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Let's chat! Anonymous Admin 1875

Crystal.cafe is growing and exciting things are coming, so I'd like to propose a board-wide chatroom at some point between now and end of January 2019 ends to discuss the current state of the site, possible improvements, criticism, future site features, and other things.

Please go here to vote for a Saturday or Sunday before February 2019: Click here

Go here to fill out a survey about your experience on crystal.cafe: Click here

Anonymous 1876


i voted for the 8th of december, since that pretty much signals the end of classes for me.
also, super excited for the chatroom! i hope plenty of people hop in

Anonymous 1877

i would only be interested if it was 100% anonymous tbh (no usernames, nothing)

Anonymous Admin 1878

It will be anonymous, all users will share the same name except for the mods.

Anonymous Admin 1906

Our chat will be on December 16th at 6 PM CST. I will post a link to the chatroom half an hour before we begin.

Anonymous 1910

Is there a chance it could be earlier? that's 1am EU

Anonymous 1911

Deal with it. The users here are not only from your side of the world.

Anonymous Admin 1912

I'm open to an earlier time as well. Any non-US anons who can't make it but would if it was earlier in the day, please comment.

Anonymous 1913

I know. Which is why I said earlier as only a few hours before would still be fine for NA on a Sunday

Anonymous 1923

I would also like the chat time to start a bit earlier, if it could be possible

Anonymous 1925

6 days!
will the chatroom be held on discord or will it be on site?

Anonymous Admin 1928

It will be on the site, but as an anonymous livechatting format. The rest is a surprise!

How about moving the chat to Saturday? Sadly too many people have approached me about not being able to attend if it's moved to an earlier time of day.

Anonymous 1929

Another EU anon who would like it to be earlier. I just don't want to have to stay up until the early hours of the morning when US anons could just attend around lunch time in their timezone? Doesn't make sense to have it so late imo.

Anonymous 1930

Yeah nevermind the other two freaking continents right? Screw Asia and Oceania, the world ends after Europe

Anonymous 1931


Anonymous 1939

would 7pm (us) work?

Anonymous Admin 1940

At this point it's better to just move the chat to a different date. The reasons are that one of our mods will be unable to attend, I'm sick atm, and the time schedule doesn't seem to work for a lot of people (I've been messaged about this on Discord as well).

So the new time and date for our chat is Saturday, January 12th, at noon EST.

This means afternoon for Europe and nighttime for Asia.

Everyone who's unable to attend will be able to read the entire chat afterwards. I will put it up as soon as we end it.

Anonymous 1946

get well soon admin-sama 💐
also this sucks

Anonymous 1993


don't forget about our chat time, gorls

Anonymous 2005

Lets go, 4 am Australia cannot wait to stay up and die to gib my 3 1/2 cents.

Anonymous 2006

3 1/2 cents is not enough, I need about tree fiddy

Anonymous 2008

I aint giving tree fiddy

Anonymous 2009

Is discussion happening here or in another thread?

Anonymous 2010

So the new time and date for our chat is Saturday, January 12th, at noon EST.

This means afternoon for Europe and nighttime for Asia.

Everyone who's unable to attend will be able to read the entire chat afterwards. I will put it up as soon as we end it.

quoting the admin. I am guessing it will either be a seperate thread or just this one extended. Wouldn't be too hard if it was a seperate one to find if you use the catalog

Anonymous 2011

what's the chat about? general discussion of CC?

Anonymous 2012

pretty sure thats whats going down, probably has something to do with the influx of people coming into the board and ways that it could be moderated.

Anonymous 2013

Literally the first post in this thread is from admin explaining what the chat will be about

Anonymous 2014

shocking that admin cant even do this on time with over a months notice lmao

Anonymous 2015


Anonymous 2016

>tfw had this thread tab open for 4 hours ready

Anonymous 2018


>tfw chat is already late and no sight of it starting or how it will even be done

Pete, please.

Anonymous 2019

21 minutes, based admin. Honestly this isn't a surprise at all, considering "within 2-3 days" on the mascot thread meant like, 3 months.

Anonymous 2020

oh no.jpg

>almost half an hour past starting time still no word

Anonymous 2021


I just woke up. Where's the meeting?

Kill me, Pete.

Anonymous 2022

Ok, very nice!

Anonymous 2023

bag bladee.jpg

tfw arrived to the party but no one answered

Anonymous Moderator 2025

We are sorry admin is not here right now. But believe us when we say she has a good reason. Please be understanding.

Anonymous 2026


Anonymous 2027

Fair enough, hope everything is okay.

Anonymous 2028

So then is the meeting not happening or?

Anonymous 2029

if that were truly the case, someone shouldve said something instead of making us all wait for almost an hour. if staff was aware, there's no excuse to have not said anything.

Anonymous 2030


>Sorry admin has a very good reason to not be here, but let us not alert our user-base before the chat is supposed to happen in any way, and let them wait without any kind of notice.

Love the transparency, Very Classy!

Hope everything is alright with admin, but this is just unprofessional on the moderation team lol.

Anonymous Admin 2031

I'm very sorry for the delay, the chat will start in 5 minutes.

Anonymous Admin 2032

Anonymous Admin 2033

The chat is starting now, if you can't or don't want to join due to the change of platform (originally we were going to host an imageboard-style live chat, but technical issues occured), I will post the chatlog afterwards.

Anonymous 2034

This site chat is sad. The mods are coming off extremely immature and there was apparently a lot of drama in the discord. I hope admin nukes it and finds better mods. This is not a good look for the site.

