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Mobile Apps Anonymous 82

Anonymous 83


I use +HOME as my launcher and it's really cute and doesn't slow my phone down. The app folders are handy since I don't like my screen too crowded.

Anonymous 84


Pacifica is great to keep track of your habits and mood, especially if you're depressed.

Anonymous 89

+HOME is really the best. I actually got the paid version since I like it so much. They constantly update wallpapers and have so much selection, including licensed stuff!

Anonymous 93

Apps I use are:
>kanahei account book
>selene, a period tracker but I think it's not available on the google app store anymore
>facebook and messenger
>an app I won't name that lists restaurants, bars and interesting shops in my city and give recommendations, it's very useful, I'm sure similar apps for other cities exist
>pocket MAL even though I don't watch or read anything at the moment
>some games I barely play, like pokemon go, fire emblem heroes and mystic messenger

I wish there were a how long to beat app that lets users check their lists of games, I don't like using my phone's browser to check the site.

I used to have line deco on my previous very shitty phone, does +HOME have more choice for the themes and icons? I don't plan on paying anything in apps by the way.

Anonymous 94

I think so, it definitely has more functionality. Also, I just bought it to get rid of the ads, but they're not that invasive, they basically just make little app shortcuts that you can delete.

Anonymous 108

>Garmin Connect
>My Calendar (for period tracking)
>Tide (for studying)
>Questions diary (you get a question daily and after a year you get the same question and can reflect on what has changed etc)
>YouCam Perfect

I wish I could find other nice apps that help me organize stuff and are helpful but I'm so damn picky about the designs and features.

Anonymous 111

>MyfitnessPal / Lose it! (very handy to track what you eat and be healthy! Lose it seems a bit more complete, but most of it is hid behind a paywall, so i prefer MFP)
>Zombies, run! (very fun if you like to run, it really helps it make running interesting because of the zombies chasing you)
>Cytus (incredibly fun rjythm game, if you like stuff like Osu! this one IMO is even better, incredible music)
>StellarFox (very cute game to play, you guide a fox with lines to collect stars)
>Podcast Addict
>SoundHound (like it better than Shazam, you can hum a song and it tells you what it is)
>Manga Reader
>Snow (for when i want my selfies to be extra cute, don't really use it as a social network)
>Sleep as Android (very handy to keep track of your sleep, it tells you how deep your sleep is, how to improve your patterns, if you snore… etc)
>Maya (tried a lot of period trackers but this one is my favorite, very cute with amazing UI and a lot of feautres!)
>F2P versions of quickturtle games (very fun to play fpor a while if you don't have internet)

Anonymous 137

Love Live
Ensemble Stars

>Studying and productivity

Anki, although I haven't been using it properly. I really want to get into it.
Forest - a cute little app to help stay focused and not constantly reach for my phone while studying, I like how if you do it well you get coins to buy some ambiance musics for your studying.


Clue for periods, it's great and has a lot of info.
Downdog for yoga. It's good.
Google fit to count my steps
Lifetime Alarm Clock

>Just for fun

Line camera

Anonymous 157

>Alphabear - cute mindless spelling game.
>Stack - you just stack shit.
>Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection - loads of simple puzzle games. It's quite ugly but one of my favourite apps.

>Jsho - Japanese dictionary
>Kanji Study - flashcards and writing practice.

>VSCO - for editing photos.
>SNOW - for the ridiculous filters.

> Twilight - lets you adjust your screens colour and dimness for nighttime.
>Dictionary - I use this a lot because I am a n00b.

Anonymous 161

>>Instagram (which I rarely use since I don't follow anyone I know IRL)
>>Casual Diet - Kanahei (super cute, and it has a diary)
>>Daily Horoscope
>>Twinbody (rarely ever use it and it needs some adjustments, but it's a good app)
>>Sleep as Android
>>WhatsApp, Line and Discord (I'd stick with only one if I could)
>>Google Rewards (google sends you questions from time to time and they pay you with credit to spend on their products and on play store!)

Anonymous 336

Apps that get almost daily use are

>>WhatsApp (for family)

>>Wunderlist (a great checklist app, but I often use it to make lists of things I want to try and list of things I've done)
>>Fantastical (a calendar app, simple but great at what it does)

I have various other apps (alarms, exercise, social) but I don't love them and will try them for a bit till I delete them to try something new.

Anonymous 513

Is there anything similar to this for iphones?

