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Drugs Anonymous 1850

From stuff like weed and acid to DMT and coke, share your experiences with drugs. They don't have to be particularly profound or bad, feel free to share your positive, benign, or spiritual trips as well.
I'll start with something fairly benign.
>first time smoking weed
>pretty much have the joint to myself
>"lol I'm not feeling anything"
>suddenly begin to lag behind myself
>black out/can't remember anything every few minutes
>nothing bad yet, just chilling
>start to giggle at something my friend said
>can't control myself
>fall back onto the floor and begin to roll around, still out of control of my body
>become aware I am not myself and forget my being entirely
>can't stop crying now either
>friends laughing at me but I'm genuinely panicked
>Convinced I'm not real
>rolling around a bit
>try to focus on what my friends are saying
>this grounds me
>feels go away
>gets hungry

Anonymous 1854


Anonymous 1877


ive been high for two years straight

Anonymous 1879

Are you alright?

Anonymous 1880

whatever keeps me out of the psych ward!

Anonymous 1881

Do you feel that you got notably dumber or more forgetful?

Anonymous 1882

Smoke weed everyday

Anonymous 1883

i definitely am more forgetful but im cool with that, there's a lot of my life i want blocked out. i dont think im dumber, im definitely slower with my thoughts and my memory is of course shit but i can still retain info no problem, ive always been obsessed with studying and learning everything etc so intellectually im still all there. i still do dumb stoner shit sometimes but i generally just let people think im a ditz

Anonymous 1895

has anyone tried mdma? what was it like?

Anonymous 1896

amazing, wonderful, 1,000% would recommend! Kind of feels like being in love and wrapped in a fuzzy warm blanket

Anonymous 1904

I’ve done acid and shrooms once each. Acid wasn’t great but only because I did it with an ex who wanted to be “just friends” even though the breakup was a year ago and messy (pro tip: do NOT do this). Overall it was pretty influential

Does mdma make people horny sex freaks? I’ve heard this but never done it, and the person I’m interested in claims to have done it several times and said “touch feels really good” but gave cagey responses about anything else

Anonymous 1934

Been on fentanyl for 2 years, literally ruined my life, still love the high though , I literally can't say no to drugs, I smoked a little too much crystal last night and everytime I do the stuff I end up vomiting once I come down for like 15 min straight. I think I'm giving up the crystal, fu king hate being wired anyways, just wanna sleeeeep and and snort my pills, sleep, snort, abort.

Anonymous 2006

I've tried a small dosage but enough to feel the effects for at least a couple hours. I was at a house party with the sort of artsy music crowd at my college last year. Typically when I go to a party, I have a set of "party goals" which just mainly involve getting to know familiar faces better or maybe talking to a crush or something. MDMA made me feel hyper social and made talking effortless and fun. I felt much happier and warmer to my friends and strangers than I usually do. Conversations felt like a game that I was mastering. It was like I achieved a "flow state" in my social interactions, they felt effortless and natural. I was sitting on a couch next to one of my crushes and on a whim I kissed her (something I would never have done sober). She wasn't creeped out or uncomfortable but told me she was straight and that was the moment that finally grounded me. MDMA gave me a drunk on happiness feeling and helped unearth a general love for other people in me. I didn't experience the serotonin withdrawal that some people report but that's probably given due to the low dosage I had.

I also do acid and shrooms occasionally. I recommend to anyone curious about psychedelics to make sure you're first time with any new drug is at a low dose, preferably do them with close friends and in a stress free environment, preferably somewhere you can walk around and feel safe in.

I've found that psychedelics typically has a profoundly positive influence on me and has helped me fight depression and has helped put things in perspective.

Anonymous 2010


I’ve dabbled in psychedelics for a while, but last year I finally tried ketamine with a friend. I took a low dose and I liked it and all, but I am really fascinated by the therapeutic potential it seems to have for people. Does anyone have any experience with gaining some mental insight with k? Is k-holing as scary as it sounds or can it be good?

Anonymous 2012

The only drug I've ever considered using was ayahuasca to see if it could help me find direction in life. I don't think I ever will because I'm terrified of fucking up my brain or making my mental illnesses worse. I hate that all the conversation online surrounding drugs (especially psychedelics) is overwhelmingly positive and if you fear drugs you must be some kind of unenlightened, conservative Karen who doesn't want anyone to have fun. Any of my friends who regularly smoke weed or do shrooms or whatever regularly have permanently fried their brains. It's impossible to have a normal conversation with them (even when they're sober) and seeing them struggle with paranoia or panic attacks makes me really upset.

It fucking sucks because the idea of using drugs for creative or spiritual experiences seems really cool but it's not worth it if I descent into some conspiracy crackhead.

Anonymous 2013

>I hate that all the conversation online surrounding drugs (especially psychedelics) is overwhelmingly positive and if you fear drugs you must be some kind of unenlightened, conservative Karen who doesn't want anyone to have fun.

