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Kpop thread Anonymous 9670

Anonymous 9671


this woman is my new queen, she called out BTS for exactly what they are but ofc ratmys are swarming and destroying her for it

in the grand scheme of things, BTS is fundamentally not important in the scope of everything going on, and they're honestly unknowns outside of the kpop world, so i love that she called it out

i hate the ratmy mentality of bullying anyone who says anything contrary to loving BTS into giving a public apology, it's almost cult-like

Anonymous 9672

Meh. She's the 438917th person to say this sort of shit yet knets (armys) still seethe about it every single time.

Anonymous 9678


we can say that svt is very well off now

Anonymous 9680


Someone post something I'm so bored

Anonymous 9681


Anonymous 9682


Here u go. An explanation of the Baekhyun fat joke that started Lucasgate. Everyone thinks Baek is a fat slob.

Anonymous 9683

>middle guy
Does JYP really allow their idols dress like that?

Anonymous 9684


Anonymous 9685


RM lols okay when he smiles? But he must be a heavy smoker those teeth are ass yellow

Anonymous 9686

Who is th ugliest idol that you’d fuck?

Anonymous 9687

For free?

Anonymous 9688

Yeah who is the most busted you’d go for.

Anonymous 9689


Some idiot was spamming this on weverse earlier today. I think it might be their real phone number so I've blanked it out.

Anonymous 9690


Everyone’s ugly according to this place. I’d fuck TY in a heartbeat even tho he’s 130 lbs and weighs less than me.

Anonymous 9691

Unless I'm getting something out of it I probably won't fuck any idol I'm not attracted to.

Anonymous 9692



Pre botched RM

Anonymous 9693


why is the middle dude shaped like the short keanu meme

Anonymous 9694


So have u guys heard of The UN Villiage and Hannam The Hill? It’s like a residential area that a ton of celebrities live in including bts and Kang Daniel, GD and bunch of actors and even politicians. It looks so ugly tho like why would I pay 8 million for that??!!!? Apparently it’s guarded 24/7 and has a 4 step verification system but it’s still the ugliest neighborhood.


More pics in link.

Anonymous 9695

I refuse to believe this is an edit

Ratmon, GOT7 JB with the short legs and all kek, KARD Matthew… they're all considered ugly here, right? I basically wouldnt fuck the ugly and malnourished like Taeyong

Anonymous 9696


Same anon but it’s called the Beverly Hills of Seoul and god it’s cant even compare. Beverly Hills is made up of mansions with tons of greenery.

Anonymous 9697

UN Village and Hannan The Hill are condos. The "neighborhood" you're thinking is the district of Hannandong. You got a bad picture tho, because there a plenty of nice buildings there facing the river or the forest and shit

Anonymous 9698


U would fuck Ratmons ET no chin looking ass but not Taeyong, I’m having a hard time understanding your math here.

Anonymous 9699

Because Ratmon is ugly to death but not malnourished. I can work with a guy that doesn't wear jeans smaller than mine

Anonymous 9701


Damn up to 8 million for a condo??? I can’t. I know Seoul has nice mansions and other better architecture. I’m assuming celebs just wanna live in close proximity with other Celebes so they are all flocking there.

Anonymous 9702

Kang Daniel. I know that no female idol who was that ugly would EVER be allowed to debut but there is something so harmless about him? He really nails the himbo/dumb jock vibes. Like he would try to do nice things like gift a bent flower with all the petals fallen off and write a love note but the handwriting is awful and the grammar is next to caveman level.

Anonymous 9703

I feel like BH patched things up with dispatch already. Never got the scandals I anticipated

Anonymous 9704

Stop making Treasure happen Treasurefag, it's not going to happen.

You can't compare Hannam-dong with BH, because Seoul is nothing like LA/California. A fairer comparison would be New York or some other densely populated city.

Anonymous 9705

I'm so fucking jealous of svt. They're not only successful but actually seem happy as idols.

Anonymous 9706

Yeah, i just want BTS to get a scandal soon. It's honestly kinda sad how happy it would make me. I hate ratmies so much, i don't even care about the members. They deserve to get their hearts broken for making bigshit filthy rich.

Anonymous 9707

I hate armys yet I still pity them at times. The bg business model is so exploitative and I hope a major scandal happens just to disillusion some of the fans and help them finally get a life outside of wasting their time and (their parents') money on a bunch of scumbags.

Anonymous 9708

There's 13 of them anon I doubt they're loaded. Just moved to nicer dorms.

Anonymous 9709


Speaking of manlets I know tswift is tall but damn.

Anonymous 9711

I wish I can still believe this. Idk what your threshold for "successful" is but their uggo leader just recently bought a BMW.

Anonymous 9712

Obviously. Not sure what your point is.

Anonymous 9713


Ratmies are the anime kids of this generation.

BH is a business they shouldn’t be blamed. There are literally essays that explain kpop business models and tons of sources that explain the psychological lure of these groups. Ratmies are desperate weirdos who want to continue their delusions.

Anonymous 9714



Meanwhile NCT…

Anonymous 9715

i don't get it

Anonymous 9717

I will never respect Reggaeton

Anonymous 9718


It’s just a joke. They don’t live lavishly at all kind of nasty actually.

NCT has been around for like 4 years now but I don’t think any of the members have made any significant money.

If they have, then they are doing a world class performance of keeping it under wraps.

Anonymous 9719


Lmao I’m convinced that’s the only cup they have

Anonymous 9720

Didn't taeyong once mention that he made quite a bit?

Anonymous 9721

Johnny. Just to be around Mark

Anonymous 9722

Oh they're successful, just not sure if loaded $$$ which to me means being able to retire rn and live off savings/investments + owning real estate.

Anonymous 9723


I’ve never heard it. Maybe since he’s in super m as welll? I know he also gets writing credits for NCT songs so maybe.

We all know NCT isn’t doing that hot with sales anyway, I think the only way they make any significant money is through concert tours.

Anonymous 9724


Just found the post I was thinking of, not quite how I remembered it. Maybe they aren't making a lot after all.

Anonymous 9727

That vlive is over two years old from when they were still flopping. They’ve made a lot more money since then

Anonymous 9728

They can just marry a rich fan for all of that, like Choa.

Anonymous 9729


She married that ugly business dude?

Anonymous 9787

Doesn't work for men the same way it works for women considering how traditional and patriarchal Korean society is. Maybe they could score a new money ahjumma though.

Anonymous 9788

Sounds like a load of bs

Anonymous 9789

any bts member, just to start a scandal.

Anonymous 9790


Lol it’s JB, he basically doesn’t give a shit. He posted these pics, scared the kfans and they yelled at him to delete the pics cause it’s “too much for an idol” or some shit

Anonymous 9791


doesn't lee know do the exact same shit, I guess no one cares what one of the nuguest members from a nugu group does unless it's illegal lol

Anonymous 9793

Posting to liven up this thread
Street interview in Japan re best visual. Not to be taken too seriously ofc

Anonymous 9794

Aren't SM contracts notoriosly tight-fisted when it comes to money actually going to the idols? If you're not getting writing credits 90% of the money an idol makes goes to the company. If they play the long game and do well when renegotiating contracts then they can start making bank, but NCT are still on their first contracts and weren't even that popular before this year, they probably are poor by idol standards.

Anonymous 9795

So Bigshit hired ratmys to write stories and illustrate the BTS Universe game. More companies need to do this instead of hiring people who are out of touch with what the fans want, imo.

Anonymous 9796

What makes this even worse is how big in general they make her look. Taylor is tall, but she's still girly and slim, so usually even if she's next to a shorter man (that isn't bts) he still looks clearly wider and manlier than her, yet Suga here has even narrower shoulders than her…

Anonymous 9797

at least that means he was skinny then, Suga never looks good no matter what weight he's at because he's just that ugly but looks better when underweight

Anonymous 9798

I think the difference is made more severe because suga is standing kinda at an angle while taylor is more straight facing the camera, so he looks even narrower than he actually is. I still appreciate how tiny he is though… Kinda wanna see them fuck

Anonymous 9799

Jyp is doing the same shit, “hire” fans or ppl who have good ideas for their groups’ comebacks/concepts

Anonymous 9800

In SM it's famously company 95% - idol 5% and nct are how many members, 20? 30? A million doesn't mean much, that's why idols cosy up with sasaeng, they are the ones gifting them luxury shit.
Other companies are much better, I think yg or so is 50/50.

And we've talked about how ridiculously low japanese womens standards for men/idols are, the requirements are basically just has a dick.

If you make tswift look like a fat giant whom are you gonna date? Korean ratmies aren't exactly ana-queens either kek and female celebrities are always getting taller and taller as well.

Anonymous 9801


i mean this is BTS next to camilla cabello who's 5'2" and very petite

these dudes are straight manlets

Anonymous 9802

Yeah YG has by far the best contracts when it comes to profit division, creative control etc… the only downside is that you gotta work for YG

Anonymous 9803

>In SM it's famously company 95% - idol 5%
I'm gonna need a source for that since I've read elsewhere that it's 50-50 split between companies and idols.

Anonymous 9804

Probably because BigHit acquired Pledis

Anonymous 9805

Dude is so ready to be over this idol life and just become a producer kek

Anonymous 9806

I mean SM. oops

Anonymous 9807


>uwu worldwide handsome
Bts made me understand why Koreans and their obsession with small heads are right

Anonymous 9808

Assuming she's wearing heels there that'd probably put her up to around 5'5 or so and the guys still all look a couple inches taller then her so it's not so bad. They're a little short but at least not turbomanlets like that guy from seventeen.

Anonymous 9809

Dongwoo from Infinite. He’s busted as hell but for some reason he seems like he’d probably a decent fuck. One of those ugly dudes that compensates for their ugliness.

Anonymous 9810

>And we've talked about how ridiculously low japanese womens standards for men/idols are, the requirements are basically just has a dick.
What's the difference in their picks compared to other demographics? Genuine question

Anonymous 9811


A lot got revealed during exo-m leaving, like luhan made less than half a million in 3 years, while being the most popular and exo being at the height of their fame

Anonymous 9812

>half a million in 3 years
If that's in USD that's pretty good. And doesn't SK have some sort of law saying foreigners needs to be paid less than their korean colleagues or some shit?

Anonymous 9813

for being the most popular member at the time you'd think he'd earn at least a million in those three years.

Anonymous 9814

Considering his level of fame in close to all of asia back then it's really not. Other celebrities are much less well known, work much less than idols and still make several millions per year.
Plus if that's what he and the others got, just imagine how insanely high the profit was that SM got because of them.
At least it must have been bad enough for the chinese members to think that they're better off on their own.

Anonymous 9815

A lot of people would kill to make half a million in 3 years. If it wasn't for SM he'd be a complete nobody right now. Many (not all) kpop idols owe their success almost entirely to their companies and I honestly see no problem in the profit distribution reflecting that.

Anonymous 9816

Are you seriously whiteknighting SM?
According to that logic no celebrity deserves more than like 3k because hey, that's more than normal people make, be grateful!…
Their artists only getting 5% isn't really a problem for early exo, but if you're a flop like nct previously or also like luna as a solo, it means you're basically working for free.

Anonymous 9817

>Are you seriously whiteknighting SM?
No. I don't see anything wrong how much he got paid. Simple as that.

Anonymous 9818

And if I get to be in EXO for 3 years and get close to 1/2 mil USD I'd take up the offer in a heartbeat. Are you saying you wouldn't?

Anonymous 9819

Well, lucky for him he did see something wrong with it lol

Anonymous 9820


BTS are tiny. Their frames are just small and anytime they stand next to a w woman who isn’t 5’2 she looks like a linebacker.