I use all my health apps on a daily or weekly basis. I've been told it's a bit obsessive but it helps me a lot.

>MyFitnessPal (just switched over after lifesum was incorrectly calculating my calories)
>Record (to track fitness for mfp)
>Zova (I like the fitness score and workout recommendations)
>Dr Greger's Daily Dozen (diet checklist)
>Food Monster
>Health IQ
>Cycles (period tracker)
>Pacifica (improving habits)
>Calm (meditation for anxiety)
>MindShift (anxiety/depression)

>Instagram (prob my fav form of social media)
>line, line camera, line play
>snow, beauty cam, meipai
>VSCO, Facetune, Snapseed, UNUM
>PicsArt, Photo Lab, Filmborn, PS Express, Lightroom

I'm new to LINE and Discord. Can anyone give me the run down on how to make the best of them? Amino was a disappointment.

Anonymous 514

You have your one-on-one chats and your servers. Servers are like chatrooms where you can invite people and assign them roles with different permissions. You can also open more rooms within one server and only let one group of people see it. Bots are fun, many chatrooms have them for different things like minigames, search features, marrying users etc.

It's my favorite messenger and I've been a power user since ICQ. I wish more people used it.

Anonymous 515


Peach is a really cute and dreamy social media app, but it's pretty dead. Maybe we can revive it? It has 'magic words' that let you activate fun features like generating a gif from your text input or displaying stats like mood, weather, …

Anonymous 521

anyone else pirate their apps?

I found one for cracked spotify, can't download tracks, but unlimited streaming with no ads

Anonymous 522

Sort of. I download apks. It can be a bit difficult to find good sites but yea.

The last thing I downloaded was c25k

Anonymous 524

The only thing Ive done thats close to this is getting Japanese apps to work on my NA phone.

Honestly I never thought about pirating apps and now I feel like a dumbo

Anonymous 525

You guys use a lot of app holy moly. I find a lot of apps I download I just rarely touch so I end up uninstalling them

The apps I open the most would be 2 games I play.
Dream Girlfriend, been playing for almost two years now
And Nikki Dress Up Queen. I downloaded this one recently but I really enjoy it so far and I can see myself playing for awhile.

Anonymous 528

> Nikki Dress Up Queen
Oh my god, same here. Downloaded it on a whim because i saw it on the app store while looking for otome, and i seriously love it. The clothes are very cute and it's so easy to make money. Probably my favourite dress up game at the moment.

Always wanted to try, but i am afraid it will void my warranty or maybe i'll be dumb and download shifty stuff into my phone which has most of my personal accounts.
Only downloaded an APK of a free manga app and even that made me nervous, so paid stuff makes me a bit queasy.
Do you have to mess with your phone and void your warranty to download it?

Anonymous 531

personally i haven't needed to root or do anything, just install the apk. of course it's gonna depend on what apps you get, but i'm assuming if you're a casual user (like me), everything works ok no bother.

am wary of viruses and malware too, so beyond checking uploaders (trusted uploader status?) and comments (to check for complaints etc), i usually run the apks through virustotal, the online service. it runs the app through like 55 virus softwares. sometimes you can get 1 check that's a false positive, but any more than that is suspicious. 1/55 i might install, 2/55 probably not, 3+/55 no

also check the privileges app requests when installing, and make sure it's nothing weird. like, camera app may need camera privileges, but it wouldn't need phoning privileges.

i like mobilism. even then i'm gonna make sure the uploader seems legit, but i haven't had any issues so far. only issue is there isn't that much choice depending on what you're looking for.

Anonymous 536


I like a lot of cute apps like Neko Atsume or this game called Cat Room.

I used to have a diary app but I uninstalled it because it was taking up too much room. Aside from cute games I have normal messaging apps.

I had peach but I removed it to make room for some game called Kitten Dreams. I was thinking of giving it another shot once I get better storage!

Anonymous 567

I have so many idol games on my phone. Both WW and Japan School Idol Fest, Bandori, Idolmaster Starlight Stage and now Idolmaster Million Live. I can't even keep up with events anymore. Also, Sailormoon Drops, which is kind of relaxing to play before bed.

Anonymous 1061


Does anyone here play Toreba? It's a cute little crane game that's connected to a real one in Japan or something. If you win you get whatever you got in the mail. Lots of cute figurines, Rilakkuma junk, etc.
Don't fall for it, the game will rob you for everything you're worth. I'm already $150 deep.

