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Desperte a bruxa e…

Witchcraft General Anonymous 1359

Can we start a witchcraft general?

Post witchy photos, media, tips, spells, etc.
Has anyone ever had any spells work?

Anonymous 1362

I believe I could make it rain. I practiced a rain spell three times in my life, all on sunny day and it would rain later on day.

Anonymous 1363

what kind of spell would you do to make it rain?

Anonymous 1364

One time it would with a group of friends holding hands and reading from some new age spell book. It was some cheesy chant.
The other two times evolved me being alone in the my backyard burning stuff (dried leaves, flowers, a letter, ect. to show how dry the ground is). And calling out to the god on the clouds.

Anonymous 1470


I haven't done spells many times in my life but every time I did, they always worked which kind of spooked me.

I once had a crush on someone and I performed a love spell I found online. It involved collecting various things in a jar, lighting a candle and putting a piece of paper with her name into the jar. I didn't feel comfortable using her name because I was afraid someone would find the jar in my room (I wasn't out to my parents) and I read so many times online that you shouldn't perform a spell on someone specific because it changes their fate and takes control away from them. So I kept her in mind but didn't add the paper. Time passed and I forgot about it. She met someone else and very soon after I met someone else too and we've been together 8 years so I'm guessing it was one heck of a powerful spell. I've always thought that the fact that I didn't add a name meant it drew someone who was perfectly suited to me towards me, rather than someone specific who maybe wasn't good for me.

Anonymous 1623


I just now found this thread and it's sad to see it inactive. :(

Anyone else on this site practices witchcraft?
Not necessarily-related but is a Wiccan, heathen and or pagan?

Anonymous 1648

I've fallen out of witchcraft but used to be super into it. I bought the current witches almanac and it's kinda helping since you can check it every day and it has random metaphysics publications in there too. Highly recommend.

Anonymous 1653

I think I accidentally killed my roommates cat with magic. NOT maliciously or with actually bad intent, mind you. I'm not awful, I swear. I did a protection/ confidence spell for MY cat and soon she started venturing out of my room for the first time in months.

Soon thereafter, my roommates cat got hit by a car and died :( After that my cat was the MOST confident lil bitch ever, and I'm pretty sure it had to do with the fact that she had no competition. Magic works, but it has unintended consequences.

I also think me and my partner got together because of a spell I did, so there's that too. We got married lol, so that shit works HAHA

Anonymous 1654

Enjoy your magical date rape drug

Anonymous 1655

Oh dear someone can't take a joke 🤭

Anonymous 1658


Maybe I'm being too hopeful, but feel like love spells can't fully hook a person. Whether you love someone or not is such a personal thing, I don't think an outside spell can cause it. Maybe a love spell will help a person notice you or start thinking about you if they were going to anyway tho.

Anonymous 1660

I agree. It's not a be-all end-all….it won't take away a person's free will or anything, but just plant a seed of noticing or attraction. (In my experience/opinion)


I started intuiting things at work that would be impossible to suss out logically. I work with spreadsheets, money, numbers, and the like. I'm the best new performer, but little do they know I owe my exemplary skills to strange things I would call magic rather than hard work or science.

Anonymous 1663

I'm starting witchcraft back up. To fill the void in my life. But because of it I started a garden and a lot of green witch craft.

Anonymous 1674

I think this is just called having high IQ

Anonymous 1906

Any other witches have opinion about witchtok?

Anonymous 1910

What the hell isn that?

Anonymous 1911

Young teenagers getting into witchcraft because its popular and making videos about practicing the craft.

Anonymous 1925

Aren't they the ones that tried to hex the moon? lol

Anonymous 1926

In their infinite wisdom, they also tried hexing The Fae

Anonymous 2303

Has any worked on a Grimoire/Book of Shadows? Or currently has one.
I know its a bit far fetch to ask on this site. Im just curious.

Anonymous 2324

I put a spell on a boy to make them a girl because I really liked ranma 1/2.