Anonymous 9821

what the hell is that dress man you can see her crotch

Anonymous 9822

i actually prefer this over the hyper edited ones. thinks he looks okay

Anonymous 9823


I find Haechan 100x hotter with freckles and bit of stubble.

Anonymous 9824

it helps that you can't see half his face

Anonymous 9825



Haechan hot as hell. He still got a bit of babyface so he needs to simmer a bit. He's going to be a sex god at 23.

Anonymous 9826

Screen Shot 2020-0…

This isn't exactly kpop but the Koreaboones that Kpop has inspired is just out of this world.

All these girls all over the world fantasizing about dating korean dudes when actual korean women are protesting the streets en masse cuz korean dudes won't stop putting cameras in bathrooms to watch them shit.

Anonymous 9827

I'd hate to be on of the women in Korea so much. One of my friends goes there all the time and she's never shown me pics of being with other women, it's always with men. They orbit around her and she's only ever had bad relationships with Korean dudes. Shit like the guy trying to rape her when she broke up with him and similar.
That country's a fucking cesspit, I feel terrible for our girls in SK.

Anonymous 9828

Has anyone heard of this ghost9? I just watched their story concept video and that was some weird shit. I love storylines in kpop but not all storylines are good.

Anonymous 9830


Anonymous 9831

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Bruh CL is joining BH?

Anonymous 9832

honestly just happy to see her come back again if it is CL, anything is better than her working for YG.

Anonymous 9833

Delusional. Haechan stans never stop embarrassing themselves


Anonymous 9848


This is totally taken out of the person's ass. BigHit contract is waaay worse than that, you can check it looking their first annual reports (I think de 2016 or 2017 one – table related). Afaik EXO-M lawsuit did not disclose fees that much, what we have available with more detail is from their TVXQ lawsuit.

For goods sale, BH artists and other companies o only get 5% of profit.

For concerts, JYP and BH have a 50-50 distribution. SM-TVXQ contract let them keep 65% of profit.

CFs - JYP splits in half after paying 10% or whatever fee due to the agent responsible for the deal.
SM TVXQ - 65% for cfs in korea 70% cfs overseas. 3rd party agent fee was paid by SM.
BH - after paying 3rd party agent fee, keeps 65% of profit

Royalties - BH keeps 54% as gross profit, after paying both BTS’ cut and any related fees.
JYP said they typically split 50%/50%.
In the SM-TVXQ contract, it was 70% for TVXQ and 30% for SM.

BTS are now in better contracts as per the IPO documents made available, but this profit distribution probably applied to TXT and whatever rookies they might have in the future.

Anonymous 9850

I never realized how weird Mark's faces looks, like his chin and mouth area…

Anonymous 9851

TVXQ's contract doesn't seem so bad from that perspective, idk what they were so mad about then

Anonymous 9853

what does that even mean at this point

Anonymous 9856

thought they already claimed they did that kek. god i hope it's revealed to be ghostwritten. i wonder what ridiculous excuses armpits are going to come up with in that case.

not that i listen to bts usually, but if everything will be produced by them i definitely won't.

Anonymous 9857

I love watching armpits try to get their "boys" out of shit every time they get caught up in it

Anonymous 9858

like Suga did with his solo project?

Anonymous 9861


>BTS are writing and producing every track

Reality: as namjoon slipped in a vlive earlier this year, all tracks have already been chosen and the other non-narc members didnt even know about it lmao
Watch it be like 7, which they claimed it was their ~most authorial work~ ever and each track had like 6 producers.

They just come up with 1 line in korean after the beatmakers and topliners do all the heavy work and get all the credit.

Anonymous 9862


I go so nuts for freckles or any kind of spotty faces in general, I know this is weird so I don't expect people to share my opinions but god I wish there was more of this

Anonymous 9863



This guy has natural freckles too .

Anonymous 9864

Who is this? Felix? I try not to pay attention to individual idols in newer groups because I'm old as fuck and it feels weird but I can't deny pictures like this are appealing to me.

Anonymous 9865

i thought this chart was from 2015 and it got debunked?

Anonymous 9866

That's Felix, yes

Anonymous 9867

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Male idols really marry down.
Shinwah is huge and this guy even acted in dramas but he's hitched to some random flight attendant.

Anonymous 9868

How come I never knew he had freckles? U sure it's not make-up?

Anonymous 9869

Oh my god who the fuck cares if he married someone who isn't a superstar like him?

Anonymous 9870

I'm pretty sure that is make up lol, I just really like the way it looks. I'm surprised they even did it since freckles are typically seen as very undesirable in Asia but I guess since he's considered to have very boy-next-door down-to-earth type of looks then it suits him.

Anonymous 9871

what's with idols and flight attendants more like, I know one of g.o.d. is also married to one

Anonymous 9872

Flight attendant is still a "hot girl" profession in Korea and there's even college for it. People always make a big deal out of idols who were going to be flight attendants before debuting.

But yeah I guess marrying some random bimbo is still marying down

Anonymous 9873

Those dudes from Ukiss also married fugly gangnam unnies, understandable since they were nobodies. Chens wife is some rando and that Tony guy and Moon jee jun got with nugu idols who are like 13 years younger than them.

What is wrong with male idols that they can't even find decent women within their own socioeconomic class?

Anonymous 9874

Chen's fiancée might be well off tho. Any eggs here have info about her or the previous gf?

Anonymous 9875

Screen Shot 2020-0…

NCT churns out youtube videos on the daily and they aren't even on this list. Absolutely tragic. Black Pink barley has content.

Anonymous 9876

Male idols probably fuck around a lot during their peak so after a few years most of the women their own age in the entertainment industry are probably tired of them already

Anonymous 9877

Oh rip Got7, i heard they’re gonna have a comeback around that time too

Anonymous 9878


True. Mark's Z cup fuckbuddy will forever take the cake lol The only one who looked pretty in an elegant way was Yoochun's ex

As far as I know she's fairly "normal", her job is not known and she's neither very pretty nor plastic (but she's rumored to have been a fan).

Anonymous 9879

Both Chen and Moon Heejun were shotgun marriages though, I don't think you can really expect a guy to find a decent woman if he can't keep his dick in a decent place

Anonymous 9880

Female idols are nearly always able to date/marry up, they go for actors or chaebols rather than other idols

Anonymous 9881


From what I read I assumed he was like her sponsor basically? Didn't he give her like a living allowance?

Anonymous 9882


Anonymous 9883

Just imagine being with a male idol tho. Like them brining you to their fucking dorm with 7 other dudes fora hookup.

The walk of shame would make any sane woman shudder.

Anonymous 9884

I would say they probably go to hotels but supposedly this happened with AOA so who knows…

Anonymous 9885

i read somewhere from an idol i believe that if the guy buys a car he's usually dating since i guess car dating with idols is super popular?

imagine that though, the guy doesnt even have the decency to bring u in a hotel, just starts trying to get down in the backseat of a car

Anonymous 9886



Flashbacks from Taeyong and Baekhyun car date. It looks so gross and uncomfortable.

Anonymous 9887

You don't go to dorms anon, you go to love motels or if your idol has money of his own than a hotel or guesthouse, see Kai and Jungkook

Anonymous 9889

That was Taeyeon, not taeyong, wasn’t it?

Anonymous 9890

The car thing is not for fucking, but when you're not fucking lol if they have a car available they're probably on a better financial situation to afford a hotel anyways, this is not Murica where people dont own houses but have cars.

Anonymous 9891


I guess luxury hotel makes sense for privacy reasons. If the idol doesn't have much money tho then they have no options.

Kai/Krystal still had photos taken of them in a hotel. I'd be so paranoid about someone taking pictures of me and posting about it.

Anonymous 9892

i thought kai got exposed because a store employee also took a picture of his condom receipt along with the infamous "thats a dolphin" pictures

thats so fucking scary though, imagine not even being able to go to a 7/11 to buy condoms without being afraid the bitch behind the counter will post ur receipt on the internet

maybe thats why idols knock up people so often, theyre too afraid to buy protection kek

Anonymous 9893

kfans said jk also took that gal to a love motel besides the guesthouse. it looked gross, the man is CHEAP af

Anonymous 9894

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Found a super interesting thread on BH and their business model. Apparently this twitter account is hated by Army lol.

Anonymous 9895

Anonymous 9896


Hes a multi millionaire, couldn't he have taken her to his place? I guess she was a hookup if he didn't want her knowing where he lives and all.

Anonymous 9897

They should order it online but lbr they prefer to do it raw. Korean condoms also suck allegedly so thats another excuse

Anonymous 9898

didnt he have her initials tattooed? there is no way she was "just a hookup" then

dude is just cheap and gross lol

Anonymous 9899


Imma need picture proof for this cuz that is some sad angsty teenage shit if true

Anonymous 9900


people were saying the j above army was for her, but other fans are saying it was for jimin lmfaooooo

either way his tattoos legitimately look like sketchy garage stick and pokes a junkie would get while strung out

at least the guy can afford laser removal, but that's going to be fucking painful especially on a hand

Anonymous 9901

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I feel like BH accomplished what SM was aiming at with their whole NEOTECHNOLOGY shtick.

Anonymous 9902

I thought the j was for his own name

Anonymous 9903

ratmys were trying to say it was for jimin/jungkook or something but why would you tattoo your own initial onto your fucking hand lol

who knows, but the theory that its sneakily for the girl does seem plausible

either way the dude is angsty and stunted af, i do feel kind of bad for him since he literally didnt have a childhood, but then i remember he's rich as fuck so i stop feeling bad

Anonymous 9904

Oh my god they hired app developers to develop apps. Please let me suck your fat cock Bang PDnim!!

Anonymous 9905

They accomplished nothing in IT this is just a business plan and a prospector for the upcoming IPO. They've just hired a bunch of people but I doubt they will be such a menace for giants like Naver and Kakao. Their app that is supposed to replace Vlive has terrible UI, is glitchy af, server always crashes etc etc they have a long way to go. And netmarble (Bang PD cousine tech company) only has flop games, their main one rn must be all related to BTS which is kek

Anonymous 9906


Jimin is the new Brad Pitt.

Anonymous 9907

BH will never be a tech company or whatever the fuck theyre trying to spin themselves as, since their only fucking product is BTS

the method of delivery doesn't matter, and they will never have a consumer base outside of ratmys. what normal fucking human being with no interest in BTS is going to read their webtoon or download their app?

i swear BH is just as insufferable as their group and their fanbase, they try so hard to be different and not like the other stinky boring abusive kpop companies when they're just as (if not more) exploitative

Anonymous 9908

Someone been smoking expired marijuana

As much as I like to push the Mijoo narrative to press ratmys, this tattoo is v obviously Army + members initials: A=V, RM, Jin, Jungkook, JM and Yoongi. Very hur dur clever of him

Anonymous 9909

i'm insulted on brad pitt's behalf

Anonymous 9910

Cuz he’s an immature angsty moron

Anonymous 9912

Yeah that woman on twitter be dumb af stanning BH CEOs. Talking about how many IP and shit they own when in reality 80% or more of that IP relates to BTS and consequently depends on their success to hold any value in the future

Anonymous 9913

yup this woman is just a ratmy who can string together semi coherent sentences, so all the other ratmys have hailed has as IP/BTS IPO queen

god this entire fanbase is just insufferable

Anonymous 9914

> this tattoo is v obviously Army + members initials: A=V, RM, Jin, Jungkook, JM and Yoongi.

This makes way more sense. Also I remember reading a rumor that after the scandal that JK basically left that MJ girl to handle it all alone, apparently one of her friends was complaining about it. This and the motel/guesthouse make JK look super gross and fuckboi like.