This. I don't think drugs are good for people and I think a lot people use them for escapism from bad circumstances or personal problems instead of trying to better their lives. Yet if you point this out people react like you want everyone to live like saints or something. Depending on a recreational drug to get you through your basic day everyday is not healthy.

I don't like being around people laughing loudly at nothing or talking incoherently or generally being like toddlers. Some of them smell god awful as well. But again people act like you are the problem for saying this.

I hate the whole thing around medical cannabis. There can't be that many people that care whether a drug is licensed to treat seizures or whatever. Just admit you want to be able to smoke, stop trying to act like you are doing something righteous by trying to legalise it for medical reasons. No one cares about hemp either.

>The only drug I've ever considered using was ayahuasca to see if it could help me find direction in life.

Sorry to be a killjoy but it won't. It's just your brain getting confused about inputs (sound, light, etc) and processing them incorrectly. There's no deep spiritual meaning to it.

Anonymous 2014

Same here. I enjoy some drugs (weed and ambien) but I can't pretend they're objectively good. I used to have a close friend who was so uppity about drugs, always regurgitating that "weed isn't addictive", but it clearly is and a shitton of people just get stuck on it and ruin their lives because it make you complacent and dull. Whenever I go on a weed bender and run out, I can't sleep or eat for 2 weeks and it's miserable. Ambien got me into some stupid incidents but it's not as repeatable because the tolerance goes up even faster than with weed. I see it like a drunken night, it can be fun occasionally and in the right company but an exception to the rule is all it should be. We'd judge people for drinking every day, so why should a daily joint to take the edge off be any different? I have shit impulse control and never even manage to stick to my "just once a day" rule so right now I'm happy I don't have access to anything. I miss it, but I know it's for the best.

Anonymous 2016

That's exactly how I feel, anon.

Anonymous 2023


I still smoke weed, but not as much as I used to. I used to hit bong all day, but now it's just a small, quick bowl to take the edge off after work in the evenings. It's the equivalent of a glass of wine for me now, and it has never really been a big deal in my country.

Another drug that I did experiment with when I was younger was molly. I really enjoyed M, I only did it a handful of times. I cannot partake any longer because I am on an SSRI. I would have to stop taking it completely, and one night of good fun isn't worth putting your mental health in the hole for.

Anonymous 2066

>I hate that all the conversation online surrounding drugs (especially psychedelics) is overwhelmingly positive and if you fear drugs you must be some kind of unenlightened, conservative Karen who doesn't want anyone to have fun.

Fearing drugs, and being a Karen who says no one whatsoever so do drugs aren't the same thing. I don't know whose talking to you treating as if the two are the same.

>It fucking sucks because the idea of using drugs for creative or spiritual experiences seems really cool but it's not worth it if I descent into some conspiracy crackhead.

You make it sound as if these are two different things.

>Sorry to be a killjoy but it won't. It's just your brain getting confused about inputs (sound, light, etc) and processing them incorrectly.

This describes all thinking whatsoeve, you also make it sound like "spiritual enlightenment" is somehow reserved for some other specific type of event? When do you think spiritual enlightenment occurs?

Anonymous 2069

>When do you think spiritual enlightenment occurs?
It doesn't. There's no such thing as enlightenment or spirits.

Anonymous 2074


>It doesn't. There's no such thing as enlightenment or spirits.
Ah see, there we go, that's a higher order position then your previous one. In that case, you should have just told anon she was stupid for wanting spiritual enlightenment instead of stating that drugs don't give it.

Anonymous 2133

>better their lives

What do you have to offer that's better than tripping balls?

>Depending on a recreational drug to get you through your basic day everyday is not healthy

You should pitch that spiel on a construction site. They'd love it.

Anonymous 2134

>What do you have to offer that's better than tripping balls?
Let me just get out my "how to better their life" itemized list for each and every person on the planet who takes drugs.

>You should pitch that spiel on a construction site. They'd love it.

??? Still not healthy.

Guess it's true drugs do kill brain cells.

Anonymous 2139

>Let me just get out my "how to better their life" itemized list for each and every person on the planet who takes drugs

You don't even have one idea. How pathetic. You're not actually interested in anyone's lives getting better. All you want to do is lecture.

Anonymous 2140

I said it would depend from person to person. Only a dumbass would think there is a one size fits all solution for the problems in millions of people’s lives.

Anonymous 2146

>you don't understand, I have a REALLY good excuse!

Why is it that xXx_sTraIGhtEdgE_xXx dips sound more like stereotypical drug users than any actual drug user?

Anonymous 2147


>I also do shrooms occasionally.
How often? What dose?

