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Anonymous 2558

Do you believe in evil? Do you think it exists?

Anonymous 2559

tbh, real spiritual evil is pretty much the dominant active force on Earth. there is most likely a devil entity too, because it is very organized

i don't think it is a good or profitable thing, all evil does it afflict me and i hate it.

Anonymous 2560

Human beings are basically good, but we are locked in this evil world and imperfect bodies
I'm not sure about the devil tho, I think It's the very nature of this world that creates the evil

Anonymous 2562

Yes. And the root of evil is stupidity, evil and stupidity walk hand in hand. Stupid actions cause suffering despite the best intentions, people who go through life deliberately causing suffering are unwittingly causing suffering to themselves and thus are stupid.

Anonymous 2563

>A troon walks into a girls shower room. Evil. As he didn't give the girls in the locker room a choice, he forced his will upon them.
I'm just being devil's advocate here, but can't you extend this really far? Going out in public could be an act of evil because you're forcing people to tolerate your existence in their vicinity.

Anonymous 2564

I must disagree, anon. For instance, let's imagine a moid raping a woman. Why does he do it? Because he's stupid? No, he does it because wants to do it, there are both stupid and intelligent rapists.
Voluntarism > ethical intellectualism

Anonymous 2565

Stupid people want to do stupid things that cause suffering, guess our definitions of "intelligence" are different.

Anonymous 2566

What I'm trying to say is that bad will, not stupidity is the root of evil
>guess our definitions of "intelligence" are different
that might be a right

Anonymous 2567

For sure, people grow resentful and bitter. Anyone who thinks evil doesn't exist is simply inexperienced. There are people who've come to hate reality itself and the conscious experience and will work tirelessly to put create misfortune.

Charles Panzram was like this. The kind of person who'll rape 1000 people, track the dollar value of his arson, try and start a nuclear war between the first and second world. How evil changes but lesser, middling, or greater is jut a matter of degree. Evil exists.

Anonymous 2568


"Bad will" is just another term for "evil" and you're right, evil does cause evil, but it also manifests spontaneously out of stupidity, webm related.

Anonymous 2569

Evil is subjective. Slowly torturing your rapist to death wouldn't be evil (to some people), but doing the same to a good person person would be. So there is no objective evil, or thing or force. It all depends on your and society's values.

Anonymous 2570

People who stump little puppies and kittens on live-stream to make a quick buck must be thinking the same thing. In some Amazonian native tribes, when they discovered that there is a psychopath among them, they simply killed it, from the perspective of the psychopath that probably seemed evil, but for the benefit of the tribe that was good. So ..yeah ..you are correct.

Anonymous 2571

you are fucking retarded
go outside
or just read history or some shit

Anonymous 2572

i dont think evil is universally definable, but i have things i personally consider to be evil. trying to be a little more clear than subjective but maybe what i said is no different.

Anonymous 2573

What are you even talking about Amazonian natives "discovering someone is a psychopath"? They have no concept of psychopathy like ours. Yes you would be killed off for showing callous disregard for the tribes unifying set of rules.

Anonymous 2574

All of your examples are very subjective

Anonymous 2575

Morals are subjective

Anonymous 2576

evil is real, it exists in the form of y chromosomes

Anonymous 2577

Well personally I define evil as "enjoying causing unnecessary suffering" which is definitely something real and arguably something all people do to some extent.

Anonymous 2578

humans in general are evil, people are packs of sadistic apes dominating other packs of sadistic apes. theres a reason why the most functional societies are the ones with the most power checks and damage control. sorry youre still struggling with externalizing it anon.

Anonymous 2579

Evil people all have dirt on eachother and act like a tribe.
Think about it, if you're a pedo and you somehow get in touch with other pedos, you slowly start to realize who else around you is a pedo. You start doing eachother favors because you both have the same dirty secret preventing you from being able to cross one another. All people with evil desires are like this, doing all they can to make their evil accepted and normal. But at the end of the day, all evil stems from hedonism and a lack of control over one's own depraved desires, which is why good will always prevail. The good have the capacity to direct their will to accomplish anything.

