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The creepies PM you get? Anonymous 2402

Post or tell here the most creepiest pm you get..

Anonymous 2404

Why are brownoids like that? 90% of bizarro messages I get are from nafris, indians and arabs

Anonymous 2405

LOL. What do they sent?

Anonymous 2406

Retarded shit, most of it is on par with that "bitch lasagna" meme
Stuff like
"I want to smell you baby"
"You so beautiful let me taste you"
All in broken English I can't replicate
And if you reject them many get triggered as fuck, just like the guy in the OP. Just autoblock at this point

Anonymous 2407


Who does "bitch lasagna" meme in 2021?

Anonymous 2408

No one I guess it's just what ir reminds me of

Anonymous 2409


Anonymous 2410

Poor guys probably have no idea why this isn't landing well when they think they've seen and been told this is what people want, lol. I can feel the cultural disconnect through the screen and it makes me wince.

Anonymous 2411


Anonymous 2412


Anonymous 2422

Real talk, do they text like this because they've been told women who were raised in western countries like that? Is this kind of talk acceptable in their countries? Even the most self-sexualizing kind of woman doesn't like to hear those kinds of texts…

Anonymous 2427

Pretty sure it isn't acceptable in their countries, and they're hoping it's somehow acceptable in other countries which they perceive as more "sex positive" or to the women they see as "sluttier" or less likely to "kink-shame".
Kinda like how some white american guys chase after women from asia who they see as more "pure" and "trad" and assume those women are more willing to accept their shitty treatment.

Anonymous 3384


gave him relationship advice, offered to impregnate me

Anonymous 3389


I once played a match of Overwatch with this dude and after that he spammed me everyday. ew

Anonymous 3988

This made me laugh out loud. Fuck

Anonymous 4339

I feel like he was just trying to be funny. But I suppose you'd know him better than me.

Anonymous 4340

Late, but it isn't acceptable here it all started when indian government started a program to give millions of poor and illiterate people Internet in hopes that they would make good use of it, better their lives
A company named jio also launched its very cheap 4g Internet in villages and communities of oppressed lower castes also some other minorities etc
They didn't use it the intended way rather browsed porn with it
Cities removed free WiFi pretty much from everywhere after this government also banned porn that they would get bored from all of this

Anonymous 4347

And no one is surprised

Anonymous 4354

Yeah bad decision but it was made so they would educate themselves and better their lives themselves but this happened instead
Cheap internet was a mistake

Anonymous 8354


I used to like the idea of goth boys, but this moid ruined it for me.

Anonymous 8355

Once I got a DM from some creepy Indian faggot. He sent me a video of some asian guy hanging himself, and said that I'll "have the same fate" and that my body will be "beautiful".

Anonymous 8356

can we see the other dms? I thought when you said he was goth you meant he wanted to pretend to be a vampire and kill you or some shit.

I guess my idea of a goth is dated.

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