Anonymous 2180

i smoked some pot for a few years and did way too much acid for two years, once or twice a week, that really messed me up i constantly hallucinate and sometimes i hear voices or am paranoid but it could just be me being schizo and the acid brought it on early…
i did molly for a bit and almost got hooked it was kind of scary because it feels too damn good, i quit that cold turkey
now the only drug i do is cocaine like once a month or 2 months

Anonymous 2200


I have a tiny crumb of weed and nothing to smoke it with soo I made a makeshift bong using a smoothie bottle and a pen tube and you can only fit in a tiny amount of weed but I have finally learned moderation so it still made me high

Anonymous 2201

Look at your life. Look at your choices.

Anonymous 2202

It's okay Anon

Anonymous 2291

Every time I've done a drug besides weed it was a waste of time and money and usually made a fool of me. You think drunk texting is embarrassing, how about texting on meth? Fuck every drug that's not weed. and btw fuck alcohol too. fuck tobacco.

I still love weed though.

Anonymous 2293

we grow shroomies but never have time to eat them -_-

Anonymous 2299

im so proud anon… but smoking out of plastic & tinfoil is dangerous. get a pipe (or make one out of bamboo?) when you can <3

Anonymous 2300

how do you grow shrooms? : o i should research this, i didnt think it was viable

Anonymous 2317

if you live in the US, you can buy spores legally online (its still kind of grey market)

the rest of it is easy enough, you can read about it online
you are basically making a nice place for fungus to grow, and then sterilizing it and being super clean to make sure that only the shrooms grows there, and not any contaminations

growing is fun! just be patient, be careful, follow the instructions online closely, etc.

Anonymous 2318


i spent a few hours looking for spores but i couldnt find anything that looked legit :( does anyone happen to have a link?

I'm gonna try them in a few weeks with a friend as well, does anyone have tips?

Anonymous 2319

Never tried them but always heard that you should have someone with you who isn't tripping. Also take them somewhere calm and familiar.

Anonymous 2340

If it's your first time, take an average (or even low) dose. They taste gross.
Make sure you're in a familiar environment and wear comfy clothes. Don't forget to provide water or juice. Stay inside.
No fear! Try to keep in mind that you're tripping and your body and mind simply react to the substance psilocybin. The effects will run off sooner or later.
Open and closed-eye visuals can be quite overwhelming, lay down and keep them flowing.

Enjoy and stay safe anon! :)

Anonymous 2364

Go for it. It's a really interesting process, and the mushrooms are a plus obviously. I used a "shotgun terrarium" (just a rubbermaid container with holes drilled in) containing socked perlite to keep the humidity high, and I used a method called PF tek. Check it out, and happy growing.
Btw, it's very important to have an effective sterile procedure to focus on that as much as possible.

Anonymous 2376

where do you get your spores?

Anonymous 2388

I got weed for the first time in like a year, I can't wait for the weekend so I can be a lazy useless piece of shit, get high, eat delicious food, and plan my move to another apartment

Anonymous 2474

Lovely place to me…

Does anyone here like Kratom? I only tried it once and didn't feel anything. I'm thinking about ordering some to hold myself over when I'm trying to not smoke as much weed.

Anonymous 2504


Anyone else ever get high and obsess about how grotesquely ugly you are

Anonymous 2588

I used to do some hard drugs (speed, opiates) when I was younger, because of a trauma that my sick and perverted ex caused me. That time of my life was shit and I was definitely addicted. But it was better to do drugs than kill myself anyway. It took a long while to get therapy that I had asked for. Sometimes drugs just kill the pain to keep you alive.

Anonymous 2591

I've only tried weed once. I'm drinking more, I'm kind of turning into a wino. Often times after work I will stop by a convenience store and buy one of those juice box wine things and get drunk to destress and take my mind off the bullshit

Anonymous 2592

>>2012 This, anon. There are some people who can just use drugs a few times to see what it's like or get some spiritual insight, but there are so many who use them too often or too young and just end up frying their brains. Almost every stoner I've met has this weird paranoia and speaks in this really "rambly" disorganized way, even when they're sober but they insist that weed is harmless and you're a controlling conservative if you so much as say that moderation and regulation is important. I'm not in favor of straight up banning the stuff, just keeping it away from teens and encouraging people to use it infrequently.

Anonymous 3343


I've done weed, acid, pain killers, ecstasy, and adderall.

I hate weed, acid is cool but high maintenance (can't just do it whenever, wherever), adderall didn't affect me at all other than making me a little more focused, and I love pain killers and ecstasy.

>Weed story

I spent 2 hours thinking about what it would be like to live in a clock my sister had. It had a rim that was like one of those light-up neon gas signs, and I imagined living in it and being electrocuted forever. It sucked.

>Pain killer story

I played Minecraft for hours just building these glass buildings with lights under them. it was so simple but it felt so amazing. I get really overstimulated on pain killers which makes me aggressive, so I usually just play really simple video games when I do them.

>Ecstasy story

I almost beat Super Metroid in one go because I was extremely focused. I had to forcefully tear myself away from it and then I had sex until the sun came up and came 12 times.

