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Anonymous 1887

What do anonettes on CC think of Tulpas?
I'm oddly fascinated about the subject but all the opinions I've seen have been mostly male dominated. Usually of them trying to bring their waifu into some sort of reality.

Anonymous 1888

Anonymous 1889

Isnt it just a advance imaginary friend taken to the next level? Where you can see touch and smell them and actively engaged with them.

Anonymous 1891


I had one special Tulpa I carried with me through high school. Problem about creating them is that they grow off what you emotionally project onto them, so if you hate yourself they have the capacity to just be a very literal 'forefront of your mind' abuser.
My imaginary husbando started out like a therapist, then got a whole 'real' life career,background, family life etc. to the point of making him a facebook page.
When shit started to hit the fan , my inner self hating mantras got into his core personality and he was just a representation of those things, just unavoidable.
Only way to fix it is by 'purifying' them, which is essentially a concerted imaginative effort of either containment or simply ignoring their existence until reabsorbed into the subconscious.
It really did feel like a self inflicted psuedo-schizophrenia, and will never recommend it

Anonymous 1892

So he became "abusive" towards you? Like did his behavior change? Did start to criticize or judge? I'm just curious how the relationship would change and how his personality would become.

Anonymous 1894


It's the same kind of pattern that a partner you put too much emotional burden on would behave. He went from sympathetic and trying to give advice (compartmentalized logical side of my brain) to then controlling (do this or that differently so you don't get hurt, don't question me) to eventually giving up when I gave up on myself. The dialogue from then on was along the lines of "why should I give a shit? You're always gonna be a miserable bitch anyway" or "can you shut the fuck up already, you're giving me a headache."

In the end it was just a bizarre dissociative personification of my own self loathing and criticism, which only ended when I went to seek professional help.

Anonymous 1960

Can/should you make a tulpa whiel drunk? What would happen. Serious question

Anonymous 2392

God, I wish I was mental enough to make a tulpa.

Anonymous 2517

Can I make a husbando tulpa without giving myself self induced schizophrenia

Anonymous 2518

>self induced schizophrenia
That's basically what a Tulpa is though

Anonymous 2523

But will I be happy?

Anonymous 2528

I dunno anon since I never had one. But the anon upthread who had a tulpa didn't sound too happy. Ultimately, it's your choice.

Anonymous 3290

that's what that's called? I've had that for years now. They're comforting and are the voice that watches out for me when I am too fucked to do so.

Anonymous 3292

If you didn't do it on purpose it's probably more like DID or schizophrenia.

Anonymous 3293

Does it count as on purpose if I started doing it for comfort during a very dangerous time of my life, but I didn't know what it was? Or is it still involuntary?

Anonymous 6783

It takes a while to make one. Plus alcohol is bad for you anyway. drys out your skin thus making you look older, plus fucks with your kidneys and stuff

Anonymous 6784

depends on if your puppeting it or if you view the voice as sentient

Anonymous 6790

I feel like my imaginary friends as a child were very similar to the concept of tulpas. I used to will them into existence to the point that i can see them out of the corner of my eye sometimes. I genuinely had Esmeralda from hbont around me 24/7 in 4th grade. Im 22 but I remember it like yesterday. I wonder if I accidentally created a tulpa back then. I stopped the imaginary friend stuff when i hit puberty and started daydreaming instead bc i didnt like the scenery

Anonymous 6803

I think I'd be a lot less lonely and sad if I could believe in them, but I'm too grounded in reality. If I could believe in them a big hole in my life would be fixed.

Anonymous 9769


yes, i wanted to have a tulpa when i was 11-13 because i was extremely mentally ill and wanted to split off what i hated from myself to be a separate being. I didn't know that was what I was doing at the time but now being a well-adjusted adult it's not hard to see

Anonymous 9772

>don't drink alcohol makes you look OOOOOOOLD OH NO the worst thing a woman can be!!!
>self induced schizophrenia is fine tho

Anonymous 9773

you type like a moid, tranny

Anonymous 9774

i will self-induce schizophrenia and you cant stop me

Anonymous 9779

by disagreeing with the idea that a woman should limit her behaviour based on what makes her look old, you think i'm a tranny? please use your brain, anon.

Anonymous 9780

You've got fantastic reading comprehension.

Anonymous 9823


Does tulpas just start talking back after you think about them or is there something more you need to do? I have a vivid imagination and i need a hot tulpa bf

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