyone that could fit.

Yeah, being LGBT has nothing to do on how you perceive race lol TBF, I don't think Wendy is racist, ignorant is the right word though. I don't think what she did was nice (and it was the second time….), but I don't think it's called for a witch hunt either. More like a slap in her nape and move on lol

Anonymous 2471


Also, how could I forget! Ex Wonder Girl Yubin. I think she's also 100% gay. On her old socia media before she was an idol, she was super tomboy and would post about wanting a new "bottom girlfriend". Many dismissed it as her being an edgy teenager, which I do believe is possible, but I don't think that was the case.

Also I love her deeper voice lol
and that girl in pink is 100% wanting sum Yubin fuk

Anonymous 2472


I don't follow too many gg's so i'm not that aware of their rumours, sorry! But i never heard about that, but if i had to guess there were only a handful of hospitalized big GG members and it would be quite…easy to guess. Alas, this sounds JYP/jay park got Hyuna pregnant and she had to have an abortion levels of grain of salt so lmao.

I also remember a while back there was a gif of Krystal checking out a female fan (pic related) out and it started a string of lesbian/bi female idols rumours, which was pretty interesting but kind of a mess with people denying with claws and blood that she was checking out a gasp woman.

Solar and Moonbyul are adorable! heard some rumours about moonbyul but since netizens seem to hate solar i take any rumour about them, and especially her, with a grain of salt kek. Also the Hani tarot reader stuff was hilarious, she was so flustered it was adorable.

As far as twice i have read some chinese and korean rumours about two members dating, i don't follow them so i am not sure who they meant but they said it was members that always sit on the back on streams/interviews and did a secret trip together, but again, who knows.

Also i think everyone disregarded Yubnins rumours becase "no one is gay in korea!! since the country is anti gay no one can be gay!! people are just going through phases uwu!!!!" but it was quite obvious she was pretty aware of what she wanted. Sunmi being bi/lesbian seems to be a very popular rumour among people as well, but it's for shit as petty as nails so.

Man, the kpop industry is such a juicy mess since they try to be so secretive about everything.

Anonymous 2473


>Krystal checking out a female fan

Hmm if I had to pick. It wouldn't have been Krystal.

Anonymous 2475



TBH, Amber is so "out there" with her tomboyish style that I don't think she's a lesbian…. But I do think she's bi lol Like, she can have some deniability and technically not be lying? I also do believe she has a biiiig preference for women.


>Alas, this sounds JYP/jay park got Hyuna pregnant and she had to have an abortion levels of grain of salt so lmao.

WTF I never heard that before, I am wheezing. BTW HyunA is another one that I believe to be bi. (her going out with that chick from KARD was pretty cute as well)

>there were only a handful of hospitalized big GG members and it would be quite…easy to guess

I tried googling it but I never got anything out of it. Any wild guesses?

>I also remember a while back there was a gif of Krystal checking out a female fan (pic related) out and it started a string of lesbian/bi female idols rumours, which was pretty interesting but kind of a mess with people denying with claws and blood that she was checking out a gasp woman.

I think Krystal maybe be bi, as well. She always look so thirsty lol Her sister though, I think she's 100% straight, even though there was a lot of shipping between her and Taeyon or her and Tiffany (another one that I think is totally into dudes).

>netizens seem to hate solar

What, really?? Why? Is it because of that WGM thingie? Or because of her cheeks? She always seem super fun to have around. Rumours say she's also quite a drinker and can get loud, but in a fun way. Like Moonbyul saying on one stream that she came out of the shower and started performing "Honey Bee" naked lol (BTW Their trip together to Hong Kong is basically their unofficial WGM)

>they said it was members that always sit on the back on streams/interviews and did a secret trip together

I follow Twice and honestly I don't know who could it be. They always sit on different places everytime they do an interview? Some anon posted on the QT girl thread a pic of Nayeon and Sana hugging while cooking, so this is the only couple I could think of, but Sana loves fanservice and gets touchy with anyone. I call bullshit lol

>Man, the kpop industry is such a juicy mess since they try to be so secretive about everything.

True, I wish more anons were into it for the gossip alone kek

On other rumours: Heard that IU is bi (I doubt this one, but eh)
That BoA used to go to gay bars in Japan
Jisoo (Blackpink) is either gay or bi
Yeri (Red Velvet) is either bicurious, baby lesbian or straight up bi. Some say she's dating one of her friends and poses it just as a super close friendship (pic related)
Some say Irene is a very closeted and reserved, high femme lesbian. I don't know what to think, I can't read her at all lol I mean, if all the RV rumours where true, we would have 3 LGBT girls on a 5 girl group. That is a pretty unusual ratio, me thinks
Also, I don't know if this counts, but I think Joy is 100% straight, however she loves entertaining (as one can see on a lot of variety shows, like when she's singing trot) and seducing at the same time (as seen on WGM's segments when she loves flirting back and seeing the dude all flustered), so I think she would be the type to enjoy teasing gay girls (and playing it off as if she is innocent) lol Kinda bicurious in a way

Holy Moly, this got YOOGE. I am sorry. I love this kind of celebrity gossip.

Anonymous 2479

I disagree with the Amber thing. She lives in La and despite being in a very popular kpop group she has a long time roommate. A roommate who she takes on vacation with her all the time. It's pretty much like Queen Latifah's live in "personal trainer" that turned out to be her lesbian lover.

Anonymous 2481


Yeah it was a pretty popular rumour that spread around the webs since hyuna left WG. Basically it boiled down to Jay Park got hyuna pregnant so she had to have an abortion outside of korea (while she was officially "hospitalized") and leave the wonder girls. It spread around the kpop fandom like wildfire lmao.

As for the hospitalized or "sick leave" popular girls, in 2017 and 2018 that i can remember there was: Ga-in, Victoria, momoland's yeonwoo, heize, Sana and Jihyo (twice), victoria (fx), apink eunji and brave girls yoojung. So it must be one of them if the rumour is true. But i'm not sure who "fits" the most for it.

For solar, there was the whole Hwayobi controversy where she made fun of a condition she had and netizens don't like to forgive anything, being really secretive about her past, and some normal pettiness from netizens because of her PS.

>True, I wish more anons were into it for the gossip alone kek

same, the industry is so messy and so juicy it's a goldmine of gossip. I used to be so into the onehallyu rumour threads even if 99% of them were bullshit. Now OH is (even more) cancer and there are no interesting places t discuss kpop without teens and preteens coming with their bullshit shipping, delusions, insults to everyone who dares speculate about anything other than straight couples or whatever else.
Like, i'm aware it's 90%-95% fanservice and camera love and they would get sacrificed to the gods if any dared to come out, i'm not stupid, but i still wanna gossip lmao.

Huh! I never seen that yeri screencap, interesting. Honestly, SM seems to be one of the more "open" agencies as far as diverse goes, so i wouldn't doubt that they do have a lot of lgbt hired.
Some more rumours i remembered:
>Hong seo chon saying there were A LOT of same sex idol couples going to his restaurant in secret so they wouldn't get caught (so fangirl theories of everyone is straight cancelled) and a lot of times, from the same group.
>Key (from shinee) dating that male model in a super obvious way, with lovestagram and everything, it was top notch back in the day. Basically everyone knew it except for the deniers, he didn't even try to hide it.
>Jo kwon being in a gay bar in thailand (i think) (what a surprise that was kek)
>Enhyuk and Donghae supposedly buying an apartment together in china (iirc) with the blessing of their mothers.
>And a lot of people believe Hyeri (girls day) to be bi-curious or lesbian, but i personally think she just likes messing around with girls but is actually straight tbh.

Gif not related to anything, i just think they are really cute.

Anonymous 2493

does anyone here know anything about sponsors? i've been combing through pann.choa but only came across one skimpy article.

Anonymous 2563

Any Nctzens here?

Anonymous 2593

I like most of their music. I hope NCT 127 has a comeback soon because I love most of their b-sides.

When I used to go on OH there were people that thought Sehun was in a relationship with some older guy(like 30+ years old) because of some pictures they took together. It's probably just fan fiction though.

Anonymous 2594

The amount I love Mark knows no bounds

Anonymous 2659

omg what im dying, are there any receipts of this? I've followed wg since 2007, I knew about the hyuna rumours, but never heard anything about yubin.

although I do remember yubin admitted on a variety show that she received lots of female attention when asked about her popularity with boys i think

anyways, speaking of yubin, she's making her solo debut.

Anonymous 2660

new kpop appreciation spam

Anonymous 2661

Anonymous 2662

Anonymous 2687

jesus… I miss Jonghyun so much…

Anonymous 2932



Anonymous 3662


bump ♡

including this very soothing piece (11:11) by Taeyeon!

Anonymous 4060

her voice is so perfect

Anonymous 4336


I'd kill for this thread to be more active.

Anonymous 4341

I never understood the appeal of this song until today. It's really catchy. Too bad the video only had a $10 budget

Anonymous 4343

This is one of the few tropical house tracks I enjoy. When I first heard it last year I couldn't turn it off lol.
Also I thought the MV was cool! I love vampires or whatever they are supposed to be.

Anonymous 4463

anyone have thoughts on the hyundawn thing?

Anonymous 4667

Reviving this thread just to say I'm happy all the corruption and disgusting behavior in that bubble is coming to light right now. So much for those ~pure~ boys am I right

Anonymous 4668


Anonymous 4669

Everyone of my mutuals on twitter said something along the lines of; “Sad with all these dumb kpop stans defending him instead of his victims”

Maybe its who I follow and interact with but I barely saw any defense of him compared to people complaining about that supposed defense. I feel like too many people online waste time complaining about these other people into kpop and trying to make themselves differentiate from “the dumb kpop fangirls” all so tiresome

Anonymous 4677

Yeah but I don't want to talk to crazy stans, this thread is as much as I'm willing to take

Anonymous 6238

Wow, dead thread. Apparently /kpg/ is no longer allowed on LC & I just remembered this website exists. Anyone still up for talking about kpop? Post your favorite B-sides I guess.

Anonymous 6239

More seventeen

Anonymous 6246

red velvet has a lot of nice b sides imo

Anonymous 6251

still waiting for Loona to top this album

Anonymous 6252

also this

Anonymous 6254

Damn so much has happened since /kpg/ was killed off
Big Hit and Dispatch fall out is major. Can't wait for the upcoming scandals tbh

Vid related: does anybody know what Danny is talking about from 10:47?
> BH did not have a direct relationship with Dispatch.
> Dispatch has many sister companies and one of them is a Chinese company
> BH had/has a direct relationship with that Chinese company and not Dispatch

What Chinese company is that?? How are they related to Dispatch??

Anonymous 6256

It was definitely banned at the worst possible time.

Anonymous 6257


SVT's really gonna hit 1M sales this time aren't they

Anonymous 6258

I wonder what made them cut ties. Maybe bighit knows they are big enough so they don't really care about scandals anymore.
yeah probably. hopefully the song is good.

Anonymous 6267



Anonymous 6271

Twice's 1st win encore is so cringy & momo's live vocals are getting shredded lmao

Anonymous 6282


Why do fans always make the dumbest comments? It's like they just want to be noticed by oppa, rather than having fun "intimate" interactions on platforms like weverse and vlive.

Who else here too poorfag for bangbangcon?

Anonymous 6297


RM basically said Taehyung was retarded

The others except Jhope made it sound like he is about to commit suicide but they're probably just shading him

Idk why they would write such messages? Is it because they don't care anymore? Bc this definetly doesn't make them look tight as bffs as they usually claim

Anonymous 6301

He was bashed in last years' festa by other members too. I think he's def the one who wanted to disband back in 2018.

His message to Jungkook was suicide hotline style too. Weird things going on.

Anonymous 6303



How many incidents will it take for SK to introduce & enforce better regulations smh

Anonymous 6304


A reply under this tweet lmao. You can count on stan twitter to stay classy

Anonymous 6305

apu (1).jpg

I remember a little over a year ago nobody in SK gave a shit about Hwasa, and now all she gets all these solo promos.

Anonymous 6306



>MV plagarism

>momo vocals
>SBS Inkigayo backfire

Oncels just can't catch a break this cb kek

Anonymous 6307

Lmao someone (or some ppl) is out to get Big Hit… another scandal just b4 the IPO. We love to see it tbh! Keep it going

It's been over 2 years. She's become some sort of it girl because of her mukbang on I Live Alone/Home Alone… she ate really traditional Korean dishes that have gross meat like innards or something

Doesnt help that their song sucked too. They're done, I think. And not a single member made a name out of the group. Nobody even debuted as an actress right? They're kinda screwed

Anonymous 6314

Twice peaked years ago but done? They're still making bank for JYP.