Anonymous 1064

I like Neko Atsume but after getting all the goods/cats/backgrounds it's pretty boring waiting for new updates.

I started playing Love Nikki after reading about it on here and LC, it's fun. I like it a lot better than that Cocoa Star since I'm not tempted to spend money on it.

I also have Fire Emblem Heroes, since I love the franchise.

I think I need one more game app, then I'll be 100% content between that, Love Nikki, and FEH without spending any money

Anonymous 1194


A Catholic app that has a digital rosary and a bunch of chaplets, plus the daily readings and a bunch of other cool features.


A skeleton posing app, very useful for drawing.


A classical model for drawing, very useful for learning anatomy. Has tons of info about where all the muscles insert into the bones and everything is color coded.

>Eon Altar

A unique couch co-op rpg that uses your smartphone as a controller. If you have some geeky friends to play with it's a lot of fun, the game is on steam.

>Love Live School Idol Festival

Honoka is best girl!!

Anonymous 1197

>tfw no friends to play eon altar with
why live

thanks for the model apps, though. as an artist myself, this would be really useful for me. i've mastered drawing faces since i was young but i still cant get bodies quite right

Anonymous 1290

Nikki Dress Up Game

Pink Daily for periods, its super cute




Meitu, yes




Questions Diary, its super simple and I recommend it to everyone

My Diet Coach, I ended up buying it because I really liked it

Keep, for organization/to-do lists

Anonymous 1306

which meitu app do you have? the beauty one by them doesn't have all the kawaii uguu bs the online one does. i wanna b kawaii.

Anonymous 1341


By "the beauty one," do you mean BeautyCam?
The one I have is just called meitu. I have android if that helps and the icon is pink and red with a white Kanji character. Happy shooping to you. Its helped my sunken in cheeks look good

Anonymous 1344

yeah i meant the beauty cam. i use xiu xiu meitu online, but was hoping the android one was good also, thanks!

Anonymous 1535

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with wardrobe organising apps? Just saw a video from Safiya where she used an app called "Pureple" to get suggestions for outfits. I like the concept but I have a feeling it's just an advertisement.

Also the outfits the app came up with for her were horrendous but I'm not sure if that's actually the fault of the app or if it's because she owns reall ugly shoes/jeans and way too many holo items.

My wardrobe is really unorganised right now and when I've lost around 3 stone I want to throw everything away and be more minimalistic. I can't coordinate outfits to save my life and usually stick to neutral colours like grey and black. I really want an app like this to work!

Anonymous 1536

Should have mentioned that there are barely any reviews online and that's why I suspect it's just an advert. Maybe someone has a better suggestion.

Anonymous 1602

Do you guys have any diary app recommendations?

Anonymous 1603

Daylio is pretty good. I saw someone here recommend it. You can track your emotions for the day and what happened. It will even show your average moods for that month or whatever

Anonymous 1607

Thank you, I'll try to use it for a while

Anonymous 1608

If you're looking for something very simple, Luna diary is a good choice. It's super cute

Anonymous 2414

best period app with the most features? would be nice if it was cute too but it doesn't have to be as long as it's good.

Anonymous 2415


Try my calendar

Anonymous 2416


I use it too, it's pretty great. You can also download themes if you don't like the original skin (blue and pink I think)

Anonymous 2419

>>2414 I use "Period Diary". It allows you to change interfaces between three cute floral ones. But the data you can input and export is a sound amount, including mood and symptom tracking etc throughout the months.

Anonymous 2465


are there any cute editing apps like decopic? im so sad that its gone :(

Anonymous 2474

2nd this.

Anonymous 2524

>Evie Launcher
>Minimal Geometric Icon Pack
>Sushine Icon Pack

>Messenger Lite because some of my friends are stupid and don't have signal

Media/social media

>SD Maid
>Event Flow
>Google Drive

>Best Brokers

Anonymous 2553


Does anyone have else use CustomTiyoko?
I find it quite limited but it's still adorable!

Anonymous 2554

Damn, didn't mean to add that 'have' there

Anonymous 3292

I keep it on my phone though I always end up deleting all my selfies out of shame and embarrassment.


As close as you can get to ungoogled chromium on android right now as far as I'm aware. A good pick if you want to reduce google harvesting your data but can't tolerate the shittiness of other browser apps out there that aren't chrome-based.


Better than clover imo, bit deprecated tho

Yes. Lucky patcher and blackmart are very handy on a rooted phone.

Anonymous 20774


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