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Left hand.jpg

Fantasies Anonymous 2695

Anybody else have weird fantasies or urges? Not necessarily sexual things, just strange. For instance, I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about cutting my left hand off, imagining all the blood pouring out my stubby wrist and such. Of course that's a terrible idea and it'd make my life so difficult, not to mention it would be extremely painful for me.

Anonymous 2696


Does daydreaming you're a cute azn gal going to HS in Japan count?
Lord, forgive me for my weebness

Anonymous 2697

I take it one step further by imagining that I'm an anime girl… :(

Anonymous 2698

In a similar vein to yours OP, I imagine snapping my pinky toe back, its curved forward and I always imagine that it snaps clean, doesn’t bleed and I can see the bone, tissue, muscle etc even though I know it wouldn’t be like that.

Anonymous 2699

This is weird but I used to imagine dance routines even though I have no knowledge of dance lol. Like i'd imagine i was giving out this elaborate dance performance with specific visuals and then afterwards I'll imagine I have a group of friends and I'll talk to them….

Anonymous 2700


>not necessarily sexual
>no bf

Anyways, I guess a weird fantasy I have of mine is that whenever I get really mad, I imagine shooting myself in like the head or something. It can be graphic depending on my mood really, but it's never really violent, more of a calm image whenever I think of it.

this too lol

Anonymous 2701


I have a lot of chuunibyou fantasies which I'm embarrassed about if that counts
I should've grown out of them years ago but I just can't help it man

Anonymous 2702

Sometimes I imagine I have a harem of husbands.

Anonymous 2703


oh man i have so many and they're always either way too good to ever come true or they're alarmingly fucked up and make me feel like a sociopath. thankfully they kind of go away when my life is on the better side, but i still kind of wander when things are tough. one of them is me successfully robbing a bank or pulling off a crazy heist oceans style/ being a super cool con artist so that i can retire instantly and live a lavish lifestyle.
i feel like it's either in that vein or it's some kind of fantasy where i gain the sympathy of everyone and my life changes drastically to where i have no responsibilities because of immense tragedy. like i LOVE my parents more than anything but i imagine them dying in some freak accident and i have to like run their businesses but i inherit everything. my most common one recently has been that i get the same devastating cancer that killed my biological dad (probably because i have this weird neck nodule i haven't gotten checked yet and i'm paranoid and always imagine the absolute worst case scenario), i imagine getting a terrible stage 4 level diagnosis, being frail and having to drop out of college and all responsibilities are gone, losing all my hair, bedridden, but then making a miraculous recovery and somehow out of that i gain more security in life, like people feel so bad for my struggles that they've given me like, a dream art job or a full ride to get my masters or a house and new lifestyle in a peaceful foreign country or some unrealistic hallmark shit. another particular fantasy is getting a cancer where i lose my left hand (i'm left-handed) and it's all tragic because i can't make art anymore but then i put effort into learning to be right-handed as i recover from/ beat cancer and now i make crazier conceptual art and the whole damn earth is all WOW WHAT AN INSPIRATION LET'S GIVE HER ALL THE SUPPORT LET'S GIVE HER THE WORLD. basically i've always imagined myself in some scenario where everyone pities me and it makes life easier/ less stressful and no one can blame me for it because uwu i'm sick~ and then i instantly feel like garbage for even thinking about that narcissistic, selfish shit.

honestly i think i just have a victim complex and a peter pan complex AND am intensely fearful/ doubtful of having a successful future so i turn to escapism.

OH i almost forgot my most popular fantasy, earlier this year when i was REALLY sick mentally it came back full force, a delusion where i somehow magically go back in time to where i'm maybe 10-13 or so but with all of my current memories and intelligence level intact, so that i can redo my life and have a head start/ advantage of knowing how to not fuck it up so much this time. i feel like maybe a lot of people have that 'i want to go back and start over' fantasy, but mine is REALLY bad and for a while there i got so deep into wanting this for myself that every night i would fall asleep intensely wishing it true hoping to wake up to a clean slate where i wasn't debilitatingly depressed and almost believing it was in the realm of possibility like a fucking chuunibyou….. ANYWAY THANK GOD FOR WELLBUTRIN AMIRIGHT

and yeah i've definitely had ones like >>2696 or alternate universe versions of myself where i'm just…… better in every way, or impossible ways lol. for a while there i fantasized about having a dormant superpower that i'd discover and escaping to a new world-saving lifestyle with other sUper C00L muTaNTs and oh my god i am so cringey REEEEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous 2704

Not exactly like this, but yeah, I definitely get the whole egotistical self-worth fantasies that are either morally good or just straight out stupid because of how unrealistically evil they are.

