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Anonymous 1430

Do you believe in Aliens?

Anonymous 1431

I don't know but I hppe they're real. That would be really awesome.

Anonymous 1434

I believe there are different life forms out there.

Anonymous 1435


Right? I mean the universe is so huge. It'll be ridiculous if we were the only ones to exist.

Anonymous 1436

I wonder if any lifeforms out there would be as intelligent as us though. More intelligent even? We seem like an anomaly though, there aren't many animals on our own planet that come close to human intelligence, nevermind alien planets.

Anonymous 1437

I like to believe so.
Although I think humans would be the invaders and not the invadee?

Anonymous 1457

Yes but I have doubts about whether UFO sightings and alien abductions are extraterrestrial in nature or not. I'm pretty sure at least some of the craft that are spotted are just secret government shit. Maybe there's something to do with aliens but maybe they had a much bigger military tech boom during/after WWII than they've ever let on.

I think alien abductions are related to historical reports of faeries and that they may be the same beings, but I can't hazard a guess as to what kind of beings they are. It could also be they're a hallucination or some other neurological effect tied to a very specific kind of experience, in the same way that people commonly report seeing tunnels and bright lights on DMT/during NDEs, but also kind of like McKenna's machine elves. I don't know what experience would trigger that, but it'd have to be something that people have had for centuries. Part of me wants to say that they're being victimized by someone and that their brain makes up a story about aliens/faeries to protect them from the trauma, but some of the abduction stories are so damn weird I'm hard put to explain them away like that. Group abductions like the Coronado abduction are pretty hard to write off.

Anonymous 1460


When I was a kid, I used to fantasise about what I'd tell the aliens in order to convince them that we're intelligent and not kill us lol. Maybe write a few lines in different languages, draw some star constellations, draw things you can only see under a microscope like plant cells or dust mites, write a few lines of poetry, draw a map of my country with all its mountains and rivers… I think if I was an alien, I'd have so much fun trying to figure out what all these symbols and drawings mean. It would show them that even a random child has a basic understanding of the world around them and that we've created these complex ways of speaking to each other and that we can create beautiful art. I always prayed that I'd be the first to make contact and not some shitty adult who would try to kill or exploit them.

Anonymous 9438

they are terrifying when you start to research the subject. Linda Moulton's A Strange Harvest documentary going in to the animal mutilations is sickening.

Anonymous 9440

I think I saw an alien once..

Anonymous 9530

anybody seen the UAP disclosure hearing?

Anonymous 9531

Yes, and in my opinion it's the beginning of some crazy (but cool) stuff. People have been complaining about it being a load of nothing, but I think those people are dumb. If ever we were going to have real disclosure of real non-human entities, this is how it would be done. Slow and careful not to incite panic, but also done officially instead of some schizo going off about aliens on some obscure YouTube channel.

Anonymous 9532

I want to believe this is real disclosure, but the timing with hunter biden's plea deal is a bit sketch.

What do you think is making them want to disclose now?

Anonymous 9539

they are demons , not aliens. If those fuckers ever come to you and invade your personal property shout out the Son of the Lord's name , Jesus Christ. Remember nonas , do not fear. They feed of fear

Anonymous 9730


Anonymous 9734


There is most likely life elsewhere, but certainly not humanoid creatures like we see in the movies, but rather small bacteria. The chances of there being another planet with the same conditions conducive to life as ours are infinitesimal.

Anonymous 9746

There's probably life on other planets in the form of microscopic single-cells or something, just not little green guys or xenomorphs running around

Anonymous 9767


my Christian faith leads me to believe God did not create aliens. He created us, the whole universe, everything in it. Feel like He would say something about aliens idk

Anonymous 9771

do you listen to redscare nona

Anonymous 9775

I'm confident there's like bacteria or viruses or similiar microtiny lifeforces are out there. Not sure about any intelligent lifeforces. And tbh idgaf. As long as aliens aren't paying for or threatening my basic needs/existence it's completely uninteresting to me wether they exist or not.

Anonymous 9777


Aliens and demons are the same thing. I mean what do you think are beings that possess, abduct people, and reveal them secret knowledge?

Anonymous 9778

There's probably alien crabs somewhere. Look up carcinisation.

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