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Kpop Thread Anonymous 7878

A thread of all of us to talk about Kpop. The good, bad and ugly.

Follow the general rules! Be critical but don't be annoying.

Anonymous 7879

The last thread reached it maximum reply so this is the new thread.

Anonymous 7880


How weak do you think the average kpop twink is?

Anonymous 7881


Anonymous 7882

honestly not sure who this is but he looks pretty ripped especially for a twinky kpop dude

but the general majority of them are probably weak and undernourished as hell

Anonymous 7883

Screenshot 2020-09…

i think he looks the best when the bangs are longer and kinda messy. As long as it has volume on top and cover that unfortunate hairline

Anonymous 7884

the only one in nct dream that has muscles jeno.

Anonymous 7885

It's sad that we don't get a warning when the thread's about to reach its limit, I want to vote for thread pic like on lc

Anonymous 7886

also getting back to the bts dating topic, they are also rumored to only date "civilians" as korea has privacy laws to news stations about reporting on private idol-civilian relationships

ofc they're still prone to being leaked, but from what i understand news and tabloid sites can't directly out a civilian's private relationship, but can report on it once it's leaked (eg. jungkook and tattoo girl, chen and his wife)

Anonymous 7887


Thats weird tbh. I would assume that people would date those they can relate to eg. other idols, musicians, others in ent ect.

jk and that tattoo chick was just super weird to me, i'm sorry but she was uncanny and some rando. like he could do way better? at times I shudder at male idol companion choices like got7 mark and that random large tittie online streamer

Anonymous 7888

Screen Shot 2020-0…

my fave twinks

Anonymous 7889


it wasn't officially announced but according to this their debut is scheduled in the 4th quarter, for october. but i also wouldn't be surprised if it got pushed back again

Anonymous 7890


oh my god mark's titty streamer gf was actual nightmare fuel, she legitimately looked like she was about to pop

Anonymous 7891

Jaemin gives me the creeps

Anonymous 7892

lowkey same, but i want to hear ur reasons

Anonymous 7893

agreed, the dude is SO fake and insincere, he's literally like a fanservice robot fresh out of the idol factory and its creepy

plus once in a while you can see his facade crack and he's just glowering at someone in the background and it honestly creeps me out

would not be surprised in the least if he's the next generation kangin/seungri troublemaker, dude is honestly so creepy

Anonymous 7895

This was so weird and barely discussed on tt?? Like I know they're flops but not THAT flopped
Also shocking bc if sb told me he was gay i'd be like "yeah i can see that" but not only he's not gay but he also into this type of body?! I'd bet he would go for your average skinny girl

Anonymous 7896


I feel like jks the only member who’s got an actual personality

Anonymous 7897

imagine nonironically saying as a 27 year old your goal is "world peace" with a straight face

my god these people are fucking insufferable

Anonymous 7898

He’s definitely the only one that’s remained an actual human being, that’s for sure.

Anonymous 7899

Lol bc he is the only one who claims to have different hobbies? Half of this website doesnt have a personality besides being a weeboo/koreaboo then kek

All of them are bland on media because they're too coward to go off script. And those who are actually tired of following the idol routine don't bother with coming up with interesting answers anymore.

Anonymous 7900

no anon dont u know all yoongi wants is to work towards world piece while sampling massacre soundclips and dumping any responsibility on others

and namjoon is obvvvvviously going to be the next president of korea and then the leader of the UN because he speaks english!

these dudes dont put in the effort bc they know ratmys will spin anything they do into some delusional posts of grandeur, so they dont even feel the need to create a fake personality since ratmys just fill in all the gaps with their own fantasies

Anonymous 7901



Jaemin is my favorite because hes fun to psychoanalyze.

Anonymous 7902

giphy (1).gif

when he cracks

Anonymous 7903

i mean theres these scenes where he's obviously dropping the facade because he's pissed, and then just comments from members

ive seen tons of comments from his roommate jisung about how "jaemin is the weirdest person i know" and the other members saying the same thing

the dude already says hes different off camera/quiet at home, so for the members to continously mention (in a pretty jabby/passive aggressive manner) that the dude is weird says a lot

Anonymous 7904


Jimincel is the worst. He only ever talks about how much he loves and misses army and how much army inspires him. He's so freaking boring. Is he a robot or a person? He's a good dancer, but everything else he does is just for show. He gives me serious fuckboy vibes. I wish sasaengs would finally spill tea about his true nature. We all know he's not the cute uwu-boy he presents himself as.

Anonymous 7905


why do ppl think saseangs know all about idols secrets? They stalk them, so they may have some information like an outsider that follows where they go, but they dont know these people either.

If sasaengs had actual info then how was senguri able to do what he did for years? why hasn't the tea been spilled?

Anonymous 7906

God he looks like an ogre next to Irene

Anonymous 7907

sasengs know stupid shit like if idols are dating because they follow them everywhere, not weird things like shady business deals

from face value they probably knew seungri was into going to bars, but how would they know he was trafficking people?

Anonymous 7908

Just saying he's probably fucking multiple gangnam unnies everyday, while ratmies think he's their soft gay angel.

Anonymous 7911


Do you think they're going to include WayV in this? I feel like there's going to be a lot of drama no matter what.

Anonymous 7912

They do know a lot of shit by stalking/paying staff for info, they dont just disclose to everyone bc 1) they dont want 2) they would be sued for defamation

Anonymous 7913

Is this new info? I haven't seen anything about this yet. But yes, there will definitely be drama lol

Anonymous 7914

It just came out a couple minutes ago but there's no confirmation yet.
It feels like they've been coming soon for awhile now. I'm wonder what kind of concept they'll go for.

Anonymous 7915


Highkey excited because last time they did a collective NCT unit they introduced new members. I wonder if they will add the rest of the rookies they have lined up

Anonymous 7916

that and i remember listening/watching documentaries and articles about saesangs and how they feel prideful that they know this "secret information" that the general public doesnt

saesang culture is fucking weird, but its also why usually after an idol calls out saesangs there's almost always leaks and rumors bc the fans get pissed off and leak/release things to "get back"

Anonymous 7917


I don't follow bts but from what Ive read jk is the only one ppl tolerate.

what makes jk different than rm or jimin or V whom everyones seems to hate with a passion on here.

Anonymous 7918

You're excited for new nct members? Lol what makes you think they'll be better than the last batch? Especially since idol quality keeps going down. I bet if there's any new trainees they'll just end up being rich brats.

Anonymous 7919

i mean jk is the like socially stunted child star, he doesnt really do or act anyway thats unpleasant to look at other than get ugly ass tattoos and date questionable women, but honestly thats his life

V just acts like an arrogant arthoe and is honestly rude as hell (eg cnn reporter issue from a few days back, being an ass to fans, generally having a stinkface/acting like hes too good for the idol life) so he's often criticized for that

similarly RM is just also that arrogant asshole who "learned his own english and is super woke!!" but honestly is pretty mediocre in all aspects but seems to have some god complex thats obviously fed into by fans

ngl not sure why jimin gets hate other than the fact that the dude is ugly as balls and obviously has self esteem issues and is annoying as hell on camera, but i think its more so driven by his rabid fans who always push him as the most gorgeous man on earth when he cant even keep his contacts on straight

Anonymous 7923



I watch a ton of dream content so heres what I've observed about Jaemin.

Face of a 13 year old girl but body of a gym bro. Has a very strong idol persona that he just runs with at 200%. He seems very domineering like Haechan, which is why he doesn't get along with him all that well. He said himself hes stubborn and he's revealed hes prone to extremes (food, caffeine, either quiet or loud). Although he has a strong idol persona he lets his mask slip off quite often when he gets irritated. He doesn't like to be disrespected or questioned especially by those younger. He loves attention. He's one professional mofo being able to do the cringe aegyo he does as a grown man on national tv. His affectionate side doesn't seem fake as he is like that off cam too. He's flirty and greasy. Was able to seduce an older actress co-star at just 19 yrs old. I think he's going to go into acting rather than do music.

its nothing much or profound because he's really difficult to read.

Anonymous 7924


I'm excited at the prospect of a NCT indonesia or like Japan or something. I honestly like the NCT concept of ppl joining and graduating.

Anonymous 7925


Jesus, I mean he has a kpop business personality that he really dedicates all his professionalism to, but saying hes the next senguri is too much. Senguri is a sex trafficker and rapist.

Anonymous 7926


If WayV isn't a part of this all hell will fucking break loose. Fans are literally rabid about WayV and NCT interacting at this point.

Anonymous 7927

yup not to mention its clear that nct and wayv dont interact or are anything more than remote colleagues, but fans keep pushing them to act like brothers and shit

i honestly hope they don't participate together just to see the meltdown

Anonymous 7928

download (5).png

Does anyone remember this old vice interview before kpop got really popular.

During the interview the the group Infinite was interviewed and she asked some questions about girlfriends suddenly they started calling the interview lady hot and hitting on her. Their team stepped up and ended the interview on the spot.

I was just thinking how little interaction there is between male idols and women and we can't see how they actually treat women. This is prolly why.

Anonymous 7929

Damn i miss infinite

Anonymous 7931

this just reminds me of that one interview where they ask doyoung why he wants to collaborate with ariana grande and he responds "she's hot"

the funniest part is that theyre so nugu fans didnt even blink at that…can you imagine if BTS verbally admitted they wanted to collab with a western female artist bc they were "hot"? the poor girl would never live it down


Anonymous 7933

I thought that was kind of funny idk. if doyoung said that to arianas face while she was trying to interview him then i'd side eye

Anonymous 7934

oh no i didnt mean to say it was weird, i found it fucking hysterical and very not-idol like to just blurt out

i was just making an observation that if a larger group like BTS said something like that the girl would be drawn and quartered

didnt bp get fucked recently on twitter for daring to say they wanted to pave the way for kpop?

Anonymous 7935

If bts said that ratmys would find a way to make it the girls fault for seducing their innocent oppa who never held a girls hand and wouldn't do something like that because they are so busy and want to hang out with ratmy online instead

Anonymous 7940


I know I'm late to the convo, but what the hell???

You already have to be a narc to begin with if you want to become an idol, but ratmies and bh really brainwashed them into thinking the entire world evolves around them, fuck the rest, I'm the victim!
He's nearly 30, how the hell is he not ashamed at all? How dare he do this to his brother? His brother declining his offer of help is also not an option, just give him the damn money if he's in such a bad situation. Him, the others and their fans lack any basic respect, even little kids would already get that this isn't something you should tell others. How can fans find this cute?
And do you know what's the worst? Thanks to the rabid fans in kpop, all family members of idols are always quickly turned into "evil", if his brother spoke out against him airing out his humiliating laundry, ratmies would immediately jump on him and call him toxic, ungrateful, backstabbing, hater…

The "not all army!!!"-rethoric also makes me mad, it doesn't matter that your fandom is "thousands of millions" or some shit, 3k likes on bullshit like this is still a lot, and I've seen some post calling out dem haterz (meaning attacking innocent people) getting close to 100k too. At this point you don't get to say bullshit like "we don't claim them" anymore.