An example of a "morally good" fantasy is:
Becoming world famous whether through acting or through being a performer and then me giving excellent interviews that convey my thoughts about social issues and other policies well. People become infatuated with me because of my wit. I also imagine fantasies where I am famous and expose other famous people for their sins by secretly recording them and anonymously releasing said footage to news stations or by posting them online. I know, I know, all of this is super cringey and is unlikely to ever be able to happen in real life even to other celebrities, but I do think about it.

An example of a "morally bad" fantasy I have is pulling off a school shooting/bombing so well that it sets off multiple bombs in different schools and that there are unparalleled losses to any kind of attack before. Once again, super cringey and dumb.

then I have somewhat (i.e. not really) realistic fantasies. these tend to revolve around me actually having a friend group of people that value me, and me, them. I often fantasize about being able to have more access to coke because I love the effects of it and I don't get comedowns, but eh, it still reads as childish to me. I also fantasize about fucking for money or stripping since I feel like it would be easy for me, but this really shows how naive I am to the realities of such a life. I suppose I naturally romanticize that shit and it's super embarrassing for me. this is the kind of stuff I don't tell anyone about, lol.

I also often fantasize about having a girlfriend and the relationship dynamic is that I'm more dominant. This is not centered in reality because in all the relationships I've had, I tend to become stupidly cutesy and eager to please, and overall definitely submissive in a negative way. So yeah, this also comes from me thinking being more dominant in a relationship is somehow intrinsically better (which I don't think is true).

I also fantasize a lot about things that would allow me to talk about myself, such as me being a YouTuber with a modest following and being able to make videos about whatever topics I want to talk about, me being interviewed and what I'd say, etc.

I guess mine show that I have a huge ego. I guess it's because I want to be known and important to the entire world. It's childish and immature because the likelihood of that happening is in the negatives. Funnily enough, I always feel stupid and pathetic and although I am very opinionated, I always feel like I'll never know enough to actually dole out an educated opinion that is worth caring about. I don't have a lot of friends since I can't get out a lot, either. I hate myself, I'm embarrassing to myself and the opposite of everything I'd like to be. I hope I forgot how to find this post in the future so I can't go back to it and roll my future eyes at it.

Anonymous 2705

Muh depression makes me think I'm brutally beaten up then murdered. I've always wondered if that's normal for someone who's struggled with depression for many years, or not. I don't wanna be edgy but thinking about that makes me relieved in weird ways since I think I'm worthless and want to die. Obviously it's something I would never want to happen to me IRL.

Anonymous 2706

i have similar fantasies to yours too, ESPECIALLY the celebrity delusion which i can't believe i forgot to mention because like 2 years ago, i almost auditioned for an actress friend's indie short despite not having been experienced since like middle school theater class. that sparked a new imaginary persona where i'd sit there in front of the mirror pretending to be interviewed/ doing talk shows and just coming off as this brilliant quirky new actress with a Natural Talent for method acting or whatever, imagining what i'd say when asked questions. i've thought of it in terms of being a popular vlogger too, and more recently i had a thing going for a while where i reeeally wanted to teach myself keyboard/ guitar/ bass or something and teach myself music/ get back into singing and it never went anywhere because i'm not musically talented but it evolved into a new delusion where i form this band and we become this crazy innovative overnight success and are a weird dream pop meets emo revival new genre because of course it's something uNiQuE and i picture myself as this captivating frontwoman that puts on insane live shows, almost like a more well-known grimes kind of figure. anyway i'm so glad i gave up on that holy shit

sometimes i also tend to fantasize about one of my bf's projects taking off like crazy and just being content as a rich housewife just riding on his coattails and comfortably making whatever art i feel like making because now i can do whatever i want

Anonymous 2707

I'm >>2704 and I think about weird improbable ways of dying, too. Sending you supportive vibes, I tend to get stuck in ruts where all I'll look up is pictures of dead people so I wonder about how I'm going to go.