Anonymous 9915

lmfao does jhope not exist or is he just peanut butter'd into the J

either way that tattoo is god fucking awful, and JK is a shithead if he did just hang the girl out to dry and fucked off

Anonymous 9916


IF bh can create another successful group to replace bts then they will be on their way to solidifying themselves as a top entertainment agency. IF they don't they will prolly end up like YG but worse. I'm no business expert but their growth is too sudden and so inflated. They are basically betting it all on bts and kpop and coreea becoming the #1 cultural place in the world.

Anonymous 9917

they've tried with TXT and that hasnt worked, BTS only got to the size it did because they came in during a perfect storm of factors that allowed them to shoot to the top, plus considerable luck

if you look at TXT and their new survival show group, its all ratmys and not really new fans

i highly doubt they'll ever replicate or get close to replicating BTS success, and will probably crumble the moment one of the guys leaves

Anonymous 9918

Yeah, when bts dies they won't have another group to take their place. Txt won't do. Doesn't matter how many groups and companies bh buy, in the future bh will survive only bc they're bh, but they have to realise that bts wasn't something they did good, they just got lucky.

Anonymous 9919

BH is THEE most exploitative company. The way they marketed bts as the saviors of the korean economy and culture has basically deadlocked every single bts member to being a BH slave forever. Giving them a TINY percentage of BH stock to deadlock them even more. No member of bts can ever leave BH without massive repercautiolns. Imagine if one member left during contract renewal. They would be known as the member that tanked one of the most successful korean boy bands ever and be exiled by everyone.

Right now BH is marketing to get BTS nominated for the Grammy's so that he can push for them to be exempt for military service for their outstanding achievement.

Anonymous 9920

Ia they're definetly the new YG. BTS is Bigbang but with a bigger financial impact and lesser cultural impact. TXT might eventually have the same fandom size as BP, but they won't have high fashion and beauty campaigns on the side. They're bound to be kicked out of the big 4 just like it just happened to YG

Anonymous 9921

The way they’re constantly comparing themselves to popular white celebrities is pathetic tbh

Anonymous 9922

i would consider them similar to tvxq, and how the three members who left had decent careers but were always considered "traitors"

i agree though, i dont think any one of them can leave or elect to nonrenew on their own with considerable backlash, perhaps this cycle if they create more solidified solo careers, but it seems BH is actively trying to promote them as the "uwu family unit" so that may not happen

i just want to see them fall and fall hard, im so tired of ratmys worshipping the ground they walk on and violently attacking any sort of adverse opinion

Anonymous 9923

So true kek

>This is not a feel you get from a 20 year old… what is this?
What is that supposed to mean? Are they implying that he looks mature? But I thought asian don't raisin and jimin is an uwu baby mochi?
I've said this before, but seemingly entire Korea, even middle aged/old men kissing their ass as if they freed North Korea is so pathetic, if you want to feel national pride pick something other than a fucking boy group.

Anonymous 9925

i mean japanese models arent exactly known for their looks, you have girls with teeth pointing in every direction possible being plastered on magazine covers

honestly the only one i find attractive is the one who's a taller clone of btob minhyuk, the rest of them all look weird

Anonymous 9927

let's not start this kind of shit

Anonymous 9928

Japanese magazines should be grateful to have kpop idols grace their covers. They’re definitely some of the one best looking people on there aside from the random western celebrity.

Anonymous 9929

BTS downfall is only a matter of time. I'm not worried. I'm sure we'll get to experience it sooner or later

Anonymous 9930

I can’t wait

Anonymous 9931

I really want the source on that. It’s some delicious milk if true

Anonymous 9932


Yeah, you can't really blame japanese women if pic related is what they get in Japan. The new Johnny's bg, freshly debuted in 2020, just look at those faces, I don't even wanna know how the look like unedited…

Anonymous 9933

>high fashion
>japanese magazine targeting teenagers

Anonymous 9934

Lol I googled that and the "highest" thing they ever did in japan was teen vogue

Anonymous 9935

jesus christ the second guy from left lmaoooo

Anonymous 9936

The one on the very right is my fav, it looks as if they just picked up a rando construction worker, threw on a wig and put him into a suit lol And the one next to him already has a receding hairline…

I unironically think that when it comes to idols plastic is better, there are enough natural but fugly guys irl already

Anonymous 9937

didnt even notice the hairline dude oh my god

while plastic can and prolly will make most dudes uggo as well (look at basically every kpop dude like taemin or bts), to find a naturally handsome asian dude is a real challenge so you honestly might not be wrong

Anonymous 9938

I know idols fake uwu it up for the cameras but are there any moments that you find legit adorable?

Do share, I want my heart to be warmed.

Anonymous 9940

That new nct member would fit right in with these guys

Anonymous 9941

Not quite what you're talking about but I find svt's first music show win to be pretty touching.

Anonymous 9942

> to find a naturally handsome asian dude is a real challenge
Maybe for jap guys but not Korean and Chinese guys. Just look at wayv and nct dream, they’re all naturally good looking and have little to no ps.

Anonymous 9943

Stop fucking posting shit like this or we won't have kpop threads anymore.

Anonymous 9948

youre a delusional nctfag if you think ten and jaemin arent pumped full of filler and have gone under the knife several times

Anonymous 9949



OMG Ahrin is naturally adorable. She's ridiculously cute!

Anonymous 9950

not really a cute moment, but i did find this scene with BTOB changsub heartwarming, he didnt have to step in but it honestly seemed super genuine that he stepped up for the girl and helped her out

im a big BTOBfag though, but the dudes arent super successful but honestly seem genuine (or more genuine) in a sea of manufactured perfect dolls

Anonymous 9951

How was BTOB doing before enlistment anony? I'm curious because I watch the videos of Peniel podcast and he seems decent

Also I find Minhyuk cute but I wish he were 10 cm taller

Anonymous 9952

theyve always done ok, they have a pretty dedicated and overall unproblematic and loyal fanbase, but i definitely wouldnt consider them on the upper crust of kpop by any means, i would put them on par with perhaps vixx who debuted in the same year?

the members all seem to have done well with solo activities (musicals, radio shows, acting etc) and are generally under the radar in terms of news, they definitely have a fanbase but never really made it "big"

Anonymous 9953


There was that reality show seventeen was on before they debuted that showed them living and practicing together and the members were super young. I remember seeing a bunch of gifs/videos of them it was adorable.

Anonymous 9956

same BTOB fag but just remembered this too, the bald dude managed to get the one random question about shampoo and i just found the entire encounter funny as fuck

honestly i admire the guy for just shaving his head and saying "fuck it" and his entire team was supportive, but also ragged on him for it as true friends would

(timestamp 2:08 in case the link doesn't work)

Anonymous 9957


When Doyoung of NCT talked about taking the younger dream members to the Han River predebut to play when they were too young to go out. Made my heart awwww.

There is always a "mom" character in every kpop group that's pushed but I find DY pretty genuine in that he cares for the younger members and Jeno.

Anonymous 9958

who do you guys think will be the first to leave nct?

Anonymous 9959

probably taeil, dude literally has to only be holding out for a solo career or some kind of album before he fucks off to do ballads or musicals

otherwise i dont think any of the other ones have any name to do anything on their own, not to say taeil does, but hes so irrelevant anyways i doubt people could care

Anonymous 9960


U mean with SM's Hunger Games voting system or once contract renewal is up?

Anonymous 9961


dont know if anyone remembers, but a few years ago himchan of BAP got accused of sexual assault, and now the guy is back trying to start a solo career (doing what, i have no idea)

the youngest member zelo has finally broken the silence about why he hasnt said anything and honestly i think its pretty well written

Anonymous 9962


Shuddering at how I used to think Himchan was the hottest of BAP and saved a ton of his gifs… Zelo is going on Show Me The Money and I hope he is able to revive his career. He was a good dancer from what I remember and BAP got shafted so badly by their company.

Anonymous 9963


the dude is so slimy and grody looking ngl, he has total jjy vibes

Anonymous 9964



ngl I was joking about not having to see Yuta anymore once he fucks off to the Japanese unit and then SM announces the voting thing. I'll be the first to shit on Yuta since he's an eyesore in 127 but damn imagine working for 7 years with NCT and then getting voted off because a young 6'1 dude that resembles Yaejoong joined.

Idk how SM is gonna implement this voting thing because its a mess.

Anonymous 9965

they already scrapped it after massive backlash, but its obvious they were trying to test the waters

Anonymous 9966



SM has already slowly implemented the whole adding members thing and re-arranging units even though fans freak out each time. They will definitely try out some kinda voting system in the future but idk if it will be to vote members out.

I can see them trying a voting system to see who will be in the new japanse unit, hence their new show. Sooman wants Neo Culture Technology to happen no matter what.

Anonymous 9968


god someone'd have to be legally blind to not notice ten's nose job. It always cracks me up to see nshitizens talking about how perfect his side profile is as if the whole thing doesn't cost thousands to maintain and isn't gonna melt and sag in a few more years.

Anonymous 9969

not to mention his nose was perfectly fine before, now the tip is so lifted and weird looking

i get why they decided to "fix" jaemin's nose, but ten honestly looked fine before this

Anonymous 9971

Holy Shit this is one of the worst airport videos I have ever seen. What a traumatizing welcome to idol life….

Anonymous 9972

never got why the members of nct who need ps the least get them but the members who continue to burn our retinas with their god awful faces don't go under the knife. don't even know these guy's names, but they're buttfuck ugly

Anonymous 9975

like exo all over again

Anonymous 9976

what does everyone think about ACE? someone i know introduced them to me, saying they're going to be the next BTS or something

honestly their music is super dated sounding and does remind me of BTS's older "harder" stuff (aka dressing these twinks up "hip hop")

but the dudes are butt ugly and from what ive seen the fans are screechy, so maybe they will be the next BTS

they honestly seem like a carbon copy of attempting to replicate the underdog style of bts, down to the white abstract company opener and jingle

Anonymous 9977

Is it worth it to watch I-land? How does it compare to the likes of pd101?

Anonymous 9978

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Nopants BTS stalker has moved on to enhypen

Anonymous 9979


god that makes me claustrophobic to look at, and in the middle of a pandemic too…

havent watched any of their content or know much about them, but i read a comment that one of the kids is immunocompromised and/or has a weak immune system and had a big surgery? if this kid god forbid gets sick, it'll be the end of BH

honestly this reminds me of EXO all over again, does korea not have private airfields these companies can rent? a lot of these artists fly private/chartered anyways

Anonymous 9980

Like who? The ugliest members have had tons of plastic surgery as well. The best looking members have little to none.

Anonymous 9981

They're too ugly visual hole. And i found that vid that everyone's been talking about very tacky and low nidget

That doesnt look like no pants girl she was much skinnier and her face eas different and more punchable too

Anonymous 9983

I wonder if svt or another bg is going to outdo Hit in terms of sheer difficulty anytime soon.

Anonymous 9984

I like their music. And the only kpop concert I attended so far was their (it was nothing special, but a bit overpriced for Budapest).
Callin' and Cactus were both pretty good, and I hope that sound will return in their songs.
Take me Higher was a bit of a let down, after their previous sound, but had a nice bass.
Under cover was pretty refreshing, fast and catchy, Savage was average at best.
Favorite boys is probably better than any other boy group music released recently for me. It's just punchy and catchy.
I prefer generally girl groups' sound, but for a boy group they have pretty good title tracks.

Also BTS did not invent the harder boygroup sound, B.A.P and Block B were before them (and their better title track were already miles ahead in quality compared to BTS's older song). I don't think that they will be the next BTS, but if they will be, I hope they wouldn't change their sound.

Anonymous 9985

Hungarian kpoppie on crystal cafe? Wig, me too, sis

Anonymous 9986

i like them. Jun and Chan are cute. I hate how unsearchable their name is tho. Not sure if theyll ever hit big but for nugus theyre doing relatively well.