Anonymous 6324

Speaking of ggs that are done, do you guys think SM will even bother with promoting RV as a whole anymore?

Anonymous 6326


SuperM was mentioned in a Billboard article as a possible Grammy nominee and now armys are losing it

Anonymous 6330


Nothing could have ever prepared me for how horrible they sound, not just Momo, all of them are extremely bad. If Tzuyu supposedly improved just how goddamn awful did she sound beforehand? And Jihyo/Jeongheon/Nayeon aren't "eating CDs" either.
It's a miracle that none of the other idols's faces slipped, it must be infuriating to see a bunch of cheerleaders breaking records for basically nothing. Their fans excuses are so pathetic. People can say that they're know for their "difficult" dances or that it was just a bad day but it's a lie. (And don't even get me started on them using Jonhyun/Sulli/Hara to shield them from the haterz…) The thing that angers me the most is something ratmys are also guilty of always doing:
>It's not their fault! They're not getting vocal leassons/they're trained wrong!
They're millionaires in their mid 20s, they can hire coaches themselves. And judging by the fact that they have time to date and go to clubs they're not that busy either. Normal people are supposed to be good at their job right from the start while idols get years to "improve". Face it, they simply don't want to, because they give a shit about their music. How can you spend so much time defending a person who doesn't know you exist while said person doesn't even give you what you paid for? I know that 4th gen cares more about performance but at the end of the day kpop is still a music genre which should involve singing.

All articles about this always conveniently leave out Bighit's name, because of course the bestest and wokest company would never treat their staff and idols badly…

Even tho I'm still salty about my Exo oppars being forced into an embarrassment of a group with bully Scamyong and Wayv (including humiliating fanservice with them), I welcome anything that triggers ratmys kek
>Bts mentions grammy in every interview, Suga just recently rapped about it
>ratmys skip school and work to stream 24/7
>also ratmys: a-awards are overrated/meaningless anyway! and besides, kpoppies cheated! what did they do to earn this?!
Call it unfair all you want but there's hardly any artists/groups who were so popular in their 1st year, so of course Sperm is eligible for nomination. If Jk took is Itaewon friends and founded a new group he could also win rookie awards.

Anonymous 6335

Based autist

Anonymous 6338

Any thoughts on Nature's latest release?

Anonymous 6345

Yall know any kpop communities with good discussion like we (kinda) had or lolcow? Please no OH and LSA
I miss some good gossip too

Anonymous 6355


BH blocking SVT from appearing on Music Core. So much for "to remain independent".

Anonymous 6384


Is reddit finally turning on BP? Even when the gaga collab was released the top comments where positive, and that song was way worse.

Anonymous 6405

I wish lolcow would allow kpop threads again, it's so dead here.

Anonymous 6434

Keep asking in a non annoying way in /meta/ every now and then
Also there are some old threads that are not locked

Anonymous 6435

One must be either mentally ill, a closeted lesbian or both to feel any sort of attraction to these guys

Anonymous 6436

Idk it's not that different to people finding someone like timothee chalamet attractive. Teen girls are attracted to non threatening twinks.

Anonymous 6440

Yep. Many popular guys on TikTok also have the same look as these Kpop guys and it's not just teenage girls who find them attractive.

Anonymous 6443

So much has happened since kpg was banned from lolcow. Did you guys see the whole AOA’s Mina scandal? I feel bad for her, she finally said what we all suspected and she is getting a ton of backlash. I think I read somewhere that netizens were doubting her story because of this one video where she was acting friendly towards Jimin. I thought maybe the rest of the girls were secretly supporting Mina but after reading that they all went to her house and basically gaslighted her I’m not so sure anymore. Guess this is it for AOA.

Anonymous 6444

Yeah the whole thing was nuts. It feels really rare to see a huge scandal for a girl group like this one. I didn't see much backlash for Mina though? It's definitely over for AOA now though which sucks since I really like Seolhyun.

Anonymous 6445

At least they got rid of her, sucks that it was a little too late but I guess AOA were already past their prime so FNC is probably not that concerned about losing them as a group. I was never a huge fan but I did like some of their older stuff, always hated Jimin's parts though, she has an incredibly grating voice.

I'm particularly disappointed that no one stood up for Mina, and now I can't help but dislike Seolhyun by association considering she was bff with Jimin. I just saw that Youkyung came forward and also gave hints of having gone through the same stuff Mina did, I'm wondering if perhaps ChoA was in the same boat as them and that's why she jumped ship when she saw the chance.

Anonymous 6446

Their comeback after they went on Queendom flopped so they'll just put the group on indefinite hiatus while the members hide until people move on. Though I like Seolhyun it's impossible for her to come out of this clean. It's hard to play it off as "just for show" when you get matching tattoos lmao. I thought about Choa too but I doubt we'll hear about anything from her. FNC seems like a mess in general which makes me wonder about their other groups.

Anonymous 6474

Mina was following all of the members on social media minus Jimin before this all started. It was clear there was bad blood between her and Jimin. She obviously doesn't feel that way about the rest of the members, so I doubt they bullied her. Maybe they were complacent, but she obviously has no issue with how they treated her.

Anonymous 6477

The queen han seohee is going to jail
Hope she gets down shooting.. go girl expose them!! The final punch @ YG we trust you

Anonymous 6487


Do the stylists hate bts or something? They keep dressing them all to look like grandpas/taehyung lol

Anonymous 6491

anyone else liked WJSN's (month old lmao) comeback?

Anonymous 6492

Jhope has such a huge face

Anonymous 6494

Didn't she just gave an statement saying that everyone went to her house and basically told her to suck it up and get over it?

Now these are news, I had no idea. I really, REALLY hope she exposes as much as she can before she gets silenced, girl is an asshole but I somehow can't dislike her

Anonymous 6495

imo BTS has been looking a bit off for a while now. They peaked at BS&T and it's been going downhill ever since, both musically and looks wise.

Anyone want to make some bets on which group it's going to get big during the next years ala BTS style? My bet is on SEVENTEEN, although I believe they have been out there for a while now and still haven't had their big break, which is kinda surprising tbh, I legit think they are talented (for an idol group that is), at the very least I can't immediately pin point the useless member. For such a shitty company, PLEDIS did manage to make an idol group where at the very least everyone can dance.

Anonymous 6500

I feel bad for him lol. He got all that work done and he's still considered the ugliest member.

Anonymous 6513


All of BTS have monstrous heads and faces, even their "visuals", you just don't notice when they're amongst themselves. That's probably also why they don't do brand deals/fashion shows or acting, they'd get brutally mogged by actually attractive celebrities lol

Males be hitting the wall before they turn 25 kek The reson they look so bad with this styling >>6487 is because they're simply not attractive enough to rock simple clothes, they need their old colorful hair and outfits to distract from their plain or downright botched faces.

I'm so sad that lc admin is so stubborn, kpop fags get worse by the day, they're literally everywhere now and there isn't a single place on earth there you're allowed to criticise them…

Anonymous 6514

SVT's obvious shortcoming is that the midget seems to have long lost the ability to make a GP-friendly hit. Their digitals are kind of weak even by BG standards.

But, SVT has already become a million seller with their latest mini (in their 1st week of sales, if I may add) and bet BP on mucore. If that isn't considered 'big' then what is? I don't think any group is going to get as ridiculously big as BTS anytime soon, if ever.

Anonymous 6515

blackpink dancing.…


>Jisoo - 4 years

>Jennie - 6 years
>Rose - 4 years
>Lisa - 5 years

Behold the revolution.

Anonymous 6516

I laughed more than I should have at this. I guess that's why I could never get into any gg except for SISTAR, the lack of talent is baffling. They usually have no strong singers, the dances are way too simple and yet somehow they always manage to make them look bad, plus the visuals are way too boring. Then again if I had to survive eating one sweet potato a day I guess I wouldn't have the energy to put any effort either.

lol I feel so bad for him, I remember watching him standing next to mingyu and he looked like a lost kid. But yeah, you are right, gues they need another clap or aju nice to get some spotlight. Didn't know they beat BP though, I'm not super well versed on kpop but doesn't BP always crush whoever is competing against them?

Anonymous 6517


He's probably too busy raging in incel forums about muh heightism and dem evul chads getting all the roasties kek.
But jokes aside, there's no way he doesn't loathe constantly having to pose as some kind of female stand-in with the other members.

I don't feel sorry for him, a girl with such an unfortunate face and body as him would've never made it regardless of talent, he's extremely lucky to be there he is today.

Anonymous 6518


That one's even funnier lol

Anonymous 6519


I have a soft spot for woozi because i find short guys cute, but it's true that if he was a girl he would have been destroyed by the public already. Just look at poor Luna, she's talented yet she will never make it because she doesn't look like a wax figure. That reminds me, did anyone saw her video covering Say So by Doja Cat? i can already imagine the comments she must have gotten in Korea

i'm pretty sure he hates it, the videos i've seen where he gets hugged or babied by the other members he looks visibly annoyed

Anonymous 6524

angry midgets.webm

>doesn't BP always crush whoever is competing against them?
Different shows have different scoring criteria. BP crushes other groups on inkigayo because the scoring is heavily biased towards digitals but they likely won't do well against a top BG on something like mubank where physicals triumph. I don't keep up with BP but I heard they won nothing for KTL, and inki's the only music show they perform on these days?

Anonymous 6525

This whole cb has been a mistake tbh i think they hexed the world with it and lowkey resent them for it
Their songs are really boring… the ones that are catchy are soooo repetitive like aju nice, left and right… both could be only 2 min long because the chrous get old pretty quick
Also they have like 1 and a 1/2 visual members out of frigging 13 people?! Only Mingyu is a solid visual the others are like… really depends on the styling and my mood in the day

As some anons already said: KTL didnt win anything but 1 show and it was kinda robbed tbh but they were also against BTS which is the biggest group. For this cb they as far as i've kept up they lost to seventeen once bc they realeased the song in the mid of the week and also lost this past week to Red Velvet's Seulgirene because they had better physical numbers

Anonymous 6526


Sooo EXO-SC had a call fansign today and this girl brought up the "OT9 agenda" by saying she loves Chen and Lay. K-fans are pissed because they hate both + think it was rude to mention other members or whatever. Ifans are calling her a hero for it and that Chanyeol loved it etc
Link to video:

What do you guys think?
Idk if it's really rude but he just dont seemed to care much about it… idk i think it could be read as awkwardness too but it's all projection down in the end.
I am just 100% positive that all k-members give 0 fucks to Lay tho, so it seems silly to push that "exo is 9" narrative

Anonymous 6528

frog (29).jpg

>ifans buy albums
>ifans buy enough albums to get into fansigns
Argh dropped my reaction image

>Also they have like 1 and a 1/2 visual members out of frigging 13 people?!
Rude… but who's the 1/2?

Anonymous 6529

>I am just 100% positive that all k-members give 0 fucks to Lay tho, so it seems silly to push that "exo is 9" narrative
I don't follow exo but based on Pann's recent article they seem to be on good terms still?

Anonymous 6530

images (9).jpeg

>ifans buy albums
>ifans buy enough albums to get into fansigns

Saaaame anon. There was one girl that allegedly only bought 6 albums, but I'm reading that for EXO-SC you'd have to buy on average 100 albums to have a good chance. And for Baekhyun it was like 300?! I'm not sure though cause these b*tches never disclose how much they spent

Oh I'm counting MORE THAN ONE as a 1/2 visual to be honest. That chinese guy Jun looks good in some MVs/photos but in others he looks like an asian WeHo twinky. Maybe Dino and Vernon could be a 1/8 visual each. I'm not that familiar with their names/faces so I'm open to being convinced.

Anonymous 6531

Holy shit I completely forgot that exo still existed. Not surprised at the korean fans reaction tho, when they cancel an idol they will go to any lengths to basically remove every single trace that they ever existed. He looks like he doesn't give a shit and tbh I'm pretty sure he couldn't care less

lmao girl please they have 2 1/2 solid visuals, jeonghan being the 1/2 and mingyu counting for 2 people because he is like 2 woozis tall. idk, half of the group might be a visual void but i'm grateful they still look human, sadly and considering how looks obsessed they seem to be over there, just give them a few more years until they reach BTS levels of "don't fuck with your face too much"

Anonymous 6532

>asian WeHo twinky
I literally have no idea what this means. Can you please post some examples?