Anonymous 2708

augh omg I forgot to mention the one where I am in some girl duo where we're actually lesbian (like a legit tatu lol) and of course we're orIGINAL and uNIQue and super popular, but also dark and edgey (in a way that isn't ~edgey~ but of course it actually would be).

Good to know I'm not alone in my fantasies, haha, maybe one day there will be some fantasy world in which our fantasies collide and we'll both be revered, innovative super stars.

Anonymous 2709


I have similar day dreams about similarly horrid things happening, I think part of it is the idea of having no one expect anything of you, and also it's a way of making mental health problems physical, because no one wants to go around going "haha, sometimes the only thing that stops me from killing myself is a pang in my chest!", but major head trauma or a cancer diagnosis gets the sympathy without the embarrassment.

Wow, that post got intense, huh?

Anonymous 2710

phew, thanks I'm glad to know I'm not the only. I guess I feel relieved by the idea I'm going to die painfully without the guilt of killing myself and super sure that I won't just end up crippled but definitely in a coffin.
Sending good vibes back.

Anonymous 2711

I have fantasies about being split into two people and killing myself. Like, an anime-esque setting where I meet my shadow-self, only instead of accepting my dark side and coming out stronger I beat myself to death and we both die lol. Or going back in time to find my childhood self and killing the ugly stupid little bitch. It's pretty weird, and I guess it stems from my frustrations at failing at my attempts to kill myself combined with my self hatred and disgust. If I could just separate from my body and see myself, my rage and hatred would be able to overcome my fear and the pain and I could get this done.

Anonymous 2712

Most of my fantasies are about people admiring me in different decorations :/ i like to imagine myself being a super talented unique star like those posters above or some really skilled artist or a famous youtuber or a scientist who's discovered something Important or even supernatural, or possessing supernatural powers myself, like a special child whose coming was prophesied long ago, or being a warlord fighting for some high purpose and delivering nations and maybe dying only to be reborn
it doesn't really matter what i imagine myself doing, it's mostly about people following me around, applauding me and praising all the shit i do, being inspired by me
i want people to value me and care about me, it's like in a cringey mary sue fanfiction where the whole world resolves around _me_ and _me_ is the only thing that matters,it's disgusting but I can't stop.
i also like to imagine living a perfectly normal life in a high fantasy world, with endless frozen wastes, immensely huge mountains, deep forests with ancient things lurking inside and soaring castles built in the past by god only knows who, where everything is mysterious and unexplored and magic fills the air. it feels so real sometimes that i become confused whether something happened irl or there

Anonymous 2713

Usually my dreams are of living in a world different from this one. I'd love, even for a day, to live in some kind of cool high fantasy world like in TES or a post-apocalyptic future like Fallout. Not even as anyone of particular importance. Just someone living in that world, totally oblivious to the main protagonist's own adventures. I'd probably die in a fucking heartbeat, but hey.

Anonymous 2714

Same??? I know it's pure escapism but sometimes i end up letting it leak to the real world.
I DO have actual mental issues though and i'm constantly feeling like i'm "not myself" but some RPG character or some shit. Hard stuff.

Anonymous 2715

I have had a pretty much lifelong urge to want to wear and pee in diapers, tried indulging it when I became an adult with my own money and ability to wear them in privacy but it just made me feel wrong so I stopped. Still have urges sometimes but I just don't indulge it by buying them. Kind of weird but it could be worse, glad I don't feel compelled to want to hurt animals or something.

Anonymous 2716


When I was younger I had this fantasy I was friends/a lover of one of my favorite writers. I was a loner and pretty much in love with a dead guy from the 19th century. Sad, I know. Things got worse when I read his bio… He seemed so amazing, and his century and life seemed so charming.

Anonymous 2717

what writer?

Anonymous 2718

unnamed (5).gif

Can't out my dead crush like that, anon. -sweats-

Anonymous 2719

I have incest fastasies which I feel really bad about, although they're not really urges but rather "what if" sort of thoughts, I feel this with my boyfriend's family too but I guess that's slightly less weird. Ugh I'm pretty pervy, I try to appear super demure though and I don't think people see through that.