Anonymous 9987


Lmao a co-writer for Drip posted this on their story

Anonymous 9990

i never said BTS invented the hard sound lol, i just said they remind me of that marketing strategy BH pushed

honestly the more i listen to them the more mediocre they sound, plus the dudes are ugly as hell to boot

Anonymous 9992

I feel bad for Indonesian nctzens, they put only the ugliest members in the Indonesian school series lol

Anonymous 9993

the only icing on this shit cake is if they threw in johnny too kek

Anonymous 9994

Lmaoooo true

But seriously couldn't they have at least put jaehyun or jungwoo in there for them?

Anonymous 9995


god i know hes just a kid and has some more growing into his face to do, but christ this new shotaro kid is not cute and things are not looking up for him in the "facial bone development" area

kid legitimately looks like the bastard child of kang daniel and kard BM, which is an unfortunate combo to say the least

Anonymous 9996

Eh I've seen uglier idols, and he's supposedly a talented dancer, uggo dancers are kind of an SM classic type

Anonymous 9997


>Eh I've seen uglier idols
you sure?

Anonymous 9998

its not even that, the kid looks so plain and boring, i wonder if SM legitimately hunts for ugly japanese trainees to make their domestic korean ones look better by comparison

the kid may be talented, sure but christ he looks like he'd be a shoo-in for those nugu groups who pride themselves on having "different" looking members

what happened to sm's flower garden LOL this is more of the "trampled field behind a dirty alley"

Anonymous 9999


in comparison here's their new korean trainee

kid's nothing to write home to, but he at least doesnt have 60000 predebut pictures of him panting like a dog

Anonymous 10000

>what happened to sm's flower garden
That's all just stan hype. Sm debuted the entirety of suju so clearly visual aren't all that important to them

Anonymous 10001


I can't believe Chen was considered ugly in EXO when kids like that can debut in SM nowadays. He looks like a mix of ratmon and that goblin that left stray kids

Anonymous 10002

SM has always had a few stinkers, I think the flower garden reputation is more just because their main visuals are some of the best. But Exo has Chen (and Chanyeol's pretty questionable too imo), all of Shinee are a little weird looking, SuJu has Eunhyuk and Yesung, SNSD has Hyoyeon and f(x) had Luna… he fits right in really.

Anonymous 10003

i honestly still do not understand how shindong made it into suju, dude has no standout talent other than being an asshole and the "funny fat guy"

yesung at least could sing and eunhyuk is a decent dancer

any bets as to if this other new sungchan kid is any good? i feel like he'll fall to the middle/"useless rapper visual" of the pack since they literally said his charm point was his height

Anonymous 10004

Shindong was only there because of the original rotational concept, they tossed him to get a little experience performing but they were gonna 'graduate' him in a year or two so he could go on to be a comedian/variety personality. But then the fans threw a fit so they had to fix the lineup and Shindong was still there so they were stuck with him. He has literally no lines in their debut-era albums and no solo shots in the debut-era mvs lol.

Anonymous 10031

i wonder if theyre going to try and "graduate" some nct members, and if people are even gonna care that nugus like yuta and taeil leave

Anonymous 10034

I think they missed their window for committing to the graduation concept, it might have worked in the beginning since NCT didn't immediately acquire a large, obsessive fanbase like SuJu. They did graduate Mark from Dream but now they've backtracked… and NCT's fanbase is only getting bigger, I don't think they could do any of it without huge backlash, even if it was someone irrelevant.

Anonymous 10035

I don't think they're gonna do the graduation thing, if someone leaves they'll just drift off quietly or something

Anonymous 10036

suju was supposed to be a rotational unit group and had a lot of ""expendable"" members that wouldn't have made it into a top boy group at the time (tvxq). shindong was supposed to be in something kind of like a variety unit

Anonymous 10038

>I think the flower garden reputation is more just because their main visuals are some of the best.
I think the reason people say that is because in all of their groups more than 50% of the members are considered extremely goodlooking by korean standards while other companies debut groups with only 1 or 2 visuals. Like in Exo you have Chen and Baekhyun looking not so well (still not as bad as the uggos in other groups tho) but they're godlike singers and all the other members' looks are loved, so it doesn't really matter. SNSD were called goddesses, in f(x) you have Krystal, Sulli and Victoria, and early Shinee was also considered super cute. Wendy, Seulgi and Yeri are not that special but only because Irene and Joy are at the top of all female idols.

It was never a secret that Suju are just leftovers. Maybe SM was just in a good mood because they had TVXQ and therefore decided to also give their old, fat and fugly trainees a chance, by giving them "funny" songs and putting them on variety shows.

Anonymous 10039


why do people find her attractive, every time i see her im baffled

her teeth are fucked and not cute at all, not to mention she has this stanky attitude and bitch face half the time the camera's on her in the background

Anonymous 10040

I know everyone clowns on them these days cuz they're old and plastic, but even suju had a pretty strong visual line at debut. Siwon/Donghae/Heechul/Kibum were some of the most iconic visuals of early 2nd gen. They were leftovers mainly because they were lacking in talent, not looks.

Anonymous 10041


OT but I hate Shindong so much.
Nowadays so many are whiteknighting him, "just because he said those things in the past doesn't give you the right to fatshame him!"
Dude, Shindong is the manifestation of everything that can go wrong with a man, everything about him is just straight up awful. His dancing is also only considered good because people don't expect a fattie to move at all.
He was an already 25yo obese fuck, with a fanbase consisting of school girls, in an industry filled with mostly ana underage girls, there's no excuse for him and his groupmates behavior.

Anonymous 10042


god i forgot about kibum, he was so cute when he first debuted but he's aged so badly

why exactly did he leave? i thought it was a mutual thing, but why would SM let one of their biggest stan attractors just up and leave without much of a fuss, or do i just not know about the outrage

Anonymous 10043

Male kpoppies love her because she looks underage, that's it.

Anonymous 10044

It was pretty clear he never wanted to be an idol long-term, he just got stuck after the lineup was fixed. He'd always planned to go into acting as soon as he was established, so I don't think it was super surprising when he went on hiatus forever, though I've also heard that he had some health issues in the mid-2010s which is why he was never a prolific actor either. I'm not sure if there was much uproar about his leaving but given he left at the same time Kangin got into his first scandal and shortly before the Han Geng lawsuit I don't think fans had time to be upset before worse things started happening.

Anonymous 10045

shindong is SO gross, not to mention the dude also is an asshole and fatshames female idols while looking like that

not to mention he bullies people on his radio show asking them if they're gonna get surgery (off the top of my head he was bugging bang yongguk about getting eyelid surgery while on a radio show and made fun of him when he said he didnt want to)

Anonymous 10046


Shindong/Suju fans are only coping pickmes, you know the type who say shit like this
>I prefer my men with a little more meat, a few extra pounds aren't too bad, his humor is much more important than him taking too mucb care of his appearance, those young and pretty guys look like little girls anyway! haha Am I right boys?
Imaging simping and paying money for that thing instead of literally any other normal/better looking celeb…

Anonymous 10047

imagine simping for a dude who wouldnt look out of place selling cigarettes off the street

agree with the sentiment that shindong stans are the original pickmes

Anonymous 10048

Finding it kinda weird that you guys seem to think Shindong actually has any significant amount of fans as an idol… even within the fandom and the group it's kinda acknowledged that he doesn't really have fans like that. There's even a video where they meet someone who says Shindong is their favourite and Shindong says something like 'how come whenever someone says I'm their favourite, it just feels like a joke?'

Anonymous 10049

he doesnt have a ton, but the ones that genuinely are fans are total "im so different i dont base my fan preferences on loooooooks" which is what the anon was addressing

Anonymous 10050


Anonymous 10051


I constantly see such "hot takes"

Anonymous 10052

Yeah but there's so few of them it hardly feels worth addressing to me. Like I just find it weird that there are multiple posts itt dedicated to hating on the half-dozen fans of a routinely forgotten idol from a has-been group. Idk, maybe I'm just too used to chubby chasers (my sister is one, thankfully she doesn't listen to kpop) so it just doesn't bother me.

Anonymous 10053

Why are you following people like this in the first place then?

Anonymous 10054


Btw that was is apology, just another load of sexist bullshit

Anonymous 10055

honestly i prefer this conversation to the daily churn of "hur dur nct flop taeyong ugly"

why are you wking these fans? theyre annoying as hell and people are talking about it, fucking just start a new topic to talk about instead of whining if you dont like it

Anonymous 10056

I've encountered a Shindong fan I think maybe once ever in the wild, I think you need to reevaluate your life if they have enough presence in it to genuinely annoy you

Anonymous 10057

Shindong might be old but he's still everywhere in kpop, plus you can clearly see that he apparantly has hundreds/thousands kissing his ass.

I'm not? Why aren't you saying the same thing to all the others anons on here who shit on idols/fans? Are you lost?

Anonymous 10058

youre obviously also a shindong pickme, but i guess he's one of the only idols fans might actually have a chance with kek

just cant be fat like him though, he's a man so he can be fat but if ur a chick u have to be skinny and follow all beauty standards

Anonymous 10059

Wth? Faster than the ratmy defense squad lol

Perhaps you need to reevaluate your life if you're unironically moralfagging about kpop on crystal.cafe kek

Anonymous 10060

literally this lol
imagine moralfagging over an actual problematic pig and crying that his poor fans dont deserve to be discussed

Anonymous 10061

I just find your incredible level of vitriol toward something that's so insignificant in my experience kinda weird…

Anonymous 10062

ok we get it you wanna fuck shindong and are really sad about us thinking it's gross. can you fuck off now

Anonymous 10063

The fact that you actually think people want to fuck Shindong is the weirdest thing about this honestly

Anonymous 10064

who tf cares we nitpick everything on here, your pig oppa doesnt get a pass because he has 3 fans

fuck off if this makes u uncomfortable because it's obviously not "insignificant" to you since you responded to like 5 people and obviously have been camping here for responses

Anonymous 10065

the lady doth protest too much

Anonymous 10066

i honestly cannot believe there was a fucking 15 message thread on here arguing over if shindong and his fans are poor babies and need to be left alone

this is truly a separate timeline, imagine actually having someone defend a has been pig misogynist in vintage "leave britney alone" fashion

Anonymous 10067


>your incredible level of vitriol
Lady, we only want to shit on nasty oppars in peace, like we've done so for the past months as well?

Anonymous 10068

kek exactly my face when this pickme reared her head and fucking cried about how we're being mean to this dude's fans

i just want to shit on assholes man fucking leave us alone

Anonymous 10069

>shindong lover
>more nctcope
Happy Monday y'all

Anonymous 10070


i know koreaboo is actual hot garbage, but i didnt realize how much of a BH bootlicker they were

how is this "kpop news" (if you can even call koreaboo that) if 5/6 things on the home page are either TXT or BTS related?

Anonymous 10071

lmao wtf is this? why is kpop so cheap?

Anonymous 10072

oh god this looks like it was filmed in a fucking warehouse

what music show is this? this actually looks grody as hell

Anonymous 10073

this is a green screen right? Why is the editing so bad, they look like they're floating

Anonymous 10074

Naver Party B is a virtual concert I think. It also had Itzy, Chungha, Jessi and Treasure.

Anonymous 10075

Allkpop is even worse, half of their articles are just "Jimin voted [insert random bullshit].

Speaking of bts, today I read that there's gonna be a movie starring a cgi James Dean. Since Jk supposedly already replaced him, are they gonna do even greater things than that for him over 60 years after he died…? lol

Anonymous 10076

same energy

Anonymous 10078


Not to be that bitch but Young K gained a few pounds and it doesnt look good… it's hard when you're one of those ppl who immediately get a fuller face, simply can't afford gaining 10lbs

Anonymous 10080

You haven’t seen much Twice content if you think she has a stank attitude kek. Resting bitch face, yes. Miners out here having aneurysms over Twice almost as much as BTS.