Anonymous 2325

sure you did

Anonymous 3236

what are the women-only practices/worships? i only know about dianic wiccan. also iirc artemis and lilith are more misandrist deities

Anonymous 3241


my best friend became pagan when she was around 13 and we are 23. she used to do spells, but she said that they tend to bring bad energy into your life so she stopped. last spell she did was a blood one with me so that we would always be together (when we were 19). time later i did a spell against my ex. my friend gave me step by step to do it myself cause she wanted nothing to do with spells again.

anyways this just happened

>yesterday, my friend gave me a step by step to make a man fall in love with me but i didnt do the spell cause i was nervous

>just woke up very suddenly at 4 am because a storm started
>when i woke up at 4am it just felt like i needed to do it NOW
>started the spell with pictures and stuff
>at one point i had to write his name in a piece of paper
>some of the glue i used for our pictures was exactly where i started writing his name
>the red marker stopped writing when i started spelling his name
>i realized the glue was only where i was writing and nowhere else
>i remembered a conversation i had with this guy (the one im in love with)
>he basically explained that when he was really young he met a gypsy and said something racist cause he didnt know any better. he said the woman was very pissed. then he said someone later in his life told him he had been cursed. and when they told him this, he remembered the time he pissed of that gypsy
>he is completely convinced he is cursed but didnt give details
>that means, someone else cursed him and when i tried putting a spell on him i couldnt write his name
>"thats… very strange"
>used a different marker, it was really hard but you can read the name
>the original red marker dried out of any ink immediately
>put period blood and now im waiting for the best

Anonymous 3242


as i said this was at 4 am. i was tired and put the picture and stuff in my pillow while i slept. its part of the process, my best friend said, to sleep on top of it. then i went to sleep again. and i just woke up, cause i got a text from my crush, who had not been talking to me for three days. the notification sound on my phone made me wake up insantly.

the last spell i did to my ex took some time to happen. but this was very fast, so i dont know if it was actually the spell or not. i hope it was. he apologized for not texting me before and everything.

Anonymous 3243

if you two are talking anyway there is no way to know if it was because of the spell or not
also how did you do the spell? i rarely see period blood getting used in witchcraft

Anonymous 3244

what was your spell against your ex? what happened?

Anonymous 3245



oh man, that shit was fucking insane. first some context. my best friend stopped doing spells cause she said they brought negative things to your life and she had lived it first hand. she had done spells on various people, but the most fucked up i can think was this

>guy cheats on my best friend

>friend puts a curse wishing him the worst
>the guy was very close to her sister
>some time after the curse the guys sister got into a car crash and was in the hospital in a bad condition
>other bad shit happened to him, like he got cheated on multiple times, but the car crash was obviously the worst
>they had mutual friends and they were saying he was suicidal cause a bunch of bad shit happened
>she still hated him, but eventually reversed the spell cause she felt bad at all the things that were happening to him
>she said that spell in particular brought her very very bad stuff into her life and regrets it a lot

anyways, my story,

>gf of four years cheats on me with a girl she worked with

>i lose my mind and tell friend to curse him. she says no and that i need to do it myself cause she doesnt want bad energy anymore
>i follow the steps she gives me
>i wish her to be unhappy too
>time passes and shes always posting shit about her gf in social media and how happy she is
>"meh, guess it didnt work"
>some time goes by and my ex gf tries becoming friends with me again
>she tells me all of that happy shit she posts is a lie and that shes miserable
>the worst thing that happened was that her dad became very strange from a day to another
>one night, while her mom wasnt home… she was sleeping and a noise woke her up. her father was masturbating in front of her to her sleeping. it obviously traumatized her and she told me all of this cause i was sexually abused myself and thought id understand her
>she then told me her relationship was shit and that her gf was always an asshole to her
>she was posting all that happy relationship shit on social media but was suffering a lot because of how she was being treated and in general her life had gone to shit
>eventually the girl she cheated on me with cheats on her
>i realize my friend was right, and understood why she took all of it back
>like with my friend, i do believe bad energy i didnt have was brought into my life cause of the spell

i am not religious and didnt actually think something would happen, but it did, and i do believe that it was cause of me. her stories were convincing enough and when the thing with my ex gf happened i dont know, i do believe in it now. i dont have a god but i believe about the things she said of having bad energies and stuff.

Anonymous 3248

If spells are real, then why don't corporations use them for profit?

Anonymous 3250

Maybe they already are. How would anyone ever know?

Anonymous 3251

Some company would do it just to prove they could. The sheer publicity of being able to say "we do magic" would be pay their bills forever.

Anonymous 3252

The only thing that would accomplish is ruining that company's reputation. Don't quote me on this but I don't think the average person believes in spells or magic so they'd just think that company is lying and that it's all just a publicity stunt. They'd ultimately stop supporting the company.

Anonymous 3253

Ironically, the science nerds would be the most orgasmic if someone had working, provable magic. Depending on the magic, that would mean an almost complete rework of the most base scientific laws.

Imagine if someone could generate energy from nothing. That would prove that free energy is theoretically possible, and so many problems would be fixed within a year.