Anonymous 6533

I'm not sure which article you're referring to but Lay has this routine for every (solo) comeback of his in which he leaves comments/profusely interacts with Exo members on social media… after promos he doesn't bother much.
I mean… they're all civil in SNS, I just don't think that means they genuinely care about each other kek

Anonymous 6534

images (10).jpeg

Twink = skinny white gay man with no body hair
WeHo = West Hollywood
If you're familiar with Rupauls Drag Race it would be some of those "visual queens"

Pic related > example of weho twink

Anonymous 6535


NOT JEONGHAN girl he's one of those Leeteuk clones, I don't dig that look at all.
Have you seen that he's dating Gfriend Sowon tho?? Good for him, she's cute!


Anonymous 6536

oh my god no why did you have to say that, now I won't be able to unsee it. Hopefully he won't end up being a creep

I was just reading about the rumors and tbh it seems pretty possible that they are dating. Wishing them good luck though because if fans find out i'm pretty sure both gfriend and svt would take a heavy… hit

Anonymous 6537



'Twinky', 'gay' & 'feminine' applies to 99% of kpop idols, I'm not really well-versed in american regional stereotypes and I've never watched Rupaul's Drag Race. Doesn't really narrow it down for me. Oh well.

Hi Twitter.

Anonymous 6538

Hope this thread won’t get shut down like the one over lc

Anonymous 6539


Did anyone see FNC is threatening to take legal action against people spreading rumors regarding Seolhyun? It seems AOA is pretty much done for. That said it would be hilarious if it turns out to be true.

Highly doubt it, I don’t think it’s active enough for it to be shut down. I’m ok with moving the thread to another chan though, I preferred lolcow because it was much more active but the mods took the fun away a long time ago. Plus all the sperg and mindless hate, I love making fun of K-pop as much as as everyone else but some anons take it too seriously

Anonymous 6541


They're popular because they look attractive, even compared to other female idols, that's literally it.
Whenever I get triggered by how overrated and rich they are, I remind myself that the embodiment of talentlessness named "nation's gg" Twice exists and my anger immediately shifts kek

Anonymous 6543

She should stick to modelling and youtube

Anonymous 6544

Oof I agree about Seventeen, I gave them so many chances but they just aren't appealing to me at all, the songs are forgettable and most of them are rather very ugly, sans maybe Vernon when he was younger and Mingyu of course >>6531 lel

Anonymous 6545


>I wish all those ot8 would choke!
>Why can you give Baekhyun x million views per day but don't have the same energy for Yixing?!
As an Exofag I hate this so much… it seems like most older fans have long accepted that they split and either stick to Exo or the chinese members but kiddies born after their debut push uwu "Lay and them love each other! They're even his lockscreen, what are you gonna say now stupid haters?!" I like having biases and siding with parties but nowadays kpop fans are obsessed with the delusional image of "my group genuinely loves each other, they're soulmates, they're gonna be together forever, they'll never leave each other, they're not interested in solo careers!", see also e.g. ratmys with the little 7 in their handles.
Lay is making dozens of millions every single year, he very likely owns more than the rest of Exo combined, do you really think he still cares…? And to the others he's a traitor just like the rest of the China line. You can't use the Exo name without putting in any work, it's been literal years since he last was active with them.

His image in China is being pure/naive, so people who dislike him obviously say that it's all an act (and I mean, he's the leader of the communist youth party, so…) Part of that image is also being friends with everybody, so of course he could never abondon his old group. He doesn't need Exo, his name alone is big enough already in China, he needs them for "you're such a good/loyal person"-propaganda reasons. Another super annoying thing he does is mentioning in every single interview/tv show that he tied sandbags to his waist to become better at dancing and of course everybody always has to shower him with compliments for being hardworking and with concern because he's in sooo much pain…
In general he's just so overrated. He has a gigantic head, super short legs, his voice is high and thin, his rapping is cringy (and his lyrics!…) and he definitely also isn't a better dancer than Kai like many love to claim (watch his dance with Kai and Hyeyeon to see just how much he lacks in stage presence and charisma, he literally looks like he's about to get cucked by the two of them lol). Has anybody listenend to his new song? He basically only talks a couple of words and paid a shit load of money to create perfect patriotic mv so of course the chinese ate it up.
You might say "Why do you watch stuff with him, if you hate him so much?" but him, Jackson, Wang Yibo and all the other (former) chinese kpop idols are literally everywhere in China, so it's not difficult to imagine just how rich he is already (plus chinese variety shows pay A LOT more than korean ones)
Pic related is just one of the many shows he hosts - with 3 out of the 4 MCs again being kpop idols.

Anonymous 6546

>I gave them so many chances but they just aren't appealing to me at all
lmao that's exactly me with exo. Even non-fans insist their discography is one of the best so I went through half dozen of their title tracks on Youtube on two separate occasions. Didn't make it to the end of any except one.

Frankly, I think anyone who's into kpop for the music is either lying to themselves, or dumb as rocks.

Anonymous 6547

She should never have left JYP.

Anonymous 6549

I think he hasn't broken his contract with SM bc he has a lot of room to grow in China tho. He's nowhere near as popular as Luhan and Kris. And I know a lot of Chinese Exo-Ls also think he's fake and prefer Korean members over him. So there's that.
I actually like the timbre of his voice, it's very poppy. But he's def a weak singer. It's sad watching clips from DVDs and seeing his vein popping out for a not so high note. He struggles.

I didn't know the Hong Kong traitor Jackson Wang was in so many shows in China. He's another one just waiting to not renew with JYP. Maybe got7 will disband this year we shall see.

>I think anyone who's into kpop for the music is either lying to themselves, or dumb as rocks.

Uh idk if you think every pop music stan is dumb then ok. It's not like there's this huge gap in quality between some American pop girl songs and kpop, they all share a lot of American and Swedish/Nordisk composers sooo idk
I for one haven't bought any merch since I began liking kpop. I just watch MVs and listen to my spotify playlist and of couse am very into the gossipy side (any celebrity gossip).
I know I'm the exception tho and most people are drawn by the idol/fan relationship so I'd partially agree with your statement.

Anonymous 6551


Wow so this is really happening

Anonymous 6552


>I didn't know the Hong Kong traitor Jackson Wang was in so many shows in China. He's another one just waiting to not renew with JYP.
Apparently being a traitor pays off, I think he hosts 3 shows (2 of them with Lay) atm? Plus being a guest mc and a normal guest in plenty others. So he's definitely doing very well. If he wasn't so short he'd likely try and go into acting too.

>He's nowhere near as popular as Luhan and Kris.

Their popularity will never not be baffling to me, seriously why? Lay at least is in many shows and releases songs frequently but them? Luhan's looks have detoritated since his Exo days and he's been dating for a long time already, yet he's one of the top earners in the entire entertainment industry. I read that he can get several k for a single episode in a variety show, meaning 1 day of filming (while korean idols often do it for free). His music is lacklustre and in movies he stands out like a sore thump next to the average, much taller, manlier, handsomer etc young actor lol
I never found Kris attractive and if I remember right he also wasn't that popular while still in Exo, his "music" is a joke, everybody mocks him for his "acting" so where does his popularity and money come from? Tao is the least famous but his father is rumored to be a literal billionaire (or at least filthy rich) so he doesn't need to worry about anything anyway.

Anonymous 6553


Samefag, but pic related is what I mean with Luhan (and Kris) looking weird or bad in movies: kpop idols shave off their jaws and any other prominent bones in their face to look cuter and softer but once they hit their 30s they start melting. The other actor is a decade younger than him but looks so much more natural and manly. Luhan is like a mix between little boy and grandma and also always needs longish or odd hair to not look straight up ugly.

Anonymous 6554

Omg is this Kris?! Nightmare inducing. He's popular on the grounds that he's tall enough to pull high fashion i guess, a little like Sehun

Anonymous 6555


GD hinting a cb too. Skin looking a little rough, drink water!
Do you think Bigbang will obliterate BTS once they comeback?

Anonymous 6556

I never found Kris particularly attractive but oh shit, that beard doesn't suit him at all, his face is just… way too soft for it? idk it looks weird. Embrace your twinkness Kris.

Somi was fucked by her Kris Jenner dad. I think she's cute and has more stage presence than most female idols out there (looking at half of twice here) but not enough to make it solo.

>>Frankly, I think anyone who's into kpop for the music is either lying to themselves, or dumb as rocks.
You can genuinely enjoy kpop for what it is: mindless, boppy pop music. Now, the issue here is when your average kpop BTS tard goes the "omg musical geniuses! their songs are so deep" route and pretends that their idols are actually full blown artists and not entertainers. I remember reading an interview (or q&a session not sure) long ago where a member mentioned that he always wanted to perform but didn't believe he was talented enough to become a solo act, so the best option was going the idol route. That level of honesty I can actually admire lol

I don't think BIGBANG will ever recover from their past scandals. Seungri being an actual criminal (regardless of being punished by the law or not)? TOP suicide attempt? GD dragon smoking weed for the 100 time? if they make it I honestly quit humanity.

Anonymous 6557

I always had a soft spot for her. Both knets and ifans were so cruel to her and her parents are awful too. There are so many much more untalented and uglier idols out there, who are in groups of 10+ members but her, a barely legal girl doing the same work alone, gets ripped to shreds. Why are your oppars given years to improve, getting praise for the tiniest bit of work but she needs to be perfect immediately? She's clearly more talented than most Twice members and prettier than Itzy. People even shit on her for her stage presence, when that was pretty much the main reason on why she won produce. She's also the only idol I ever saw getting blamed for signing with a bad agency, all others only get pity, although at that time she was underage, had gotten a taste of fame thanks to ioi and therefore obviously absolutely wanted to debut asap.

Anonymous 6558

yeah drink more water and take care of his dog smh

Anonymous 6559

Hmm. Cringe.

Anonymous 6560

I've never met anyone who has completed high school and identify themselves as a fan of a top-40 artist, so I think my point stands.

Anonymous 6561

I guess you don't know many people specially gay men kek

Anonymous 6564

What kpop bands are going to get really popular soon? I wanna hop onto the kpop train

Anonymous 6565


Aside from Seungri being a rapist, he's out of bigbang anyways, couldn't all that shit end up being a selling point for bigbang as "bad boys" and "outcasts".
I think alot of fans are tired of the same flower boy schlick all the time, honestly nowadays most kpop bg kinda melt into a single thing because they basically don't have personalities lol.

Anonymous 6567

So far: girl group ITZY
Boy group: no idea. The Boyz is getting popular in Korea, but not so much with the ifans. On the other hand, ATEEZ are completely nobodies in Korea, but kinda "internet famous".

There's also SM groups to be debuted so who knows

Anonymous 6568


I don't get ateez popularity tbh all they only have lame pirate songs and 1/2 a visual.

But they do try to follow the BTS blueprint I guess, see picture related poor man's version of DNA

Anonymous 6572


I'd recommend g-idle. They got a bit of popularity from doing a song for LOL and they make some good songs too.

Another group I'd like to recommend is Gfriend. They're cute but I'm not sure they'll get anymore popular internationally.

Anonymous 6573

>going to get really popular soon
lmfao. Also BH producers turned their most recent release into ear rape.

Anonymous 6584


SMent is the best company out of the big 3, change my mind

On the side note, SeulRene is such a good idea, Im so happy they gave us some good content weee

Anonymous 6586

To me they are a little better than the others bc 1. they still care about proper vocal training. 2. their older acts get less promo, but at least are not put in the dungeon or just disband (YG and JYP style). They only screwed up with Fx bc of the Sulli and Krystal situation.

Anonymous 6587

I have a soft spot for Somi too but she just doesn't have the chops for being a soloist. She should've stayed at JYP or at least debuted in another group so she isn't the sole focus.
Seventeen are big at this point there's no denying it. Imo they are like the bg version of Izone. They have a huge fandom but neither group has had a huge hit. That's the only thing really keeping them from being recognized like other top groups.
I think they release the best music by far.

Anonymous 6588

Yutafag where are you now that we need you
Apparently yuta is friends with a japanese supremacist?!

Anonymous 6589

bts are releasing a new single in english in august. this is definitely going to piss off k-fans lol

Anonymous 6590

One of those controversies that get you cancelled by both kfans and ifans. Is NCT cursed?

