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Celebrities you hate Anonymous 729

Shitpost away.

Anonymous 24706


Whatever this is. I can't believe she has a line of perfume.

Anonymous 24707


she very clearly has anorexia and I can't believe no one is talking about it

Anonymous 24710

All the male ones

Anonymous 24711


Anonymous 24712

Anonymous 24713

Female celebrities are just expected to be underweight sadly. Anya Taylor-Joy also very obviously has an ED but no one says anything.

Anonymous 24715

Why do Americans think anyone who isn't overweight is anorexic?

Anonymous 24718

I’m not American. I used to be the bottom range for a healthy BMI when I was younger naturally but I was never that skinny. She’s clearly underweight.

Anonymous 24719

Lady Gaga, Lena Dunham, Billy Eilish, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Ezra Miller, Hayao Miyazaki, Tavi Gevinson, Cardi B
Also seconding Ariana
I’m sure there are more, but these are the first who came up to mind

Anonymous 24720

Ah: Lana del Ray, ew

Anonymous 24745

Jonathan Van Ness annoys the hell out of me. I hate hearing his voice. When he is involved in something, I know he will make the entire situation about himself. Obnoxious narcissist.

Anonymous 24746

Is the Miyazaki hate about his work quality or how his personal life?

Anonymous 24749


Anonymous 24750

Eddie Redmane and Jared Leto.

Anonymous 24754

All the Queer Eye guys are annoying. I watched a few episodes of their Japan show and it was clear that they didn't understand Japanese culture at all. I can't believe no one called them out on it.

Anonymous 24756


Drew Barrymore. Im sure shes nice but I cant stand her in movies.

Other than that, mostly every loud mouthed moid. Elon Musk is a tool and Im shocked the world is only now realizing it.

Anonymous 24765


Anonymous 24865

Also wtf I don't know all jewish men in the media. I don't know any freaking jew, so how can i hate them

Anonymous 24874

I hate that they keep casting Anya Taylor-Joy in roles that she doesn't belong in. She looks really Argentinian and it was really distracting in Emma when she was supposed to be English. I know it would annoy me in The Northman too.

Anonymous 24879

How can she look "really Argentinian" when both her parents are basically brits (mom is English/Spanish, dad is Scottish/English, but born in Argentina)? Horses, stables etc.

Anonymous 24880

Because most Argentine people are a European mix and people are affected by where they grow up (even partially).

>Her father is an Argentine of English and Scottish descent, the son of a British father and an Argentine-British mother.[8][4] Her mother was born in Zambia to an English diplomat father, David Joy, and a Spanish mother from Barcelona.[9]


Even Anya knows it which is why she keeps bleaching her hair to straw to try and hide it.

Anonymous 24889

I think she fit the Norseman character, as she could easily pass as Slavic. I found out she was Argentinian only after Googling her after the movie because I wanted to see where she's from.

Anonymous 24898

Her eyes are too dark too be Nordic.

Anonymous 24903

The character is not Nordic, she's a Slavic slave. And either way, brown eyes are still very commmon in Scandinavia. I live here, not everyone is blond haired and blue eyed like Americans seem to think.

Anonymous 24904

try actually watching the movie next time

Anonymous 25041


Whaaats the deaaal with this guy

Anonymous 25088


This guy Hollywood shills as being "attractive" with "big dick energy." The scrote looks (and probably smells) like a public school desk ffs.

Anonymous 25093

Martin Scorsese's movies are great.

Anonymous 25118


I’ve hated him ever since he started sampling over my favorite funk/disco songs and ruining them for me. I don’t want to think of his piece of shit song every time I listen to “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder.

Also I hate how aggressively he was marketed as being clean and family friendly. It came across as so insincere to the point of him seeming really fake to me.

Anonymous 25143


Anonymous 25145


She was annoying then, and she's annoying now. The froyo thing just proved it further.

Anonymous 25146

the fucking what

Anonymous 25149

>Because most Argentine people are a European mix and people are affected by where they grow up (even partially).
What? She could pass any European.

Anonymous 25150


She basically went all Karen at an ice cream shop that didn't have food that would cater to her fat ass. It's supposed to be an ice cream shop that serves sugar-free and diet foods, and this apparently "triggered" her.

Awhile after that incident, she comes out as "non-binary". Her PR Team definitely wouldn't be behind this, oh no../s

Anonymous 25165

I used to like her back in her Disney days.

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