>Adderall story

I counted things. that was it

>Acid story

I've done acid twice.
The first time I did it with this guy I barely knew in a city I'd never been to before because I was an idiot and because I was super manic and not thinking clearly. He had done acid many times before though, so idk why he thought that was a good idea, bc he should have known better.
I was ok with him when we were sober, he was just kind of autistic, but I am too, so it was whatever. Seemed nice enough, made me laugh. Didn't like how he "accidentally" got one hotel bed though. However, once we started tripping, I suddenly became horrified of him. He was the most disgusting person I had ever seen and I wanted to kill him. I was "there" enough to know I couldn't murder him without getting arrested, but I really, really wanted to kill him, because I didn't think me and him could logically exist in the same world together without his existence haunting me. I was very sure he was going to rape me or seriously harm me, and I kept running away from him to either hide in my car or in the shower of the hotel we were in. I hallucinated a LOT and they were extremely vivid and colorful. I also had a "vision" that me and the guy were at the bottom of a very cold, murky river somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. It was winter time and everything was dead. Me and him were chained to the riverbed's floor and he had given up and looked like he was almost dead. I unchained myself and swam desperately to the river's surface, and the vision ended.
He tried to get me to drive home (I lived in another state) but I freaked out and made him get me another night in the hotel because there was no fucking way I could drive. After he went home and I was coming down, I wrecked the hotel and stole some of his stuff and drove all the way home, sometimes driving 120 mph because I was that scared of him. Awful, awful experience, still don't understand why my perception of him changed so drastically as soon as I was high, because I really had no problem with him before that.

Second time doing acid, I, once again like the manic fool I was, did it out of state with people I barely knew. However, I felt safe enough, if a bit lonely. The acid was not as strong as the first time I did it, so idk if that was why I didn't freak out that time.
Things looked warbled and colorful, sometimes geometrical, but usually just warbled.
I had two visions that night.
I saw myself as a flower petal, drifting along in the wind. I was fragile and I had no roots, and I was scared because I was vulnerable. It was just me, floating around to nowhere permanent and with no company.
The second vision, I was in a boat in a swamp, shining a flashlight at the gnarled roots of the cypress trees in the water. I heard rattling in the trees and shone my light up, and saw the people I was with, chained to the tree as phantoms. They were angrily jerking at their chains and screaming, all stuck to the same tree, all opposed to each other.

Anonymous 3347

>first time doing MDMA
>take the pill, feel nothing, watching some movie with my friends
>feel a little sweaty/nauseous but thought it was anxiety
>suddenly michael cera's face starts warping

the night I had after that was incredible. I didn't do anything but stay at home in the dark watching a colorful movie and playing with glowsticks, but every single physical ailment that I deal with on a daily basis completely melted away


>muscle aches

And it made music sound so much better. It felt like cool water was just coursing through my entire body. People always say they feel this increased level of empathy but I didn't get that as much as just a feeling of calm and relaxation.

It helped me understand that all of those are likely products of anxiety, but now I have to deal with them again as I no longer have access to MDMA.

It's the drug that I would most recommend to everyone, with the obvious caveat that you shouldn't overdo things by taking too much or doing it too often.

Anonymous 3438

i love how crystal cafe users would rather take mdma than go to a doctor's appointment <3

Anonymous 3440

That’s pretty common outside of CC too. People are dumb.

Anonymous 3470

Taking MDMA won't affect my insurance premiums, and it won't be on my medical record that I need the serotonin boost. I also know exactly what it does to my body, whereas going to a doctor would require me to take a new medication entirely.

Anonymous 3537

I didn't consider that perspective, thank you for sharing. I don't know very much about insurance and stuff because I'm 18 and lazy but it seems kind of sucky that you might have consequences on a medical record for needing help. And if your nausea and muscle aches are getting better that makes me happy!
Also I know this might sound dumb but I think affectionate cats purring can help with nausea and aches. If there's a cat near you it may help a little.

Anonymous 3544

Doctor's appointments never helped me and always cost a shitload of money. Microdosing on mushrooms that I grow at home works better and is much easier.

Anonymous 3545

The first acid story sounds like deep down you knew the guy was a creep. The one bed hotel room probably set off a shitload of alarm bells for you and that's why it went that way. Setting matters a lot when tripping.

Anonymous 3551

I have a cat, but the purring hasn't really helped me at all. He does seem to sense when I'm not feeling well and makes biscuits on me or acts goofy to cheer me up. It's probably because my body temp is slightly warmer due to inflammation when I am feeling pain/nausea and cats like warm things

Anonymous 3576

Even if it's unhelpful that's so cute! And cats are so smart so I'm sure she is looking out for you. Our cat just vomits on things and gets into fights :(

Anonymous 3577


i've taken LSD at least 10 times. the most interesting story was the second time i took it, in 2019. i was living in an esoteric nationalist cult, and they were taking it to enhance their phallic worship ritual (yes, i know. it just consisted of them skipping in a circle around a kickboxing bag, holding hands). normally i would just ignore and try not to focus on things that i didn't identify with, but something about the enhanced sensory experience caused me to cringe so hard that i sank into the ground, and couldn't even articulate what was the matter when they approached me. only the stillness of the earth comforted me in my (rather humiliating) epiphany.

all the LARP melted away in an instant, and it was as though i had awoken from a several-year-long trance in a dingy back yard with a bunch of arrogant little boys. one of them remarked that i must be reacting to "too much testosterone." i ended up retreating into my bedroom with my boyfriend, and crying off and on until the trip eventually came to an end. i wouldn't say that the experience gave me a positive sense of direction, but the "bad" trip i experienced certainly saved me from wasting any more of my life stewing over politics and having to humour all the varieties of incel that would come (uninvited) to visit. looking back, my only regret was not being meaner to them.