Anonymous 6591

apu (11).png

let’s see
>debut wendy, a jaw surgery monster
>joy the wide pancake face with a wide nose, eyes too far apart, big teeth, and a huge mouth
>yeri, ugly and talentless with a shitty voice and body
>sluggo, being ugly as fuck
>irene, plastic and way too old

Anonymous 6602

images (5).jpeg

Wendy is debatable but the others uggos are not

Anonymous 6609

Can't tell if this is male or a nit-picking lolcow poster aka a sad excuse of a girl.

Anonymous 6634


Topkek BTS releasing vinyl and cassette versions of their english single… reeks of desperation for a BB #1
I used to respect them but they've lost all substance and are just souless moneyseeking company puppets

Anonymous 6635

I bet the song's gonna be bwl 2.0. Guess they realised that the cute happy concepts bring in way more fans/money then the dark ones since ON was kinda a flop.

Anonymous 6636

By the clues it's probably disco-inspired pop mixed by Aoki and lyrics by Melanie Fontana. Prepared for another mediocre track.

Anonymous 6637

So they're attempting to do the same thing their fanbase shit on Sperm for?

BWL was so lame. It's embarrassing to release such a simply bland pop songs as 7 people, one dude would easily be enough to sing this. And then they expect grammies for that outstanding "talent"…

Anonymous 6638

I think BTS are genuinely deluded to think that they could get a grammy kek. Rapline's egos are so fucking huge. They should just accept that they are no different to any other shitty kpop group.

Anonymous 6639

Have sex and stop caring this much I'm begging you.
If it wasn't clear that Bang was using them up until now, it sure is at this point.
What did SM do for sperm? I loathed the concept too much to ever do any research on them besides listening to Jopping once and then shitting on it on twitter and any discord kpop servers I'm in (and promptly get escorted out, because I can't hate on shit exo is involved in as an exo-l, LMAO).

Anonymous 6641


dumb/random question but why are so many idols not wearing masks when they go outside? it seems like it’s still mandatory for the staff.

Anonymous 6643

>Rapline's egos are so fucking huge.
Whenever I see Suga's fugly mug I can feel the bile rising up kek They're so insanely arrogant for little twinks who are't even allowed to choose what clothes to wear on their own. I really wish that his Jonestown scandal hit ihm harder (especially the fact that it exposed him for not producing it himself) but of course ratmys are able to bury anything these days.

They did stuff like bundles to artificially increase their sales, and now BTS offers different versions of their single too, knowing exactly that each of their retard fans are gonna buy all.

But I also just saw some kids on twitter crying that apparantly you can only buy it as a Murican? lol

Anonymous 6644

>Have sex and stop caring this much I'm begging you.
Caring about what lmao

Anonymous 6645

It's time for Mina to be institutionalised.

Anonymous 6652

Their music quality is at its worse and they're still pushing that grammy nom by pulling publicity stunts. That won't work unless you're white and murican sweeties, just drop that ball and work on your "art".

Only muricans can buy because they want the BB #1. korean fans are probably screeching right now but I dont even have energy anymore to keep up with either dumbfuck side of that fandom

Anonymous 6653


Sperm dropped the idol life; now they just sell cars

Anonymous 6654

Screenshot 2020-08…

The amount of promo they're doing for just a single is ridiculous. They're trying so hard to get western recognition.

Anonymous 6656


And I bet that nevertheless they still didn't bother with improving their english kek It will be the same "I'm so handsome! I'm your hope! lololol" screeched by nearly 30yo dudes like in all their former interviews too.

Anonymous 6657


Seriously, what caused an entire generation of little girls to meme themselves into thinking this is godlike attractive…? I don't like hairy dad bods either, but must you go for ugly botched aunty instead?

Anonymous 6658

it's not just him; you have the whole justin bieber, 1d thing too. twinky dudes get marketed to teenage girls because it seems less offensive than marketing muscly dudes or actual 'men'.

Anonymous 6659

Screenshot 2020-08…

Speaking of botched aunties, Taemin looks like a lesbian aunt here lol.

Anonymous 6660



Anonymous 6661


Justin Bieber and Harry Styles were cute teen boys, it's only normal for teen girls to be attracted to them, you can't really compare that to the botched mess in their late 20s that BTS is. I totally understand women prefering attractive young men over hairy, muscly, fat "manly" men but BTS aren't attractive at all. Why simp for them instead of the plenty other much more attractive twinky dudes out there? If you have yellow fever and absolutely need an asian guy, there are plenty of cute korean boys on yt or insta too. Or other more attractive kpop idols e.g. why go for jimincel when younger, taller, cuter eunwoo exists?

Anonymous 6662

They're so rich, and yet they look like homeless people

Anonymous 6668

>Justin Bieber and Harry Styles were cute teen boys

Were they really tho anon? Questioning your taste level right now because Harry Styles looked like a fucking chihuahua or whichever dog breed that has wonky eyes
Zayn was pretty tho… but also anorexic w/ legs thinner thay gigi hadids

Anonymous 6670


1d were pretty mediocre looking. also their bodies were unattractive, they were all either too skinny or too chubby. at least the majority of bts members have decent bodies (toned and slim) even if their faces are uggo

Anonymous 6671


They ONCE had abs now they can't even keep up that. It's their only job to look good but they're all haggard and flaccid, looking like malnourished twinks. At least on EXO some members are professional enough to keep their body in shape

Anonymous 6673


I never found them attractive either but they were famous teens (Bieber was literally only 15), so of course little girls their age were bound to flock to them.
Bts only shot to international fame the last 2 years, even the youngest are in their mid 20s already, the olders are close to 30, yet 13-year-old girls hail them as gods. My point is that there would be plenty of younger much less plastic boys out there to stan, so I don't understand the obsession with bts. Have you ever seen any pic of them with fans? Even the smallest preteen girl is already taller than those twinks. Nothing extraordinary about their bodies, they're just average weightwise, again there would plenty of much hotter dudes on instagram etc.

Anonymous 6674

I think you're overcomplicating the whole thing. BTS are the most popular kpop group (bc of luck, sad boi underdog image and rabid fans forcing them down everyone's throat), so when 13 year old girls go through their koreaboo phase they flock to them first. and because of stan culture they then feel the need to constantly praise their visuals. There's a ton of male celebrities who are shilled as attractive despite being ugly, it's really nothing new.

Anonymous 6677

i feel so bad for Mina (former member of aoa)

Anonymous 6680


I saw that she uploaded and then deleted an ig post that sounded like a suicide note and she poster her self harm pictures with flowing down her wrist. She really needs to be put in some type of facility to help her. I feel really bad for her.

Anonymous 6684

Screenshot 2020-08…

Yoongi really needs to lay off the filters kek

Anonymous 6685

He looks like BigHit dragged his lifeless corpse out of a casket and he really just wants to go back and have a rest in there.

Anonymous 6686

To be fair Taem looked like a plastic'd out lesbian aunt even before debuting.

Anonymous 6687

samefag, apparently k-netz have been calling him shindong again bc of the pic on the left so i guess he posted the one on the right as damage control lol

Anonymous 6688


Ironically he manages to look like an ugly middle aged woman in both of them. Must suck to have all the money in the world and still look like shit.

That's how all kpop boys will end up looking sooner or later. You can't just remove huge parts of your facial bones to look uwu soft in your early 20s and then expect all the flesh and skin to magically not sag once you start aging. Just look at all those army pics of idols, so many are skinny, aren't even 30, yet already have doublechins because they literally don't have a jawbone anymore. Same for cheek bones: having soft round cheeks might be cute when you're young, but as an adult having them filed down will make you look tragic.
All those idols who are now seen as unattracive because of stronger features will have the last laugh, because unlike shapeless blobs like pic related they have a chance of going into acting etc.

Anonymous 6689

Eek, he looks like the cliche doughy faced perverts in every other anime

Anonymous 6691


And this is his idol-sona kek

Anonymous 6695

>idols caught eating out during covid again
why can't they fucking learn

Anonymous 6696

>posts yet another self-harm pic because people stopped talking about her for 15 minutes
i don't

Anonymous 6703


He's such a faggot… he basically looking trans now, no bulge to be reported yikes… how could any straight girl be attracted to this??

That dude from Winner looks like Shae from the L word (that power dyke). Can't believe he's the visual. Also he has the voice and gums of ppl who are heavy smokers lol

Anonymous 6708


Anon, him and his buddies looked trans since 2015.

Btw our queen Han Seo Hee got her charges dropped, may the spilling of tea against male idols continue kek

Anonymous 6709

Nah 2015 was dope/fire era? Or I you?? Jimin went trans during wings era, lost all his muscles, tried to be anachan and started with the faggoty chanel fashions

How HSH charges got dropped tho?? Money is everything huh

Anonymous 6717

I heard her mom is a lawyer

Anonymous 6718


Is V wearing a wig lmao

Anonymous 6719

It looks like a wig. The consistency of that hair is so shit, I really doubt it's his natural hair.

Anonymous 6725

The mullet must be fake

That would make sense although someone here or on lolcow said her mom was a school principal and her dad a CEO of a tech company

Anonymous 6746

>posts bloody wrists all over insta for a whole month
>refuses police investigation because "they did not want to make the issue bigger"

Anonymous 6747


Why aren't we talking about Kyla?
>woozi dated pinky
>wonwoo had a gf since predebut
>ex-pristin eunwoo dated a The Boyz member
>minkyung dated a victon member
>yaebin wanted to fuck around but no idols wanted her
>yaebin used to live in the philippines
>yaebin and eunwoo fatshamed kyla at award shows
>momoland nancy is fatphobic
>pristin members snuck out to go clubbing so often that pledis threatened to install cctv cameras around their dorms
>xiyeon threatened to leave the group if they did that
>kyla would purposefully miss flights back to SK when recalled by pledis
>pledis had a meeting with pristin where the CEO dared the members to terminate the contracts knowing that they can't afford repaying the trainee debts and termination fees (which is why nobody left until pledis cut them loose)
>pinky and xiyeon were the only ones who can afford it
>pledis CEO ripped up xiyeon's contract and called her a retard in front of everyone
>xiyeon opens personal ig acc two weeks after
>kyla and her brother hate each other because he contracted an STD from his ex-gf and went out gambling and kyla told their parents
>nayoung was the only ex-pristin member who's ice to kyla
>liked edits of herself and vernon on her finsta

Anonymous 6748

unless she has some sort of groundbreaking evidence it wouldn't be worth the effort on her part.
cause half of that sounds fake lmao. assuming it's all true Kyulkyung was dumb stay in pledis after most of the other members left. and I wonder how Kyla going MIA played into pristin going on hiatus even though she didn't really have fans.

Anonymous 6749

>cause half of that sounds fake lmao
So did momo and heechul.

>assuming it's all true Kyulkyung was dumb stay in pledis after most of the other members left

Did you even read? It costs money to break contract.

Anonymous 6752


Fuck I can't stop laughing. This fatso has it bad for vernon

Anonymous 6753

I know this is a pre-release but this album feels like it's going to flop. Does anyone even care about superm anymore?
Ok? she probably had enough money to leave by that point assuming her parents that wouldn't just pay it off.
that's embarrassing. crazy how all of her siblings tried clout chasing using the minuscule amount of fame she had. All of that drama with her brother was a sign I guess.

Anonymous 6755


Sperm is best described as a very poor attempt at getting extra cash in some kind of music label tycoon game. They reused some of NCT 127's outfits from one of the eras apparently (I don't follow, so don't know which one exactly). And I mean, have you even fucking seen the shirts? I'm gonna shit myself from laughing if I see it again.
I'm not even gonna listen to their music, Jopping was already bad enough lmaooo

Anonymous 6756

Screenshot 2020-08…

The older members are really starting to show their age, Jin genuinely looks like a dad here. Also what's going on with Yoongi's chin, it's merging into his neck lol

Anonymous 6758

They all look so mediocre I could find a white boy just walking on the street more attractive than them. Stan twitter really needs to have a better look.

Anonymous 6759

that first shirt can't be real. hopefully when some of the members enlist SM will silently end this and save themselves from further embarrassment.

Anonymous 6763


>svt caught plagiarizing AGAIN
Will BH even allow woozi to produce their next cb?