Also, the success of faith healers, fortune tellers, ghost hunters, and so on all point to there being a sizable portion of people who want to believe. Hell, James Randi even had a literal million dollar prize for anyone who could actually prove they had supernatural abilities. >>3252

Anonymous 3254

You're right, I underestimated how dumb the average person is (no offense to the other posters ITT). I don't believe in magic myself, I was playing devil's advocate. I do wish it existed though…

Anonymous 3255


>if you two are talking anyway there is no way to know if it was because of the spell or not

damn, that sucks but i see your point. i have hope though and i really want to believe its going to help

well, i dont really know anything about witchcraft so i dont know, i was just following her. i dont know exactly what type of witchcraft she does. she openly talks about how important it has been to her life. but we've never gone to to like nitty and gritty of it. so i dont know exactly if theres a particular current she follows.

Anonymous 3256


hi /x/! im the anon who knows nothing about witchcraft but followed her pagan friend. she always told me spells can be dangerous and can bring bad things. so she has stopped doing them. she gave me step by step but didnt do the ritual herself. i did a spell to get my crush to love me 2 days ago.

>this spell, like i said here >>3241 was different from the one to my ex. the storm and gypsy and the marker etc

>im eating alone in the kitchen. im very short and have a bench to reach things sometimes. similar to pic related.
>i hear someone tripping over the bench. its a very specific sound cause ive heard it a million times. the bench does a horrible loud sound. if you kick it by accident its obvious
>completely by myself far from the bench
>think it might be my cat but it sounded like the bench was pushed. i dont see how the cat can make a noise that loud. also 90% my cat was near me not the bench. but i dont remember well cause i was scared
>be me today, just woke up
>cat is crying by door cause she wants to get out. she likes the living room. i open the door and stay in my room
>very loud noise. like something hit the window. i obviously tell myself its something that fell thats why she freaked out.
>my cat likes looking at the window where she can see the entrance. i assume thats what she was doing cause when i saw her she was in front of that window
>i ran to my cat. she sees me and runs towards me to get inside my room. again, she usually likes being by herself for a while. but she came back immediately really scared
>dont actually check what caused the noise, the lights were off and living room was dark and i chickened out
>my cat is not aggressive. she can bite, but not hard. never to the point you bleed or get marks.
>she never ever scratches me. maybe as a kitten. but i only recall one time where she scratched me before
>time goes by and im walking to get something
>the moment i get close to my cat (shes in my bed) she immediately scratches me really hard and i start bleeding. its a long scratch too.
>not sure if the gypsy stuff and shit might have fucked with me

should i be worried or am i paranoid? dont know about witchcraft. just followed my friends instructions. she didnt even agree with me doing it. havent told friend cause im afraid shes going to tell me to reverse it. but i am starting to feel a difference with him… and when i did to my ex it was nothing like this. thats why i didnt think it would be a big deal. idk, i cant tell if this is actually a big deal or paranoia. anons, should i tell her?

Anonymous 3257

Magic isn't real. This is all a larp.

Anonymous 3430


Well … maybe magic is just physics, kinesiology and psychology. That's just my opinion, anyways. It's strange, I walked away from witchcraft awhile ago but things are going my way after literal blood, research and tears. (Probably due to previous spellwork) Not that I'm complaining. Manipulating things are in my blood … but I won't go back but that feeling is addictive.

Anonymous 3432

Boney and clyde.jp…

I had a notebook with spells and basics like herb, crystals, moon cycles, and candles colours, but I ripped the pages out when I left witchcraft. I use the remaining pages for spirituality entries.

Anonymous 3437

any spell to find my lost cat?

Anonymous 3439

Leave their litter box outside and stand over it and chant their name for hours.

Anonymous 3441

Not a spell, but you could try leaving some of their favorite beds or toys outside where you last saw them. Hope kitty comes home soon, anon.

Anonymous 3743

Any news?

Anonymous 3752

crossing my fingies it will return or be found

Anonymous 3759


To witch, pagan or neo-pagan anons: how did you find your path? How did you start your reasearch?

Anonymous 5206

So sad this thread is dead.

Anonymous 5207

Anonymous 5208

Anonymous 5213


Imho, I get what type of aesthetic they tried to accomplish but the fake chalices, sword and the greenhouse roses are out of place and make it look cheap, not to mention the cliche black lace. The second video is plain ugly.