Anonymous 2580

Isnt this Joan d'Arc backer who like raped and kill 300+ childern?
>Googles it
>Gilles de Rais
>Rais moved to Machecoul, where, according to his confession, he killed, or ordered to be killed, a large but uncertain number of children after he sodomized them
>The number of Rais' victims is not known, as most of the bodies were burned or buried. The number of murders is generally placed between 100 and 200; a few have conjectured that there were more than 600. The victims ranged in age from 6 to 18 and were predominantly boys.
I'd rank him up there as evil existing.

Such as any remorseless person who commits acts of hostility towards anyone.
Yes I believe evil exist and it resides in everyone. I am not saying that everyone is aware and or acts on them. I am just saying humans are easily capable of doing some very dark things.
Like the writings of Marquis de Sade.

Anonymous 2581

Most people I've encountered at least seem to equate evil more or less with intentionally doing harm. If you actually define the term and define it with something that exists and can be objectively measured (such as harm), then yes, it exists, and no, it's not entirely subjective.
Of course you can make the argument "but people can define it differently for themselves!", but that applies to any word, and having your own personal definition just makes it impossible to communicate with others. This is what troons do when defining gender or womanhood.

Anonymous 2582

I don't think that anyone consciously does evil, so I don't think it exists. Even when someone hurts another person, I think that they are able to justify it to themselves. So people that seem evil are really just deluded, or have a drastically different worldview. I don't believe that anyone can genuinely do something that they themselves believe to be wrong, otherwise they wouldn't do it.

Anonymous 2583

What about murders and rapist who admit committing those acts and understand that they are bad things? That they take pleasure from the pain they cause.

Anonymous 2585

i don't think it exists
there's going to be people who do terrible things, but they don't just happen out of nowhere
people are influenced by the things around them

i feel like im not illustrating my point very well but i tried, not exactly sure how to put it to words

Anonymous 2586

That evil exists but it's nobody's fault?

Anonymous 2587

I absolutely believe in evil. I think the - probably overwhelming - majority of humanity are evil, even if for most of them that evil is understandable and minor. I can understand why someone would undertake a small, hurtful, selfish action that benefits themselves and harms someone else but I would still class it as evil.

People who are consciously aware of their evil impulses and able to resist them are incredibly rare in my experience. Living without committing evil is very difficult and often makes life harder for you, it's not something I have been able to do although I would like to live that way. I don't understand the argument in this thread that because the evil is understandable, has a motive, can be empathised with it's somehow not evil. I read a lot of Soviet era literature and many of the perceivable people in that machine - minor officials, informants, guards and so on - were just taking the course of least harm/most benefit to themselves and their families, they didn't wake up thinking of evil but what they did in practice was still evil.

One of my favourite quotes, which to me rings true, comes from a writer of that era:
>I have seen that it is not man who is impotent in the struggle against evil, but the power of evil that is impotent in the struggle against man. The powerlessness of kindness, of senseless kindness, is the secret of its immortality. It can never by conquered. The more stupid, the more senseless, the more helpless it may seem, the vaster it is. Evil is impotent before it. The prophets, religious teachers, reformers, social and political leaders are impotent before it. This dumb, blind love is man’s meaning. Human history is not the battle of good struggling to overcome evil. It is a battle fought by a great evil, struggling to crush a small kernel of human kindness. But if what is human in human beings has not been destroyed even now, then evil will never conquer

You can see this in every regime, every practice of evil, every inhumanity all throughout history. No matter how terrible it is there are still people who act kindly to others. There's some fundamental altruism in the human spirit - even if it is just the evolutionary drive that we don't like seeing another monkey like us get hurt - which appears inextinguishable. It's rarely in charge, it cannot prevent evil, but it cannot itself be prevented. To me living in tune with that spirit of human kindness is very important, and I think it is the best way for the powerless to resist evil.

Anonymous 2589

no, i knew i'd done a horrible job at explaining myself
i'm just going to shut up before i say anything stupider
ignore my dumb shit

Anonymous 2590

I dont believe in supernatural evil, but I believe psychopaths and narcs pretty much fit the bill. They are like a different, evil species walking among us.

Anonymous 2593

Thanks you for this post anon.
Do you know who that quote is from? Wondering because it rings true for me, too, and I'd like to read more from the person who wrote it.

Anonymous 2602

If you just google it on an English search engine you should get it. If not the novel is called Life & Fate.

Anonymous 3196

If true evil does exist it definitely came in the form of Imperial Japan.

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