Anonymous 10082


this is bunny right? Only koreans find her attractive

Anonymous 10083

that's him now?! i was starting to like him ugh
i don't understand why bichectomy isn't a thing in SK considering the prevalence of moon faces. they just go straight to shaving jaws which doesn't solve the chipmunk cheeks.

Anonymous 10084

if someone told me these three were idols I would shit myself laughing

Anonymous 10085

anon I have some news for you…

Anonymous 10088



Anonymous 10089

and 2 of them have already been released. The bar just keeps getting lower

Anonymous 10090

Anyone else can't stand Ten's singing voice? It sounds so annoying

Anonymous 10092

I don't have any problem with his voice, but this whole performance feels like a nervous school choir. It looks like they're trying too hard to remember the lyrics. Baekhyun saved it tbh

Anonymous 10095

Why haven't Bl*nks ended themselves yet? This is hilariously pathetic.

Anonymous 10096

i gotta say ice cream is the worst song of the year, that shit is fucking terrible

Anonymous 10097

Judging by the teasers, i feel like lovesick girls will have a similar vibes as ugly by 2ne1 but like walmart version

Anonymous 10098

Screen Shot 2020-0…

watched some bp content and Jisoo is so pretty. it was really boring tho….

Anonymous 10099

I believe Lovesick Girls or Bet You Wanna can surpass it in shittiness, bp fighting!

Anonymous 10100

yup, it reminds me of lonely but theyre gonna fuck it up with jennie and lisa's shitty rap and sex faces

not to mention rose's voice is going to be too indie and floaty to hold the song, i'm not optimistic

jisoo is so pretty but literally has the personality of a wet noodle, and she wants to be an actress??

Anonymous 10101


?? I watched some of their early stuff in 2016 and she was goofy and a weirdo. did they change her image?

Anonymous 10102


this dude has such a fucking punchable face, why does he insist on this jokeresque heroin chic styling

its so unflattering

Anonymous 10103

helppp i thought you posted dorian electra's new song thumbnail at first

Anonymous 10104


Jimincel isn't even able to move his eyebrows properly anymore lmao. Ratmies rly think their oppa never gets work done, when it's obvious he's fucking his face up. How many years does he still have until they can't deny it anymore, girls?

Anonymous 10105


I bet folks back in korea are creaming themselves over this lmao

Anonymous 10106

I mean do we really want to see him go so far that the average blind ratmy can clearly see that he's botched to hell? He would probably wind up looking like Frenchy Morgan or the infamous Oli London lmaooooo
I feel bad for the guy, he clearly has issues with how he sees himself

Anonymous 10107

They all got such stained teeth. They must smoke a lot and/or never brush their teeth

They're doing everything they can to get that military postponement/exemption huh since idol they've really reached performatic levels of patriotism

Anonymous 10108

What I don't get us why none of the surgery ever actually makes him more attractive, Korea is generally really good at subtle procedures and most of the ps monsters in kpop had a period of looking decent before they went too far, but Jimin has never managed to look like a normal human. It's not like he can't afford a good surgeon either, so why does it all look so bad?

Anonymous 10109

That's a pretty normal colour for teeth that haven't been bleached honestly. Although I wouldn't be surprised if he had had his teeth done and they still ended up that colour because of smoking/poor hygiene anyway.

Anonymous 10110


Cc kpg, is the money worth performing to those little pigs? Don't even get me started on girl groups w/ moid audience.

Kek I remember one lc anon saying the kfans were better looking than ifans. Nah they mostly look like this… I would be embarrassed.

Anonymous 10112

It's not just the color, there are literal stains, they all got those on their upper incisors which is a sign of smoking and other drug usage (I dont think they use meth though kek)

Anonymous 10114

I don't see them in that pic but it's shit quality anyway so I'll take your word for it. I wouldn't even be surprised by meth though, it seems to be relatively popular in Korea, that ex-tvxq guy already got busted for it.

Anonymous 10115

Meth is (or was for a while, not sure if the industry is still as active) a pretty big export and source of income for North Korea, so it's one of the most common drugs in east Asia. Plus I bet a lot of idols take a ton of over-the-counter uppers/downers because their sleep schedules are so fucked up, so it's not surprising they might end up transitioning to actual meth… I'm surprised it hasn't happened more often honestly.

Anonymous 10117



Jaemin is a case of SM's commitment to mess with noses that don't need any tinkering in the first place, but besides nose fillers what else has he done?

Anonymous 10118

Screenshot 2020-09…

I think the issue is he had a weird face to begin with so changing things up with ps has only made it look weirder. also jimin needs to stop with the chin filler/implant or he's gonna end up looking like that photo of gd

Anonymous 10119


his nose has been tweaked before that picture on the left you showed

it was considerably more bulbous and rounded at the tip, and now its a lot sharper

otherwise he has a bunch of filler, there's quite a few pictures where if the lighting is bad you can see the dimpling and settling under the skin

theres also some pictures i see sometimes that make me question if he got his eyes tweaked, since the fold is super apparent even when he closes his eyes, but that may very well be badly applied tape or glue

Anonymous 10120


The definition of "un-necessary" lol

Anonymous 10121

what is sm's obsession with making the tip of the nose turn upwards, they did it with ten too

honestly there is zero chance any of the nct guys havent gotten anything done (including filler), it's just a natural part of being an idol

Anonymous 10122


additionally good surgeons will do such minor tweaks that it feels almost unidentifiable and honestly unnecessary

basically its impossible to tell if 99% of these idols who claim to be natural actually havent gotten anything done

for reference the guy in this photo did his eyes, nose, and chin

Anonymous 10123


In Haechan's case it looks like they made him get filler on top to make it look less curved and more of a straight slope. The only reason I searched it is cuz someone on twitter pointed it out I would have never noticed otherwise.

Anonymous 10124

god i dont think hes a visual god like some of the nctfags in here, but he looked perfectly fine and honestly i dont think anyone would've noticed until you put the photos side by side

this just breeds body dismorphia among these young idols, imagine being poked and prodded at every day and being told essentially "ur nose is 2 degrees off ideal so heres some shit to fix it" as if this kid isnt going to be conscious of it for the rest of his life

Anonymous 10125



Nah his nose is still like that, it's obvious when he smiles that he has a fat nose.

I always felt like he changed SOMETHING but I can't pinpoint what it is.

Anonymous 10126

refer to >>10122, he definitely has gotten small things tweaked but since he wasnt a troll before, nothing was drastically done so its more subtle

Anonymous 10127



You can definitely tell this guy did his chin and nose with the before and after pic and he also did jawline contour or fat removal because his jaw area is much more defined than before.


Jaemin had braces thought his time in dream, if you look at his teeth they look really rounded in the after. I think it may be the change. Idk how scientific this is but braces can change your face shape a bit.

Anonymous 10128


Those back braces are like a SM staple. I think all of dream had braces at some point some had the front facing ones tho.

Anonymous 10129

i mean those braces are the most practical, traditional ones are ugly and dont look good while promoting, and you cant trust a bunch of normal 15 year olds to keep track of invisalign with their moms breathing down their necks let alone these kids who are shuttled to three different places a day

Anonymous 10130



Idk what's the verdict?

Anonymous 10131


Suho's nose is a dream. I love noses with a slight bump.

Anonymous 10132


I don't follow a lot of girl groups but Jisoo is absolutely the prettiest for me that I know of. Also love her nose.

Anonymous 10133

I think it's a common side effect for nosejobs, not an SM thing.

Anonymous 10134


Speaking of nose, this dude’s nose is my favorite, it’s like a big triangle pokes out from his face

Anonymous 10135

snsd taeyeon.jpg

Taeyeon looks a little bit weird today

Anonymous 10136


unlike anons itt, i love Ten's nose. but that's probably just bc i have a big ass nose and love noses that are pointy and cute.

imo I.M and Kihyun have the best noses. their noses are pretty but still manly and don't look plastic-y

Anonymous 10137


junglebook looks weird here

Anonymous 10138

looks like he's morphing into Jhope

Anonymous 10139

Their jaw/double chin area looks horrible, like a granny's

So now he transformed into one of these dudes who have close to zero facial bones left, it's all just tissue and fat that will droop before he even turns 30…

Anonymous 10141


Koreans often name V and Jiyeon as idols with the best nose/side profile and I totally agree

Anonymous 10142

Former ratmy here. For some reason I feel like a bts member is soon going to be involved in a BIG scandal that will make a lot of people realize how delusional they are as fans and unstan them. Because of this I got the sudden urge to sell my albums as fast as possible, also because I'm constantly reminded of how much money I've spent on them.
I have to admit though Bighit is really good at milking money out of their underage fans.

Anonymous 10143


I can't believe I was attracted to this guy when I was in high school. He looks soo unrecognizable to me now. I thought he was really cute in 2015/2016. During the HYYH era I think? Now he's just…different. And weird. I can't pinpoint what's really weird about his face and all. IDK. Anyways I'm only here for the music at this point.

Anonymous 10144

>Anyways I'm only here for the music at this point.
But their music has gotten progressively worse every year, why would you stick around for that

Anonymous 10145

These dudes look different every time I see them. I guess these pics are the end result of constantly fucking with your face for the better part of a decade. Kind of sad

Anonymous 10147

he looks like a middle aged woman, these guys really need to lay off the filler

Anonymous 10148

jesus fuck i thought it was shindong

Anonymous 10149

full jimmy fallon x bts video is out, its so bad
i get theyre trying to showcase that they "sing live", but that's literally just RM and suga yelling super loud into a mic off beat

also maybe its because im (half) korean-american, but the fucking hanbok + gyeongbeok palace just seems like hamfisted pandering. i guess im americanized enough (plus i identify more with my chinese half, i guess) to just find it annoying and awkward

i think certain hanbok inspired dances and outfits look good (vixx shangri-la was beautiful), but i cant put my finger on why these guys just make it look so inauthentic and fake, maybe because they are?

my native korean cousins eat that shit up though, i guess to them its representation even though its so obvious its just for brownie points, but hopefully that changes in the future

Anonymous 10150

I don't know why you guys pin ratmys as the scourge of kpop when every single kpop group has cancerous fans. Even when pointed out you say that the fanbase is "ratmy adjacent" or "overlaps with ratmys". At least as a once and moa, I have the self awareness to know that the fandoms can get pretty toxic. Name one active kpop fandom that isn't cancerous. I'll wait.

Anonymous 10151

for reference i feel like this is a good use of korean traditional culture/dance/hanbok in a performance, this entire concept was gorgeous and they kept the outfits tasteful but still modern

i guess its just baffling to me how BTS manages to almost appropriate their own culture in an attempt to pander to the western market

Anonymous 10153

no one was saying other fandoms arent toxic as fuck, its just that ratmys are literally the only ones who will take it to the next insane level

i dont really see nctfags or exo-ls (who arguably are fucking terrible too) openly doxxing reporters and random people on twitter because a member looked at the person wrong, or didnt give the member what the fans deemed as "adequate" screen time. there is a level of superiority and complete lack of remorse in the army fanbase that is ridiculous, not to mention nothing BTS ever does is problematic in their eyes

additionally i hate how any other group that even comes close to an admirable achievement automatically gets attacked for "riding BTS fame" as if these pigs were the golden horse that everyone else used for fame. like see blackpink, who had one line where they said they wanted to break into the western market/be successful and got absolutely destroyed by ratmys who immediately went on their case for trying to "take the title" from BTS

there is no other fandom that repeatedly and unapologetically acts this toxic, which is why most other kpop fans hate them so much

also the fact that you came on here to sperg about how ratmys are mistreated stinks of ratmy

Anonymous 10154


total nugu park kyung admitted to being a bully, which includes physically assaulting disabled kids

jesus christ, this dude is a piece of shit

and his excuse was that he was small and insecure so he took it out on other kids kek

Anonymous 10155

Totally agree with you. Vixx Shangri-La was and is still very beautiful. It was also praised very much and there is a reason why they performed at the Olympics.