Anonymous 3600

>the most interesting story was the second time i took it, in 2019. i was living in an esoteric nationalist cult, and they were taking it to enhance their phallic worship ritual (yes, i know. it just consisted of them skipping in a circle around a kickboxing bag, holding hands)
i'm sorry, what now? how did you get into an esoteric nationalist cult that worships phalluses?

Anonymous 3602

i realize that such a thing makes my whole post sound like a shitpost, but i'm not sure how to sum it up any better than that. it sounds absurd because it was. i was a misguided, rather lonely teenager in the 2010s, and i had a pretty lengthy nazi phase. i met up with locals, and there was a place they were housing together, and i moved there with my boyfriend (there were no other women living there). as for the phallic worship, i had assumed that it had to be a joke until it wasn't, and it hit me like a freight train that all the crass fantasies about raping and beating some hypothetical woman weren't jokes either. the drug, rathering than furthering my confusuon, flayed all the irony and long-winded justifications from the situation.

Anonymous 3604

how did you break up with your boyfriend and escape the cult? i would have to imagine as the token woman you'd face considerable backlash for trying to escape

Anonymous 3607

Nah k-holing is pretty normie tier, depending of the type of ket u have u either will lie without being able to move but with an strange feeling of ur body or u will have closed eyed visuals.
Any case won't scare u I'm sure

Anonymous 3609

>how did you break up with your boyfriend and escape the cult?
didn't break up with bf: he and i had been together for over a year at that point, and he had treated me with kindness and respect. plus, it wouldn't have made sense to fault him for being silly enough to join in the first place, since i had made that mistake as well. i think abandoning a dead end in life was an important step in our journey together. as for how we made it out, it was my idea not to mention plans to leave to anyone until the very moment we were moving our things out. we made sure to pay off any debts we had, utilities etc. but i knew they would not be reasonable, and i had been worn paper-thin by that point. as unhinged as i felt, i was lucid enough to want to evade violence.

>i would have to imagine as the token woman you'd face considerable backlash for trying to escape

they certainly fantasized about harming me, but not much came of it. most just seethed and insulted me after i left (so they didn't really change their routine at all), and one made a threat, which surprise surprise, led to absolutely nothing. for a bunch of guys so concerned about the future of the white race, they seemed not to understand at all why i would not want to raise a child in a suicidally tinged bachelor pad. i don't know what became of them, and don't really care to find out, but i hope they can escape their ouroboros of self pity and hate eventually.+

Anonymous 3795

thoughts on delta 8?

Anonymous 3796

It feels the same as actually Marijuana, though I've heard that it's 66% as effective as standard THC roughly. Most tinctures that provide it also don't have the rest of chemicals found in weed (CBD specifically), so if you're looking for a standard high you'll need some CBD as well. All in all I would recommend stocking up before anyone realizes they accidentally made it legal.

Full warning you will still completely fail drug tests after taking it like normal THC, so if that's a concern, don't do it.

Anonymous 3797

Oh, and one last thing, it's massively cheaper than normal weed as far as I am aware. Uncertain about pharmaceuticals(but if you have a prescription you don't really have this problem), but cheaper than stuff you can get off the street and even most dispensaries.

Anonymous 3804

thanks for the response, anon. i normally will just use marijuana if i want the effects of marijuana, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and debilitating so when i heard people say delta 8 was more "pharmaceutically useful" with less paranoia, it piqued my interest. just tried a delta 8 CBD kief joint, it wasn't bad. definitely has notable psychoactive effects and i didn't experience any paranoia or like, complete debilitation. i really didn't expect much but it definitely worked to the tune of about what you said. i might order distillate w terpenes or add my own or whatever just to have some on hand and do with as i wish/likely use w my dab pen bc in bulk it really is cheap.

Anonymous 3872

If you think about it, no one is real. We are all just copies of our parents, and their parents before them. And what if we are nothing but a dream or manifestation of the Mother?

Anonymous 3916

like, whoooaa, dude.