Anonymous 2720

for what it's worth, i was totally in love with Oscar Wilde when I was in high school. didn't even care that he was head-over-heels for that asshole bosie, still would have had his kids and waited for him while he was in jail. to this day, a man with a well-developed appreciation of aesthetics and a quick wit is welcomed into my heart with alarming alacrity.
pretty dead poets > warm and breathing slobs, any day.

Anonymous 2721

oh man, i feel this.
when i was ~twelve years old, and my grand-dad died, we had to go through his house to clean it and i got stuck clearing out my dad's old bedroom. while i was going through the shelves and under the bed, i kept finding random loose pages from what I eventually, after compiling every fragment of it that i could find, realized was a book of victorian-era erotica. naturally, i read the whole thing.
every. single. story. either had
a) homosexuality
c) incest

sometimes all three.
the logical conclusion to draw is
>my dad fapped to incest, BDSM, and homosexuality something like forty years ago when he was my age

to this day i still wonder if those are his secret kinks, but that is a question i am never going to ask.

Anonymous 2722

I'm OP and Oscar Wilde was one of my first literary crushes but he wasn't my poet husband. Wilde was quite charming though, I second everything you said.

Anonymous 2723


>>victorian-era erotica
I'm curious hmmm

Anonymous 2724

NTA but maybe you'd be interested in this

Anonymous 2725

I guess my Christmas gift came late this year, thanks anon

Anonymous 2726


Not judging, just really trying to understand: what's the appeal of incest? I can't understand it. Is the same as getting caught having sex, like, it being risky or a taboo?

Anonymous 2727

Not into incest, either the idea of having sex with a family member or the idea of two family members having sex. This is with the exception of twins, I really find the idea of twins having a sexual relationship hot. I guess it's because of how uniquely tight the bond would be. Before you ask, no, I don't like Game of Thrones.

Anonymous 2728

Different anon but I'm halfway through reading it and it is pretty interesting. The guy is pretty rapey tho

Anonymous 2729

>Oscar Wilde
Fucking casuals, man. I crushed on a Russian futurist poet for at least a year and it wasn't even one of the good looking ones. I briefly fantasized about fucking a minor XIX century journalist about whom I wrote my MA thesis. I don't think it's even especially rare, my tutor would go on rants about how some boring ass didactic novelist was "actually a quite beautiful man" or how the journal of a seemingly prim and proper female author vividly paints her urge to fuck some cossacks stationed nearby. Human imagination is hell of a drug.

Anonymous 2730

>This is with the exception of twins, I really find the idea of twins having a sexual relationship hot. I guess it's because of how uniquely tight the bond would be
The idea of a "special bond" between twins is really one solely made up by society. I'm an identical twin and my sister and I live quite different lives and ended up for whatever reason not looking too similar, either. Most twins either grow apart because of how stigmatized it is for them to be seen together, or get "closer" because only they understand what being a twin is like. I know, dumb and ot, but I guess I just wanted to add my two cents that the "twin relationship" is really like how parental relationships (well, family relationships in general) are: people expect parents to feel a certain way about/have a special bond with their children, but that doesn't always happen. In my opinion, the reason why twins are "close" is really circumstance: you grow up with someone, you are bound to pick up certain mannerisms/behaviors and you are bound to care about their opinions/etc. I've noticed that siblings born within one to two years of each other also seem to have "twin relationships" in terms of how close they are to each other.

Anonymous 2731

samefag as >>2730
Interestingly enough, my sister has had sexual dreams multiple times about me, but I have never had such dreams involving her. It is worth noting she went out barely at all as a teen/adult, so maybe it was out of desperation. She has obviously never acted weird around me or tried anything (she acted disgusted by the dreams she did have).

Anonymous 2732

The sibling incest kink I thought appeals because it makes sibling love which is supposed to be wholesome even more close, so it has the thrill of breaking a taboo and "forbidden love" which makes them want to be closer the more they are driven apart.
Twins are an extra fetish because having sex with someone who (all twins are apparently identical in these fetishes) looks exactly like you, or in some cases a male or female version of you, is a unique fantasy sexual experience.

