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Period blood magic Anonymous 2079

Does anyone know about this supposed spell that is supposed to bind a male to you forever? E.g slipping a drop of period blood into coffee/tea/wine before serving it to him. I’m fascinated it seems so sick. And if anyone has ever tried it please share story.

Anonymous 2080

what the actual fuck

Anonymous 2081


I don't know who "hoodoo delish" are but these spells are pretty out there.

Anonymous 2082


Ok, should have known only a moid could be this deprived.

Anonymous 2083

I just want to know about the spells honestly hoodoo delish was just the reference pic i was using

Anonymous 2084

jesus i didnt do any research at all just saw the pic and posted it

Anonymous 2085

i'm glad you posted it honestly, sounds like it'd be fucking hilarious. i gotta pull this on someone

Anonymous 2086

it can backfire if you dont have pure intentions apparently.

Anonymous 2106

well I gotta say my jimmies are supremely rustled that the spell recommends choosing a rose bush for a love spell that depends on how well the plant is faring, those motherfuckers are so difficult to keep alive unless it's already an established plant. Would play it safe with a good old pothos myself if I literally cared about the dude's affections at all

Anonymous 2110

Don't care if it works or not, doing that kind of shit would put you on Santa's "naughty little shit" list. Or you'd end up in hell, dunno.

Anonymous 2112


I don't know about blood but my mother tells me women in her village(in southern mexico) said datura tea made men simps essentially. If a men let his wife cuck him they would say his wife gave him datura tea. They said it made them idiots.

Anonymous 2113

That sounds like it was started by a man so he could sleep with out women and be a dumbass.

Anonymous 2114

Why would a man want his wife to cheat on him?

Anonymous 2115

Lol, that plant is literally called stupid-turnip in my native language.
No shit it makes men do anything, it has scopolamine inside - it is used by thieves, drug lords and human traffickers to turn anyone into a walking dummy.
People can suffer from amnesia for days, weeks, months. That shit is insane.

Anonymous 2116

I misread the post.

Anonymous 2119

Woh that's pretty interesting, I didn't know it was that powerful.
If you don't mind me asking, what is your native language?

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