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Astral projection Anonymous 2391

Is this a real thing? Can people astral project themselves in space?

Anonymous 2393

Out of body experiences are definitely real, I've had them. They tend to happen during sleep paralysis. It's basically when your sense of proprioception doesn't line up with where your body is in space. Whether it's just a hallucination, or it's your "astral body" or soul projecting out of your physical body, that's up to your interpretation of the events.

Anonymous 2398

I don't get that image, what exactly is it trying to convey?

Anonymous 3740


Anonymous 3874

i feel dumb but i don't get the OP image? she didn't notice? or was just "huh ok"?

Anonymous 3875

It's saying that "astral projection" would just look like some weirdo closing their eyes and thinking. Because that's what it is

Anonymous 3884

ok but what makes it the first girl to do it?

Anonymous 4325

Yes but don’t try fighting Allah (it’ll end up bad)

Anonymous 4567

I'm not really sure if I'm convinced it's astral projection or not, but I've definitely had very vivid dreams where I leave my body. It's possible to induce those kinds of dreams or sleep paralysis, which I did a lot for fun when I was younger but stopped when my mental health declined and they started to skew scary more often than be fun.

Some of my favourite dreams were just walking down the street, noticing little details around me and going to check up on people I knew. Sometimes they'd be asleep and other times they'd be awake, watching TV or something. I never confirmed these dreams because I felt like it would be creepy to ask someone "hey, were you watching The Simpsons at exactly 1.30am last night?" but a huge part of me wants to believe that they were real and not just dreams.

Anonymous 9314

It is 'real' in the sense that it is different from normal and lucid dreams. I'm not sure if you literally leave body though, or if it is some form of sleepwalking or very vivid sleep paralysis.

-in my experience, astral projection and sleep paralysis (which I think are the same phenomenon since SP leads to AP) leave physical traces in the real world or on my body. I do not practice astral projection anymore because of this.

-I once attempted to move a pen while astral projecting. I set it out on my nightstand before I slept. Once I got out of my body i tried for a while to move it and was able to tilt it very slightly. I entered my body again, but when I woke up the pen was gone. Something happened to it obviously. I dont know what.

-When astral projecting, things start off looking exactly like the real world. Its dark so you dont see color, things are exactly as you left them. But as you stay in it, strange things will occur: first some of your senses become more intense. The silence 'sounds' too loud, and youll 'see' weird distortions. Ill be able to see the walls of where I live in greater detail and 'know' the shapes behind them: outlines of shapes show up in strange colors that don't exist in the real world. like a kaleidoscope maybe? all of this superimposed over the 'real' world that looks exactly the same as if you were awake. Then, your physical sensation gets heightened. If youve ever been tickled, imagine that over your entire body slowly creeping up on you. At this point hearing, sight, and sense are completely overloaded (ive never tasted or smelled anything while astral projecting). Then maybe youll see shadow movement out of the corner of your eye, or (more often) out of the kaleidoscope effect certain 'beings' will form and un-form. This is the farthest I had ever gotten, since usually at this point the sensory overload becomes painful and I feel pulled back toward my body. Imagine you are a rubber band stretched out, and once you lose enough focus you get slingshotted back into your body. Immediately afterwards I usually feel intense pain in certain parts of my body from the violent return back. Maybe my head really hurts or my stomach or chest. I have also had a few situations where I feel uncalibrated with my body: I feel further ahead or behind, or sometimes my body moves before I do. Usually these effects go away after about 10 minutes.

-On one occasion in particular, I was astral projecting while traveling. I got out of my body and looked out of my hotel room window. Suddenly I heard a deafening androgynous whisper directly behind me. It was in a language I didnt recognize saying something like gebula, or gabola, or gabol. It was hard to tell because my sense of hearing also gets distorted while astral projecting. I got slingshotted back and started vomiting. My stomach was in very intense pain. I ran to the bathroom and vomited for a while. Since I had thrown up on myself a bit, I wanted to shower. I saw in the mirror that there were red marks over my stomach. For a few days after this incident, I had stomach pain and nausea. But since then I have been healthy as usual.

I am inclined to believe that these are not lucid dreams since they feel completely different to me. I also would like to think of myself as a reasonable and scientific person, but there is no reasonable explanation for these happenings at this time. It would be interesting to see research done on this, but i dont even know if that is possible.

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