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Anonymous 2679

Do you think Epstein was whacked or that he faked his death?

Anonymous 2680

I don’t know that he faked his own death, but he was definitely killed (or coerced to commit suicide from the outside) to protect the information from going to trial.
Epstein is rich, but he’s not nearly important enough that he had to be kept alive. Any rich pedo can buy an island and traffic girls to it. His flaw is knew too many names of actual important people who were his clients and suppliers and got caught. At least one of them would be concerned enough to take measures so he’d never speak again.

Anonymous 2681

I don't see what's so strange about someone like him, at the age of 66, almost certainly facing the rest of his life in jail, deciding to off himself. People who think because he was on suicide watch it should have been impossible are idiots; you don't have to be a maths genius to realise the guards only come around every quarter of an hour or whatever. I'm not saying there wasn't anything untoward that occured, but as with basically every conspiracy it's ruined by the gullibility and naivity of the people who shout the loudest about it.

>can be caused by suicidal hanging – but are more commonly found in victims of homicidal strangulation.

Right, and maybe he fell out of a tree or got clothes lined to death. Or maybe it was hanging.

Anonymous 2682

> you don't have to be a maths genius to realise the guards only come around every quarter of an hour or whatever.
But they DIDN'T do that which is why so many people are claiming conspiracy… he wasn't checked on for several hours and he didn't have a cellmate like he was supposed to.

Anonymous 2683

The security cameras also mysteriously failed for a few hours, which happened to be the hours he died during.

It's so obviously a hit. A hit by immensely rich powerful people who knew he was going to squeal on them.

Anonymous 2684


>The security cameras also mysteriously failed for a few hours, which happened to be the hours he died during.

Wrong. No one has said this. Source or STFU. The only thing that has been said is that there are no cameras in the rooms, just on the doors to see if anyone enters or leaves.

That said he definitely got got by somebody. My money is on the ruskies that he most likely laundered money for.

Anonymous 2685

There were no cameras and he didn’t have a cell mate and was off suicide watch after attempting g suicide. The Jew was murdered by even more powerful Jews. Ryan Dawson has a lot of info into Epstein. But of course he was banned off YouTube I think his videos can be found on bitchute

Anonymous 3945


Anyone following how is Ghislaine Maxwell doing? Weird there's almost no pictures of her after being put behind bars. The drawings are annoying af

Anonymous 4218

Epstein is still alive and the whole he didn't kill himself thing is a massive psyop

Anonymous 4220

If he killed himself how is he still alive?

Anonymous 4221

You're misunderstanding how the psyop works. The "Epstein didn't kill himself" narrative does not refute the base assertion "Epstein is dead", it in fact reinforces it. The two groups of "Epstein killed himself" and "Epstein did not kill himself" both agree with the assumption that he has actually died. By capturing the majority of counter-narrative energy with the assertion of proving how he died, we lose focus on the fact of whether he is even actually dead in the first place.

Anonymous 5857



1000% fake. Epstein is alive. That level of society protects its own.

Ghislaine Maxwell got scapegoated because she's on the outer-rungs of those social circles since her father died, and even among the elite women are still worth less than men and only have value to their social class if they're breeding more men to carry on the family name and wealth.

Anonymous 5859


Why have you decided to respond to this after years of this thread being inactive? R u a bot or agent copying/pasting ?

Anonymous 5860

Wishful scrote trash talking right here. This is the kind of fuck that needs to be banned from these boards. He killed himself.

Anonymous 5861

Who are you?

Anonymous 5862

>That level of society protects its own.

Anonymous 5863

Creepy male agents whose job is intelligence assigned to the 4chan disinformation copy paste, this dead fake site as well

Anonymous 5866


cc moves slow as a glacier, why not bump old threads? topic is still relevant and i thought it would be fun to discuss since it's been so long

are we really gonna pretend like elite men don't look out for each other? we literally live in a patriarchy. we know low-ranking moids will band together to cover each other, why would the ones with power be any different?

the body they dragged out there doesn't even look that much like Epstein, it was such a low effort fake

these responses are silly as shit

Anonymous 5867

"elite" (barf) moids only give a shit about other "elite" moids when they benefit from them in some way. if they're a liability or could potentially blackmail them, they'll be the first to stab each other in the back, or tie the noose, as in the case of epstein. males are psychopathic bio-robots who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, and rich ones are no exception.

Anonymous 9770


all I know is that when his client list is about to see the daylight, THATS when "aliens" will come

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