Anonymous 7942


is that where picrel is from? i had been looking for the original interview for such a long time… i knew it was from vice but all of the vice kpop stuff is way too recent for them to have covered infinite.
god me too… no other group has put out anything as good as the chaser

Anonymous 7943

Chaser sounds like a jpop song

Anonymous 7944

I don't get why they thought this is ok or something their management allows.
Are they so starved for normal female interaction that they hit on any non-fangirl? Or did they perhaps think that this is how you act in the US because everything they know about America are music videos?

Anonymous 7945

Anonymous 7946

this is just what normal men act like

Anonymous 7947

I liked JK more after he dated/hooked up w that girl. He appeared less shallow to me

Anonymous 7948

please stop posting chewy uggo crops on my website

Anonymous 7949

Personally, I really love fromis_9

Anonymous 7950

I really like their ASMR videos.

Anonymous 7951


SuperM is doing yet another cycle of promotions, SM does not seem to realize this is a flop ass group and keeps pushing them

on another note, their new promotional photos are SO badly done it's making me laugh

this just screams "just discovered layers in photoshop" to me

Anonymous 7952


Anonymous 7953

jesus christ that background layer

Anonymous 7954

in the us? they were in korea and the girl is english

Anonymous 7955

> NCT indonesia or like Japan or something
Lol they’d all be completely hit

Anonymous 7956


jesus hell what kind of monstrosity is this next thead pic?

Anonymous 7957

lmfao as if, they cant even get one japanese member to have mild interest let alone a group of at least 3. if they were to do an NCT japan it would probably just include old NCT members to get fans + 2 random japanese black holes to say they're "japanese"

same with indonesia, but i highly doubt they'd even debut there bc korea is so racist, if anything they'd just hold more concerts there

Anonymous 7958

it looks like a Wattpad cover made by a 14 year old.
Considering that SM is a big company, I didn't expect such a low quality teaser from them.

Anonymous 7959

>"loverboy" written on his shirt
>that embarrassing (dick grabbing) pose
>actual low rise jeans in 2020
>loads of chainz
Are they channeling their inner 2007 era Big Bang?
It's so shooped, can't even tell who that is, Baekhyun?

Anonymous 7960

I thought that anon was saying they'd all be ugly

Anonymous 7961


Anon, why didn't you post this, that looks even worse!
So cheap, like a bunch of students covering Growl on a makeshift stage… that's so sad for them

Anonymous 7962


Why is Mark suddenly 6'5? And wtf did they do to his and Taemin's face?

Anonymous 7963

sm is literally working nct members to death. mark is in 3 units and all three are having comebacks coming up soon. lucas and ten have been doing wayv promotions while doing super m promotions while filming two fucking reality shows and now we got word that a nct 2020 album is coming???

Anonymous 7964


I meant hit as in ugly
I was lol

Anonymous 7965

well they cant really promote anyone outside of NCT since red velvet is out of commission for the forseeable future (unless they want the public backlash of making wendy work and dance)

Anonymous 7966

Mark’s height in these pictures is killing me

Anonymous 7967

i honestly think they took these all individually and got spliced in, it does not look like a natural group shot

Anonymous 7968

when i started watching super m content i noticed that mark would sniffle a lot and i was lowkey thinking damn is he doing coke before these lives and now its not such a farfetched idea. how the fuck is this dude so chipper all the time.

Anonymous 7969

Now that I think about it he probably does. Most celebrities do so why are idols out of the question?

Anonymous 7970

I really don't get what SM is doing, so many of their artists are available, yet the only and constantly give comebacks to nct.
Taemin had one recently too but was barely able to promote it, Kai has been talking about wanting a solo for years yet doesn't get one (if it wasn't for his modelling he'd be jobless outside of sperm), Baekhyun is approaching 30 fast, why don't they give him another album before he enlists, it would be a quick and sure cashgrab. And what about RV, how is Wendy? The others are popular and good enough to work as 4 too.

Makes sense, it honestly look too weird.

Anonymous 7972


I think most kent celebs do like propofol or whatever pharmacy stimulants they can get their hands on. But Super M promoted in the US and they had such a lavish promotion with Capitol records idk like i wouldn't put it past them to have some coke backstage, but the question is why isn't the rest of super m doing it then?

Anonymous 7973

i would be shocked considering his super squeaky clean church boy image, but not the first time the public image doesnt match the private image

he is ridiculous chipper and always on the ball considering how utterly overworked he must be, they must have him on something (not coke, but the industry has had articles about other drugs that they use that are technically legal)

Anonymous 7974


samefagging, but here'e the article about drug abuse (specifically pharmaceuticals in particular) in the industry


Anonymous 7975

his members have noted how he only knows how to practice and work to the point that they were surprised he even watched a korean drama.

like lucas and ten are also overworked but it has shown, they are really off and lucas has lost tons of weight.

with mark it's like hes just so damn present and professional and chipper its insane.

Anonymous 7977


>It's much easier to find attractive girls than it is to find attractive guys.
This. Also
>average height indonesian males: 158cm
Who's gonna stan them… definitely not female indonesian kpop fans lol
People in Indonesia are mostly muslim, that wouldn't work out. Some of the fans there are unironically saying that they love BTS - but they will still go to hell because what they do is haram.

Anonymous 7978


not to be hoe but ten is so fuckable and slutty and has a hoe aura . Id let him fuck me no questions asked.

Anonymous 7979

But he wouldn't fuck you kek (unless you're a scrote, then fuck off from cc)

Anonymous 7980

Imo the tall kid in green is the best looking guy in that group

>If a female Indonesian idol (Dita of Secret Number) can see the light of day, why not a Male one?

Idk but girls always do look better than guys. It's much easier to find attractive girls than it is to find attractive guys.

Maybe those members aren't close with Mark and don't see him in their free time. Other members have mentioned hanging out with Mark plenty.

> ten is so fuckable
I don't see it lol. He's a manlet with a scrawny body

Anonymous 7981


He looks like he'd be aggressive and dominating in bed. I'm not into those things but suddenly I am.

Anonymous 7982

>I'm not into those things but suddenly I am.
You clearly are a virgin.

Anonymous 7983


even if he is a homo Id still like to experience it. backstage groupie style.


idk he never gave me major gay vibes more like he fucks anything vibes

Anonymous 7984




Anonymous 7985

He's prolly the only attractive one in NCT to be fair (other than Jeno but he's a dream member and it lowkey makes me feel like a pedo despite being close to him in age). I remember his SM rookie days, I found him the cutest and honestly the only good looking one.
I wouldn't say he's fuckable but he definitely looks sexy if styled right. But not that gif, god, no. His hair was fucking awful during Baby Don't Stop.
I changed my mind as I was about to post this, he definitely is fuckable. I'm getting desperate and rona has made things difficult. But he's probably gay, so what I say doesn't matter.

Anonymous 7986


Is it just me or does Jaehyun not have any sexy vibes at all? I think he's objectively nice looking but there is no hint of sexiness or slutiness within him whatsoever.

I sense more of a sexual vibe in Jungwoo and Jaemin than in Jaehyun.

Anonymous 7987


Anonymous 7988

Screen Shot 2020-0…

someone should let JH know about Kybella.

Anonymous 7989

Screen Shot 2020-0…

dont know if that pic is a bad angle or if he fixed his side profile

Anonymous 7990

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Does anyone in NCT have an actual confirmed height? I feel like they are all lying and are 165 cm or something??

Anonymous 7991

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 7992

I don't think he's objectively nice looking or sexy
>I sense more of a sexual vibe in Jungwoo and Jaemin than in Jaehyun.
No way

Anonymous 7993

kek jaemin is super ugly

Anonymous 7994

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 7995

Screen Shot 2020-0…

unless the interview lady is straight up 5'9 it doesn't make sense

Anonymous 7996

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 7997

My sides

Anonymous 7998

anon stop fucking posting all these pictures, we get the message that these flops lie about their height like every other fucking idol out there

youd think after the 5th picture with no response you'd realize people don't give a shit

Anonymous 7999


Jungwoo gives me slightly creepy and major sexual vibes. He tries to go for this fluffy, cute, sweet image but it ends up looking so phony because it's completely the opposite of his fuckboy nature.

Anonymous 8000


Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Anonymous 8001

He gives me creep vibes but he's not sexy/sexual at all. He definitely is a fuckboy though.

Anonymous 8002



Anonymous 8003

Anonymous 8004


Anonymous 8005

Huge head on a twinky body. He's so overrated, i don't get it.

Anonymous 8006


this forum hates bts but he is really goodlooking. He has a really nice facial balance and his features are good. All that makeup could go tho.

Anonymous 8007

i think if you look at his face objectively he's not bad, but i cannot stand the stanky attitude/facial expressions and holier than thou persona

not to mention the dude actually dresses like a blind cow stumbled through forever21

Anonymous 8008

I mean he is good looking but the picture you chose is one in which he has blue circle lenses on and blonde hair?? Kinda cringe looking reminds me of those mixed race wannabe naz1s ppl

Anonymous 8009


i agree, he's definitely not ugly by any means, but these idols need to ditch the fucking fluorescent hair and ghostly contacts, it almost never looks good

he definitely has the clean "actor face" that koreans sperg over all the time, but his acting is fucking god awful so i doubt he'll make it, there's only so much BTS hype he can ride before people start turning on him for shit acting skills

Anonymous 8010


damn finding thirst pics of v is harder than i thought wtf

Anonymous 8011


Ya'll really simping for this dude?

Anonymous 8012


taecyeon is still the golden standard for idol for me…dude has gorgeous features but still manages to look sturdy, manly, and most of all not fucking malnourished and healthy

not to mention he seems to have skirted most scandals and has a clean image

Anonymous 8013

I think he can make it in acting because he befriended the right people
Also Suzy is god-awful tier and coasted by with her looks only

Anonymous 8015


bts twinks could never kek

i cant wait to see jin's skinny ass body and flat fucking head, the dude is going to look so fucked without all the makeup, hair, and styling

Anonymous 8016


danm at this lone taecanon trying to make taec happen like hes not gonna happen!

he looks old and has dumbo ears.

Anonymous 8017

except the dude has an ego thats inversely proportional to his hairline, so he'll lose it under any sort of criticism

additionally he wont have the bubble of rabid ratmy army gassing him up and protecting his "poor sensitive feelings" since he'll be even more thrown into the eyes of the GP

maybe he can coast solely off of putting his head in the sand and only listening to blind ratmy praise, but i have a feeling his ego is too big for that

Anonymous 8018

fucking v must think hes too good to show his skin. ive been searching for an ab pic in vain for minutes

Anonymous 8019

images (21).jpeg

I mean I won't argue that his borderline twink body is an issue… if he were 5 cm taller he would probably be the in the top 3 best looking idol of all time… maybe if he built some muscles that could also help

Anonymous 8020

He doesn't have abs, just a flabby stomach
I don't think Taceyon is handsome either. Just average with big ears.