Anonymous 3941

how are you all having so much fun with weed?
i bought legal weed online (so it has less CBD in it, i don't even know). tried to roll a joint, made a huge fucking mess, lost half of what i bought, still smoked something. and i think caffeine, in comparison to weed, is a hard drug.
mind you, i also have tried joints offered to me by friends in the past, it was good, but it's not like it fucks you up or makes you think any differently, nothing like that. only makes you hazier as if you just took melatonin, and has a good smell. it's insane that people spend so much money on it. i wanted to try it again for my headaches and neck tension but isn't working

Anonymous 3942

I agree, anon. I don't understand stoners. Different drugs effect different people differently, I guess.

Anonymous 4138

I'm shorter than my father, but taller than my Mom. Explain that, Einstein. I'll tell you.

Anonymous 4141


Any strain of weed usually contains several cannabinoids, the most predominant and well-known being THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the substance known to cause what you would call the weed 'high'. The illegal active substance in weed is usually this, meaning 'legal' weed will contain little or no THC. Most likely what you smoked is a CBD strain that is legal as it does not contain whatever banned active substance (or less thereof etc). Notably, CBD is not psychoactive.
From a harm reduction perspective, and since you didn't like your experience I would advise speaking to a GP about other options for pain relief rather than attempting to self medicate. Whilst you can tell by the wall of text that I love weed, it is in fact habit-forming and is linked to several cancers.

I'm looking to maybe take LSD for the first time, but the constellation of people involved and setting wouldn't be my ideal first time. Can I get away with a low dose, or should I be wary of setting? I've had psilocybe three times now and I thoroughly enjoyed those trips, not sure if I had liked them as much if the settings hadn't been as comfortable.

Also curious about ket like >>2010, but I dissociate anyways due to my mental shit. Still a good idea? Thoughts on addictive potential?

Anonymous 4142

delta 8 thc is legal through a loophole rn but anon definitely only smoked CBD sprayed hemp

>I'm looking to maybe take LSD for the first time, but the constellation of people involved and setting wouldn't be my ideal first time. Can I get away with a low dose, or should I be wary of setting? I've had psilocybe three times now and I thoroughly enjoyed those trips, not sure if I had liked them as much if the settings hadn't been as comfortable.

i can't really speak for anyone else but the first time i tried acid i did a low dose in a shitty setting and was fine. not the shittiest of settings though. very mild but beautiful visual effects, no bad visuals or fear. not sure how shitty your setting might be.

Anonymous 4143

just some people I wouldn't necessarily include tbh, there's a kid who always gets openly paranoid among the others when we smoke up, and a girl that wanted to join after she had to google LSD on her phone… I don't think psychedelics should be taken lightly, but maybe that's more of a mushroom-inspired belief.

Anonymous 4145

i think it's probably better to be safe than sorry. my experiences have been fine despite not being ideal, but i can only speak for myself. there are tons of people who've had shitty trips if they weren't prepared. if there's a chance you'd have a shit trip and it might ruin it for you too, that'd just really suck. if you have the opportunity to wait to do it in a setting of your choosing, i'd just wait

Anonymous 4146

>I'm looking to maybe take LSD for the first time, but the constellation of people involved and setting wouldn't be my ideal first time. Can I get away with a low dose, or should I be wary of setting? I've had psilocybe three times now and I thoroughly enjoyed those trips, not sure if I had liked them as much if the settings hadn't been as comfortable.

I can also say that the high for LSD lasts 4 hours longer than shrooms, and it has a more "energetic" feeling, so most likely you're not going to be bugged out on a sofa as much as feeling perky and wanting to move around.

I'd say setting and mindset are supreme, and would recommend anyone taking a drug for the first time to start with a very low dose yes, just as a matter of practice and checking for negative reactions.

Anonymous 4544

My dads childhood …

>make caramel latte
>get high
>remember caramel latte

thank you past me

Anonymous 4546

Back in like 2013 I made homemade DMT out of acacia confusa bark that my friend got online.
>scrape off crystals
>put in a bowl with weed above and below
>everyone gathers round to see if what I made worked or not
>everyone staring at me
>smoke a few big hits
>nothing happens for a second
>people are still staring, now looking a little disappointed
>suddenly feel very heavy, yawn very hard
>sit down in my chair
>the room starts going black
>blast off
>I am now in space
>I have no body, I just occupy a single point in space and can see like normal, but there is no physical me
>I am not particularly alarmed by these conditions
>watch a bunch of planets forming and coming apart
>feel sad about the little creatures that must be living on the planet
>space fades
>I am in a rowboat with a man on a calm lake in a very deep fog
>he's rowing, I still have no body, am still not alarmed by this
>there's an ostrich egg sized and shaped ball of stars sitting on the rowboat, like a little universe egg
>he starts saying something but I can't hear any words, I just see his lips moving
>feel the most otherworldly sense of calm come over me
>slowly start coming around back to the real world
>I'm in the living room
>apparently I wandered off and nobody thought that maybe they should stop me
>mumbled about space
I had done other psychedelics a few times before that but I had never had another experience previously that broke my understanding of reality. I still remember this trip and the second one I took on my homemade DMT incredibly vividly. I'm not religious but it's the closest I've ever had to a holy experience, even in later trips on DMT.
If you're stable enough to take it, I STRONGLY recommend trying DMT. It's truly beyond words.