Anonymous 2733

I guess from a singleton's perspective it makes sense…but keep in mind there's a huge cognitive dissonance that forms in being a twin. Even as a small child when people mixed me up with my sister, you don't see your twin as an extension of you whatsoever. It peeves you as a twin because to you, it is so obvious you're different that you start to not see how you look similar to your twin, to the point where you feel like people are batshit crazy to mix you up.

Like, my point is that if I wanted to fantasize about fucking myself, I would imagine someone who actually looks exactly like me, never my twin, because to me, she doesn't look like me, even though in reality she does.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess it's just a case of how people who don't have siblings are more likely to sexualize the relationship since they don't understand it.

Anonymous 2734

Anon I also have siblings myself and am not into incest kinks. I was just explaining what I thought was the reasoning behind it.

Anonymous 2735

Hey anon, are you that twin anon from months ago who got triggered because I made a joke about being another anons twin? lol
(I'm still sorry)

Anonymous 2736

omg I am, I'm sorry I got so triggered over it, I was having a bad day lol, usually I don't act so bothered by stuff like that and just brush it off. I thought here my input as a twin would be interesting, though.

Anonymous 2737

Something i feel the urge to bite something really hard, most of the time my phone? Like if i'm really stressed and think i'm about to go completely mad
Of course i never did it but i constantly have to think about it

Anonymous 2738

I always imagine I have wings and I'm flying alongside the bus I'm riding. I imagine I'm bobbing and weaving over and around the hedges hugging the road. Sigh.

Anonymous 2739


These days I'm always thinking about a cute vampire girl kidnapping me and making me her lover.
In this scenario my facial structure is a bit better than it is now, and I'm a bisexual, so I can be romantic with her, y'know. Also she's rich and the most of our time is spent traveling the world or cuddled up on her couch watching netflix. Occasionally she'll invite her guy friend ( who's also a vampire ) and we'll all be in love together. Mostly it's just me and her though.

Way back in middle school one of my constant daydreams involved being a cute girl and having a hot older sister I'd fool around with.

……A lot of my long running fantasies have involved gxg relationships, it's weird since I'm straight. Or at least, I think I'm straight. Don't think I'll ever get the chance to experiment with a girl and find out, ha.

This is probably way scrambled.

Anonymous 2740

Have you ever heard of Apotemnophilia? It's when a person wants to cut a limb off. It's a real mental disorder. You should google it OP.

Anonymous 2741

Most of my fantasies involve having friends :(

Lately I've been thinking about how cute it would be to have a group of friends who are also into alt fashion and we meet regularly to laugh at horror films, share music with female-fronted or female-dominated bands, have sleepovers, help each other get ready for nights out and swap clothes, drink, talk about how we're going to change the world or form a band even though none of us can play an instrument or silly business ideas like opening an alt fashion store or an art gallery full of art made by women. We'd all be hardcore feminists and encourage each other to be ourselves every day and we'd find comfort/safety in being among like-minded girls and we'd protect/support each other and do anything for each other. It'd also be cool if we had a hang out spot like an abandonned building or someone's basement and we could hang posters of our favourite bands and blast music and sing like idiots. I'd always plan camping trips or weekends away to see concerts for us.

I guess it all kind of stems from the fact that I've never had a close relationship with another woman before and I crave the close friendships I see on teen dramas. I feel kind of mentally stunted as a teenager because I never got to experiment with my sexuality or my clothing due to living in a really controlling household. I also never had a sister. My teen years were filled with being bullied by other girls/women, when I should have been doing all the wild things I fantasise about now. I'm still only in my early 20s but I feel like dying my hair blue and wearing fishnets and haning around an abandonned building would be really immature now, especially now that I'm trying to land a job. I also can't appreciate "adult" friendships (i.e. pretending to be friends in order to "network"). I don't want to have cocktails and gossip, I want to have actual fun. I want a group of friends who build each other up and believe in sisterhood, not tear each other down.

But I can dream, I guess.

Anonymous 2742

Not op but…wtf.

>>In the last few years, a number of stories have appeared about people who have voluntarily chosen to become disabled. For instance, there's the man who chose to have his left leg amputated below the knee, the woman who blinded herself by pouring drain cleaner in her eyes, and the woman who intentionally impaired her hearing out of a desire to become deaf.