I can't imagine BTS performing Idol at the Olympics. Not saying that at this point the gov would let them perform, but only because of popularity and not because of an authentic represantion.

But still I'm not sure what there are pandering to. The west and therefor the strange and over the top interpretation of their own culture, because they know, they can't win there with their "Hip Hop"-style they normally used. Or to the gp in Korea, because they still try everything to not enlist. Maybe both, I don't know. I'm tired and still hope, their will be a break from them soon.

Not that I disagree with you, because I don't, but Blinks are overly toxic themselves and doxxed people for stupid reasons as well. But yeah, no one ever said in here that the other fandoms aren't terrible. So better not feeding the trolls, to come here and cry.

Anonymous 10156

oh, i never meant to discredit the toxicity of blinks, the bp situation is as just the first one i thought of because it happened recently

there is not a single fandom out there that is squeaky clean and quiet, the nature of kpop means it's going to attract super obsessed people but the ratmy fanbase is at a different level whether by sheer numbers or just the type of people they attract

Anonymous 10157

I'm curious about what you think makes their interpretation strange and over the top. I'm not Korean but I generally find representations of traditional culture in pop culture interesting and I actually liked the Idol MAMA 2018 performance, which I think was BTS' most extensive use of Korean culture, and I also like Shangri-La a lot. But from a foreigner perspective there's a not a lot that differentiates them in terms of what is appropriate or strange.

Anonymous 10158

Eh, ratmies are definitely the most obnoxious fandom right now but in historical terms I'm not super impressed with their insanity. As far as I know they've never tried to kidnap anyone/poison anyone/sent letters written in blood/bullied other fans to suicide for no reason at all/committed large-scale property damage, many of which happened multiple times when other fandoms were at their height. If you know of any incidents like this though send 'em my way, I like collecting really batshit fandom moments.

Anonymous 10159

original op here, i guess the best way to interpret it is that it seems disingenuous? theres just something about the way they present and hamfist the hanboks etc into the music as a costume rather than how vixx did it (as a core of the performance)

their mama performance i do have to give them credit for, as that one did not feel like pandering to the extent this idol performance did. i guess a good comparison would be if you saw a native american doing a modern take of a traditional dance and costume, it wouldnt feel weird, but if it was just a native american doing a completely unrelated performance while wearing a headdress, it would feel very strange

that's how i would explain it, i guess? it just seemed unnecessary to integrate the hanbok as just a costume for the western audience in a way that didnt showcase it at all other than "wow look at our pretty korean clothes and backdrop", so it felt disingenous

Anonymous 10160

>enhypen's nickname given by k-antis is 코아픈(nosepen) because they have plastic noses

Anonymous 10161


OT but whoever said this sounded like a failed country song made me laugh bc it's so true. Did they try to copy Charlie Puth's See You Again? This made me realize that ballads do not cross over well into english unless they're from Disney or from A+ list pop artists.
Agree with I.M. I also like this guy (idk if this is Wonwoo or DK, I get them mixed up) from Seventeen's nose a lot.

Anonymous 10162

What does everyone think of The Boyz's most recent comeback? I thought they would have more attention atm because they won RTK but I don't see anyone talking about it.

Anonymous 10163

i heard the song on a random spotify playlist the other day and it reminded me of infinite, i feel like their music is ok but honestly the group itself seems so whatever i never go out of my way to look up their stuff

Anonymous 10164

It comes as inauthentic because they're pawns of the current ruling party (v.g. Hyundai x Saudi deal) + are doing it blatantly to argue they "represented ROK abroad for 7 years" so they can get a military exemption

VIXX was doing just to be cute and sell albums, no shady ulterior motives.

Anonymous 10165

Ah I think I sort of get where you're coming from, I've actually had similar thoughts about the way some Chinese people wear their traditional clothes, at least in terms of wearing it as a costume rather than integrating it naturally into what they're doing. But at the same time I have a lot of thoughts about the differing ways people showcase traditional culture and sometimes I feel like my way of thinking is too limiting.

Anonymous 10166

jeez you could practically cut yourself on that thing

Anonymous 10167

Haven't they already explicitly said they're going to enlist though? I feel like if they actually took a military exemption at this point it would practically be career suicide, like that guy from the 90s who ended up getting banned from Korea forever because he avoided serving even though he explicitly said he would.

Anonymous 10168

yup, i think its cool a lot of asian cultures now are more into sharing their traditional styling and stuff, and its so beautiful im happy its finally getting attention

i guess im also biased because literally everything BTS does feels like performative "woke-ness", and their fans eat it up so everything feels so fake

its like if a chinese girl wore a qipao to prom, no one would blink an eye, but if she wore the same thing on halloween she would get side-eyed to hell because then it just feels weird and self-appropriating

i guess the best way to say it is that it feels like it's always halloween for BTS, the dudes are a bunch of fucking clowns just pandering to whatever will make them more money which is fine, but its the attitude of "oh we're bringing culture and educating the world because we're woke" like no….you just think its cute and know your white fangirls will eat it up

Anonymous 10169

Apparently Ryeowook is straight?

Anonymous 10170

>Haven't they already explicitly said they're going to enlist though?

Words are just words, they lie all the time. See "never gonna make an english song because hangul!!! korea!!!". All the Dynamite x Jim Jones thing ousted them as completely unreliable and fake.

But yeah it could be just a special treatment like a postponement if they're not willing to risk a future backlash for not serving.

Anonymous 10171

The backlash against taking a military exemption would be way WAY bigger than anything other time they've gone back on their words. Kfans are already kinda angry at them for 'neglecting' Korea so I honestly doubt they'd risk anything like that, even a postponement seems like it would have them on very thin ice right now.

Anonymous 10172

idols are straight unless proven otherwise to me, the amount of pandering and gay-baiting is too much to ever make a "determination"

honestly im sure there's closeted and lgbt idols out there, and they may never come out due to how korea is, and it feels kind of fucked up to openly speculate based off how someone acts

its so weird because if an idol actually came out as gay which fulfills every fujo kpop fantasy, they would immediately be ostracized

Anonymous 10173

i highly doubt they would actually take one, considering all these dudes are 100% going to take a cushy public service job

my thought is that they want to push for the exemption so then they can refuse it and boost PR and then prance off to the public service offices and dick around for 2 years while the fans jerk themselves off about how patriotic their oppas are

Anonymous 10174

I thought you didn't get offered public service unless you had some condition preventing you from going active duty? And some idols do get backlash even from accepting a public service position, although I think it's not as bad as it used to be so maybe they'll aim for that.

Anonymous 10175

Is he dating? Haven't seen anything. This one looked gay to me for his demeanor tbh not even for the ott fanservice in Suju.


NTA but my friends in Korea have been telling me that people are being pretty receptive about exempting them, postponement has been a no-brainer and is most likely going to happen since there's already a bill on the way.

The problem is that if they ever get involved in a scandal in the future people will use it against them.

These days is better to be in active duty considering it's 6 months shorter. It's not like they're going to get mistreated either, probably everyone will lick their balls and let them get away with anything.

Anonymous 10176

technically yes, but a myraid of things can make you not "ideal" for active duty including astigmatism from what i remember my cousins mentioning

there's a laundry list of things that technically affect you, but most civilians are still told to serve active unless it's severe (really bad eyesight, surgery, chronic health) but a lot of these idols use back pain and such to disqualify themselves from active which is a big reason why there's a stigma around it

we'll have to see, but i was already seeing ratmys say that poor jin has an old leg injury or something so he cant do active, and i wouldnt be surprised if they took public because their international base is so huge, and the backlash in korea would eventually be forgotten

Anonymous 10177

apparently he's dating some former nugu girl that used to look like a boy

I always kinda assumed he was gay just because he really hates siwon, who is homophobic

Anonymous 10178

i mean siwon has that stanky holier than thou attitude, id hate his arrogant ass too, it doesnt just have to be because he's homophobic

plus straight people can dislike people for being homophobic, its just a shitty way to see the world

Anonymous 10181


Probably the only good apology for an iljin past ive seen.

Anonymous 10182


Anonymous 10183

honestly still on the fence, but at least he admitted it instead of shadily trying to pay people off in the background

this reeks of PR firm all over it, but its a step in the right direction that he at least admitted it (with some groveling and excusing) but like you said, best one i've seen

Anonymous 10184

Isn't this the guy who tried to call out the sajaegi nugus last year and is now in the middle of a lawsuit because of it? Seems like his career is pretty fucked anyway, regardless of how sincere the apology is.

Anonymous 10185

he was never anything more than the third most successful member of Block B anyway

Anonymous 10186

who's the second most successful lol
i actually cant remember any of them other than zico and the only pretty one

Anonymous 10187

PO, he was in one of last years biggest dramas and is on one of the most popular variety shows. Maybe not so much musically, but he's definitely doing well for himself.

Anonymous 10188

>I think its cool a lot of asian cultures now are more into sharing their traditional styling and stuff
Which asian cultures? So far it’s only Korean

Anonymous 10189


chinese design has been around for a long time, the big supporter of that one is probably fan bing bing

kimonos have been known for a long time as well, but this is the first time korean traditional fashion has been in the public eye the way it is

Anonymous 10190

There's a big movement in China right now of young people wearing traditional Han clothing, and generally traditional Chinese culture has become fairly trendy. It hasn't spread too far outside of China because of how isolated the Chinese internet is, but I've heard the Chinese government is starting actively think about ways to promote it abroad (for better or for worse).

Anonymous 10191

PO is a special case, isnt his dad the owner of a chain of convenience stores? the guy definitely had money and connections to throw around

i read somewhere his dad basically bankrolled a lot of blockb's promotions because the company couldn't pay for it, its cool he has success now but its probably not because of block b

Anonymous 10192

I have no idea about his background, I just know he's more well-known than kyung lol

Anonymous 10193

They outsold Treasure and TXT numbers and are now the only 4th gen boy group with digitals with TXT. They might dominate 4th gen by just copying and pasting EXO's music.

Anonymous 10194

They're copying EXO now? The song I'd seen before had cringey aegyo more like Astro or something. If they're copying EXO I might check it.

Anonymous 10195

>idols are straight unless proven otherwise to me

we're probably gonna see a huge inflow of fags from now on w/ larger scale global auditions. Before the male gyopos all got into k ent company by accident. Now, there's a bunch of fags from dance cover groups audiotining. Keeho from the new FNC group and Kevin from The Boyz are some of the new gen examples.

Anonymous 10196

Honestly asking
who is this????

Anonymous 10197

suga from bts

Anonymous 10198

isnt keeho that stan twitter owner who got outed for being a fucking asshole lol

Anonymous 10199

I was looking forward to whatever they did after rtk but the song didn't really catch my interest. Insanity is good though.

Anonymous 10200

are treasure and txt truly the measures of success though? i feel like gen 4 boy groups are so weak as it is

Anonymous 10202

Honestly yes because they are borh only 4th gen groups active that debuted with strong physicals. TXT specifically is the only 4th gen boy group that can chart on Gaon so a "nugu" group like the Boyz getting up to that level is commendable.

Anonymous 10203

wow 4th gen is shit then if TXT is considered "strong" kek

Anonymous 10204


circling back to the hanbok conversation, koreans are licking BTS's ass per usual over this

i want to see them implode so badly, these dudes just get their egos fed for being thoroughly mediocre and lucky as hell, and now they can do no wrong

Anonymous 10205

No offense but are you very young? The Japanese have been sharing parts of their traditional culture to the rest of the world since before the K-pop boom.