Anonymous 5256


I've gotten into 'witchcraft' over the past few years and it has really helped me a lot.
I put it in apostrophes since witchcraft means something different to everyone; what may work for me might not for you.
At first it was a way for me to connect to my deceased mother, who was into all things Wicca, Pagan and so on. I explored these areas to hopes to understand her more.
In that process I was intrigued by the history of it all, the mysteries, but also became closer to nature, more understanding of my emotions, started practicing more self-care and maybe just generally being more aware and grounded.

I do also enjoy the whole stereotypical aesthetic around it as well though, I will not lie, but I think personally it's just very therapeutic. I feel happy and it's nice to see many other women experiencing something similar.

Anonymous 6894


I want to get back into Witchcraft, but I'm apprehensive because of how well it works.

I hope you found your cat anon.

Anonymous 6896

Why not do a banishing or binding spell on them to keep them from bothering you?

Anonymous 6897

No i want revenge

Anonymous 6898

Plus im not a witch or practicing, so i might fuck it up

Anonymous 6912

how do i become a witch?

Anonymous 6913

Anonymous 6915

thank you anon. i know it's kind of goofy and everyone warns against it but i'm interested in casting a love spell. has anyone successfully casted one and how would i go about it?

Anonymous 6916

A spell to generally attract love? Or a spell to force a particular person to love you?

I strongly advise against the latter.

Anonymous 8048


Been looking around for the right book. A nice anthropological kind of history of witches and their origins and goddesses and such.

Anonymous 8063

Be careful; someone else already started Witchfinder General.

Anonymous 8069

Can i curse family members or would that affect me since i share the same blood

Anonymous 8095

Black magic corrupts you no matter who you're fucking with.
Unless it's something fully deserving, I wouldn't recommend.

Anonymous 8102

Please bless me with money.

Anonymous 8111

I’m not an occultist or anything but i’d like you guy’s input on this
>start getting into astrology while in a suicide haze to prove reincarnation is real
>it ironically saves my life and i decide to stick around after all and get this life time over with
>pull out old tarot set and play with it
>”eh lets get in touch with the other side*
>starts praying to entities associated with divination so the tarot actually predicts more accurately
>i know it probably doesnt work like this but like i said i just do things my own way
> seeing angel numbers 111, 555, 444, 1010, 1212 appear on my clock, on my coffee order, the number of the snacks in the vending machine every fucking day for months
>start hearing “hey” and all different kinds of things before falling asleep
>hear cats fighting where there are non almost as if something is playing a light hearted prank on me

Anonymous 8112

I forgot to mention the cat thing happened just now. Theres this cat that keeps trying to get into the house and my own cat keeps fighting it. So i’m always breaking up the fight between them and shooing the stray out. Its a common occurrence, And i heard it happening inside the home only for me to find my cat chilling in the living room.

Anonymous 8800


What are some good break up spells/rituals? My bff's sister is dating an abusive moid and refuses to leave him. He's been getting worse and worse and I'm scared things might escalate and he'll become physically violent.

Anonymous 8806

Sometimes entities like to fuck around with people. Just make sure to protect yourself while working with things like tarot

Anonymous 8846

all of the other stuff died down, but i still see the numbers, i wake up to them everyday. i wake up at morning at 11:11 literally happened more than one. i thought angel numbers were the dumbest most retarded shit but i see them so much since that post lmao. guess people are right that once you start seeing them they never go away.

Anonymous 9083


My mother practices witchcraft, and knows how to read the tarot , when I was young she used to do limpias to me and my brother all the time , as a child i believed all the witchy things she did where kinda dumb until I was a teenager and saw how the rituals she did where working , or the things she said will happen happened, or how she would cure other people , I asked her to teach me some stuff and she told me all women can make witchcraft because we are connected to nature and life (because we can create life) and that give us power and intuition that just needs to be acknowledged, when we learn this fact we can make witchcraft

Anonymous 9649


Really looking forward to celebrate the autumnal equinox this year. I always fail to make preparations and end up doing almost nothing. This year I am buying pumpkins grown in the area, actually, I will buy anything interesting enough I can use in my cooking. I also have to find a discrete place outdoors to spend the afternoon.
>I asked her to teach me some stuff and she told me all women can make witchcraft because we are connected to nature and life (because we can create life) and that give us power and intuition that just needs to be acknowledged, when we learn this fact we can make witchcraft

Anonymous 9658

idk if your still here but this folder in the 4moids occultism library has lots of books.

Anonymous 9676

It is a blue moon tonight, what magical ritual should I do?

Anonymous 9677

depends on what you want to accomplish. might be a good night to try astral projecting somewhere or at least tracking dreams. You could meditate on an entity or maybe a tarot card and see what it says to you in your sleep.

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