Anonymous 2743

Lately I've been more suicidal than usual. I fantasize about what happens after you die. Maybe you go to a place where all your dreams come true, literally. A place where you can control everything that happens, revisit all the good memories of your past lives and delete forever the bad ones. I think about that place a lot, and the small chance that it might be real and all I have to do to get there is kill myself.

Anonymous 2744


>> I always feel stupid and pathetic and although I am very opinionated, I always feel like I'll never know enough to actually dole out an educated opinion that is worth caring about.

Oh I know that feel. It's terrible.

Anonymous 2745


Sometimes I fantasize about filing my teeth with a bonesaw in all different shapes. In my head the inside of the teeth is all opaque white and soft like the texture of filed bone. Also I fantasize of bringing my neglected dead plants back to life by sheer will power.

Anonymous 2746

Sometimes at work or in public if someone is standing too close to me I have the urge to attack them. They don't even have to be a person I'm angry with(although sometimes they are), just so long as they're not friends/family. It's also weird because most of the time in these cases we're surrounded by others, so it's not like I'd be able to cause them serious physical harm before being stopped. I'd also be risking my job.

To be fair this is tame compared to other fantasies I have (how edgy), but it frightens me because I'm always just one movement away from doing it.

Anonymous 2747

losing limbs because some great creature is consuming me, one day at a time.

Anonymous 2748

I fantasize about abducting a sexy man (top 0.1%) and locking him in a cellar with soundproof walls (not the kind that you see in studio rooms; 3ft cement and 2mm reinforced steel would be sufficient) and breaking his glasses so he cannot see how repulsive I am physically and forcing him to wear turtlenecks (form-fitting, high thread count) and adjust his speech patterns to fit my personal preferences by giving him daily vocabulary lessons and making him play Othello (a board game) with me to win back his freedom and beating him at Othello (it is impossible to beat a starting player who makes no wrong moves so despite his intelligence, he will never win) and cutting his hair because he can't be trusted alone with scissors (he would be granted a nail file) and staring at his beautiful mandible (weak-jawed men are worthless) but not violating him because that would be crossing the line (but if he wanted to have intercourse I would be down) and giving myself a coat hanger abortion and going to the doc to get a real abortion when I do it wrong and cooking food he doesn't like so he knows who's in charge and buying him luxury items when I inevitably feel bad and letting him go when it is no longer fun (estimates lead me to believe this will occur after 2 months) and shooting myself to avoid the cruel hand of the law.

Anonymous 2749

hello man

Anonymous 2750

I have a vagina, I've just been watching a lot of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend lately and it's making my crazy fantasies come back full force (I've always liked men in turtlenecks though, I swear.) If it's because I said he has to be top 0.1%, that's only because I've become more self-aware about how unattractive the majority of men are to me.

Anonymous 2751

This is too fucking funny. At least we can agree weak jaws are bad.

Anonymous 2752

>everything weird is by men

kek'd btw

Anonymous 2753

being productive and good at the things i like

Anonymous 2754


Holy shit, are you me?

Answer very carefully.

Anonymous 2755

Well for urges,when I
look in the mirror I always image,taking knife and cuting the fat tissue below my chin. Thing is,Im not even overweight or have double chin, it is just not sharp.

As for weirdest fantasy, I'm lesbian girl, who likes to imagine being gay guy…

Anonymous 2756

домашняя стоматоло…

I want to drug someone and pull a few of their teeth, especially the molars.

I just really, really want to pull teeth. I tried pulling one of my own when I had a cavity but my teeth are wedged tightly together and it's harder than it looks. I actually have a youtube playlist of tooth pulling videos. The best part is the popping/crunching noise when the roots come out of the socket, followed by the steady stream of warm blood. I miss pulling out my baby teeth so bad.

jsyk it's not a fetish. More like a bizarre lifelong fixation.

Anonymous 2757

Abduction fantasy anon here… Maybe we could work something out. ;) (jk police officer) (but not really) (yes i am)

Anonymous 2758


Not sure if this is a common fantasy or not, but I've always fantasized about being a member of an anime harem.

The male leads in harem anime are often so nice, moral, and have great attitudes. The female characters seem really fun. If I could appear in another world I'd 11/10 join a harem.

In real life I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with a nice, moral, uplifting guy and having sister wives.

