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Does anyone else wish magic was real and or to be a magical girl? Anonymous 2224

For me its a bit of a chunni rant. I hate this world simply because magic isnt real. I dont mean as in wicca/pagan. I mean more of magic as in the showy magic in anime and games. The stuff that defies science and controls nature or just is pure energy.

Even though as I get older theres still a part of me that wants to be a magical girl.

Anonymous 2225

I wish I had a secret magical power :(

Anonymous 2226

Do you know what would you want your powers to be?

Anonymous 2227


i agree but i’d want to be one of the only people with powers otherwise it would be boring

Anonymous 2228

I’d take anything really. Just knowing you have a secret power is amazing by itself.

How about you?

Anonymous 2229

I dont really care I just want to be magical.
Id be happy if it plant or moon themed tbh. Healing powers seem super rad especially if I didnt have to study to be a doctor.

Anonymous 2230


I would hate that with all of my heart.

Anonymous 2231

I feel like that was a incomplete thought. I was thinking more of, if magic exist, like magical girls are a known thing or everyone had magic. If I had none, then I would hate it with all of my heart.

Anonymous 2233

healing people. restoring organs/limbs, curing birth defects/mental illnesses, etc.

Anonymous 2237

Doesn't anyone wish the world was more exciting? That rather than the most exciting thing you could possibly have happen is get a promotion at your job and, I dunno, go on a cruise?
I've always dreamed of having special magical powers. Cast blasts of energy, fly through the air, and overall just get to go on fun adventures!
I don't have any shame in admitting that I can't help but hold out hope that something like that could happen someday and save me from a fate of mundanity. I'm getting older now and my family's been telling me I need to settle down because it's not good to have such high hopes but it's not like I have anything else to look forward to.

Anonymous 2240

I resonate with this post

Anonymous 2241

But if we had that, it wouldn't be exciting. We already live in a world where the technology alone is close to what people in the past would imagine magic to be like. We're all just stuck in the hedonic treadmill. But that's probably just me missing the point and being a Debbie Downer. If magic were real, I'd love to be able to control time because I have shit time management skills and many regrets.

Anonymous 2243

This. Your idea of what it takes to make you happy would just reset. It's not possible to 100% happy or excited or amazed all the time.

Anonymous 2267

everyone wants that.

Anonymous 2277

I do spells sometimes and some of them have worked but the magic in this world is so lame. You can't see it and its not like you can train or anything to make yourself more powerful. It feels like walking around blindly in a world where everything is out of my reach.

Anonymous 2286

I feel the same way. All the magic in this world is just so vague.
I've done some magic myself. At best I can slightly nudge reality in a general sense. Maybe talk to some beings that can't manifest themselves physically so you can't see or hear them with your own eyes and ears.
There is literally no chance of being able to cast fireballs, fly around, make things levitate, talk to an inhuman sentient creature, summon and dispel items from nothing, or anything else that's actually interesting. It doesn't matter how hard you might try, it can't be done

>It feels like walking around blindly in a world where everything is out of my reach.

Aint that the truth. Maybe some might disagree but I know magic exists. More than that, I know magic is like this elsewhere on other planets where energy can be manipulated to perform these miracles. Yet none of that is possible here.

Anonymous 3631

i want to be a witch. magical girls are a disgusting pedo moid fantasy

Anonymous 3635

I WOULD TRADE THIS WORLD FOR A MIGICKAL ONE. I want a world that kind of works with the old Carebears magic system

Anonymous 3949

Based and witchpilled

Anonymous 3962


Magic is real.

Anonymous 4116



Anonymous 4128


Should we start a coven?

Anonymous 4140

I still wish it was real. Wanted it to be real so badly as a kid and in my teenage years, especially when I started getting into anime and books about magic.

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