Anonymous 8021

He doesn't show bc he doesnt have abs never had… he's got a skinny fat stomach, always looking like he just ate bread with choco milk

Idk if that's true tho if his personality was so awful irl he wouldn't have befriended people in those circles, and he's always been the one in bts to make friendships outside of the group too
He probably just acts holier than thou among idols and with muricans, but knows his place in the SK acting world & respects the hierarchy there

Anonymous 8022


Did he get twinky recently or is this shopped? He always struck me as having a larger body frame than other idols.

Anonymous 8023


>always looking like he just ate bread with choco milk


well this was the thirstiest pic i could find. lurking ratmys dont be shy droop some v thirst pics

Anonymous 8024

except he's friends with misogynists like park seo joon…birds of a feather flock together

the dude has always been an ass, even in korea and before he got super big, just look at some of the asshole responses he used to make to fans

there was literally a comment where some fan asked a basic question on their fanpage, and he responded "you should learn korean"

ratmys can defend all they want that he was being "savage", but as an idol he should know these fans are probably young teens and making such a mean comment to them probably hurts them a lot

idno, you can excuse him all you want but the dude has proven time and time again he's a fucking misogynistic asshole

Anonymous 8025


Just because he has a pretty face, he thinks he can get away with looking like this. Look at Jimincel, at least he puts effort into his appearance.

Anonymous 8026

suit pants with a t shirt and suede blazer…what a fucking fashion icon kek

Anonymous 8027

We were not discussing if he was misogynistic or not tho, just if he could be successful in acting. If you really think that being misogynistic pig is a factor you're in for a rude awakening… as you state Seojoon is misogynistic but he's super influential, so is Choi Whooshik and his crew. Dude might as well star in a Bong Joon Ho film like his bros, connections are everything it is what it is

Anonymous 8028

Who is V friends with? I read that he's friends with Yoona which was really unexpected. who else are his connections?

Anonymous 8029

> Idk if that's true tho if his personality was so awful irl he wouldn't have befriended people in those circles

if ur this anon yes, we are talking about his shit fucking personality

the dude can probably break into the industry, but with his god awful attitude and shit ego he's not gonna be successful, considering he's at arguably the peak of his career and all he's managed to star in is that shitty period drama despite all his brownnosing with "top tier" actors

if shitty b-list idols like cha eunwoo and jaehyun can get acting gigs and V who is in the most well known group of the decade cant then the writings on the wall

also you can say "oh he doesnt want to take little webcast gigs", but that just proves the dudes a fucking egotistical shithead even more

Anonymous 8030

i think the bigger ones are like park bogum and park seo joon, i believe he was seen taking pictures and kissing up to their drama while the other members did a vlive for suga's birthday and he was absent LOL

Anonymous 8031

Screen Shot 2020-0…


this must have been an old ass pic. he looks skinny af recently. If he beefed up his hotness would increase 200%

Anonymous 8032

>he's got a skinny fat stomach, always looking like he just ate bread with choco milk

That was actually pretty accurate kek

Nta but you're popping a nerve over nothing. Shitty people rule the industry and he's got the personality to get along with them so you'll just have to accept his fame tbh

Anonymous 8033

Google wooga squad

Anonymous 8034


can we stop talking about this spongebob looking ass

Anonymous 8035

images (22).jpeg

Park Seojoon - secretary kim / Itaewon class
Choi Woosik - train to busan / Parasite

Yoona came to a BTS concert with Park Hyungsik and visited Taehyung backstage

Anonymous 8036

I hope they didn't name their own squad cuz thats really fucking lame but okay.

so he's friends with only actors. and that one lone rapper I guess. interesting. I wonder if it's a PR friendship or like a real deep one.

Anonymous 8037


Ah, Yoona. Can' wait till her skin sags because of her botched jaw shave. How come koreans are so obsessed with her visuals?

Anonymous 8038

same reason they're obsessed with cha eunwoo, she has that boring webtoon-lead look with the big eyes and ski slope nose, where she looks pretty but also simultaneously manages to lack any sort of personality whatsoever

Anonymous 8039

Nahh Yoona is definetly not robotic like Eunwoo. She's from an idol generation that still bothered with creating Variety-friendly personas

Anonymous 8040

i meant in terms of looks, she's pretty for sure, but in such a bland way that it makes her unmemorable

Anonymous 8041


Cute friendly face + good body, she simply has the classic idol look.
The fact that so many people seem to find uggos like Whasa hot is more baffling to me.

Anonymous 8042

honestly i think mamamoo fans say whasa is hot to make themselves seem different/make themselves feel better

mamamoo fans just scream "not like the other girls" to me

Anonymous 8044

Hwasa has an unfortunate face but plenty of women have unfortunate faces but look good with the right make up. What always bothered me was how she never puts any eyeliner on like she's allergic to the damn thing

Anonymous 8045


Good body? She looks like a stick figure with short legs. I thought koreans cared about ideal body proportions.

Anonymous 8046


i always thought yuri was the prettiest in the group, too bad netizens always gave her shit for being "dark"

she has a banging bod too

Anonymous 8049

Bruh who the fuck cares? Save the essay for your homework. You nct fags aren’t even trying to hide your bad taste anymore. Stop writing think-pieces on these manlets. They never will care about you. Do something productive with your life.
Korean men see foreigners as play things. Their excitement is simply sexual, don’t mistake it for taking foreign women seriously. Instead, Korean men treat foreign women like prostitutes. And you’re right, it’s because they only know of us from scantily clad, over sexualized female entertainers and porn stars.
I think he’d look better with a lip lift. Something about his cupid’s bow and philtrum is off.
I guess the tiny kpop twink is cute if you’re into femdom. Definitely not the manly type.

Anonymous 8050

>Do something productive with your life.

Like reading this forum and posting an angry response to several posts? okay anon.

Anonymous 8051

giphy (2).gif

my favorite gif of V

Anonymous 8053

>Korean men see foreigners as play things
Did you have personal experiences with this?

All I see is the weird photoshopping on their legs.

Anonymous 8054

>Korean men see foreigners as play things. Their excitement is simply sexual, don’t mistake it for taking foreign women seriously. Instead, Korean men treat foreign women like prostitutes.

i've seen korean women and korean radfems say the same thing, how korean men are shit and not to come to korea if you think they're like the men in kpop.
the kpop fans on tiktok are definitely getting a reality check with the amount of foreign girls talking about the experiences they've had in korea with korean men on there.

Anonymous 8055

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I'm always baffled at news like this. I wonder how BTS feel now that their entire nation is placing the burden of representing korea on them. A boyband.

Anonymous 8056

k-pop is their biggest national export. They will put more military propaganda in their songs encouraging Korean boys to be more fit and sexy but also useful for their country. Actually didn't this already happen? If so the Korean government isn't stupid honestly.

Anonymous 8057

there is no way kpop is bigger than samsung lol

i assume they had to say something because fangirls would not shut up about how bts deserves to be exempt

Anonymous 8059

I'm not angry? This just isn't the Nct psychoanalysis sperg thread.
Not going to post about identifying personal experiences but yes I have interacted with actual Korean men in Korea and the majority of the ones who are most persistent just want to fuck a foreigner (non-Asian). I mean what do you expect, they're just like Tinder fuckboys who feel entitled to sex. I've also heard plenty of first date stories where the Korean guy expected to go to a hotel after eating at a restaurant with a foreign girl.
There are creeps who will follow you because they have obvious fetishes and then there are guys who seem normal but pull the hotel on the first date card because they believe all foreign women are easy. If you watch videos like this one you'll see men mention that they'd love to date a foreigner. Key word: date (i.e, go on a date to a hotel and fuck), not marry. Koreaboos get their hopes up thinking that this means they'll have their happily ever after in Korea. Despite how Koreans seem more progressive than ever, a lot of Korean parents do not want foreign in-laws and Korean men will hardly stray from what their parents want.


Wouldn’t be the first time SM pushed an idol to death.

Anonymous 8061

These threads are hilarious! It sucks lolcow banned kpop. It was just getting good and I had finally got caught up!

With said topic tho, Korean men aren't all that, seriously. Kpop fans really go to Korea and try to marry a Korean man when Korean women will tell you they aint shit!

Anonymous 8062

OMFG LMAO that imagery killed me ewwwww!!!

I feel he would look so much better with some abs. He seems too vain to work out tho

Anonymous 8063


Who’s the cutest? Lol

Anonymous 8064

people dont even want to see one yuta, who tf decided to print a picture with two of him

honestly haechan doesnt look terrible, but he still isnt gorgeous by any means. im glad they didnt lighten the fuck out of his skin though

Anonymous 8065


I think it's just laziness. I've never seen V or yoongi (pic related) look even slightly toned, they have the worst bodies of the group imo.

Anonymous 8066

In your opinion who is the ugliest idol to you? Could be for very specific nitpick reasons

Anonymous 8067


This is so random but why does Karine from 90df look so much like Sowon from gfriend to me

Anonymous 8068

lucas is probably the ugliest one that I see frequently, his massive ears bother me and his face looks like a smashed neanderthal

Anonymous 8069


straykids changbin is pretty fucking unfortunate looking, dude reminds me of a large bird or a giraffe

otherwise, seventeen's midget king woozi is an eyesore too, plus he's actually unironically like 5'3"

Anonymous 8070

woozi is cute in a nonsexual way

Anonymous 8072

Screen Shot 2020-0…


besides the typical fuglies, Chanyeol. he just repulses me. his flappy ass ears and flappy as bloated alcoholic face and that constant slightly retarded look on his face. his whole face is sagging and he easily looks 35.

he seems like the type of fucker that has a lot of white crust gathered on the corners of his mouth from lack of oral hygiene. he looks like he'd have horrible breath too.

Anonymous 8073

download (3).png

I feel like I may go to hell for this but Chenle is getting fine and hes gonna be fine af in a couple of years. not the typical idol boy but i like his natural more manly look and his natural personality is appealing.

Anonymous 8074

Rich people have no business being dirty, if you're a millionaire there are no excuses for still having gross skin, men like him just don't care because everybody kisses their ass anyway. I don't get the hype about his body either, he happens to be tall, so what? Both him and Lucas have those ugly long ana legs and hips as narrow as a toddler's.
I don't get why Korea fixes everything but ears, that's so ugly.
I don't find his face itself that bad but as an Exofag I nevertheless wish he'd quit, because he somehow creeps me out so much. He's always so aggressive and him being friends with Zico…
Plus, both him and Sehun are so untalented, they drag down their Exo's average, without them you really couldn't criticise them when it comes to talent.

Agreed, he's so overhyped. He unironically looks like the monkey emoji. Combine that with the most obnoxious personality god ever came up with, just no.

Agreed as well, Woozi hit the jackpot, zero idea how he passed auditions and got to debut looking the way he does lol

Anonymous 8111

J-hope and jimin but that's too easy at this point.
Shinee Minho - this guy was a visual? his face just looks so wonky to me
Shinee Taemin - I dunno his face just seems really puchable
Could name more but imma cut my sperging short.