>Too bad irl harem aka polygamy is basically for religious zealots and perverted creeps (usually ugly too)

RIP fantasy

Anonymous 2759


Anonymous 2760

Fuck off and stop being so judgmental.

It's a thread for weird fantasies or urges.

Anonymous 2761

It's a fantasy thread, spaz.

Wish the aliens would come, either to start a humanity uniting mega-war or just give us the cheat codes to interplanetary travel. I usually have this fantasy when I'm commuting and just can not be bothered.

Anonymous 2762

I've also had this fantasy. Interesting.

Anonymous 2763

NTA but being a fantasy doesn't make it any better.

>In real life I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with a nice, moral, uplifting guy and having sister wives.

I'll second that anon. Get some fucking self respect.

Anonymous 2764

>it it doesnt make it any better!
As other anon said, it's a fantasy you fucking club toed mongoloid. Get off your self-righteous stupidity and realize this is an anonymous site and there's nothing but a stream of thoughts. Out of all the shit posted here that's what you have the gall to say something about? Shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 2765


Anonymous 2766


Anonymous 2767

When I'm in a meeting or class and start to feel bored I imagine destroying the room and everything in it. Like smashing tables and throwing chairs out of windows.

Anonymous 2768

I just want to cut myself. Like deep cuts, that'll leave permanent scars. I want enough to look like a patch work monster. I want to starve myself til I look skeletal, stay inside and become a unhealthy pale. I just want to look undead. I want to beat someone up and have someone beat me up. Or just go AWOL and lose it and start destroying everything. But I have family and friends who I care too much to make them concern.
Other then that I often wonder what my Silent Hill monsters would look like. Or try to imagine other peoples monstrosities or just me monsters in general. I like monsters.

It's not all fucked up I swear. If anything I really want to be a anime style magical witch girl with a cute outfit and familiar.

Anonymous 2769

I like monsters too. Its nice to know someone else with a fight/fuck response. Do you ever think about transformation stuff? Like, not magical girl.

Anonymous 2770

Sometimes, like their skin splitting open or their face falls off revealing they're a monster the whole time.

Anonymous 2771

Really? What about growth-related stuff, like their bodies shifting in size and shape?

Anonymous 2772

I thpught that Wass kind of implied with their skin splitting open. Majority of them are not humanoid.

Anonymous 2773

Yeah, but like their skin stretching and shifting. Less like a costume more like clay. If you could have their mind or body change first which would it be?

Anonymous 2774

It will be their body first. Most people seem inhuman to me to begin with.

Anonymous 2775

Could you imagine someone who isn't so inhuman on the outside changing? I like to.

Anonymous 2776

Yes, I like to try and imagine them to be grotesque.
For men I usually give them teeth, like sharp teeth with no lips. I find teeth attractive.

Anonymous 2777

Yeah, like if they're snarling or drooling. It's especially amusing when they're trying to hold onto their humanity, and their mind slowly drifts away into that of a beast.

Anonymous 2778


Anonymous 2779

When I was in a car, I used to imagine my hand being run over by the wheels and how painful it would be. Thankfully I’ve stopped that now for the most part.

Also the general fantasies of not being a lonely depressed piece of shit and being good at something but that’s a given.

Anonymous 2780

When I'm sick, I sometimes fantasize about cutting myself open and physically removing whatever is hurting me. For example, when I have a bad congestion and it's making my nose hurt, I fantasize about a big cut on my nose and taking out all the mucus. When I'm constipated with a bad stomachache, I fantasize about cutting my abdomen open and removing the excrement.

Anonymous 2781

I'd rather fantasise about sneezing and taking a digestive pill, when I feel stuffy, but eating some spice helps me too.

Anonymous 2782


Whenever I pass an aquarium, I get the disgusting urge to grab a fish and take a big, fat bite out of it.
Anyone else have the same urge?

Anonymous 2783

No… but now I have an urge to do the same thing.

Anonymous 2784

Likewise. I feel like this when I'm on my period.
When I was a child, I would stick my head out of the window and try to look down without seeing the window frame, so it'd look like there was nothing supporting me. It was terrifying since I'm scared of heights, but I used to think of how fun it would be to jump down.

Anonymous 2785

Do you intend to make posts about it every day until we like it?