Anonymous 10206

>Kevin from The Boyz
Ever since I watched pic (vid?) related performance, I had my suspicions about him.

Anonymous 10207


I love the group chemistry, all members are kind of down to earth or at least can dance. Their performances are insane but their music is just background sound to me. This comeback especially has a "danny phantom but repetitive" vibe to it

Anonymous 10208

Yes he had a stan account and would make thirst tweets about jimin and posted very "compromising" selfies

Anonymous 10210

Never thought about that option. I've been sure they do everything so the GP will be proud because they took Korea to the west and so on, put the idea of them not enlisting in the mind of GP so they can already getting kinda used to it, so the outrage would be pretty small and overheard because of the massive fanbase protecting them.

But your idea really also sounds quite possible. Although for whatever reason I can't see Jungkook going this road, if it will happen unless told so by BH. It's a really long time I followed them and I kinda avoid everything that has something to do with them, but Jungkook never seemed as shitty to me as the other guys do. But I also could've just fallen for an act.

Anonymous 10211

>the members are all korean so when they wear hanbok I feel very comfortable
Are they alluding to superm?

>Thank you bts for wearing hanbok, which has a bigger impact than chinese kids wearing hanbok and dancing…

Wtf is this supposed to mean? Who are these chinese kids?

Anonymous 10212

who knows, they might be talking about superm or one of the many girl groups

Anonymous 10213


I dont understand Chanyeol's popularity, this dude has 20M followers on instagram, why? And what is wrong with his leg!

Anonymous 10214

Watch his interview on Eric Nam podcast, he's a frigging Beyoncé stan, gayer than that only if it was Cher/Barbra Streisand topkek also his mannerisms

Anonymous 10215

One of my gay friends said one or two of the dudes from TOO are definitely gay but I don't know jack shit about the group, so if there are any fans, can you confirm?

Anonymous 10216

gross, do companies not vet out these trainees beforehand? i guess his company is a smaller nugu so they didnt care, but how hard is it to just do a quick background check and make sure the people they're hiring arent cyberbullies/complete nutjobs on the internet

same with saesangs, theres always news of X saesang becoming a trainee, thats fucking creepy

Anonymous 10217

Not only that, but he has a very typical gay look. I can't really tell why, but the way he looks alone tells me he's gay.
I honestly wish SK wasn't a homophobic shithole, if more idol guys were this bold about expressing their typically non masculine interests and behaviour I'd be way more interested in kpop, not just the gossip that surrounds it.

Anonymous 10218


He's bow-legged

Anonymous 10219

even if sk wasnt homophobic af, i feel like idol culture just isnt conductive for being "out"

these fans are so rabid with shipping already, it just feels really gross as a queer person to imagine being objectified for my sexuality if i was just trying to be a performer. you can argue "oh they signed up for this", but its still uncomfortable as hell

i find shipping culture and company exploitative behavior (gay baiting, pairing ships) super icky and that alone may make it harder for someone to feel comfortable around coming out

Anonymous 10220

i mean even on this forum theres so much of "oh i bet he's gay he has to be gay" and thats so weird…like why does it matter

fangirl shipping is creepy, and all this "i bet he/she is gay here's slowed down 3s clips to prove it" is toxic as hell

Anonymous 10221

most likely bc he created his account in 2014 and he's in exo

Anonymous 10222

god this dude's ears are almost horizontal with how far they stick out

Anonymous 10223

your oppa is gay and eats ass

Anonymous 10224

who cares if he does? thats what im getting at like…why does it matter if he does/doesnt

i just think its weird fangirls ship real living people together and make being gay a fantasy and become disappointed when these idols aren't

Anonymous 10226

maybe if kpop didn't have this weird chaste image and the idols would be allowed to publicly date and fuck around there wouldn't be as much of this shit. don't know why they insist on this part of the industry so hard. i get they're supposed to sell the whole boyfriend image but timothee slamander and those other acting fags have rabid stans despite them openly dating. just seems unhealthy for everyone involved to keep this up when they're all fucking in secret anyways. they're presented as these asexual aromantics and fangirls are horny so fanfics are just the natural conclusion

Anonymous 10227

i honestly dont know jack shit about jpop or kpop but i feel like it kind of comes from the thing in jpop where mostly the women were supposed to be chast little virgin wife cuties or whatever for the ugly fuck neets that jerked it over them. considering that kpop took a lot over from jpop, i feel like this could come from there, too.

Anonymous 10228

yup, its only made worse by these "dating bans"

it makes these fans both highly possessive but also rabidly adamant that theyre fucking in private, but only gay

does anyone remember that snsd x 2pm swim/lifeguard video? can you imagine if bts tried this with say twice or bp? the girls would be skinned alive

Anonymous 10229

I'm the one who said Kevin looks gay and I have to be honest, I just feel a bit better when I hear about or see gay/lesbian/bi idols because I grew up in a really homophobic place. It's kind of hoping that there are more people like me. I was never interested in shipping or theorising, it's more just guessing and feeling better if there are things to back my assumptions up.

Anonymous 10230


Yeah I'm an Exofag who would like to have more than one group to look forward to as well. But The Boyz is one of those groups where you could easily get rid of like 5 members and the group would be better off. This guy in particular annoys the fuck out of me. He was dating either Nancy or Jiwon from Cherry Bullet, both of whom are way too good looking for him. Another one of the ugly untalented members was there as well but this guy bugs me more.
I think like 30% of male idols are probably gay but I have no idea who is except for the obvious cases like both Kevins from U-Kiss and The Boyz. I'm biased but I grew up in ballet/dance and it was more shocking if a guy wasn't gay. I know the trainee system isn't necessarily based on ballet or dance companies but I do think that flamboyant gays are more attracted to showbiz. Narcissistic straight men are as well (for fame) but I think it's more likely for a gay man than a straight one to be into performing arts IME.

Anonymous 10232

>i mean even on this forum theres so much of "oh i bet he's gay he has to be gay" and thats so weird…like why does it matter

This is a chan stop virtue signaling (even avoided moralfag since u seem sensitive kek). people don't deeply care, we just want to gossip

Anonymous 10233

No ones gay, until proven otherwise. Only thing we can be sure of, is that idols fuck prostitutes/sluts in their free time. Cause you know, men.

Anonymous 10234

this dude looks like that squirrel from ice agr

Anonymous 10235

His neck is freakishly long.
Hyunjae of is wasting away in that group. Other members (Juyeon, Younghoon) are also wasting away well but Hyunjae stands out in particular bc he's actually talented and was complimented on his personality from the comments I saw about RTK.

Anonymous 10236

wow i googled this group and theyre all ugly as hell

what is this new trend of throwing a bunch of weird looking dudes into a group…theyre like a marginally better looking ateez

Anonymous 10237

>danny phantom music

this sums up that song the anon posted earlier, it sounds like infinite made a danny phantom theme

honestly theyre very bland to me, and what is it with companies trying to make basketball teams with members

what happened to smaller groups of 5-6 people?

Anonymous 10238


Nah three of them are very good looking imo and then the rest are just….not. The reason that they're in this group is because their company hired SM's former casting director. AFAIK their fans refer to these three as the "bermuda triangle line"–their company should take the hint and make a subunit for them.

Anonymous 10239

is this the bermuda triangle…..
this is a black hole if this is the three best they could come up with

Anonymous 10240

yeaaa lmao maybe the middle guy, but the other two are really weak visually

Anonymous 10241

I agree, I prefer 5 members myself. From a strategy perspective I don't understand either. The good looking members always have more fans but get less lines and screentime bc of the extra members. I think companies just throw in as many guys as possible thinking that it'll attract more types of women as opposed to sticking their eggs in one basket with 5 members. Some people like to stan uglies because it virtue signals.
Actually for instance as an exofag I have to say that I really prefer OT8 over any other lineup before that. I feel like the downsizing has helped them in the long run.
Yeah it is. You're fine to have an opinion as attractiveness is definitely subjective to some extent but generally these three are considered very attractive in Korea.

Anonymous 10242

>people like to stan uglies
ah so thats why jimin is popular

Anonymous 10243

I'm okay with 9 tops, but 5-7 would be ideal.
More members help with album sales apparently because of photocard collection, different versions of albums etc. When they promote in Japan it's useful too because the fans have to buy 1 album for a specific member to enter the hi-touch. So for example, if you want to meet all twice u enter in the line of Sana w/ Sana's album version, then re-enter the line for the next member.

Anonymous 10244

from a business standpoint throwing warm bodies at the group to bulk it out makes sense bc of the photocard etc that you mentioned, but goddamn if im an album buying stan i would be pissed as fuck if im trying to get a certain photocard and the same 5 uglies keep popping up

i also dont really understand photocards…what do you do with them?

Anonymous 10245


this is the only photocard i would ever want

Anonymous 10246

Idk I guess it's like any sort of collection like coins, postal stamps, pokemon cards (i know these could be played with but most ppl i know just let it storaged in an album). I don't collect anything bc I find it a waste of money, time and space but I slightly get it theoretically.

Anonymous 10247

I just don't think there are enough talented visuals that could handle a group by themselves. If being good looking really makes life easier, they never had to try hard or be passionate about music. Most Main Vocalists or Dancers (idol rap isn't a talent) are fugly and unpopular.

Anonymous 10248

actually ur right, are there any groups where the main vocal is also the main visual/"face of the group"?

Anonymous 10249

Junglebook is face of the group but not visual
Cnblue, ft island and day6 frontmen are visuals/main vocalists

Anonymous 10250

is junglebook the face? i always thought that was given to RM since most people think of him since he's literally the only one that talks whenever they're overseas

i dont get how this group has been promoting overseas for years and touts themselves as an international superstar but none of them bother to learn english

Anonymous 10257

I think for the group's media like photoshoots and MVs Jungkook was always face and center. I see what you're talking about RM but maybe that fits into his leader role? You could be right though

Anonymous 10258

>flamboyant gays are more attracted to showbiz
Would you really say this applies to South Korea, a country that differs a lot from a Western country?

Anonymous 10259


This has been posted 100 times in this thread but he is no visual.

Anonymous 10260

Right, it doesn't apply to the korean showbiz. Stupid fuckboys choose the idol life, because they suck at studying, but still want fame,cash and most importantly they want to be adored by teenage girls. Not saying being a trainee is easy, but you don't need to be exceptionally smart to learn how to dance and sing.

Anonymous 10261

yup, a lot of idols straight up have said they became idols because they're shit at school and happened to be "scouted"

Anonymous 10262

Samefag but if we take idols most people in this thread have recognized as handsome, the "good looking" group would be:

-eunwoo : vocalist
-lucas : sub vocalist
-mingyu : sub vocalist

I guess they won't be covering Mariah Carey anytime soon.

Anonymous 10263

If you could craft the perfect scandal that would really throw BTS off track in terms of their popularity what would it be?

Anonymous 10264

Lmaoooo among 849484928283 idols we could only reach a consensus about 3… that's a pitiful scenario

Anonymous 10265

tbf anon, I find lucas pretty ugly and Mingyu to be beyond boring

Anonymous 10266

it would 100% be some dating or secret marriage scandal, the fans will defend everything and anything until the precious oppas dare to date someone

i for one love the crackpot theory that RM is secretly married and has a kid because 1. who tf would have a kid with that troll and 2. he's unpopular but the only international "in" for BTS, so it'll be interesting to see if fans would clamor for him to be kicked knowing the rest cant speak english for shit

Anonymous 10267

i think most of us find lucas ugly/mediocre theres like 3 lucasfags in here who keep clamoring that he's the hottest babe to ever exist

Anonymous 10268

Taking from BigBang, only something like Burning Sun lol they had multiple drug and dating scandals + DUI and survived.