Anonymous 8112

Quit being so obvious Haechanfag

Anonymous 8136


Baby belly??? He’s a 25 year old man.

Anonymous 8137

We been knew but they pointed out a lot of plagiarism I had no idea about

Anonymous 8152


Jin used to be the visual of bts when did he get shafted? Also his case is tragic. He’s going into the army and when he’s out he will be 30 years old. He’s already aging hardcore since bh is milking them for all they are worth. His chance to do dramas and make it has already passed. No one wants a 30+ male lead in some sugary romcom and the more serious roles will go to more veteran actors. Bh never put him in dramas like v so he never got a start in acting before army.

Anonymous 8167


Damn Jaehyuns' aging hard and he's only in his early twenties

Anonymous 8168


Anonymous 8171


I think male idols are allowed to look more "unique" and deviate from idol beauty standards. That's how you have guys like Changbin and Woozi becoming idols in popular groups even though they look meh compared to their colleagues.
The only major girl group I can think of with atypical idol visuals is Mamamoo but when they started out, it seemed they were planned as a musician/singer group rather than a typical idol group that appeals with pretty girls.

Anonymous 8172

i mean jooe from momoland is pretty unfortunate looking too, literally no idea how she passed those stringent ass standards

Anonymous 8173


adding on…lia from itzy too, she actually looks like some kind of pug/bulldog but shes another golden spoon idol so they loosened the standards for her kek

i even tried to choose a magazine/edited editorial photo instead of a candid and she still looks god awful

Anonymous 8175

hyoyeon, nayeon, 2ne1… there's lots of non-standard-looking female idols

Anonymous 8176

oh god i do not understand the hype around nayeon, her fucking teeth and weird ass face just gets me every time

korea loves her though so thats surprising

Anonymous 8177


Anonymous 8178

She looks like a rat!

Anonymous 8179

I remember news outlets talking of how oversaturated the kpop market became in 2012. This list of groups’ debut dates is a pretty good visual representation of that.
Since all of these groups blend together with the exception of a few, do you all think there would be a better chance for an idol if they were to go more of a musician route? I think digitally Korean soloists do well but I don’t know so much about concerts and physical album sales. But the fact is that most kpop groups don’t make money for years. Some don’t make any money at all and actually come out poorer after the group inevitably disbands. Even if you get into a Big 3 label as a trainee, there is no guarantee of success. Many SM trainees move to other labels because of that and debut in nugu groups where there’s even less guarantee of success. There’s also a 99% chance of clashing with your management. In the end, if you need an actual job, you’re basically backed into the options of performing arts since your high school education is usually in some performance arts school and most normal Korean college applicants have advanced high school backgrounds in the typical disciplines. In short, you have to be an idiot to try and become a kpop idol (duh). Major props though to those who have debuted, had an idol career, and then went on to live a normal life anyways (like Ko Ji Yong of SechKies).

Anonymous 8180

DKB Junseo. He looks like the average Korean kid and has his face covered onstage from what I’ve seen like how Rat Monster originally debuted with sunglasses to cover his hideous face. At least Rat was lucky enough to gain delusional fans that have some self deprecating fetish of self righteously flicking their beans to a chinless blackaboo.

Anonymous 8181

How did he even debut lmao is he a skilled dancer or something? I almost feel bad because he sticks out so much.

Anonymous 8182

Screenshot 2020-09…

kind of nitpicky but their side profiles are so janky. i miss yoongi's old jaw.

Anonymous 8183

oh god this one wins

the dude isnt even just "idol unattractive" he's straight up ugly as hell even for the general public

Anonymous 8184

I'm surprised they didn't put him on a diet

Anonymous 8186

The people that have already been mentioned + taeil and yuta

Anonymous 8187

delusional ratmy alert
bts is big in the kpop world, but theres a reason they cant even land actor roles when b-listers like eunwoo, jaehyun, and even P.O. can

so no, they can't just "get whatever they want", BH seems to be either blocking them or the actor wannabes are so shit that even being in the biggest shitfest boyband wont help them

i cant wait for V or Jin to break their BH contracts to sign with an "acting" agency though, the ratmy meltdown will be spectacular

Anonymous 8188

nta but they probably are being blocked by bh to keep their whole ot7 branding strong. I don't find it hard to believe they'll land roles just off of their names but their acting will probably be bad like most idols turned actors.

Anonymous 8189

personally its her nose that really bothers me, but yeah nayeon's so overhyped. Jeongyeon is also a no go for me
Aparrently hes a dancer, rapper and DJ? That was just from kprofiles so I dunno how important he really is. The group he's in has nine members including him but I can't imagine he debuted just as filler

Anonymous 8190

If one day Mark turns out to be just another sleazebag I'm gonna be so disappointed, I don't like nct at all but he's so cute, not in a romantic sense but like he would be a good friend?
That video is so awkward, Jeno is just thirdwheeling with him and Taemin lol

Anonymous 8191

I used to be a fan of NCT and once I saw the stuff about other members being misogynists and overall shit people, I stopped following them. I only occasionally listen to their music because of Mark. I really hope he isn't a fucking retard like most NCT members. He seems genuinely nice to me, but then again some other NCT members seemed okay and they're shit lmao. Also, I like Haechan because of his scandal with his sasaengs always makes me laugh, but Mark is the main reason I listen to their songs.

Anonymous 8192


Anonymous 8193


this is my favorite idol picture of all time
god bless u and ur mess haechan

Anonymous 8194

you can just backread the previous kpop thread, there was considerable discussion around jungwoo/jaemin misogynistic tendences (jungwoo's potential use of ilbe, both of them using alt-right slang, etc.)

Anonymous 8195

Nta but that’s only two members. Filler ones at that

Anonymous 8196

i mean they said "other members", theres like 20 of them

i mean lucas is very obviously an asshole even on camera, jeno's gotten into shit for being potentially xenophobic and an ass, jaehyun had that dumbass itaewon scandal (which just screams irresponsibility and assholery). yuta had that anti-korea misogynistic streamer friend issue, and no one even knows or cares about taeil

so that puts you at like…7/20 and thats just the shit they cant even keep under wraps on camera…

Anonymous 8197


Anonymous 8198

I don't need any to enjoy this pic idk abt you anon

Anonymous 8199

I really hope he isn't secretly an ass. I think the fact that he really is one of the busiest idols yet never complains or tries to get pity from fans is already a good sign. And as far as I know he never slipped with his act, so maybe it's genuine.
Jaemin also has that "best boy" image but everybody can easily tell within 5 minutes that he's fake af, he looks so young and girly but his smile is downright creepy.

Anonymous 8200

he called out some saesangs on stream and they retaliated by leaking these pictures of him drunk as balls falling out of a taxi, but no one cared and mainly just found the pictures funny as fuck

there is something so cartoonish about his skinny ass legs and old man slippers popping up from the bottom of the picture, i love it

Anonymous 8201

How did this place end up boy group central

Anonymous 8202

The majority of us are hetero or bi women. Very few lesbians I know give a shit about kpop to begin with.

Anonymous 8203

its a kpop discussion thread with a female dominated consumer base….why are you surprised

Anonymous 8204

> yuta had that anti-korea misogynistic streamer friend issue
He’d only just met that youtuber and immediately unfollowed him after antis brought the guy’s old content to light so idk if yuta should be held accountable for that, or how much it says about him as a person.

Anonymous 8206

Isn't it pathetic and annoying that ATEEZ are always surfing the bts wave – or to put it better – riding their dicks? Vid related: They're beside BTS fucking junior in this interview and they're the ones promising an encore stage covering a BTS song… like… even TXT are cringeing with their try-hardness

Anonymous 8207


Jb from got7 does not give a fuck

Anonymous 8208


Where are people getting this Jeno asshole narrative from? Send some screenshots my way because the guy barley even speaks

Anonymous 8209

kek he normally looks like a mish mash of all members of svt
why is he doing this

Anonymous 8210

that dude with piss yellow hair looks really miserable. like he's about to cry at any moment lol

Anonymous 8211

theres some articles about it, mainly stemming from him getting visibly angry with chenle on a vlive for reading korean too slowly (this was early on so its understandable chenle probably still struggled with the language). xenophobic or not, it's still pretty mean to get mad or frustrated with someone trying to grasp a second language

that and the fact that he was always the spearhead/leader when it came to making dark skin jokes, but that might just be a product of immature teenager trying to be funny

not gonna like this is some funny shit lol

Anonymous 8212


That incident was blown out of proportion by twitterfags if u watch the video its like a two second moment that made no one feel awkward.

Jeno is the least popular member of dream so he gets shat on, but other members who are way more rude get a pass no matter what they do.

Anonymous 8213

> but other members who are way more rude get a pass no matter what they do.
Like who?

Anonymous 8214

tldr all of nct is trash and flops
man SM must be flailing knowing that NCT will never give them the success of EXO, i wonder if they're banking on this new girl group and will put nct on the back burner if they succeed

Anonymous 8217

There is literally no actual drama to discuss it's all small stuff no one curr about. their whole concept is to tease and be sassy to each other. the real issue with dream is their controlling and insane management that hates the chinese members and u can find hundereds of videos about that on any platform you choose.

Anonymous 8218

>Jaemin also has that "best boy" image but everybody can easily tell within 5 minutes that he's fake af, he looks so young and girly but his smile is downright creepy.

Jaemin is the most hilarious nct member by far. hes fucking weird and disgustingly fake and it's so entertaining. without him nct might be the most boring fucking group in all of korea.

Anonymous 8219

>but Mark is the main reason I listen to their songs
>He seems genuinely nice to me
>never complains or tries to get pity from fans is already a good sign

jesus christ you need to get a grip anon you sound deranged. These people are literally professional entertainers/liars who adopt certain personas to sell a brand, nothing is genuine.

we are literally a bunch of faggots who enjoy gossiping and making fun of these people based on 20 second video clips, like I wouldn't take any of this too seriously. Jaemin could be a feminist and Mark could be snorting coke every day for all we know.

Anonymous 8220

Most of these korean idols do not give a fuck about ifans, they don’t even bother to even say “thank you” or something simple like that, but them fans keep streaming their ass off and trending hashtags for these dudes. They gotta stop simping for real

Anonymous 8221

Even when I was a fan of Kpop groups, I never saw the appeal of trending hashtags or streaming 24/7 to get views up. I remember thinking that I must not have been a fan because I didn't buy albums, participate in streaming parties, or trended hashtags. I think these fans are actually so lonely that they but all their time into these Kpop groups. They actually think they have a connection with them and defend them at all costs like they know them. Even if the idol did something bad, they just say its because of the cultural differences which is bullshit.

