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I'll post the first one: Monica Meyer, the mayor of Betterton, Maryland, died while checking her town's sewage tanks. She fell in and drowned in 15 feet of human waste.

Anonymous 2102


Aeschylus: Killed by a tortoise dropped by an eagle (possibly a lammergeier or Cinereous vulture, which open tortoises for eating by dropping them on hard objects) which had mistaken his head for a rock suitable for shattering the shell.

Anonymous 2105

w-was the tortoise ok ; __ ;

Anonymous 4617

That tortoise was Socrates.

Anonymous 4626

Too bad it wasn't Zeno, the Tortoise would have had to have fallen half the height between the eagle dropping it and Aeschylus's head, and then it would have to fall half of that, repeating infinitely never having actually hit the bald man's head and surviving.

Anonymous 4877

The same random threads keep getting Russian spam posts. The mods delete the post but the bump remains.

Anonymous 4914


I can't imagine how horrific drowning to death in molasses would be, nor how incredibly humiliating.

Anonymous 4919

not a specific case, but there is a disease that gradually turns your muscles into bone, eventually making you completely unable to move.

it has 100% fatality and there is no cure.


Anonymous 5061

i went to the mutter museum and saw the skeletons of the individuals mentioned in that article. its crazy. i looked at them for like 15 minutes straight just thinking about what it must have been like. i am very grateful that they were willing to donate their bodies. what a sad but fascinating disease

this disease is also just as fascinating/tragic to me
what disturbs me so deeply about lesch nyhan is that these individuals are self harm machines. this disease has destroyed one of their most fundamental traits of a living organism, the self-preservation instinct. they will do anything they can to hurt themselves, physically or otherwise. its like some kind of fairytale curse, but real. what seems most tragic are the ones who make it clear that they hate the pain but their body is hell bent on destroying itself and their mind cant tell it to stop

Anonymous 5306

Not really strange but it is interesting how many deaths have been caused by selfie related reasons.

Anonymous 8415


I have a morbid fascination with crowd crushes. It's incredible how a situation can go from mundane to exceptionally dangerous in such a short period of time, and so little can easily be done to diffuse or mitigate it when one is in progress.

One of the saddest ones in history, in my opinion, was the Victoria Hall disaster, in which 183 children were died at the base of a staircase in an event hall in England following a magic show.

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