Anonymous 6764


big hit really have some great producers huh, from suga to woozi

Anonymous 6770

his jaw shave really was a mistake hul
has this spread into the korean side yet? but even then pledis is just gonna try to ignore this until it blows over lol

Anonymous 6771

A banger that never got the light of day because no one cared about Sonamoo in 2019. Pls check it out even tho itll probably be their last song.

I almost wish I had gotten into them before but its probably for the better that I wouldnt have to experience TS's fuckery if I had gotten invested.

Anonymous 6772

>imagine dragons
>post malone

He needs to find better artists to plagiarise from.

Anonymous 6773

It really was. Yoongi looked fine the way he was but then he tried to become more of a cute flower boy and now he looks like a blobfish lol.

Anonymous 6774


Damn you just know Suga is gonna get really fat in the near future, everything about him looks so soft and feminine in a bad way…
Jk is the only one who's ok, V looks like an even faggier version of Shrek's Prince Charming and the rest is just botched and fug (like they've always been lol)

Anonymous 6775

Suga looks like he's gaining weight tbh, his arms are bigger than jimin's now. Normally I'd say an idol gaining some muscle would make them more attractive but combined with his face it just looks weird.

Anonymous 6777

Another nugu bullying scandal…Mina really did make an impact. ANS are rookies but i dont think theyll be able to escape the stigma

Anonymous 6781


Finding a hard time carrying about this bc except for svt everybody involved is a nugu

Pic related: did V have implants or did he just dye his receding hairline?

Anonymous 6782

His current hairstyle is indeed ridic but he still got the best face and bone structure

Anonymous 6784


Any Idols who are blatantly faking their heights? (dont just respond with "all of them", I know that)

Pic related is what is apparently a 2cm height difference according to their profiles

Anonymous 6787


Who are the dudes in your picture? I don't even think that they have much of a height difference (if you look at their faces), it's just that the guy on the left has a narrow af body while the one on the right has one of the worst and unnatural looking helmet hairstyles I've ever seen.

>dont just respond with "all of them"

But it's the truth, anon.
Anyway, pic related: all of them are wearing flats, Krystal is 5'5 while Lay claims to be 5'10 and Yibo also says he's 5'10…kek
I think Exo (or male SM idols in general) are amongst the worst liars.

Anonymous 6788


6'0 vs. 5'8 and 5'7

Anonymous 6789


6'0 vs. 5'7 should also be a bigger difference (plus god knows how many insoles he wears)

Anonymous 6790


6'1 Chanyeol is the same height as 5'10 Jin who's likely also exaggerating

Anonymous 6791


Taeyang claims to be 5'9…

Anonymous 6792


Anonymous 6793


Anonymous 6794

Nta but they're from txt. Only bighit's stylists would think to dye/style someone's hair like that

Anonymous 6795


Original anon here. Yeah beomgyu and Yeonjun from txt. I know the picture was low res but I’m still convinced beomgyu is lying about his height

Anonymous 6796


I'm too old for Twitter stan shit. Is there a reliable source for these rumors or is it just random screencaps floating around?

Anonymous 6798

‏ً - but im lying

Someone posted a screen recording in a now deleted tweet (1293682557666463744), though I saved the video. Most of the discussion took place in Kyla's discord group and twitter DMs so screencaps are pretty much the best one can hope for.

Anonymous 6799



Anonymous 6801

Has it been revealed who did the bullying yet? 4chan saying it was Bian?

Anonymous 6802

kpg flipping out over the possibility of tzuyu dating lol

Anonymous 6804

That's so bad… There's no way that girlgroups make more than a couple bucks from sales, and that is used to pay off their debt…

Anonymous 6806


Pinky confirmed for manlet lover.

Anonymous 6808


Kyla is a bullshitting attention whore who's "fame" is based on people feeling sorry for her weight. Pinky has had plenty of dating rumors in China already, there's no way she'd need to date the midget king of all idols, she'll either go for some handsome celebrity or an old rich fart.
For example, link is her and the son of a billionaire http://centkent.blogspot.com/2019/03/agency-of-zhou-jieqiong-issues.html?m=1

Anonymous 6809

hopefully a new couple is revealed soon. it feels like it's been forever since the Heechul and Momo reveal and idek if Jihyo and Daniel are still dating
I agree with the first part but out of all the rumors I don't think it's that hard to believe. iirc they joined pledis pretty early on so they could've briefly dated when they were trainees or something.

Anonymous 6810


Lmao she's a trannyhater so everything against her is fair game now, kpoppies are so ruthless
Also interesting that she attacked the other half white girl the most (who happens to be much prettier than her) and she's shipping herself with the only half white male idol. It's nearly as if sees herself as above full asian… kek

Anonymous 6811


Anonymous 6812

Lol I bet these same kpoppies who cry about “knetz Bullying” and “Remember Sulli and Hara Guys!!!”

Also which Idols seem very insecure about their appearance? I know Felix and Seonghwa shitty selca editing gets memes a bit on gaypg

Anonymous 6814


Truly kek can’t wait for the full mv where they rip off boy with luv

Anonymous 6816


Anonymous 6817

What a manlet faggot
I just hate seeing his fish face these days
Get out of the closet ot gtfo tbh

Anonymous 6828

Lmao Lolcow users migrated here
How bout yall make a different thread where you can sperg
Did yall even read the description
Please don't say stuff like 'he just ugly', cause everyone knows beauty is subjective
Please do not disrespect
But its fun so dont mind me mini modding <3
What are some amazing vocal highlighting songs yall like these days
Because 4th generation vocalist arent cutting it for me tbh

Anonymous 6829

isnt those sales 4 hours after the release
also i thought they had 200k pre orders what happened to that

Anonymous 6830

Are you joking me? Look at Chanyeols shoes compared to Jin lol
Idk what to tell you but thats deffo a 10 centimeter difference you see there
Naeun and Jaehyun are lying about their height
I saw lots off dumb Nctzens claim Rose was probably 173 ish cm lol. Shes the only confirmed heigh, I feel like Naeun is 160 cm and Jaehyun is 175 at most

Anonymous 6831

i like this one, Jaebeom's part at the end is pretty good

Anonymous 6832

>Lmao Lolcow users migrated here
You're dumb, cc was started on lc, the percentage of miners who aren't farmers is likely less than 5% (and those are trolling scrotes). If you want a kpop hugbox you can go to twitter, yt, insta, reddit, literally everywhere.
And yes, I read the description, it clearly says
>anyone's opinion is valid!!!
so we're allowed to call oppar an ugly faggy twink as much as we want.

>yall, yall, yall

Anonymous 6833

It's their first official english single. enjoy incomprehensible mumbling.

Anonymous 6836

even more uninteresting than BWL

Anonymous 6837

>bts and twice in an engrish-off

Anonymous 6838


I don't get what aesthetic they're trying to go for these days, they always look so mismatched.

Anonymous 6839

>Seven out of eight ANS members terminate their contracts after Haena bullying controversy
Holy crap

Anonymous 6841

it's drowned in autotune, again
couldn't get past the first verse

Anonymous 6842

Apparently from the other members, it was just another case of a nugu company being humongous shits. The Haena thing probably made them radioactive, so I hope they succeed in jumping off their sinking ship of a group.
This might be unpopular but I really can't hear the autotune people are talking about?? Not that this mediocre ripoff of the already mediocre boy in luv is anything worthy of praise

Anonymous 6844

I honestly liked Twice's english better than BTS's English. I couldn't even understand BTS with all the autotune, high pitched singing, and the loud instrumentals. Can't wait for it to reach a high number on the billboard charts just for it to fall off the next week like their last single.

Anonymous 6845

Not that surprised honestly. Love foolish was like 1/3rd English and even though it was mostly short phrases their pronunciation was really good. Shame more and more is such a bad song to promote

Anonymous 6846

Imo what they meant is the autotune is so excessive because when I hear each one of them sing, all of them sound the same. Even the 'rappers' and 'singers'. This wasn't the case for their older (and korean) songs. Could be because their english pronounciation is so bad so in order to fix that all they did was edited the hell out of their voices. But it didn't fix how incoherent it was.

Anonymous 6850

this is supposed to be english? between lizard jimin's screeching and the excessive vocal processing i could barely even tell what they were saying

Anonymous 6851

Then you have some hearing impairment my friend. some jimin lines are almost daft punk levels of autotune distortion

Anonymous 6852


Pic related: taehyung's mood in every American interview. He's either not even bothering to look at the camera or giving death stares

Anonymous 6855

>assigns a 5 year old discarded zara larsson song as their title track
Whether it's because of the dating scandals or something else, JYP's really putting next to no effort into Twice anymore.

Anonymous 6856

Is 2chen shutting down or is someone taking over? I noticed that /qa/'s gone

Anonymous 6857

Screen Shot 2020-0…

is this what you're referring to?

Anonymous 6865

i looked at a thread on /tv and it said that it would be shutting down or changing owners on the 31st of august– maybe that has something to do with it?

Anonymous 6868

Can we talk about how creepy kpoppies obsession with photoshopping their oppars and unnies faces onto other people is? They just take whatever picture and morph their idol's face onto it and boom, 100k retweets/likes. And when normal people or fans of the celebrity whose pic got taken tell them that it's annoying/uncomfortable/disrespectful they immedately get aggressive and claim that "everybody has been doing that since decades, chill!" (or they go the usual "nobody knows who that is anyway lmao"-route). Nobody does that but you kpoppies… Just imagine somebody dared to put a white boy's face onto bts… And you can't say that you did it because you simply liked the hair or outfit of said person either, because you literally left their entire body, head etc and only plastered Jiminnie's eyes and mouth onto them.

Anonymous 6871

People do that? Out of all the things Ive seen kpoppies get fixated over, deepfakes hasnt been one of them

Anonymous 6872

I think you're getting too butthurt by people photoshopping other people's faces onto someone else. its not that big of a deal since its just memes and they look clearly photoshopped. kek
unless you're talking about something else?

Anonymous 6874

nta but i've mainly seen it in regards to pornography or lewd photos? (i.e. armys will photoshop one of the BTS members faces onto a shirtless selfie or something) it's definitely not the worst thing kpop fans have done, but it does really irk me when creepy male fans photoshop female idols faces into porn

Anonymous 6875

Screenshot 2020-08…

it's been 7 years and jimin is still yoyo dieting. bighit should just hire dieticians for BTS so that they can actually healthily maintain their weights, instead of fluctuating all the time.

Anonymous 6876

and people say itzy's "love yourself" concept was hypocritical kek

Anonymous 6888

download (10).jpg

I'm actually sort of excited for Blackpink's new song with Selena Gomez. From the teaser they put out, it sounds like cute summer song. Reminds me a bit of AIIYL.

Anonymous 6890

I'm past the point of getting my hopes up. I just hope it's not awful

Anonymous 6891

What do you all think of the Blackpink/Selena Gomez song? I think it's okay. Not bad, but not anything amazing either.

Anonymous 6892

Well it's not aiiyl 2.0 but it doesn't sound like their previous 3 songs so progress I guess. I don't hate it but it didn't really click with me.

Anonymous 6893

After listening to it a couple more times, I actually like it. It's a cute song.

Kinda disappointed that it wasn't aiiyl 2.0 but I'm glad they got out of that ddu du ddu du remix era they've been in for the past few years.

Anonymous 6894

I think it's just plain awful. I'd rather have all the ddu-du-ddu-du clones than this thing that is a song only in theory.

Anonymous 6896

pretty bad. it's not in the same vein as their other noise music title tracks (ktl and hylt) but it's still pretty bad in its own right. it didn't even feel like it had a chorus

Anonymous 6898

Does anyone know why kpop discussion isn't allowed on lolcow?

Anonymous 6899

It was bringing too many twitterfags to lolcow.

Anonymous 6900

Plus there was a ridiculous amount of in-fighting towards the end

Anonymous 6901

I liked it, it's fun and personally I enjoy the goofy lyrics but I really wish Selena wasn't in it. She's not bad but feels very unnecessary, like imagine if Jisoo had gotten her lines to sing instead. Them collabing with her just seems like entirely a ploy for more attention in North America but I don't think they need gimmicks like that

Anonymous 6903

dropped a dislike and closed that shit

god that was awful

Anonymous 6904

i'm surprised jisoo's english was even more understandable than rose's lol.

Anonymous 6908

It's awful. I watched it yesterday and it sounds really fucking bad.

Anonymous 6931

what did you guys think of their vma performance?

