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Beepbox Song Thread Anonymous 5811

>BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies. All song data is contained in the URL at the top of your browser. When you make changes to the song, the URL is updated to reflect your changes.

I've had some fun lately making little 8bit songs on beepbox.co

I'm curious to hear what you creative anons might come up with. Post links below.

Anonymous 5815

Anonymous 5823

Anonymous 5831

Anonymous 5834

Anonymous 5839


Anonymous 5840

Anonymous 5841

Anonymous 5843

Do I have to be a musician or know music theory to make a decent piece on this website?
Nothing I make sounds like your masterpieces, like an actual melody.

Anonymous 5846

Knowing about music theory helps, but it's possible to just experiment and put things that sound good together.

Also, just tweaking the effects on the instruments is a lot of fun!

Anonymous 5848

Anonymous 5874



I greatly enjoyed the time I spent on this website. I have listened to some of the tweets posted on the website and I love them. I saw many people make various tracks that sound great, some of which I've listened to on repeat. The fact that so many people make songs leads me to believe that making music is, in fact, not something insanely difficult, nor is it a rare talent that only certain people have, as opposed to what I thought as a child. I would love to make songs or BGM myself, too. Like a minute, at least. Not just half-assed things that I've posted here >>5823

However, I don't have any functional instruments IRL and I never received any musical education at all. I was always told that music should be learned with an instrument initially, so I'm unsure if trying to compose something now would be futile. All I have is a promised piano that isn't even fixed yet, which won't fit through my door, so it's at my neighbor's place who said would give the old cranky thing to me.
Do you have any recommendations as to where I can learn some basic music-related skills online? Or maybe I should just wait for that piano? I'm just impatient, since I have wanted to learn music since I was a child, but I never had the money to buy an instrument, or even a keyboard. (I still don't.)

This is VERY fun and playing on BeepBox brings me great joy. But I also feel futility since I am unable to make anything somewhat complete. I don't know how to begin or piece parts together. I usually make something that would probably go in the middle of a song. That aside, I also don't understand how to attain balance or harmony between the blue, yellow, orange instruments. Do you have any advice?

Anonymous 5875


Anonymous 5876

>>5875 (me)

Even without an instrument, you can train to develop relative perfect pitch (not actual perfect pitch, only children can learn that) using this website:
You'll want to start with the intervals quiz; don't bother with any of the others until you know all your intervals. An interval is the pitch difference between 2 notes. A scale, like the ones you can select in beepbox, is just a collection of intervals coming from whatever note the root is, i.e. the "Key" select in beepbox (not technically accurate because a key is both a root AND a scale, for example G major has the root G and the intervals of the major scale).
Look up what the diatonic scale is, and learn what its "modes" are, especially the major and minor modes (sometimes called Ionian and Aeolian). Do the same for the pentatonic scale, and understand that it is just diatonic with certain intervals removed.
As for harmonies/chords, those are also connected to intervals. The major chord is made of a root, major third, and perfect fifth. The minor chord is a root, minor third, and perfect fifth. You will understand what this means once you learn the intervals. There are probably millions of possible chords, almost all of which you will never need.
If you any questions about any of that, or about other music-related topic (rhythms, terminology, whatever), just ask. I am bored and on break, so I will probably watch this thread.
Also, the music theory I just wrote out should be very helpful, but the best thing you can do is start practicing right away. You can use your voice if you have no instrument (I don't usually do this because I don't like singing, but I did it in high school band and it really is helpful). Practice playing scales, look up exercises online, and most of all, improvise.

Anonymous 5877

Anonymous 5880

Anonymous 5925

Anonymous 5936

Anonymous 5949

Anonymous 5950

Eh, pretty shitty.

Anonymous 5951

Anonymous 5971

Jokes on all of you, I’m going to use all of your ideas and become famous :^)

Anonymous 5988

Dont worry, she really was just being overly rude. I like it as well.

Anonymous 6058

Anonymous 6065



Anonymous 6066

Omg I love it

Anonymous 6105

fookin grimey 10/10

Anonymous 6107

You know why I love it? It sounds like some mad Pokemon legendary theme music in gen iv

Anonymous 6230

what an amazing thread! you are all so wonderful

Anonymous 6259

Anonymous 6356


I know this isn't a competition but you win
Wow I love it sometimes it sounds spooky and sometimes happy, I can't stop listening

I have some song parts but I can never make an entire song
this is church music
this is like music for a stronghold or something
this is like fighting game music but I don't know how to finish it

Anonymous 17140

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