Anonymous 8222

> fans are actually so lonely
The entire gist of kpop. making lonely ppl feel less lonely by making them believe they have a connection by utilizing fandom

Anonymous 8223

im an tvxq hag and i cant with everyone saying jaejoong is still good looking. his joe biden dentures are bad enough let alone the fact that he looks like he is actively melting. He is such a huge cow. There was some minor T with him tho that he has beef with BOA that dates back to the 2000s and it adds up with the fact that he went to a coldplay concert (kek) that BOA also attended and then made a cryptic post about running into a fake bitch from his past. all his stans knew he was talking about BOA and her stans caught wind and started attacking him and he locked down his instagram but god that was so bananas.

Anonymous 8225


What was his beef with BOA? I find is sus that the three members who left all ended up kind of fucked up and the two that remained have maintained their "image" . did u ever get creep vibes from yoochun back in ur tvxq days?

Anonymous 8229

It's hard to say what his actual beef with BOA is but when JYJ left SM she did like shady tweets calling JYJ traitors and ungrateful so that could be it.
As for Yoochun I honestly just treated him as their token ugly (to be fair junsu is busted himself but at least hes the most talented member). He gave me really douchey vibes mostly when he would try to flex about spending some time growing up in the states. I was not surprised at all when the rape allegations happened but I was actually super floored by the meth.

Anonymous 8230



Is there anyone else who thinks that the whole Sulli saga from the very beginning was SMs attempt at a new marketing strategy? I never believed that she just posted all those photos just to express herself. They were like a very good PR strategy to creating a new breed of celebrity in Korea. It really worked perfectly too until well, she killed herself.

Anonymous 8231


this gif will never not be crazy to me

Anonymous 8232


Well why do you think three whole Chinese members left? Now kai is bullying lucas in super m to keep the tradition going.

Anonymous 8233


>>8232 kek theres also this iconic moment from baekhyun

Anonymous 8234

bruh baek straight up hated tao lmao i wonder what the behind the scenes looked like. Kind of insane how every single person even the ones that left in this group ended up being insanely successful.

Anonymous 8235

download (6).png

Now we have NCT continuing the tradition. he said he was going to throw up and couldn't eat it for context.

haechan and renjun are top in dream.

Anonymous 8236

Pretty sure that was just joking Chenle-chan

Anonymous 8241

this is like the 3rd time you make the same post no one cares moafag

Anonymous 8242



Anonymous 8243

lmfao imagine being such a flop that people dont even want to talk about you being a flop kek

Anonymous 8244

Whats moa?

Anonymous 8245

txt's fandom name

Anonymous 8246

does txt actually have fans or is it comprised of 100% delusional ratmys

i feel like theyre so floppy and mediocre even though they're riding the bts wave

Anonymous 8247

I didnt know it was already posted sorry for not camping here and to have hurt your feelings by saying your oppars are fuggo dick sucking flops

Anonymous 8248

I know a lot of friends joke around like they hate each other but it really seemed like Baekhyun hate some kind of hateboner for Tao. Too bad we'll never know for sure.

Anonymous 8249

Ateezfag got triggered kek

Anonymous 8250


Lol bp on the cover of ELLE US edition

Anonymous 8251

Lol this is so low effort, gray background black outfits… yikes

Anonymous 8254

more so no one gives a fuck about ateez or txt kek

Anonymous 8267

What do you guys think about Hendery of Wayv. He is supposed to be the funny one, but He is so unnatural, ist feels like He tells jokes that He leard By Heart. Like a Little kid in School and on Top of that He is Not Even funny.

Anonymous 8268

he just seems really fake and awkward and tries too hard to be ~different~

i feel like hes quite handsome in some shots, but then looks so weird in motion

Anonymous 8269

What male idol to you is a 10/10 in terms of looks?
Maybe a weird choice but to me if I had to pick it would be Junho from 2pm

Anonymous 8270


Dont pay too much attention to him, honestly he seems okay. He isn't a standout in WayV and in the beginning I used to get him and yangyang mixed up all the time.

His face is really pretty and his features good but something is missing…

Anonymous 8271

ew junho looks like if suga and woojin had a demented uncle

Anonymous 8272

Are there any WayV fans on here? WayV is weird because they honestly dont feel like an idol group to me. they legit just seem like 7 dudes living together, sometimes dancing and sining.

If sm wanted them to have this image I wonder why? Is this how most chinese idols are?

Anonymous 8274

I used to love the SHIT out of wayv. I remember anticipating their debut during the summer we first got any kind of indication there would be a china unit. Back in 2018, was it? I dedicated an entire ass blog to posting everything related to them while I was working a whole ass summer job only because of how fucking excited I was and how far up I was the chinese members' asses. I was a hardcore Sicheng stan. My taste was bad, I admit, no need to shit on me, girls.
But not long after they actually made their debut I stopped giving a fuck once it became clear that SM was using them as a cash cow after it was obvious that the mainland was just not going to pander to a bunch of foreigners. And they try really hard to make it work in the west and in Korea, so they lost me then and there. There's a lot of shitting on wayv in the previous threads and I agree with all of it.
I listened to their newer songs and it honestly is a surprise how much I like most of them. It's annoying, noisy, bad music, and as a cpopfag I honestly live for that kind of shit.
But to be true to you, most cpop groups are like that. They barely promote together unless it's for a CF and their social media profiles are very often telling of a solo idol over a member of a group. If you take a look at nex7 for example (they got me into cpop, right as I was leaving my wayv phase so I still have a soft spot for them), there was a point in time Chengcheng was just not a part of one of their comebacks and they redebuted as a non trainee group. People genuinely thought he just left but we got no info about him or what happened to his position there. Cpop is an industry that if you enter you cannot expect to have a lot of info on what is going on and who is doing what in. Some idols get haircuts and dyes just because they feel like it and fans get hyped for nothing. Most of nex7 have moved on to acting or douyin, lmao.

Anonymous 8275

it seems like all of the wayv fans in the country are in this thread, they get talked about a lot

they are dudes living together occasionally singing and dancing because they're a bunch of flops that SM tried to use to unsuccessfully enter the chinese market again, but apparently theyre getting another reality show

Anonymous 8277

my fellow nctfags can someone fill me in on like why some members can do their lives alone while others cant??? Like for example chenle always has staff there and barley does it, while jisung does lives all the time unsupervised, Renjun too.

Anonymous 8279


WayV has some good songs tho and I liked their concept in the beginning but it's like they never received that famous SM media training. they lack the mystery that draws people in they almost have this homely image to them. them all getting instagram and posting 12 million pet pictures did nothing for them truly.

Anonymous 8280

> I was a hardcore Sicheng stan
What exactly were you stanning for? His looks? The flips and twirls he’d do once in a blue moon?
Also were you one of those winwin stans that hated taeil and yuta for that fan service shit? I always found them funny

Anonymous 8281

nct as a whole puts out way too much fucking content, but WayV is so overexposed for such a new group. they are like 1 year into debut why do they have 2 whole reality shows?

Anonymous 8282

Screen Shot 2020-0…

so apparently superm is going to each act in a love story or something? what do yall think about their acting?


Anonymous 8283

that's exactly what I meant but the desperate moafag can't read

Anonymous 8284

i got 5 seconds in and exited because its so cringey

jesus christ SM is really trying every last trick they can, but it honestly just is showing how bad these guys are

Anonymous 8285

samefag, i tried to watch it again
how does lucas manage to sound like he's speaking cantonese when it's 100% definitely korean?

Anonymous 8287

Screen Shot 2020-0…

????????? wtf happed to winwin ??? he looks malnourished and white????

Anonymous 8288

More like superm is showing none of them can act. I can’t believe Lucas did the best in that clip……..whereas Mark straight up looked terrified of the girl.

I guess his canto accent is super strong

Anonymous 8289

I thought i was crazy thinking lucas did okay but I fucking read the post and he was speaking korean? bruh i thought he did his in Chinese

Anonymous 8290


TY was terrible you'd think he would do well since he acts so damn fake all the time but nah

Anonymous 8291

apparently he is speaking in cantonese LOL
i wonder if they just let him because his korean is intelligible

Anonymous 8292

Screen Shot 2020-0…

why does bowel movement from kards chin look like that god he looks gdragon level of terrifying

Anonymous 8293


Anyone got a good jackson before and after? He lowkey tweaked all his face

Anonymous 8294


i saw this and had to share
is jimincel actually that small or is this some weird ratmy photoshop inside joke im not getting

i refuse to believe this manlet actually looks like a 3rd grader next to twinky manlet bts

if so big kek that is so unfortunate

Anonymous 8295

> jimin's height is 174 cm

really now

Anonymous 8296


I watched it again and yeah thats not korean.

Anonymous 8297

He’s so blegh to me

Anonymous 8298


Hes starting to get that distinct auntie look like taemin and jhope

Anonymous 8299


It's not his height that makes him look small i think it's the narrow shoulders (and his short torso)

Anonymous 8300

I found him handsome, you can stone me now kek
I thought Taeil was cute and Yuta was annoying and ugly but not for constantly hanging on Sicheng's neck, just generally

Anonymous 8301

in certain pics he looks like a badly modded sims character
bowel movement made me laugh, thanks for that

Anonymous 8302

i still have zero idea how this dude even became a star

manlet frame, uggo ass face, no height, voice of a eunuch, like who tf casted this person and why should they lose their job

not to mention he has a sour attitude, i guess he's an alright dancer but you can train dance into anyone, why tf did bighit decide on him

Anonymous 8303


big hit was desperate for anyone they could get. their only requirement seemed to be that they have to get plastic surgery. I remember both Benzeeno and Iron talking about how they left big hit cuz they didnt want to get plastic surgery and BHS insisted on a jaw shave.

Anonymous 8304

And yoongi's fake ass hip hop gangsta sell out did it kek

Anonymous 8305


I think the only reason they didn't kick him out (like they kept threatening to) was bc they needed a member who had abs and muscle for their bad boy concept or whatever, the rest of bts was very lanky at the time.

Anonymous 8306

i honestly thought that was shownu at first, now that i realised its jimin, i suddenly lost all my interest in the pic lol

Anonymous 8307


this is all i could think of

Anonymous 8308

Screen Shot 2020-0…

bhs is a fucking disgusting incel. never got married cuz hes a fatty and made his fortune by forcing jimin to starve himself. Now this fatlard is fucking models and living lavishly

Anonymous 8309

Screen Shot 2020-0…

The least popular and ugliest member of Nct Dream can get more views on a Vlive than Johnny. Tragic.

Anonymous 8311

>Taeil was cute
>Yuta was ugly
Really? Lol ok. Imo they both look bad

I'm sure Chenle has more fans than Johnny's ugly boring ass

Anonymous 8312


I wonder whats its like to get fucked by Jimin?? Its something I can't even fathom.

Anonymous 8313

pls get ur wattpad fantasies out of here anon no one cares

Anonymous 8314

He has a small peepee so you wouldnt feel anything tbh

Anonymous 8315


We always talk about the same pretty faces eunwoo or taeyong ect. What about some underrated actual beauties.

Jihoon from Wanna One was so gorgeous , he just fucking disappeared but I love his looks and his nose.