Anonymous 6932


Tao is the tallest idol (aside from Kris) and he's also only 180cm, so it's easy to guess just how short the entire rest is lol.
I also think that most male idols are lying about their weight too, no matter how short you are, <60kg for a man is just unrealistic. Especially for somebody like Jk who's muscular but wants to claim not much more than 60kg at a height of supposedly 178cm.
I think most idols are 170-173cm and 65-70kg.

Anonymous 6933

Jk's definitely not ever been under 60kg but jimin and yoongi definitely go under 60kg when they're skinny. <60kg for their height isn't even underweight until you reach the low 50's.


Who in bts is gay? I’m pretty sure Jimin is but who else. They’re way too fucking twinky to all be straight.

Anonymous 6935

Nah, Jimin acts gay for fun and attention.

Anonymous 6936

I don't think any of them are gay to be honest, they all act gay af for their fans I wouldn't take any of their on-camera actions seriously. I thought Heechul was gay for YEARS and turns out he pretended to be gay so he could prey on young girls….

Anonymous 6937

I'm devastated. The thread was insane but so much fun.

Anonymous 6938

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Male heights are an eternal mystery. Lucas confirmed at Knowing Brothers that hes around 183 and apparently Kai is 182???? Lucas literally towers over them

Anonymous 6939

What do we think about sperms newst attempt at relevancy?

Anonymous 6941

Nah Tao isn't the tallest… Changmin was measured barefoot in a Western interview and he was indeed 185cm

U new to kpop? They all look like twinks but fuck gangnam unnies irl. If I had to bet on anyone from BTS being actually gay it would be just Jimin tho

Anonymous 6943

I made a thread on /m/ about this place and the LC jannies deleted it lul
(my permaban "reason" was just given as 'no', fucktards won't even cite a proper reason from the rules page these days).

They don't want mod kpg anyone, fine I guess. but they also refuse to let the discussion happen elsewhere that won't be of their concern wtf? I'm thinking of making another post on /meta/ but in all honesty now I just want to spam it on every board solely to piss the jannies off.

Anonymous 6944

Screenshot 2020-09…

Jimin looks like a frail little old lady here kek

Anonymous 6946

I liked it a lot actually. I wish their songs would be less mark and taeyong ft everyone else but I think it's good. way better than 100

Anonymous 6947

>Lucas confirmed
That doesn't mean anything, all men do is lie.

Guess I forgot him. But nevertheless both Tao and him tower over idols who claim to be (over) 180cm, they likely add a good 10cm to their actual height, which leaves idols who are already officially short at not much more than 160cm.

That permaban is your own fault, anon. They repeatedly said No, people repeatedly made new threads who immediately got locked, what did you expect?

Their billboard win is so undeserved, it's infuriorating. I just quickly clicked on it and was immediately shocked again by the "lyrics"… Their outfits are I guess supposed to be retro, but it looks more like the cheap and ugly stuff my middle aged dad wore when he took my mom to dinner in like 2007. Those adult reactors, journalists, etc are all lying when they praise them, this is objectively shitty and extremely low effort.

Anonymous 6948

The unspoken truth is that BTS were so desperate to appeal to the masses, that they let others write a song for them in english, because they know too well they wouldn't be as successful with a korean song. They basically removed the K from Kpop.

Anonymous 6949

Checked out the B>>6833
The song itself isn't bad tbh but their pronunciation and the lyrics… and the autotune is horrible. No wonder SM is pushing sperm so much, they must think if the fuglies in BTS can make it so can anyone

Anonymous 6950

legit feel bad for him. he obviously has severe self-image issues to be starving himself to this degree. also he needs to let the fucking circle lenses go they are so gross and distracting

Anonymous 6951

Does anyone watch superm content? I have been watching their recent lives and promotions and have to get this off my chest. Kai absolutely hates Lucas and lowkey bullies him. He always seemed awkward with him, but his dislike is so glaringly obvious now. In the beginning, lucas was lively but now he looks dead inside in any superm content.

Anonymous 6953

do you have any examples?

Anonymous 6954

I wonder how the older members who are like 8 years into their career feel about being overshadowed by ty and mark. Im sure they thought that being in exo they would end up being the most popular members in superm but no one curr about kai and baek

Anonymous 6955

Possibly unpopular but I prefer 100 to tiger inside
Either way though sperm is an embarrassing meme that SM should have stopped shilling two comebacks ago

Anonymous 6956


Bit old but what are y’all’s opinion on pic related
I’d say oh my girl’s getting cancelled rn but this is like the nth time they’ve had a scandal like this and they have more than enough kfans to sustain themselves

Anonymous 6957

Nta but at least it's obvious that their friendship is totally fake. I watched maybe 3 interviews of them and they always mention the exact same rehearsed stories. Mark is a big shinee fan, taeyong loves baekhyun and slept in his bed, lucas and kai are always "fighting" with each other, baekhyun always joked about forcing the exo members to shower with him, now sperm supposedly does that too…sm basically assigned pairings of one young + one older member.
It's likely he doesn't like him, but personally I don't think kai is downright bullying lucas, he's just childish in general, plus he had the role of the youngest in his group for nearly a decade and now he's suddenly the older one.
But on the other hand, lucas "I'm the most handsome!"-shtick is grating af, so who knows…kek
On him looking dead I disagree, dude just doesn't seem to understand much korean but otherwise looks happy.

Mark and taeyong getting the most lines =/= them overshadowing and nobody caring about the older members.

What I noticed is (other than the songs being painfully bad) that their dancing isn't in sync, it really looks as if they barely practiced together.

Anonymous 6958


not really a fan of it even without CA drama but I don't think their western fanbase was ever big. I think it was last year that they toured in the US and a lot of their shows had empty seats. Imo they should've gone with these teasers as the focus instead.

Anonymous 6960

you positive jhope isn’t gay lmao??

Anonymous 6963

apparently it's supposed to be a reference to princess mononoke? american/international fans were losing their minds over it as they always do

Anonymous 6966

I'm not complaining about the permaban you idiot. I went into it fully anticipating a ban which btw is trivial to get around. My point was that they deleted the thread instead of sticking a bright red (USER WAS PUT OUT TO PASTURE FOR THIS POST) like they usually do. How fucking insecure do they have to be?

Also it wasn't a kpg thread it was literally just a posting saying 'since the faggot mods won't let us shitpost about kpop here we have a thread going on cc'.

Anonymous 6967

never listened to their music but anybody that makes twitterfags seethe is based in my book

Anonymous 6969

This entire Sperm shit is just so embarrassing.
I watched their episode on Knowing Bros and one can't help but feel sad for them because of how pathetic it is. They aren't dumb, they know exactly how much they're flopping, yet they still have to endure humiliating "They're global/worldwide!", "You're the avengers of kpop, right?"…
Also: Taeyong and Mark rapped a song, Taeyong + Ten + Mark + Lucas had a dance medley and Taeyong performed a self composed song. Guess what Baekhyun, Taemin and Kai did… Yet on twitter I still saw people complaining about Lucas not being allowed to rap etc. Baekhyun can obviously talk more, simply because him and the hosts already know each other, Lucas' Korean is still very lacking, he speaks so slowly, what exactly do people expect, there's only so much the MCs can do to make it fun or interesting.
It also pisses me off that people try to force them on everybody, like no, just because I like Exo or because you like NCT doesn't mean that we have to support what rich adult men do outside of their originial group's activities, nobody is entitled to fans' time and money just because "they work so hard!". It also makes me wonder just how gullible the average kpop fan is that they really can spout shit like "B-but the boys love being in Superm! Reading those comments will make them feel so sad!" Literally how would you know? They're kpop idols, faking shit is a major part of their job. People are even already shipping Kai and Lucas…please just stop everybody, it makes ratmys feel (rightfully) smug.

I would also like to know? In this show they dissed each other with Lucas saying Kai isn't as handsome as him and Kai saying Lucas will never be able to dance as good as him but it was just friendly banter (at least supposedly so). Were there other instances or what makes you believe this?

Video related is a pretty good comparison of Kai's vs. Taeyong's dancing, who do you think is better?

Anonymous 6972

I really enjoyed kpg. I don’t fully understand why it was banned in the first place tbh

Anonymous 6973

clc finally come back! as always i really liked it

Anonymous 6988

you could bother to scroll up a little bit to find out, as it's been mentioned a couple of times now itt, or better yet take a look at the final threads over on lc, considering they're still very much available for reading.

Anonymous 6989

>Big Hit Entertainment announces they expect to be able to postpone Jin's military enlistment to the end of 2021

Anonymous 6990

Why did they even go on that show, aren't they supposed to focus on the west?

Anonymous 6992

armys won't calm down until yoongi enlists anyways.but I'm still disappointed
they probably can't do much overseas promo because of corona.

Anonymous 6995

I think the only thing that would get armys to calm down would be a dating scandal or if one of them suddenly got married like chen did. Hopefully dispatch will actually reveal a couple next year.

Anonymous 6996

Literally how? They changed the rules and now everybody as to serve when they turn 28 at the latest.

Fans always deny it, but the public sentiment towards bts possibly being excempt is somewhat accepting now, the backlash wouldn't be that big, so they likely hope that they really won't have to, because this would be an insane loss of money for bh. Other groups rarely come back anyway, but bts are always churning out content on the daily, so their fans aren't used to breaks.

I personally don't feel like a year is long at all, feels like yesterday that minho, xiumin and do enlisted and now they soon come back already, it's no big deal.

Anonymous 6997

Did any of you like A.C.E's new song?

Anonymous 7001

I did. I found it pretty good and catchy. Much better than Savage.

Anonymous 7002

pretty good. The chorus was kinda meh but i think the verses made up for it

Anonymous 7003

The korean gp absolutely wouldnt be ok with them getting exempt what you talking about lol they're already getting heat because of the possible new law that would make deferment until 30yo possible to idols
Hopefully the backlash will start with that corrupt Jin postponement. Stop being a fucking coward and enlist already. It's not like anyone would care about him gone anyways, he's the most expendable member there

Anonymous 7004

They're now saying that Jin doesn't have to enlist until the end of 2021.. I thought he had to enlist this year? I just wish he'd go now and get it over with.

Anonymous 7005


>The korean gp absolutely wouldnt be ok with them getting exempt what you talking about lol
See pic. Until only a short time ago the responses were a lot more opposing, right now many are arguing that they bring "honor" to their country and thus should be rewarded just like winning athletes.

>Kai absolutely hates Lucas and lowkey bullies him.
Receipts, anon?

sage 7006

I find it funny how quickly kpop stans forgave jungkook, jaehyun eunwoo and the other guy for going clubbing during the pandemic. They’re the same types to get mad at those stupid influencers for partying, yet when their oppars do it it’s conveniently forgotten.

Anonymous 7007


I can't imagine actually getting to debut only to get ~exposed~ by twitter stans. Only an idiot would think it's a good idea to run a messy stan account while trying to break into the industry.

Anonymous 7008


Lmao thanks for telling us about that drama, anon! It's been less than 12 hours since his debut was announced and he's already cancelled by entire kpop twitter. He messed up so badly, it makes you think he's a troll, he basically covered any single thing one can get cancelled for: aside from looking ugly af, he 1. tweeted gross stuff about Jimin (he's gay) 2. hated on Exo 3. insulted black Exo fans 4. and harrassed them (saving their pics to bully them). He apparently auditioned for SM but only got into Aoa's agency. A true legend kek

And those people calling him out immediately means that nobody can accuse them with "but why didn't you come out and say something earlier?!" like they usually do.
Guess the times there bad people got to have a career are over, seeing as most assholes are attention whores who always have a social media history. Dude literally posted about him trying to become an idol and thought nobody would remember or just let everything slide…

Anonymous 7009


Anonymous 7010


Anonymous 7011


Anonymous 7012

>unironically using pann as a source for korean gp opinion
lmao how dumb r u

Anonymous 7014

who else from canada is gay?

Anonymous 7015

nta but if i remember correctly, a member of the boyz is from vancouver and it's an inside joke among their fans that he acts like your typical sassy gay man

Anonymous 7016

I had high hopes because I really liked the trailers and I'm into the aesthetics of the MV, but the song itself is a bit meh to me, which is sad.

I also feel like they are getting the gg ready for the exempt, because I feel it becomes the topic more and more frequently, which is also a way to getting the gg loose interest and in the end don't care that much anymore, because with frequent exposure to a topic, it won't be as shocking and therefor as interesting, if that makes sense.
Still, military service is a huge thing in SK, but BTS is at the moment too. Maybe also a reason why they through out content left and right without care for quality (I'm sorry…), because they need to be relevant and successful in the west for all costs.