Anonymous 4547

reporting back to say that I did not take LSD and have since done ket twice. First time was a small key bump at a houseparty, second was two bumps at a rave. Very similar to alcohol at these low doses, which is not bad, but not really great. It does feel novel and goofy somehow. I'm curious but unsure whether I should try to pursue experiencing a k-hole using my new connect or worry about possible habituation despite not liking the substance much. I think I'd rather just do psychedelics, but my connection there has unfortunately dried up.

Anonymous 4548


I've tried most drugs, except for the really hard stuff like H, crack, etc. I personally wouldn't recommend going any further with K. I've been in a few K-holes and they were never a pleasant experience. Not bad either. For some of my friends, that was the appeal. They'd come out, couldn't put it into words, and would want to go back in. The problem is the body builds up a tolerance to K pretty quickly. So if you get hooked on exploring K-holes, you'll need more and more of the substance to get the same hit. This happened to a group of people I knew who then started injecting to get their hit. One of them then moved onto H, and died of an OD. I know you said you can't get psychedelics, but I'd suggest waiting till you find a deent supplier again and starting on shrooms with good friends. I'd pretty much recommend any other drug (other than the really hard stuff) over K, but I had a front row seat to how bad it could get.

Anonymous 4589

Anyone tried MDMA while having brain problems (bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc)? Did you notice any unbearably negative effects? I guess I'm scared of the crash because when I go low I go low-low.

Anonymous 5399


I used MDMA a lot when I was younger and the most depressed and anxious that I have been. I actually found it to help me a lot but you should do a lot of research before you even consider it. Understand what you are going to do, prepare as well as you can. Be in a comfortable setting, around the right people, nourish your body and take care of yourself a lot post-trip. It will at the very least feel like a really bad hangover for a little while.
Just be careful. Start with a low dose and remember: preparation, preparation, preparation.

As great as it can feel and be beneficial even, you have to keep in mind that people who suffer from mental illness (or those pre-disposed to it) always will have the chance of having an extremely negative experience or even triggering a mental illness.

Anonymous 5510

This experience sounds like me sober (i have mental illness)

Anonymous 6681

me too hehe

Anonymous 8818

I don't know anything really about drugs but I'm interested in mushrooms and acid, DMT sounds cool too. I'm not sure how I would be able to get or do drugs since I still live with my parents. What drugs would be the best, is taking mushrooms a good idea for someone who has never done anything?

On another hand I'm not mentally unstable but I'm scared that if I take any drugs I'll act out things I only think of doing but never would. I also don't trust my mind. I'm very scared of freaking out and killing my family.

Maybe in a couple years I'll come back and write a sweet little post about finally taking shrooms :-)

Anonymous 8859

>and i think caffeine, in comparison to weed, is a hard drug
apologies for necro but agreed, I don’t get stoners all I feel after I smoke weed is retarded and a bit giggly while strong coffee feels like a low dose of speed with all the worst side effects (restlessness, anxiety, nausea, shitting) kek

Anonymous 8921

i was hoping weed would actually do something. i did it for the first time a month-ish ago. i mostly just had a heightened sense of emotion, felt tired, goofy, lazy. not that fun but i felt a lot less high-strung, which i guess is the point. it was really only a positive experience because i was with someone. if i were alone it wouldn't have mattered. it's pretty disappointing as i thought i'd get something out of it. i'd rather drink if i want to feel sleepy and lazy

Anonymous 9084

I mostly do weed edibles now, I don’t like to smell like weed , I eat a cookie or two and watch some films on fridays just to get a little bit less stressed , I used to take clonazepan and alcohol every weekend but not anymore , I don’t know if can cope with my life without weed or alcohol and that scares me , I work with people everyday and it gets really stressed, when I was like 19 I couldn’t enjoy having sex without being high , so I stopped being a stinker and now at 30 I just eat edibles on the weekdays

Anonymous 9105

Self-medicated my ADHD with coke for a bit. Stopped doing it completely because the supply in my area noticeably decreased in quality. It's so cut with amphetamines now that it just makes you feel like shit and gives you hellish, 6-hour long comedowns. Would probably do it again if I found a better supplier.

Anonymous 9546

Necroing this thread to ask about D8. Personally I love it and have only had good experiences.

Anonymous 9560


i need to stop binging dxm whenever i get my hands on it but i really love dxm.

Anonymous 9575

what do you like about it?

Anonymous 9580

i like the wacky holes, i like the music, i like feeling alive, i like surfing the waves of the void. somehow puking is pleasurable. i can take a low dose to get geeked or a higher one to conk out. not good for my brain though with the dissociation n depression when i run out/take a break. once i fucked up and redosed until i forgot but kept downing pills and i was stuck between here and out there and i had to convince my younger self not to kill herself and i lost my memories for a bit like i knew the info i know what context humans do things so i felt like a skinwalker on a mission to be in this body and i replaced this human.