Anonymous 8317

Anonymous 8319

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Wannafag here; are you kidding me? he looks like that crying cat meme or that homo sheep Dom from animal crossing.
That being said I still think he should have gotten rank 1 on broduce over traitor fuggo Daniel

Anonymous 8320


I thought Bae Yinyoung would grow up to be hot but jesus his head just never grew and he looks kinda like handsome patrick?

Anonymous 8322


Dear god….

Anonymous 8323

why does it look like someone badly photoshopped a head onto his neck
it even looks crooked

Anonymous 8324

>>8323 Cant tell if he just has a skeletor face or if hes an anachan…

Anonymous 8326

Hey I remember seeing this guy get hyped up a year ago….yeah he's not cute

Anonymous 8327

download (7).png

He must have gone crazy with the jaw botox??? He always had a small face but whatever he did it fucked him up. he was only born in 00 as well yikes

Anonymous 8328


This dude here from golden child who presented mubank kinda cute but nothing to write home about

Anonymous 8329

Cute? where? Man the anons in here have shit taste

Anonymous 8330

Minho from SHINee, dude had it all except talent. Tzuyu despite the complete lack of charisma. Nana pre jaw shave. Svt's Mingyu, saw him irl and dude is pretty good looking; there's also that Chinese member, the one that does not look anorexic. I know I'm gonna be lynched but I unironically think V from BTS has great features, with the right hair and some exercise he could be a solid visual, shame he's a fucking asshole.

Where to begin? Taemin was kinda adorable as a kid but his looks have been deteriorating pretty fast now that he's older. Lia and Chaeryeong. Daisy from Momoland. Hyoyeon pre surgeries. Junseo. Special mention to half of Seventeen because they are definitely far from attractive but I just can't hate them, they have that "so ugly its cute" effect on me.

Anonymous 8331

Then show us your 10/10 instead of bitching about other people's 10s.

Anonymous 8332

Off the top of my head Mingyu from seventeen

Anonymous 8333


I forgot about this dude but Dongwoo from Infinite is as ugly as sin. He's probably the ugliest once-relevant idol there is, at least of the 2nd gen for sure.

Anonymous 8334


he's a nobody but yonghoon from onewe is kinda fine. he's tall and can actually sing too so that's a plus.

Anonymous 8336

I thinks he’s entertaining with a decent sense of humor but I can see why people would find him annoying

Anonymous 8338

i always found suho and chen attractive but maybe that's just the former exofag in me

Anonymous 8339

I think he's cute

Anonymous 8340


Suho is actually goodlooking he's just so unpopular even as an exo member i forgot about him

Anonymous 8341


infinitefag here but I always thought woohyun had the best nose of any idol

Anonymous 8342

He'd look better if his face wasn't so big

Anonymous 8343

Seventeen’s Mingyu, he’s hot and tall but not overly lanky. Shinee’s Minho and Jonghyun, both have very distinct and handsome faces. Jjong was really short but it was part of his cute charm imo.

Anonymous 8344

I love jjong (rip) but his nose was so botched almost as badly as taeyeons.

Anonymous 8348

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/N7UZTz-yeY4?start=795" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Anonymous 8349

nct fans, what do you make of this? What happened to Chenle during the riding era you think? Something was clearly wrong and the tension was through the roof. Any thoughts?


Anonymous 8350

Jihoon is is pretty but he’s also apparently friends with ex Stray Kids Woojin. Yikes.
Jonghyun actually was very handsome in a masculine way which is rare for me to say of idols. Most dinosaur looking idols are ugly imo.
I wish he would have left his nose alone and whatever else he did after that. I remember also wanting him to dye his hair back to black/brown because I swear he had blonde hair and light colored contacts in for like a solid year. Anyway for some old tea there were rumors that back in 2013 because he was in a car accident apparently (which was apparently a cover up excuse for his nose job) Shinee had to switch their CB track to Why So Serious (it was originally Nightmare). Idk how true that actually was but Nightmare was undoubtedly the superior song. And this is no hate towards Jjong, he was my bias of the group. But Shinee is pretty much over now anyway. Hurts me to see them promote when it’s obvious that such a key member of the group is missing.

Anonymous 8351


Shinee has been over for a while. Only Taemin survived and has maintained some level of fame the rest no one curr about

Anonymous 8353

Screen Shot 2020-0…

If someone who has more cultural context could chime in, Is it actually normal for korean men to be so close? I understand the fanservice thing and I understand like putting ur arm around your bro, but jeno and doyoung in that moment ere just sitting backstage not just hamming it up for the cameras. Is it actually normal for an 18 year old to sit on a 20 something mans lap and be stroking his hand ? I'm ??

Anonymous 8355


If Junglebook can suck on Jimincels earlobe in front of thousands of ratmies, then those two fags can cuddle in a platonic way without consequences. Not only horny Fujos, but also their company loves to see it. Hell, i bet those twinks would get a fat raise if they decided to make out and rub their crotches together. Pretty much everythings allowed in Kpop. That shit is meaningless.

Anonymous 8356

remember when fans caught a video of haechan sitting on dooyoungs lap facing him and dooyoung taking off his jacket. Since it was in the backround of a dance practice and they didn't know they were being filmed fans went insane.

Anonymous 8357

Dude, that's standard fanservice. "It was in the background". Yeah, as if they didn't know they might get filmed when the camera is literally pointing at them. It ain't a private moment, quit creaming your pants to this fantasy.

Anonymous 8358

These two always gave me gay vibes so I wouldnt be surprised tbh they might be straight for pay tho

Anonymous 8359

Wasn’t Haechan semi dating a fansite during debut and talked shit about taeyong to her? Kek

Anonymous 8360

Yeah, that's why I said straight for pay… if ahjumma is paying for the Gucci and LV goods he's DTF

Anonymous 8361

Wtf ever happened to Hani? She used to be such an ‘it’ girl a few years ago and now I never hear about her.

Anonymous 8362

fiction by beast is the all time best bg song of all time ever

Anonymous 8363

haechans hetero vibes are through the roof i could see dooyoung being gay tho

Anonymous 8364

What about sexual abuse tho? Like they have known the younger members of nct since they were 12 yrs old so maybe its normalized between them. straight dudes fucking young boys has been happening in history since forever in a lot of cultures.

Anonymous 8365

proven fake. the ssng said all the texts were fake and he was never close with her. the recording she had may be real tho but how she actually got it no one knows. haechan and ty are fucking awkward together so it oculd be true

Anonymous 8366

yes anon im sure sm just runs a pedo ring and the poor younger boys are all being groomed to sit on the older guys laps

this is not wattpad man

Anonymous 8367

There’s something different with his nose, cheekbones and eyes

Anonymous 8368


Who are some of the kpop manlets who are actually cute? Not like Woozi. I always liked Jinho, there's something about a short guy with a strong voice that is honestly so cute to me.

Anonymous 8369


I think Jinhwan from iKON is cute (not in a sexy way more like a little animal way) even if he sounds like a mosquito and dated AOA’s Jimin.

Anonymous 8370


Kindergarten energy

Anonymous 8371


Anonymous 8372

I don't think it would be that weird, maybe not super common but not unacceptable. I worked in China for a while and I remember always being surprised how touchy the younger guys were with each other. Also when I used to follow pro starcraft/sc2, the korean players were nearly as physical with each other as idols even though there's no fanservice context. I can't remember if I ever specifically saw them sitting on someone's lap but it's something I wouldn't have surprised me.

Anonymous 8373


i think xiumin’s kinda cute, but sometimes it’s freaky how incredibly child-like and fragile he looks. a 30 year old man looking like a 10 year old is not cute

i guess makeup does a lot. in military shots he’s almost unrecognisable

Anonymous 8376

He looks better in the military shot there imo, but I generally like idols with shorter hair. I wish it was more common for comebacks.

Anonymous 8377

I agree with you, he looks way better with short, natural hair.

Anonymous 8378

it's normal. koreans are very touchy with each other

Anonymous 8379

Why is Taeyong there?

Anonymous 8381


Kpoppies always praise idols for supposedly aging so well just because they don't have wrinkles at 20+, but Xiumin genuinely looks extremely young, he's more than a decade older than other soldiers but still looks like a little boy.
Imo both him and Do look pretty close to their usual selves (maybe a bit darker). I guess the fact that we've already seen them with short hair beforehand and having strong eyebrows helps. The idols with colored bowl cuts usually are the most shocking once they enlist lol

Anonymous 8382


Anonymous 8386

Exid's fame in general just didn't last all that long anon. Hani going viral was a fluke that always be very hard to sustain. Hopefully theyve made enough money from their various Up and Downs to live comfortably now.

Anonymous 8388


i just wanted to share this picture kek

i get that karats freak out over him being some "genius producer" and the dude does have an impressive production repertoire but i do not understand why they released this troll on stage

Anonymous 8389

built like a mf 13 year old boy lmao

Anonymous 8390

I've never really found him that trollish, he just looks like a kid to me, he's pretty inoffensive as ugly idols go

Anonymous 8391


youre delusional if you think he's not unattractive

the dude made a good career as a producer, not sure why they decided to throw his unfortunate ass face, height, and bland ass personality into the idol world

in the same vein IKON bobby is also ugly as fuck

Anonymous 8392

How does Jaehyun sometimes look really off and sometimes look really good(vid related)?

Anonymous 8394


dont know if this has been talked about itt but is anyone excited for jessica's book?

Anonymous 8395

I'm so looking forward to it because it's basically her autobiography and I want to know if there is any real gossip

Anonymous 8396

>werewolf girl
>likes: loyalty

this is some fucking wattpad shit, jesus christ

Anonymous 8397

Agree, he sometimes looks lovely and other times just off. Imo he looks bette with softer styling rather than that look they gave him in kick it mv. Also that video is funny because fans have been making fun of their nasty 10th floor antics for a while, I cant imagine how gross it gets there at times

Anonymous 8398


Just to give you an idea with whom V is besties with…
>Witchhunt! It was 6 years ago!
Dude was already 26.

Ironically he constantly get's paired with tall actresses, imagine having to work with such a piece of shit. Thanks to dumb girls men who were born looking somewhat handsome really live life on easymode.

Anonymous 8399

Screen Shot 2020-0…

The interview is actually worse than just that summary. I looked it up and he really thinks that if both parents work the kid ends up a criminal or grows up all messed up like brah not all families can afford to have someone stay home. Idk if he grew up rich but yeah it's so disconnected form real life.

I don't know what this has to do with V tho, like I get shitting on the things he himself has said but this is like reaching a bit.

Anonymous 8400

Normal people aren't friends with sexists, friends usually have things in common.

Anonymous 8401


except V has said similar things (article attached)


fans like to frame it as cute and caring but its honestly kind of skeevy to be like "i want a docile girl to stay home and be completely reliant on me"

Anonymous 8402

>fans like to frame it as cute and caring but its honestly kind of skeevy to be like "i want a docile girl to stay home and be completely reliant on me"
That or they say "You're allowed to have a preference, I also like blondes more than brunettes!" as if that's even remotely similar to saying you only want short and skinny girls because you like em weak.
They'd defend anything, being kboos is unironically turning western girls into backwards pickmes.