Anonymous 10269

i still cannot believe seungri still has fans, the dude literally trafficked women and children and delusional fangirls are still clamoring that he was manipulated and did nothing wrong

Anonymous 10270

Best option, it would totally destroy their "woke group" shit. Ratmies will have to admit that "21th century girls" isn't a feminist anthem.

Anonymous 10271

Kek ok so it did not last

Lmao I used to fight lucasfags all the time on LC, but I've come to recognize his attractiveness, but still no lucas/nct/wayvfag. He's too skinny right now tho, he looked better on wayV cbs than sperms

Anonymous 10272

the thing is there still would be a huge number of them who would deny that it happened, or somehow spin it to they didn't know what they were doing/were manipulated

god, just look at the suga scandal, the dude obviously knew exactly what he was sampling and still delulus were saying he didn't know

i genuinely believe only a chen-esque situation would shatter them, solely bc then they're no longer the pure attainable dream oppa and some dirty witch got her claws into them

Anonymous 10273

imagine losing 40$+ on an album to get this shit, kek

Anonymous 10274

you have to admit thats troll as fuck and funny as hell though

i feel like legitimate crazy fans would be pissed as fuck, but the good majority of people would probably find it funny and move on

Anonymous 10275

I agree with you.
Or maybe something like tax evasion. Something that involves money, so the GP will take interest in it.
Dating or any other "scandal" will be fun to watch, but won't get really big, I guess.

For some reason I also think, he looked better before, but I cannot point out why. Did he just lost his babyface or did he do something to his face? Maybe just overworked.

Anonymous 10276

But with a Chen thing they might just kick out the secret baby daddy member, it would have to be multiple screw-ups for them to be dropped. Tbf not even Bigbang is definetly cancelled, I still think their cb will be a hit in SK and Japan bc of GD and Daesung lol

Anonymous 10277

i think any scandal would never break BTS, there's going to be hardcore fans regardless, but i honestly cannot wait to see them have their true big "scandal" just because the ratmy meltdown would be fuel for the decade

Anonymous 10278

i cant imagine what kind of scandal would be bad enough for armpits to say "huh, thats too far"

Anonymous 10279

i really dont think there will be one, but a baby daddy scandal would cause a lot of of delusional fans to feel "betrayed"

even drug/dui ones they dont feel personally affected (as gross as that sounds), but when the idol is openly dating or married then it somehow feels personal

Anonymous 10280

I think he lost weight, he looks very skinny. He was a little more """"buff""" in the last wayV cb.
I think he said he was 60~65 kg in that SuperM test video and he's like over 180cm which sounds underweight to me even for the Asian BMI standard.

Anonymous 10281

he's a beyonce stan, he's into musicals, he's an artfag, he speaks like a 2016 tumblr kid…. he's one of the idols I'm most certain about being gay

Anonymous 10282

A member from the maknae line needs to be involved in the scandal. No one cares if Ratmon dates or if Suga says racist things or smth. Also, Jhorse can literally get any ps he wants, no one would care if he started to look like michael jackson. Well, i guess Taehyung could get away with dating too, since he always whines about not having enough time for a relationship and ratmies feel bad about it. But if Jimincel started to act very differently than his "uwu i'm so cute and innocent"-persona, i bet most ratmies wouldn't like it. Especially because they like to ship him with the other members and think he's gay af. If Jimin did drugs or fucked prostitutes, that would def result in a loss of popularity. Though i think Junglebook will act out first, since he already dated an edgy chick and keeps getting ugly tattoos. Bet he's a stoner.

Anonymous 10283

and in true jin fashion no ones cares about him to the point where he's forgotten kek

Anonymous 10284

Lucas really is Voldemort, you can't say his name or the next 20 posts will be arguing if he's either an ugly jock or the most beautiful baby.

Anonymous 10285

i know…i feel like saying his name and the word ugly in the same post immediately summons the three lucasfags like bloody mary

Anonymous 10286

Lmfao yes i had forgotten about the musicals part. We'll keep an eye on him just to see who is in his clique tbh

Anonymous 10287

He's known for not telling a lot about him, I have to say I find it endearing. He's clever enough to pose for the camera but not sell the boyfriend, accessible ideal.

Anonymous 10288

Yeah, Jin could leave the group and it wouldn't even be considered a scandal. That's how irrelevant he is.

Anonymous 10289

hes private about his own life, but yeah let's air out how my brother's business went bankrupt and i offered to save him like a saint

the dudes just as narcissistic as the rest of them, he just hides it better

Anonymous 10290

> Stupid fuckboys choose the idol life, because they suck at studying, but still want fame,cash and most importantly they want to be adored by teenage girls
This is literally Jaemin. His mom persuaded him to become an idol because his grades were bad but she still wanted him to be "successful" in a way.

Anonymous 10291

Hey anons, do you think Stray Kids is the hiphop-ish group BTS wanted to be at the beginning ? I know they're nugu, just wondering since they have that edgy sound BTS kinda had at first

Anonymous 10292

i feel like stray kids are just trying to be bts 2.0, but i guess which nugu group isnt

their music is just generic "loud noise" pop, that doesnt make them anything like bts

they do have a similarly annoying fanbase though, so who knows

Anonymous 10293

first one i thought of too, imagine being 11 and your mom already gave up on you to the point she'd rather peddle you off to a entertainment company than put the funds to help you succeed

Anonymous 10294

I thought this group had a bunch of scandals recently and were done for

Anonymous 10295

Wasn't there a video of mingyu scratching his ass or something? Every time I see his face that's all I can think of

Anonymous 10296

Can't tell if you're being deliberately obtuse or you genuinely don't understand the bg business model.

Anonymous 10297

4 6 8

Anonymous 10298

>Kek ok so it did not last
it was never agreed upon in the first place

Anonymous 10299

What are their names?

Anonymous 10300


>Shine finally released
The writing's pretty horrid but it does seems like Sica is spilling the tea. SM idols apparently sign their contract extensions the same day they sign their initial contracts, circumventing the 7-year law.

Anonymous 10301

Damn thats way harsh

Anonymous 10302

honestly the more i read about these slave contracts and stuff the more i feel bad for the really young idols

ive said it before with jaemin/jisung/jeno/sulli (essentially all of dream) like…these kids are 11/12/13 when they join the company, and their parents willingly sign their children up fully knowing what they're getting them into for fame

i feel like there is no way a normal parent would look at these contracts + this supposed 3 year circumventing extension and be like "yes im going to put my prepubescent child through this"

yes we rag on jaemin etc. for being an airheaded idol factory doll but if you think about it, this is literally all this kid's ever known and it's kind of sad if you look at it that way

Anonymous 10303

Do you have more of that? Perharps anyone got a link too? Lol

Anonymous 10304

Anonymous 10305

wew the writing is bad
ill wait for a tldr of the book and all the potential rumors

Anonymous 10306

What do you think of the ones that were older and made their own choice about becoming an idol?

Anonymous 10307

nta but no sympathies from me

Anonymous 10308


Ratmies attacking MNEK (songwriter for BTS Paradise, Twice More&More and others) just cause he dared to shittalk Dynamite songwriters… worms for brains

Anonymous 10309



Lucas is hot.

Anonymous 10310

i feel like if they get into it as an adult/almost adult that's their choice, so i dont feel as bad when they get overworked etc. since it was their choice, and they should've known

Anonymous 10311

wow did u get stuck in a traffic jam or something you're 4 hours late

Anonymous 10312


Only a few traumatized "I'm not like other girls" hags on here claim Lucas is a fuggo. The rest of us normal women would pick Lucas as the first to fuck out of any lineup of plastic idol manlets.

Anonymous 10313

wow how dare other women have different preferences….i dont think hes super handsome and i also dont think he's butt ugly, but yeah go off queen

Anonymous 10314

lucasfags are annoying but some of you really go out of their way to find the weirdest metaphors to say you wouldn't fuck him.

Anonymous 10315



Lucasfags have lives too. In order to appreciate dumbo u just have to put him next to anyone else and then it becomes apparent why ppl think he's hot

Anonymous 10316

honestly im sure plenty of people find him hot but the lucasfags in this thread just have to shove him down everyone else's throats and derail the moment anyone dares says anything bad about him

there is literally no other idol in these threads that has this kind of response…is it just one super dedicated lucasfag or are all his fans just brainless

Anonymous 10318

download (1).gif


>>idols most people in this thread have recognized as handsome, the "good looking" group would be:

>>-eunwoo : vocalist

I feel like Eunwoo is the only one we can all unanimously agree is pretty af. All of Korea agrees and even the assholes on netizenbuzz/pannchoa who disagree with everything knetz say can't say shit about Eunwoo.

Anonymous 10319

You, the lucasfag and the mingyufag need to stop trying to speak for all of CC.

Anonymous 10320

he is so pretty i agree, hes pleasant to look at but he does nothing for me

do have to agree he's easy on the eyes though

Anonymous 10321

The point is that if he's the only one with "idol level" visuals then there shouldn't be any kpop groups. Some people are acting as if not being recognized as universally hot is enough not be an idol.

Anonymous 10322


I don't think there is an idol as "pretty" as him. Maybe handsome or hot or cute, but he's the prettiest man.

Really helps that he has no personality. Lets everyone look at him objectively.

Anonymous 10323

why you're this desperate to have your taste validated by others on an anonymous imageboard is beyond me

Anonymous 10324

he looks pretty in the way a final fantasy character is pretty its honestly kind of uncanny

Anonymous 10325


I'm just trying to add gifs and pics on here so its more pleasant to look at.

u guys do too many bitchy text posts not even adding a pic like damn it was boring as hell reading the updated posts

Anonymous 10326


they really have male idols selling the most random ass shit

Anonymous 10327


>I'm just trying to add gifs and pics on here
I'd rather you didn't

Anonymous 10328

>the most random ass shit

Anonymous 10330

And there's a whole board for that >>>/img/

If you want to thirst over your oppa just admit to it instead of pathetically pretending you're carrying out public service. Nobody gives a shit about unu aside from you and the other retard.

Anonymous 10331


Am I the only one who finds the loona light stick way too big and uninspired ? I didn't understand when people went nuts over this glamorized sailor moon wand 30 years after the hype.

Anonymous 10332


they had eunwoo selling pads, this is nothing

Anonymous 10333


Did they put his face on the pad so girls could directly bleed on him? Thats the only reason I'd specifically buy eunwoo pads.

Anonymous 10334

go back thirst on your oppa on twitter

Anonymous 10335


Anonymous 10336

Eunwoo is objectively pretty. There's nothing you can criticise about his appearance. I never listened to Astro or watched a drama with him, but i've got functioning eyes. Different anon, btw. Nothing to argue about, imo

Anonymous 10338


don't worry, he's still gonna go bald in 10 years

Anonymous 10339


Lucas' visuals literally changed 4th gen kpop. Now idols with big ears are not automatically visual holes in fans minds now.

Anonymous 10342


The writing… she sounds pissed as hell.


Ahh thinking of Dream I always feel a little sad. I mean plenty of parents push their kids into being sports protégées, or ivy league superstars. The kids sacrifice their lives and are under a ton of pressure to succeed, its not just the entertainment world where it's hard to make a living. I can see some parents thinking that a career in ent would mean their kids end up successful and at least have plenty of money in their lives esp if they don't study well in Jaemin case. SK is a tiny ass country too not huge like the US with more opportunity.

Anonymous 10343


What is it about Lucas that inspires such passion?

Anonymous 10350

This is our contention thread tho and we shouldnt post kpop anywhere else on this website

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