Anonymous 2786

I have fantasies that the top layers of dead skin on my face and the stuff in all my pores have hardened into one unified mass that I can just peel off like a Biore mask, leaving my face completely new and fresh. Sometimes I think about doing something similar with my entire body, or peeling off the top layer of my epidermis like a snake, or a full-body babyfoot treatment. Preferably all the hair would go with it. I think about specific aspects of it like how fresh and neat my cuticles would be.

I also have fantasies about finding someone who has been transported to this time from ~100-150 years ago (usually a certain person who I won't name) and having to keep them safe while helping them to understand and adjust to current times. I think about how I would explain things like the internet and super Walmarts and WWII. Ironically, several months ago it occurred to me that it would be necessary to keep them quarantined for a few weeks because there'd be no way of knowing what diseases they could catch from other people, or what other people could catch from them.

Anonymous 2787

I fantasize about ripping my skin off, scraping the pimples, then putting my skin back on my face cleanly.

Anonymous 4434

Lmfao I know this is old but same, I do that shit when my mind starts to wander and lose its coherence as I fall asleep.

Anonymous 4451

i almost constantly have an urge to bite something. not something solid, not just food, just something like a pillow, my own arm, or things like biting my nails. i’m not a glutton or anything, it just seems so appealing to me to bite stuff

Anonymous 4455

I sometimes have fantasize where I pull all my teeth out and I can feel the pain and the tangy taste of blood. I just feel really frustrated because my teeth are perfectly shaped and straight, but all of my back teeth have cavities and these big black stupid fillings.

Anonymous 4456

I used to purposely losen up my teeth and then let them re-root.
Once you start its hard to stop and let them heal, its like a scab you have to pick at.

Anonymous 4458

I feel the grips of bony hands as I'm walking sometimes. From the mountain of dead the world is built on.

Anonymous 4600

Every time I see one of my guns I imagine picking it up and just blasting myself in the side of the head. I like to imagine it's some 'lure of the void' type action that my brain is trying to warn me not to do it? But it only started after I was suicidal ideation mode for a while and had to hide the guns to stop myself from imagining it. (I'm not suicidal ideation mode now)

Anonymous 4855

i have 2 reoccurring ones.

1 when i get dressed, i look in the mirror and think about cutting my breasts off. i am in no way uncomfortable with them its just a thought that keeps happening

2 burning myself/others with cigarettes. when i go on a smoke break at work i get an urge to either grab my coworkers arm and put it out on it or lift my shirt up and put it out on my ribs

Anonymous 4888

when theres a man i like i think about doing horrible things to him. rape, mutilation, torture, murder, etc
ive always been into light sadism/domination but its gotten a lit more intense in recent years
this isnt even inherently sexual i just want to kill the men i love

Anonymous 4889

where are you keeping your guns that you can see them often? dont you use a safe

Anonymous 4927

I used to have cringy fantasies about a beautiful man getting obsessed with me and stalking me until he kidnaps me to keep in his old mansion that nobody knows about so that he can take care of me there
It's stupid and obviously irl the kind of scrote to do that shit would be an ugly neckbeard and instead of a mansion it would be some filthy basement kek
Recently I've had this intrusive scenario play out in my head where I get into a codependent toxic relationship with a rich pretty boy who's for some reason a medical student and when he discovers my self harm scars he cuts me really deep and then stitches me up on a bathroom floor while staring at me emotionlessly while I cry
I'm not a masochist and this sort of thing isn't sexual to me, it's just my self destructive urges and victim complex ig

Anonymous 4928


If I see a small gap I have an urge to drop my phone down it.
If I see a wide metal object, I imagine smashing my teeth on trying to bite it.
Sometimes I'll play out little scenarios where my bones get to big and start tearing through my skin.
Or maybe what if I die and instead of ceasing to be, my soul is stuck in my rotting corpse forever.

I miss the days when I daydreamed about being Godzilla so I could step on all the gross boys.

Anonymous 4966

nah I don't have kids or ever have kids around so I don't typically lock them up. The glock I was talking about is for home defense so it needs to be easy access technically. But most of my hunting guns are just chilling in the corner. I want a safe for them tbh. But I just set the gun somewhere not out in the open and now this never happens.

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