Anonymous 8403

You don't have to completely agree with someone's views to enjoy spending time with them, I was friends with a weird cultist flat-earther for a while. Some people can be a lot of fun to hang out with even if their views on some things are completely retarded.

Anonymous 8404

>I was friends with a weird cultist flat-earther for a while.
That's not normal either.
>their views on some things
He sounds unhinged and rapey as fuck, that's not just some minor tiny innocent opinion…

Anonymous 8405

I feel like every idol I've ever seen talk about their ideal girl in terms of personality has said something like this, korean culture is pretty fucked

Anonymous 8406


its sus for sure, but who is to say they have a deep friendship anyway. I have plenty of "hang out" friends, ppl you can hang out with and have a good time with but like you wouldn't share your deepest secrets with them.

I'm not surprised at all. It's funny cuz these dudes are in the entertainment industry and no matter where you are from it's a fucked up and shady place. Them wanting some idyllic stay at home wife is funny when you consider these dudes have all been through the ringer, have had plastic surgery, eating disorders and have probably seen shit that most of us can't fathom.



Anonymous 8407

He sounds retarded but I don't see where you're getting rapey, just seems like normal korean sexism to me

Anonymous 8408

Why does he need a short and weak woman if not because he wants to be able to overpower her?

Anonymous 8409

Guys just really like to feel like they're 'protecting' something, I've dated men who didn't seem rapey at all but still made weird comments about trying to find something they could 'protect' me from. I find it a real turn-off but it seems to be hardwired into the male psyche.

Anonymous 8410

This guy is constantly posting about V on his instagram, they've also vacationed together, they're definitely much more than just casual acquaintances.

Anonymous 8411



Second, before kpop got bigger and more pc this was literally the answer every single kpop dude gave along with "pale skin".

That doesn't make it okay and sejoon is prolly a gross ass dude. its not like he had one gross opinion, his entire opinion on women and dating was gross af.

automatically assuming v has the same opinion doesn't stand tho.

Anonymous 8412

>automatically assuming v has the same opinion doesn't stand tho.
Except an anon already posted that V says very similar things >>8401

Anonymous 8413

> Thanks to dumb girls men who were born looking somewhat handsome really live life on easymode.
I’ve always thought he was fugly. Now I know he’s ugly both inside and out

Anonymous 8414


Okay idk, I don't follow V.

I'm curious for those who do follow bts does v give you guys a genuine creep/rapey vibe? the only thing i've read on the forum is that ppl think hes fake and dumb as fuck. He seems traditional and super korean, but traditional doesn't equal to creep. plenty of dudes with liberal views are predatory as hell.

Anonymous 8415

I don't think I've seen any members of nct say anything like that, I guess sm trained them good

Anonymous 8416

smells like a ratmy over here, V's been shown time and time again to be weirdly rude and have a streak of toxic masculinity, not to mention mean and arrogant as hell

there's this "i want a woman who will stay home and spend my money smartly" which is problematic as hell, but yes you can say its a toxic male korean culture thing

how do you justify the hair pulling of fans, just being downright mean when responding on weverse, and refusing to answer questions on an interview he accepted an invite to and letting his dirty ass brainless fans attack a reporter for trying to do her job

the dude is some backwards traditional trash who skated by because he has a nice face, stop defending him and his shit friends because his public image is already trash

Anonymous 8417

That's because bighit consists of a mixture if peasants and "tough" hiphoppers, while all over agencies and idols long ago got the memo that fangirls don't like assholes.
Nowadays they always describe their ideal types so vague that it applies to close to all of their fans (long hair, nice smile, monolids of they want to be woke,…) I don't think I've heard white skin since like 5 years already and the only other idol who said something similarly oldfashioned as BTS was Yunho (you know the Yunho who's 99% likely to be gay anyway) and that was in like 2005.

Anonymous 8418

Snow white and 7 dwarfs top kek


Please use the designated space to post youtube direct links

Anon please all men are friends with sexists and all men are sexist to some degree. Most wouldnt care if their homeboi took/shared intimate photos of their SO without consent let alone if it's something more inane like wanting a stay-at-home wife

Anonymous 8420

Most of nct don’t even describe their ideal type appearance-wise lol. Their answers are always personality based and one member even went so far as to say that they believe “love at first sight” is bullshit because it’s just “appearance-based attraction and not actual love”. They must really keep up with what the fans say lol.

Anonymous 8421


I don't think I've ever heard nct say anything about ideal types at all? Thats an old question that is long bygone.

There could also be a generational gap aswell between nct and bts. the older groups were a lot more unfiltered

Anonymous 8422

>There could also be a generational gap aswell between nct and bts. the older groups were a lot more unfiltered
Not really. I remember that Tao said something along the lines of only liking skinny girls and he had to apologize and that was close to a decade ago already.

Anonymous 8423

When did she decide to get so skelly wtf I’m shocked

Anonymous 8424

nct is heavily monitored and controlled by management. For as much content/comebacks as they put out they have never gotten into any real controversies (minus ty)

Anonymous 8425

Nah I remember them getting questions like that, I specifically remember Mark saying his ideal type was a girl with long black hair lol

Anonymous 8426

Screen Shot 2020-0…

big hit about to be the new SM.

Anonymous 8427

she did that for a role. Kind of commendable imo. shes not half as bad of an actress as yoona but doesnt get the same recognition yoona does.

Anonymous 8428


All SNSD members (minus Yuri sometimes) have always been uber skinny?

Close to all young girls have long hair, so it's not like he excludes any of his fans with that lol

Anonymous 8429

I dunno but I found Seungmin from Golden Child cute with his "wtf I'm doing here" face. Tho he looked bad with shorter hair.

Anonymous 8430

>Close to all young girls have long hair, so it's not like he excludes any of his fans with that lol
I know that's why I said lol

And I bet Jaehyun is one of the nastiest, have you seen that vlive where he was cooking and picked fallen onions off his bare feet and then then went back to cooking without even rinsing his hands? Absolutely filthy

Anonymous 8431

download (3).png

the unfiltered hatred kai has for lucas is just comical at this point

Anonymous 8432

giphy (1).gif

This man can't stand dumbo

Anonymous 8433


Anonymous 8434

Where's the lie tho

Anonymous 8435


I forgot to add Doyoung and Johnny to the list of ugliest idols

Anonymous 8436

he cant stand that he lost his visual position to dumbo kek

Anonymous 8437


Anonymous 8439

He never was visual in exo either

Anonymous 8440

He literally IS tho… visual, center and main dancer

Anonymous 8441

What happened between Kai and Lucas?

Anonymous 8442

I mean not sure if you have an official leaflet or photobook stating otherwise but all wikis on EXO state that him, luhan, chanyeol and sehun are the visual line

Anonymous 8443

Maybe at debut? But whenever they rank themselves they always only place him in the middle, Sehun, Chanyeol, Suho are all considered above him face-wise

Anonymous 8444

Members underrate him because he has darker complexion lbr they would really go overboard on "ha ha you're dark" jokes

Anonymous 8445

Maybe Kai resents Lucas for being regarded as a visual by everyone despite his darker skin tone without having to go through even a sliver of what he went through during the earlier years of exo

Anonymous 8446

Screenshot 2020-09…

taeil straight up looks like a pancake

ik johnny's ugly but i'm such a simp for him

Anonymous 8447


Lucas does tho. Not by his own members a smuch but chinese fans harass him for being a halfie and having dark skin

Anonymous 8449

True that… Kai doesn't have the features Koreans deem desirable but ppl with a global perspective can see that he's attractive… meanwhile Lucas has all the desired features and barely looks Asian… at first I even thought he was half/quarter white (maybe he is?? I actually never looked up)

Anonymous 8450


Anonymous 8451


Lmao he does

>I’m such a simp for him

Why? Is it his height and open attitude? I don’t mind Johnny but they seriously need to keep him away from the mic when they’re recording music lol

Anonymous 8452

He has millions of fangirls and got hired by gucci, i highly doubt he feels bad about his looks or jelly towards lucas

Anonymous 8453


I don't think its something THAT petty. Kai has been in the industry for years he isnt some novice that can't figure out how to work in a team or deal with a team mate.

I think a real fight/incident happened behind the scenes that made their relationship sour to the point where Kai can't keep his shit together any time he's forced to interact with him.

Anonymous 8454

He's also a multi-millionare, dates it-girls, seems to have a close family relationship he never struck me as someone insecure at all

Anonymous 8455

god i don't really know. i guess it's just the fact that he speaks english so I can bother watching his youtube videos and I think he's cute in a weird way. but sing and dance, he can not.

Anonymous 8457


I feel so sorry for Luna, she's constantly dieting, but with such short height and limbs looking slim is really difficult.
I think companies should really be more selective when choosing trainees, I highly doubt that she looked different as a kid, they should've known that she would turn out like this and thus has slim chances of succeeding even tho she's talented. Debuting ugly, short or naturally heavy idols only sets them up for bullying and failure.

Anonymous 8458


Thats a dumb thing to say. Hwasa is all the things you mentioned and she's doing well. Lunas problem isn't her looks its her insecurity. The girl cuts herself and she's 26. I think she has a lot of mental health issues that have hindered her from success.

Anonymous 8459

I'm not familiar with Luna, but can she even sing? Cause Hwasa can, and I think that + the confidence is what made her so popular

Anonymous 8460

Yes, she was a really good singer and that used to be her emphasis. On a show a long time ago she kind of destroyed her image because she cried when compared to another singer.

She got cut down a lot for her looks and her horse thighs and I think it did a number on her. She kind of reminds me of Wendy… gives me that nervous and awkward feeling when I watch her like shes trying too hard.

Anonymous 8461


>barely looks Asian
Only because of all that hair dye, make-up and photoshopped light skin. In his predebut pics, he looked pretty Southeast Asian which makes sense considering he's half Thai and half Chinese.

Anonymous 8462

Ikr? He used to look like exactly what he is but before debuting he got his face touched up + makeup

Anonymous 8463

That beat after the drop should have been left in 2014. Also yikes at the manliest one being 16.
There is absolutely no comparison. Maybe in terms of revenue but BH only has one successful group. SM had already created HOT, SES, Shinhwa, and BoA before they even debuted TVXQ. Even knetz talk about how BH is basically thriving off of BTS's success alone and how the other groups are failures.

Anonymous 8464


Speaking of nct being heavily monitored do you think their social media manager is always logged on while any of them does a menpa? The reply in pic related was deleted in less than a minute

Anonymous 8465

I don't know, but I notice that they are almost never alone. They are always surrounded by staff/management. I think they also heavily monitor their own images. Chenle said he checks his own name daily and the members seem to always be in on memes and what their fans want/talk about.

thats why its so weird for me that Chenle gets to live alone in his apartment, unless a manager is with him or checks up on him?