Anonymous 7017

Let me serve you some Wonho meat pie, ladies

Anonymous 7019

Screenshot (225).p…

Do you think the reason SM is such a mess is because many of the people in charge are older/ex-idols? Like it's nice that they don't just throw them on the street but on the other hand, it's not like they're professionally trained to do those jobs.

Taemin even openly complained that they just spoilered his new song, although he intended to release it in a completely different way:
>SHINee's Taemin told fans his agency SM Entertainment ruined his comeback. Taemin is set to make a solo comeback with his full album 'Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1' on September 7 KST, but it looks like his comeback isn't going according to plan. On September 4, the SHINee member posted a message on the 'Dear.U Bubble' platform, stating that a preview of his upcoming song was revealed without prior notice on his reality series 'Rare Taem'. He wrote, "I don't know why the 'Criminal' song was released on 'Rare Taem', but… it's not a bright song… Why was it used like this? My plans have collapsed. I'm so upset. It's the kind of song that shouldn't have given a first impression like this. It's really so depressing. Really."

Anonymous 7020

this is actually pretty good

Anonymous 7021

it makes me so frustrated bc SM really has the budget to manage their idols in the best way possible, yet it seems like they only do the bare minimum just because they know they'll get more than enough income to survive bc fans eat up anything their bias group puts out. They never actually give their artists or the fans what they want.

Anonymous 7022

just realized how many schizos are on akp
currently stalking the comment history of one, what a freaking rabbit hole

Anonymous 7023

that akp forum is pretty weird and sketchy

Anonymous 7024

it's actually the comments section on their articles where I found one but yeah I agree

Anonymous 7029

any screenshots?

Anonymous 7032


Lucas giving hints

Anonymous 7033

download (1).png

It's mostly the way he treats him and how lucas behaves in superm vs nct and wayv. If you watch any nct content you will see how differently he acts with superm almost like timid especially these days. Kai treats him so roughly and speaks to him like he can't stand his guts. compare it to how he treats Mark. idk man exo was the gourp where like all the chinese members yeeted the fuck out after like 3 yrs. Lucas can't speak korean and he isn't very in tune with all of their cultural stuff. in nct it didnt seem to matter and he spoke all the time and the members appeared to like him. maybe it caused some friction in superm?

Anonymous 7034

Anonymous 7035


Anonymous 7036

giphy (1).gif

Anonymous 7037

giphy (2).gif

When they are picking who would survive the zombie apocalypse kai made it weird yelling and having a serious expression. idk how kai usually acts but it didn't seem like friendly banter it seemed off?

Anonymous 7038

giphy (3).gif

the question was if you could trade lives with any member who would it be and kai said def not lucas for some reason… Lucas going against all korean convention smacked kai really hard and you can see kai like frozen for a split second before getting himself together. also peep the reactions of the others during the encounter.

Every time lucas and kai interact its so awkward and forced. kai is so weirdly aggressive with him and both physically and verbally and he calls him out passive-aggressively too. Idk my skin just crawls every time they interact like it's unbearable.

Anonymous 7039

giphy (4).gif

kai being aggressive again idk for what?

Anonymous 7040

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I may be looking into it A LITTLE TOO MUCH but after the mina bullying controversy I'll never look at groups the same way also im not the only one who noticed lucas looks miserable or that lucas kai dont mesh well

Anonymous 7041

Anonymous 7042

I just found out the majority of the girls in my uni class are K-pop people, I don't really know much about them or their music
Can someone here explain the appeal of them, their music etc so I can understand my peers a bit better? Who's the main/best K-pop and where do I go from there?

Anonymous 7043

Kai always struck me as a narcissist. Anytime I see the guy he’s being cocky and passive-aggressive

Anonymous 7044


Anonymous 7046

majority of the girls in my uni class are K-pop people
damn i feel bad for you anon. that’s a lot of autism.

Anonymous 7047

chie and yukiko.pn…

please help me anon what do i say to them i dont understand this sub-culture at all, i really want to make friends with the people i'll be studying with for three years helpppp

Anonymous 7048

i mean personally i would stay away from them bc they’re probably fucking weird and write cow hybrid jimin fanfic in their free time kek. but just try listening to some of the latest “popular“ songs i guess like dynamite or ice cream and see if u like them.

Anonymous 7052

What do you guys think about the Sulli documentary? Pppl are still obsessed with this poor girl.

I never really liked her tbh she seemed super annoying (no hate just stating how I felt about her before she passed)

Anonymous 7053

Anon are you from Asia or the west? If ur from the west I'd suggest to stay away from kpop fans who are open about it, in my experience they were always losers and weird.

Anonymous 7054

Can you fuckers take your shitty boring personal lives to /feels/?

Anonymous 7055

Got7, the only boy group from jyp that has the same members from when they debuted. Wonder if they’re gonna renew their contract this year or leave the company

Anonymous 7056

isn't jackson with 88 rising? I thought he did solo work already?

Anonymous 7057

I doubt it. JYPE has always done them pretty dirty and most of the members have had their own side projects for a long time. I hope they pull a JYJ or BEAST but that probably won’t happen

Anonymous 7058

He is doing his solo work, but he’s also doing group activities with Got7. Hope none of them will renew

Anonymous 7059

giphy (5).gif

Their most recent vlive and kai and lucas are as awkward as ever. Lucas flinches away when kai touches him

Anonymous 7060

giphy (7).gif

I wonder if lucas will snap one day and punch him in the face

Anonymous 7061

Are you lucasfags new to kpop? Pretty much standard for korean culture this truculence of the seniors (eldest) towards their juniors. Every now and then there's a vid of some kpop boy smacking their colleague.

And koreans in general are fond of those brute shit even in the middle of the street you see women beating their boyfriends bc they got jealous

It was awkward to me in the beginning but now im desensitized

Anonymous 7062

Idk know man…seems like you're very protective and ready to call anything that isn't asskissery bullying. Kpop guys are always "playing" with each other despite being adults, isn't that normal? He's not talking much, what else could they do with him? In a way, that's him getting screen time.
I could kind of even understand if the others are annoyed with Lucas, he's not doing anything, he's solely relying on his looks. And that's not really charismatic or attractive to american fans either or whatever sm hoped he'd do for the group. Imo adding another english speaking nct/wayv member might have been better. I watched that vlive of theirs and it's insane how little he understands, they were talking about chocolate and had to google and show him a pic to make him understand, then they talked about how to call their fans and after a while Lucas suddenly asks what they're even doing. I don't understand Korean but even to a non-speaker he sounds very different from the others, that most be frustrating to deal with.

It's very obvious that many of sperms interactions are forced, like in a recent video both Ten and Lucas were halfway sitting on Baekhyun's lap, like come on…or there's a video of Mark groping Kais's biceps and grinning stupidly or Kai carrying Mark, everything they do is just cheap fanservice.

The chinese exo members leaving wasn't Kai's fault, they all bawled their eyes out during their last concerts together, Lay has a successful solo career yet still doesn't want to quit the group and Luhan is following the members on instagram, and so on. According to that logic nct must be racist too because Winwin is also no longer in Korea. And what about Ten, why is he not bullied despite being a foreigner?

Anonymous 7063


Look how roughly he grabs his arm, and he's not smiling at all, poor baby…the members are probably super scared of lucas, they can't even do anything to defend themselves because he's so big…
See how that works? kek

Anonymous 7065

I live in the west, I'm guessing that these people will be a bit weird but I want to be able to get on with them.
Is Kai the naughty one? He's bigger than all the other little k boys

Anonymous 7068


>I wonder if lucas will snap one day and punch him in the face
Bullying nct and is the sole reason he bulked up, he's looking forward to that day, just looks how scared little lucas is in the back lmao

Anonymous 7069


Anonymous 7070

major kek anons

Anonymous 7078

I would punch Lucas too if I could lol yeah he's cute but I've watched him in several videos as well as both the Knowing Brothers episodes he's been in and he's such a tool. He only knows how to talk about how handsome he is. He literally doesn't talk about anything else, he even stated that in highschool he would go to the bathroom all the time to watch himself in the mirror. At least Kai is a lot funnier and he's been more comfortable in recent variety shows.

Why is it acceptable for kpop idols to be so narcissistic anyway? I've been seeing a lot of KB episodes and almost all celebrities go on and on about how pretty they were in school or some bullshit. It's so awkward.

Anonymous 7080


Looks is literally the only thing lucas knows anything about. No for real, he actually is an idiot.

>Why is it acceptable for kpop idols to be so narcissistic anyway?

Because fans eat that shit up for some reason. Especially when it's male idols.

Anonymous 7081


Anonymous 7083

sorry guys this is random and not really relevant but does anyone remember those three girls that went to a bts concert and then ended up staying in the same hotel and they bumped into them in the hotel gym (because they were stalking them)??? I remember reading about it on the KPG thread but now I can't find it.

Anonymous 7084

I think the only visual idol I’ve ever come across that doesn’t ramble about how good looking she is, is Tzuyu from Twice. She’s said a few times even that she doesn’t like it when people only recognize her good looks.

Anonymous 7085


Lmao It's a miracle that this dude even survived til now. People always use his lack of language skills to defend his behavior but on chinese tv his role is also being dumb and childish. He was on their version of running man (his fans love to brag about this as "proof" of his popularity) but he mainly interacted with yuqi from gidle, not the other real adult cast members.
Wayvfags must be amongst the most delusional when it comes to their chances of success, China has a population of over a billion, yet their official weibo has only 1 million followers (other male singers have 30-80+ million) and they sell 100k copies, so go figure just how "popular" they are…
I recently saw somebody on reddit say that they should send the members to one of the many chinese produce shows and I totally agree. As long as they trained and debuted in Korea, even total nobodies can make it super big, e.g. members of wjsn and gugudan. In Korea nobody cared about them and now look at the number of those votes, girl also immediately got commercials and movie roles, she's set for life.

Anonymous 7086

>Why is it acceptable for kpop idols to be so narcissistic anyway? I've been seeing a lot of KB episodes and almost all celebrities go on and on about how pretty they were in school or some bullshit. It's so awkward.
Major cultural differences. In East Asia attractive equals good person, having a wealthy family equals being educated and having better personality/manners (whereas people in the west would see that as being spoiled and possibly having used connections). Same with quantity over quality, process over results:
>Doesn't matter how she actually looks like, she said she only ate one grain of rice, let's praise her!
>Yes, Jimincel's voice cracked, so what?! He worked so hard!
>X trained 10 years, they must debut!
>They literally dance for 25 hours a day, don't you dare and hate on them!
Even korean actors are pulling that getting pity/praise with unrealistic things, like promoting their drama by saying they haven't slept for a week. Seriously who cares, if the movie or your acting is shit? Normal koreans, especially students also have to work super hard and nobody babies them. In the real world you get fired if you mess up, while idols can be 10 years into their career and still use the "b-but I tried so hard!" card.

Anonymous 7087

lisafags on suicide watch

Anonymous 7088


Ratmys calling Ratmon "thicc" and "zaddy" for showing those flaccid arms…. mental illness. The way these motherfuckers couldn't bulk in 7 years when their only job is to look good… pathetic tbh

Anonymous 7089

Same for Taeyong, he gets so awkward when people compliment him lol I'm sure he knows he's pretty as hell but I never see him brag about it. I don't get why koreans find bragging attractive at all. It must be hell being "ugly" in SK, seems like they would just straight up say that you're ugly to your face and you would never get the same opportunities as more attrative people.

Anonymous 7090


Lol they should see Wonho's latest MV if they want a "thicc" idol. Dude's shredded as hell lately. Too bad he's so short.

All of BTS members are looking weird as hell lately, especially Jimin. He looks so feminine but in a bad way.

Anonymous 7091

Screenshot 2020-09…

tbf his arms are thick when compared to other members

Anonymous 7092

Sure this isn't considered thicc by any sane standard but what makes you think they even want to bulk? Some k-fans would already consider this to be too much.

Anonymous 7093

Yeah mental illness when you start to normalize some men looking like jimin

Doesn't matter if they want, matters that they should look good instead of rocking the trans boi look
But actually yeah members like Jungkook and Ratmon have been saying they want to bulk for ages but never accomplished anything more than a timid 6 pack

Anonymous 7094

Screenshot (229).p…

I have nothing against twinks, but at least own up to it. You can either be a hot muscular hunk or a slim pretty boy, but if you choose the latter I don't wanna see your naked scrawny arms, shoulders, chest, belly or legs, keep covered up some. And that "I'm neither slim, nor do I have muscles" look that him or Suga have nowadays isn't really attractive either, that's just your average, low-effort asian male body.