Anonymous 2035

Discords are 100% always terrible and bring unwanted people and drama. It should be nuked.

Anonymous Admin 2036

Bullet points for now:

- pending feedback in this thread, /hb/ and /cgl/ will be merged into one board about beauty, health, and fashion.

- all other boards remain, none will be added for the time being.

- the Discord will be closed due to the lack of a decent verification option that isn't too invasive. I hope this will also increase activity on the board.

- we will move to a new platform soon, with improved mod features, multiple file uploads, and the option to follow threads and subscribe to boards / browse a customized frontpage.

- we've talked extensively about the Discord and the mod situation. Infighting and exchange of personal info amongst mods have led to a lot of drama, which is why I decided to start fresh with a new team.

I will make a proper announcement soon and I will include an application form. If you apply, you must, of course, be willing to prove that you're female, but all future mods will be anonymous among each other.

Anonymous 2037

what happened?

Anonymous 2038


The first half an hour was just a shitshow of people complaining at the admin about things that had happened in the past that she couldn't change. Some kind of order was restored when the admin started polls on actual significant topics, but there was always tension brewing underneath. Made me feel real bad for the admin who has to try to keep all this shit in line and gets nothing but complaints for it.

Anonymous 2039

Wouldn't it be better to allow for people who wish to subject themselves to invasive verification to do so in order to gain access to the Discord?

Anonymous 2040


>When mods turn the chat into a petty name calling session.

This was a shitshow thanks to the immaturity of some people, but i'm glad for the decisions taken at the end.

Anonymous 2042


I left after while because I felt like all the points I wanted to reach had been discussed or that things were going nowhere but from what I saw before leaving I'm a bit disappointed in the mod behavior. A bit is an understatement but admin seems to have addressed it based on the bulletin points so whatever. Glad to hear some good changes seem to be coming for the site soon though.

Anonymous Admin 2043

I'm thinking about keeping the Discord just as a replacement for the friend finder thread; in this case users who are willing to get verified can post an introduction and let other users add them. Our friend finder thread is currently hidden because our users often get added and/or harassed by men, so this could be a compromise.

Anonymous 2044

I just clicked the link and someone was talking about garfield porn then I left 5 seconds later

What did I miss

Anonymous 2045

I tuned in for a bit, had to leave early on though as I was going out. I wasn't aware there was so much drama regarding the Discord so I think that it's the best decision to close it to avoid any form of infighting. Hopefully that will also increase activity a little more back on here too, I see a lot of great boards that die a little due to Discord groups being made. Whilst Discord groups are great, it kinda removes the fun of anonymity really and defeats the object.

Anonymous 2046

Is a transcript of the discussion going to be posted? I missed it

Anonymous 2048

Petty Discord Drama and Garfield jokes, that's all you missed
I'm not coming back to this site probably

Anonymous 2049

You didn't miss anything. That was literally all the chat consisted of, people forcing some shitty Garfield joke that wasn't funny.

People also kept trying to shut down the conversation by posting shitty weeb videos and saying "Can we all just stop and watch the video? Talk after the video is over!"

Anonymous 2053

people spamming their reaction to whatever video was linked was very irritating

Anonymous 2056

No one was saying that but talking about the videos was more interesting than watching the same two or three people continuously harangue the mods over discord drama and the mods publicly infighting amongst each other. Mods pls listen to the majority of users who voted to nuke it, the discord is AIDs.

Anonymous 2057

Not like the conversation in the chat was any more interesting, with the mods creating multiple sockpuppet accounts just to make drama and infight.
This whole chat was very sad.

Anonymous 2058

what kind of drama? what did you mean with "personal information"?

Anonymous 2059

I didn't say anything about personal information, different anon.

As per drama: mods attacking users and accusing the anons of being certain users, airing all their dirty laundry for no reason, badmouthing some users that weren't present, making multiple accounts just to create more drama, etc. It was very, very, very immature and sad to witness that the mod team couldn't be mature for the duration of a single chat.

Anonymous 2060

was the @23901237 account another mod?
I was present for the arguing but I have no clue who all these people are

Anonymous 2061


Anonymous Admin 2062

Sadly I realized that Cytube does not let me scroll up far enough to copy the chat, only jokes about Garfield furry porn.

>inb4 "how convenient"

I think it's obvious already that the chat was not very successful and all the mods are, as of yesterday, no longer part of the team. The numbers user was not a mod. I'm running the site on a skeleton crew at the moment (mostly consisting of myself) and am going to post an application thread in a few hours. Thank you for your patience.

Anonymous 2063


Damn. Did they quit of their own volition or were they sacked? Either way, good riddance imo.

Anonymous 2064

The videos were leagues better than watching the mods shit themselves and fight with other users the entire time. Basically all that got done was what admin bullet pointed further up thread in >>2036 because of it. More probably could've got done had a shitfest not ensued but sadly what's done is done. I was admittedly one of the users directing attention to the videos because the damn fight was just exhausting to watch.

I left after awhile cause I got tired of the mods fighting and also had errands to run so I don't know what went down when I left but I assume that's when they got fired.

If the discord is just gonna cause this type of drama, yeah it needs nuked and it's not very active anyway so that's even more reason to not keep it around. Maybe site activity will pick up once that happens!

Anonymous 2066


>missed it
even though i was looking forward to it so much ;_; fuck

Anonymous 2070

>I'm not coming back to this site probably

sorry to hear that, please dont leave my friends on peridot.pizzeria

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