Anonymous 8466

Nah Hwasa is very slim, specially her upper body. She had bigger hip (but a flat butt) when she debuted but rn she's skinnier

She's a better singer than Hwasa, she comes from a music family and her sister is an opera singer

Anonymous 8467

The average SEA doesnt look like this tbh and the bowl cut is helping with the Asian case

Anonymous 8468

More like the new YG that basically exploded with Bigbang. But they're even on thinner ice because YG didnt take so long to debut a second sucessful group (2NE1)

Anonymous 8469

welp it didn't last long before these threads went to shit

my bad for thinking it would turn out better than LC

Anonymous 8471

alright no ones paying u a salary do be here adios

Anonymous 8472


Its also prolly because he's the ONLY nct member that looks like an actual man.

Anonymous 8473

Nah here is nicer than LC, idk what is pressing u

Anonymous 8474

holy shit you're defensive

it's exactly the same as LC, except LC's faster and has real tea
this thread is nothing but a chat room for nctfags now

Anonymous 8475

nta but the reason why most people are here is because LC's kpop threads were banned. ask the lolcow admin to re-allow kpop content and maybe you'll get the endless threads nitpicking about nasolabial folds again

Anonymous 8476

>real tea
back to twitter with you

Anonymous 8479

i know where they came from and why they're banned, I revived the old thread here

meta posts are not OT, fuck off janny

u first

Anonymous 8480

He looks a lot more handsome and even a little manlier with the short, natural colored hair and no makeup.

Anonymous 8481

how is this kind of naming retardation acceptable from a non-nugu company

Anonymous 8482


eh idk his manlet body combined with his childish face gross me out. D.O is also a manlet but his face is nice and its bearable

Anonymous 8483

It’s definitely creepy, he just looks significantly better without the usual idol look.

Anonymous 8484

His face isn’t manly at all lmao

Anonymous 8486

dr kim is very talented

Anonymous 8487

I thought SuperM promotions were paid for out of capitol's pockets? Or is that US promos only?

Anonymous 8489


this group needs an official visual. who'd you assign it to?

Anonymous 8490

They all just look like kids to me. Also I'm pretty sure 2, 5 and 6 are the same person.

Anonymous 8491

you're telling me they're all not the same person?

Anonymous 8492

2 and 6 are the Same Person, Its creepy

Anonymous 8495

I'm sure that not all idols need to get the same treatment. There are likely also ones whom the managers trust and know that even if left on their own they're smart enough not to do dumb shit.
I'd say the people here and kpoppies in general all easily get what's allowed in the idol world and what's not, idols have even more insight and experience, so the ones who aren't total brainlets know exactly how to behave if they want to keep their career. Chenle likely never acted out or made a mistake, so he got some freedom.

Anonymous 8497

They have a lot of fans bc of the fact that they're a BH group. But their music sounds really bland and uninspired to me.

Anonymous 8498

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's a flop

Anonymous 8499


The only reason they aren't a flop is because of bts tho.

Pic related, it's nice how levelheaded most comments are, literally what do k-ratmies want, them being carried around in a palanquin?

People say that jyp is holding twice back but I honestly don't think that they could work as models internationally, together they look amazing because of the cheerleader effect but on their own they're only cute average girls, while bp minus jisoo are somewhat tall skinny and a bit more unique looking.
And bts are really dumb for only choosing to support korean brands, of course they'll never run out of money, but working with luxury brands and socializing with other celebrities would be a chance to prolong ther career when they're too old to be idols.

Anonymous 8500

Both tzuyu and jeongyeon are taller than all of Blackpink. Jennie is the Same height as jisoo. I feel like atleast tzuyu Could Model international. For the Rest i agree

Anonymous 8501

that's just yg marketing, no one from blackpink would look too out of place in twice if they were styled the same

Anonymous 8502

Maybe but I don't think you could style Twice in a way that wouldn't make them look out of place in a high fashion campaign / runway show

Anonymous 8503

I would have said the same thing about Jennie if she hadn't already done it, her tiny frame and freakishly neotenic face don't read as high fashion at all to me. But most people seem to accept it through the power of YG mediaplay so I'm pretty sure they'd accept Twice members too.

Anonymous 8506


Seriously the 10th floor lives like broke college students. This picture is from just today

Anonymous 8507

wow could they get any greasier

Anonymous 8508

Tail is so botched, Jungwoo has terrible skin, Yuta is greasy as always, and Jaehyun always looks tired, he must have a shit lifestyle. I got nothing to say on Mark

Right? That picture makes me feel sick. Guys are so gross.

Anonymous 8510

They're flop tho nobody knows them in Korean, and with all the BTS clout… yikessss
And dont even start with the "muhhh they're famous oversead!!11" because the domestic market will always be the most important

Anonymous 8511

TXT is a flop resident moa. Maybe in the future who knows. But now that they're going for bagain bin BTS concepts I highly doubt

Ok bighit fag but they don't own 100% of pledis, just the majority of shares which doesn't bring the same amount of money as if it was their own (duh!). Plus, more than 80% of their revenue is from BTS so they're on fucking thin ice yes

I won't pick a visual for a group made mostly of minors. Gross.

Anonymous 8512

Are they all korean?

Anonymous 8513

No, the last one (left to right) is Japanese. There are also 2 gyopos one Australian and the other one American iirc

Anonymous 8514

It's so creepy how they all look the same and have the same features, especially the nose and lips.The only one that looks a bit different is the jpn kid

Anonymous 8515


The best thing to come out of SuperM is people rediscovering Taemin. I feel like he got a lot of younger newer fans. wish hed lay off the fillers he looks way better when they wear off and his more natrual face shape comes out

Anonymous 8516

I wish he and other male idols would get some work done in America. Not that we have the best beauty standards but whatever it is that Korean injectors have been doing to their faces is ruining them. They're looking like less like male sex icons and more like those Korean Karens that talk loudly on the phone in the subway and push past you in the stations.

Anonymous 8517

was a former big fan of shinee and i've always liked taemin's solo work but he gets more and more uncanny looking every comeback. he's starting to look like gackt

Anonymous 8518

>I wish he and other male idols would get some work done in America. Not that we have the best beauty standards but whatever it is that Korean injectors have

You say that knowing that the Katrashians are the faces of Judevederm in America? Kek they would just go back with fish lips

Anonymous 8519

agreed. is there even a good case of filler situation with any idol? i feel like they all end up looking like old aunts or bloated to hell.

Anonymous 8520

Is anyone else a misogynist/creepy in nct? besides jaemin and jungwoo who were named in the previous thread

Anonymous 8521

I've said it before but I think Taemin would've had a chance to make it in the US, his dancing is extremely good, his singing improved a lot and his personality is very likeable too, but the timing of his debut just wasn't right.

He's been looking like Gackt since he hit his 20s…

Anonymous 8522

>He's been looking like a bloated Gackt since he hit his 20s…
fixed that for you

Not that I know of

Anonymous 8523

Screenshot 2020-09…

What's with everyone talking about stray kids "finally getting their big break"? I didn't even know they had a comeback.

>nct127 is the 2nd most followed kpop bg

I guess that explains why there's so many nctfags here

Anonymous 8524

Idk why and how but it seems that NCT is the 2nd most popular group among western kfans. R/kpop does a yearly census and they've been 2nd for a couple of years or more. Plus other kpop forums are also full of nctfags, lipstickalley is infested with them, omona too etc

I know they're from SM and all but it baffles me that they got this popular being their worst group since Superjunior… teenaged fans have 0 taste

Anonymous 8525

Woah when did they get up to 8 mil? Last I remember they were only at 4 mil

Anonymous 8526

probably because they kinda charted on genie and some people really liked god's menu so it's an improvement.
rkpop is filled with SM fans though I don't really see a lot of exo fans there compared to rv/nct.

Anonymous 8527


NCT got bigger recently. Their vlive views used to be under 1 mil even for the popular members now they get 1 mil + on a lot of videos. idk how they are doing amongst korean fans tho

Anonymous 8528


this was post on the 4chan thread but it deserved to be here lmao

Anonymous 8529

>that reply
Lmaooo that's hilarious but sm never lets anyone have fun.
I also noticed he wrote hi in three languages which is honestly quite thoughtful

Anonymous 8535


im very late but i genuinely find kihyun from monsta x to be very pretty and charming lol. idk what it is, he’s just so endearing to me

Anonymous 8536

Do you have any favorite videos of him?

Anonymous 8537

Only a true fan could have written this.

sage 8538

some people in the comments even wrote lyrics too. to be fair though it I think a lot of other kpop groups could have their sound condensed into a video like this as well.

Anonymous 8539

this is old and I've posted it in the copypasta thread

Anonymous 8540

i have to admit i have no idea who he is and i dont like monsta x, but whoever tweaked his nose bridge deserves an award because that is a pretty side profile

Anonymous 8541

Lol this is good. I wanna see someone do this for 127

Anonymous 8542


these new superm pictures are fucking bad

why is lucas in the "instathot advertising her ass on onlyfans" pose

Anonymous 8544

Lmfao this is so accurate from jimin screeching to sugas weakass flexing and ratmon weeboo japan bootlicker self

Anonymous 8545


I know Ong kinda looks like a monkey but to me he’s the most date-able male idol to me? Idk there’s something very inoffensive and harmless about him.

Anonymous 8546

>japan bootlicker

Anonymous 8548


he almost reminds me of if vixx hyuk and ken mixed into one person

Anonymous 8549

Idk, he's friends with jimin which is kind of a red flag

Anonymous 8550


i know jaejoong shoops his pictures to hell + has terrifying botox but wtf is this??? if there was ever an idol who is a perfect candidate for having their own lolcow thread it’s him

Anonymous 8551

They actually charted a little on melon for Kick It iirc, not well but better than most bgs. That was the first comeback where it actually felt like they were popular, I think it was also when they finally started outselling super junior and with exo on hiatus that pretty much makes 127 SM's flagship boy group…

It was only like a year ago that NCT were considered a complete flop that most kpop fans barely paid attention to, and I still can't believe Kick It was what turned it around…

Anonymous 8552

lmao this is amazing, every time I think superm have finally started to be less embarrassing they prove me wrong in a big way

Anonymous 8554

50 year old woman on facebook energy

Anonymous 8555

Their voices are so annoying and they're terrible at remembering lyrics

Anonymous 8557

now that he's older and melting I can see the resemblance to taeyong more, but at least he was cute once, unlike taeyong

Anonymous 8558

can one of the nctfags in this thread give me a rundown on what the fuck is happening right now because I am not wasting my energy on twitter looking for explanations

Anonymous 8559

NCT 2020 teasers were released. It has all 3 units in it and some of the members were teasing something about a +2.

Anonymous 8561

Meh the teaser was just a mashup of old mv's

Anonymous 8563

Lisa looks retarded in this like no brains just a tiny monkey banging cymbals inside her head

Anonymous 8564

Lmao! They'll never appeal to the american gp no matter hard they try. Their personalities are the exact opposite of what we like here

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