Anonymous 9617


I've recently acquired a lot of Datura Inoxia seeds and I was wondering how to use them. I've never tried datura before and I don't know anyone who has. I searched for experiences in the Erowid Vaults and the only one where the user only took this substance was some guy who brewed hundreds of datura seeds for 24h in order to make tea, but the experience wasn't pleasant at all. I'm well aware that the toxicity of datura depends on the soil where plant has grown and that it can have variations in a 5:1 ratio, so I'll make some experiments with very low doses (always keeping some distance with the lethal dose). But I'm still willing to hear any recommendations!
I would suggest you try acid in the morning at home one day you're all alone and don't have to run errands or engage with anyone. I know some people are very paranoid about not tripping in company or missing a trip sitter, but if you have bought the stuff from a reliable source (not through acquaitances or on the street) you should be fine, specially if there's light outside. I think being on your own is best for the experience, you can listen to music with headphones or do whatever you feel good doing in that state. I'm antisocial so I know I'm biased in that sense. Naturally you should do your research first about acid if you're still interested (fasting beforehand, durability of the effects, comedown, etc…). A decent dose is 100mcg, that's what I took on my first trip and it was intense and lovely (not a dose for crazy visuals but listening to music was blissful).
Kek, isn't coke crazy expensive anywhere?

Anonymous 9618

Holy shit you dumb bitch please do not do datura. I beg you

Anonymous 9619

It’s a fucking deliriant
There is nothing recreational or fun about it. AND BELIEVE ME I KNOW

Anonymous 9620

I don't want to have fun tbh

Anonymous 9623

Don’t do it. I’m pleading with you not to walk into one of the worst experiences of your life.
But I know I won’t be able to talk you out of it, so please at least have a trip sitter, something to sedate you if necessary and prepare yourself for the real possibility of waking up in the hospital

Anonymous 9631

do u have extensive experience with deliriants bc if not i wouldn't bother. there's other stuff like LSA, syrian rue, shrooms, cactus etc if you're looking for easy to get natural psychs (robotabs for dissos even). if you're worried about the toxicity too i also wouldn't bother at all, so not worth all that for some hatman shit. ditto for >>9623

Anonymous 9632

Well, the experiment was a major failure. I made a small cup of tea with 10 seeds (brewed them for 40 mins aprox) and I don't think I got any results. Then I swallowed 10 more seeds and I think my mouth was unusually dry despite drinking water from time to time. I got sleepy, it was a nice sensation after three weeks of having trouble falling asleep. So I went to bed and slept right away while listening to music but I didn't dream and my sleep wasn't very deep because I woke up at 5 am. Luckily I fell asleep quickly right away. All this while having fasted for 3-4 hours beforehand. I think I was cautious with my little experiment.
I don't have experience with delirants. The RC shop I used to buy my stuff has stopped shipping internationally and I don't feel like going to the park to cut a piece of San Pedro cactus either, but I might try to buy things somewhere else. LSA you say? I don't think I can put my hands on that yet.

Anonymous 9670

I've been wanting to try dxm for a while now, how did you get into it nona?

Anonymous 10039

Are there any online communities for women taking trips together? Or like ways to find a woman to do it with? I am too scared to take a heroic dose on my own but obviously don't want to join any local circles because they're infested mostly with moids. I'd be happy with a call as it's better than nobody. Ideally I'd love to find a woman in my town to experience new fun things together but beggars can't be choosers.
Speaking of, what are some fun low risk things to take? I've only had weed and shrooms (microdose regularly and have had a few heavy hitting doses but not enough to see things, only a mental fuck) and looking for something that would be enjoyable to spending a day or night out around town with myself. (My usual nights out involve treating myself to dinner and then going to a dance or arcade bar). My area is cheap for getting all kinds of things, my only requirements is just that I can't (easily) accidentally kill myself or really fuck up and it's non addictive.

Anonymous 10042

look.. take it from a freak who would take a whole bottle of DXM capsules to "robo-trip" - don't.

In smaller doses, DXM can feel like a stimulant, and in larger doses, it can make you feel kind of drunk, but beyond that you may become a drooling, puking, hallucinating blob, uncomfortable in your own skin and in any position, effectively wasting away waiting for the horrible feelings to wane. I highly discourage robotripping.

Anonymous 10059

Took 5gs of golden teachers about 4 years ago. It was a wild and intense trip, much of it consisted of visions in my head. Relived some bad memories in birds eye view, had some intense hallucinations, and strangest of all had a very unsettling vision of rapper Mac Miller in purgatory (was listening to his music pre-trip). Overall intense, not necessarily spiritually alternating but did put me off shrooms for a long time.

Anonymous 10064

Id love to find someone to trip with, I’m comfortable tripping alone but I would like to try it with someone else especially another woman but I have no irl female friends

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