Tbh I think dude is roiding, that's too much to be natural.

>But actually yeah members like Jungkook and Ratmon have been saying they want to bulk for ages but never accomplished anything more than a timid 6 pack
But anon! That's because they don't have any time, they're literally practicing 25/8!

Anonymous 7095

>those narrow shoulders, the weak arms and tiny hands, all those accessories, and that hair…
If you go out on the street, anywhere in the world, and show this to 1000 people, you might catch 1 kpop fan and the rest will say this is a middle aged lady.

Anonymous 7096

>matters that they should look good
For bts that's impossible. That aside, bulky idols definitely aren't the definition of "good looking" for me and a vast majority of kpop fans. wtf are you even into kpop if you're not a fan of the twinky look

Anonymous 7097


>Tbh I think dude is roiding, that's too much to be natural.
yeah i've always been sceptical about his body. but i haven't known for sure bc i know absolutely nothing about working out and steroids and stuff

Anonymous 7098


Jimin actually looks less weird to me lately. His face doesn't look as bloated and gross as it did in the last cb tbh.

Anonymous 7099

Anon seek help. There are actually kpop groups with men that look manly, you're just enabling your weird addiction

He finally unlocked a new level of anorexia

too much for asian standards, pretty regular for westerners. But yeah most likely got a help of gH at least

Anonymous 7100

The way this looks exactly like Taeyong… i threw up a little bit. And SM has the nerve of showing him shirtless, eeew.

Anonymous 7101

>Anon seek help.
lol seriously? Get over yourself retard.

>There are actually kpop groups with men that look manly

Name one that's non-nugu in SK.

Anonymous 7102

Not that anon, but Monsta X looks pretty manly and aren't nugus.

Anonymous 7103

>not nugus
Funny, I was literally going to tack on at the end of my post "not so fast mxfags" but decided against it last minute.

Nobody in SK gives a shit about mx

Anonymous 7104

2pm obvs
Tvxq arent twinks either bless for being certified 185 cm on top of that

Anonymous 7105

Nta but at least half of exo is ripped and there's more groups with at least 1 guy looking more manly if you're choosing to stan twinks that's on you

Anonymous 7106

I think it only looks unnatural because his head is so skinny and not proportional to his thick muscles.

Anonymous 7107

2pm is a good point. Still, I wouldn't call them thicc or bulky.

>at least half of exo is ripped
yeah no

>if you're choosing to stan twinks that's on you

I've explicitly admitted to preferring the twinky look, not sure what your point is.

>inb4 shindong

Anonymous 7108

Aight, Stray Kids are trying to look legal. How's that?

Anonymous 7109

images (11).jpeg

Oof thanks for the rec

Anonymous 7110

frog (18).jpg

>Stray Kids

Anonymous 7111


But mah Bang Chan…He's manly. Right?

Anonymous 7112


Anonymous 7113


They're not lying though even the fruitiest member has abs, that's better than bts oppars tbh

Anonymous 7114


Yeah. Even Bacon had abs at one point. And I always thought he was a skinny-fat.

Anonymous 7115

how are any of these idols thicker than RM in >>7088 can you just give it up already

Anonymous 7116

They aren't, not anything near japan at least. That big hit girl group was a total flop

Anonymous 7117


To me he looks kinda fat like he used to before all the standard idol twinkification.

Anonymous 7118

Get lasix ratmon is fat tops, no sight of muscles just a flaccid bigger arm pairing with his chinless moonface

Anonymous 7119

Except you were specifically complaining about bts not being thicc enough earlier.

Anonymous 7121



You have got to to be a special level retard to believe that fucking reddit post. I've seen it going around so let me help you out.

cancelnikitadragun went to school with lucas in hk and shes writing on reddit providing details about him and even knowing what he speaks at home?? She also happens to be a korean in sweeden who is really interested in kpop and makes 23480 reddit posts about WayV and Lucas on and she needs people to translate a naver article for her even though she is a korean born in sweeden who just happens to have gone to school in hk with lucas from WayV??

Man shes really living a kpop fantasy life isn't she ???

Anonymous 7123


Can we please talk about this and how much blinks are seething over it?

Anonymous 7124


Anonymous 7125


SEAfags are insane

Anonymous 7127


whats wrong with being skinny tho? Id rather be twinky jaehyun than a fat cow. imo a lot of ppl could stand to lose weight like this whole self love shtick has ppl thinking being chubby and fat is cute

Anonymous 7128

False dilemma fallacy. You talk as if the only alternative to veing a twink is being fat. Nah, there's fit, bulked, ripped etc plenty of more acceptable body shapes than that disgrace.
Also being fat as a cow is more of an Amerifag thing so can't relate to your struggles

Anonymous 7129

but why is his nickname on kpg jaefatty

Anonymous 7130

Twink or fat every single person in this pic looks terrible kek yikes

Anonymous 7131

come to think of it are there any idols that consistently look good in candids?

Anonymous 7132

idk why they're throwing a fit over it. they should be happy her nose came out looking good
I remember that lmao the girls name was Natalie. I tried finding details on it but the only thing I could find was some twitter thread on the wayback machine

Anonymous 7133


Cha eunwoo is the only one that I can think of that has no ugly pics

Anonymous 7134

New Taemin. Looks cool.

Anonymous 7135

That’s exactly what does happen unfortunately. Especially in the idol industry (which is to be expected) but also somewhat in every day life. It’s why I can’t watch variety shows. The sense of “humor” a lot of times is really just legitimate bullying.

Anonymous 7136

The song is legit catchy. superm promotion is during this time tho so taemin will prolly just be put in the backburner like last time

Anonymous 7137

i never really liked her because of the thing with rotta (she worked with this one photographer who is known for doing weird """lolita""" concept photoshoots for idols/celebrities that basically just look like pedobait and received a jail sentence for sexual assault). with that said i think she got a lot of hate from generally misogynistic male knetz and was sad when she committed suicide last year

Anonymous 7138

havent laughed this hard in a while. Shame the styling had to be so shitty (felix pls get therapy already)

Anonymous 7139

"Please dear Lord, forbid mullets for kpop oppars forever".

Anonymous 7140


That's a difficult question, close to all "no makeup no filter" pics released by fans are still somewhat edited, smoothed or super grainy.
That girl is a model, she's doing pretty well in Korea, and she got to take pics with Exo and Got7 and they look unrecognizable, especially the lenses are super uncanny.

What's with Felix?

Anonymous 7141


That whitecast kek
Kmusicandblackwomen also has a couple candids but usually only of total nugus lol

Anonymous 7142

im exaggerating for the meme but im not quite convinved felix doesnt have some sort of complex about his chin/jaw

Anonymous 7144


>All of BTS members are looking weird as hell lately, especially Jimin. He looks so feminine but in a bad way.
I think the problem is nowadays styling. There have always been male idols with girly faces and ana bodies but they were dressed in "hip hop" clothes, like athlethic wear, sneakers, snapbacks, which might look weird but still made them look like boys, whereas idols nowadays prefer "feminine elegance", like flowy silk shirts, heeled dress shoe and lots of jewelry, topped with longish/wavy hair worn down, which can make them look too aunty-like.

Also, did anybody notice that the trend in Korea went from literally no lips to massive fillers?

Anonymous 7145

Ia that styling is an issue these days but Jimin is the worst example because he's basically Ollie London now, really committed to looking like a lizzard or simply uncanny valley

Anonymous 7146

Not trying to go off-topic or get too political, but I find it embarrassing that the president of Korea wrote BTS a letter of appreciation?? Like- I can't imagine Obama writing a letter of thanks to Niki Minaj for being world-famous like they are a fucking boyband. I'm so mindfucked by it, do they really influence the GDP of Korea to this level or was that just major exaggeration by ratmys

Anonymous 7147


It's not just Jimin tho, all of them are uber feminine, even the muscular ones are wearing pastel colors and pearl necklaces…

Yeah it's fucking embarrassing kek They're so insanely patriotic, they genuinely believe (and say) they're the best country in the world.

Korea is doing well now but not specifically because of BTS. BTS and Parasite are simply the results of pushing the Hallyu wave since the 90s, that includes pop music, dramas, makeup, skin care, instant food and so on. They spread those kind of "soft" propaganda and first succeeded in Japan/China, then SEA and now in the west too. And of course it's easier congratulating some boy group who loves to play along (uwu i only eat korean food when abroad!) than admitting that all of this including kpop was a scheme organized by the government all along.

Pic, delulu ratmies thinking Jk makes fucking milk sell in Murica kek

Anonymous 7148


I don't trust netizenbuzz/translator sites on the opinion of real koreans I wonder what your average korean really thinks about all of it.

Koreans themselves call their own country "hell joseon" and many want to leave korea and live abroad so I don't think your normal working korean really thinks its that great.

I do get the sense that there is a lot of pride whenever anything korean is talked about in a positive way like they are seeking approval all the time especially from the white man

Anonymous 7149

My point is that jimin would look horrific regardless of styling because he's become another breed entirely

They don't make up for 1% of the GDP it's embarrassing that ratmies compare them to Samsung
Normal Koreans found President Moon tweet cringey but then again he has done worse like accidentally tweeting incest porn

Anonymous 7150

Many patriots have no issues when it comes to themselves complaining but as soon as a foreigner says anything but flattery it's over for them, latest example, see Sam Okyere, his career is completely destroyed. Or that random movie that used the "your pussy smells like kimchi"-joke, that's not just a couple altrighters complaining, there were thousands upon thousands of extremely aggressive and racist Koreans "defending" themselves.
And in 2018 over 700.000 signed a petition against a mere 400 refugees.
I don't know any other country (besides China and Murica) who's so full of themselves.

Anonymous 7151


She definitely posted those selfies without permission, interesting that manner hands and staying away from femalez aren't a thing when not in public lol

Anonymous 7152


I googled president moon tweeting porn and got nothing?

If they wanted to push their entertainment industry they should have focused on movies/dramas because they are actually good and worth exporting. Like all trends the kpop idol trend will die out and then what?

Anonymous 7153

I didn't follow they okyere drama cuz I knew it would be a shitshow, but I think he said some dumb shit about a woman on instagram like once u go black u never go back and he was basically called a hypocrite. I do remember they have this entire show dedicated to foreigners talking about korea and it used (is?) really popular basically these mostly white dudes talk about issues and most of them say positive things about korea especially this nerdy man with glasses that would have become an incel in america but somehow became a celebrity in korea.

it screams of insecurity like why the fuck do they give a fuck about what some white men think about korea????

Anonymous 7154


This one of ty is pretty candid its him without makeup or little makeup

id add him as an idol that consistently looks good

Anonymous 7155


Anonymous 7156

Screen Shot 2020-0…

idols next to normal people is always like a shock because they are so think and small

Anonymous 7157


>If they wanted to push their entertainment industry they should have focused on movies/dramas because they are actually good and worth exporting.
They already did. Korean dramas and therefore also actors are extremely popular in in other asian countries (especially SEA), around 10-5 years ago, before that ban, korean celebrities were literally all over China too.
The korean government orchestrating all of that is not just some conspiracy theory of kpop/bts haters, there are so many articles about it, it's an open secret.

Anonymous 7158

>all of this including kpop was a scheme organized by the government all along
Genuine question here, why is this often mentioned in a negative way? I don't think it's much different from American music/movies being popular around the world.

Anonymous 7159


Because at least America is seen as the big bully it is, while kpoppies still play oppression olympics, uwu our babies went though horrible hardships, it's a miracle that they made it, they're the underdogs, the uber genuine artists and so on.
While other countries are hated for their propaganda, Korea is praised and I fear that it'll still take a long time til all those blind kboos wake up to the truth.
Do you want to live in a world there murican and korean shit is constantly pushed into out faces everywhere? I don't.

Anonymous 7160


Exactly. The US exports culture all the time, they absolutely dominate in soft power and exports. Not to mention that the US military funds military movies ect


Also China has been paying their way into hollywood for years now thats how Kris/Luhan was able to get a role in a hollywood flick.


Anonymous 7161

stray kids minus the thin part

Also yooa dropped her solo. man her ps is the very definition of unnecessary

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