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Deity devotion Anonymous 3239

Thread for women who worship deities from any pantheons (not counting Abrahamic religions)

>Which deity/deities do you worship?

>How and when did you start?
>How is she/he?
>What offerings do you give?
>Do people around you know?
etc etc tell us about them!

Anonymous 3258

I don't worship a particular deity. I'm not sure about her name. It has manifested to me several times wheen I felt anxious or had insomnias. I almost saw it in the back of my vision field, into the darkness of my room. It was a greyish naked woman surrounded with all kind of scary night animal-looking creatures. It was terrifying, and had to turn on the light.

It is simply a force that influences my life, and I decided to submit to it. Freedom has no meaning for me at this point, other than unconditional submission to her will. She grants me drive the drive to learn about what is unseen, might it be forgotten historical events, astroturfing campaigns, social engineering, repressed thoughts. I also create art pieces as offerings.

Anonymous 3339

I’m not sure if it fits the thread but when I was very young, like 5 or 6 years old I was told to go to bed before 9pm. I didn’t question it. Somehow I imagined a pair of creatures that would go from window to window and check if children are sleeping because back then I thought that all the children in the world had to go to bed before 9pm. I imagined them as a pair of imps with wings, I have no idea why. I knew it’s silly, that it’s just my imagination but I always pretended to be asleep after, 9pm just in case.

Later I thought that it’s how religion is made. That there’s probably some mechanism in the brain that makes things up whenever you really want to know something but have no tools to acquire that knowledge. Now I just think it’s some kind of neuroticism.

Anonymous 3630

i can't really name a particular deity or religion i'm attached to but if anything at all, it's the feminine divine, womanhood, femaleness in general i guess.

i started a couple of years ago when i began to read a lot of feminist and radfem theory because i was tired of having to bend over for the dumb liberal "female empowerment" and genderspecial bs. i was """trans""", before then i hadn't realized that being a woman wasn't what made me uncomfortable but the way women are treated, that transitioning wasn't going to solve my issues with being a woman, other peak trans stuff. after snapping myself out of that phase i began to recognize and appreciate being a woman and have since saw femaleness as something sacred and something that i loved deeply. it compels me to be a better person, to protect and help women, to love myself and embrace the way i am

i burn candles, collect figures of female deities, make sigils for myself, that sort of thing. i also try to help and empathize and advocate with other women in any way that i can. no one around me really knows, except one of my friends who practices paganism

Anonymous 3643

Sounds interessting!

Anonymous 3950



Anonymous 5203


Anonymous 5218


I like the concept of Santa Muerte but I'm not the type to really become a devout follower. For context, I grew up Catholic in a Mexican/Native American household, but I'm American and my dad was white. I wasn't raised with his side and they were hicktown racists so I felt more kin to my mom's side of the family. A lot of my childhood was following around my grandma to powwows and my grandpa to feistas, celebrating mass, getting baptized and all that jazz. Since my parents were involved with drugs and a lot of weird shit, I was kind of between two worlds. My grandparent's culture and my parent's wild lifestyle. When I found out about Santa Muerte, I felt I could relate to the idea of worshipping a female folk saint that represented the lost, misjudged and broken of society.

I had a friend in my teenage years who was into witchy/occult stuff. She was from Mexico, forget which part, but she grew up in gang culture. Her brother was a real fuck but he had this badass tattoo of this skeletal lady and an altar dedicated to her. This was about the time I had started researching about Santa Muerte. Eventually my friend grew out of it, ran off with some guy and converted to some Christian sect. It's a shame, I never really heard from her again. Overall, I have a lot of iconography about my apartment, including this figure my friend gave me a long time ago. For me, it's more about the idea it represents I guess.

Anonymous 5224

That's a cool story anon. Your life seems exciting with all those traditions around you. I myself would like to have an altar of some sort to a goddess or female spirit but I need to do some research first.

Anonymous 5486

>Which deity/deities do you worship?
Faceless god.
>How and when did you start?
Been worshiping way longer than I can remember.
>How is she/he?
It is wonderful.
>What offerings do you give?
I justtry to do what I'm asked.
>Do people around you know?
Everyone who explicitly did with the exception of a child is dead now.

Anonymous 5573


I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Bona Dea, a deity that was worshipped in ancient Rome.
>Her rites allowed women the use of strong wine and blood-sacrifice, things otherwise forbidden them by Roman tradition. Men were barred from her mysteries and the possession of her true name.
>The house was ritually cleansed of all male persons and presences, even male animals and male portraiture. Then the magistrate's wife and her assistants[16] made bowers of vine-leaves, and decorated the house's banqueting hall with "all manner of growing and blooming plants" except for myrtle, whose presence and naming were expressly forbidden. A banquet table was prepared, with a couch (pulvinar) for the goddess and the image of a snake. The Vestals brought Bona Dea's cult image from her temple[17] and laid it upon her couch, as an honoured guest. The goddess' meal was prepared: the entrails (exta) of a sow, sacrificed to her on behalf of the Roman people (pro populo Romano), and a libation of sacrificial wine.[18] The festival continued through the night, a women-only banquet with female musicians, fun and games (ludere), and wine; the last was euphemistically referred to as "milk", and its container as a "honey jar".[19] The rites sanctified the temporary removal of customary constraints imposed on Roman women of all classes by Roman tradition, and underlined the pure and lawful sexual potency of virgins and matrons in a context that excluded any reference to male persons or creatures, male lust or seduction.[20] According to Cicero, any man who caught even a glimpse of the rites could be punished by blinding.[21]
> Nothing is known of its architecture or appearance, save that unlike most Roman temples it was walled. It was an important centre of healing; it held a store of various medicinal herbs that could be dispensed at need by its priestesses. Harmless snakes roamed its precincts. Men were forbidden entry but could dedicate offerings to the goddess,[44] or, according to Ovid, could enter the precincts "if bidden by the goddess".[45]
Sounds very cool, too bad it's lost in time.

Anonymous 5632


I really want to explore my inner worshipping tendencies again, it's been a long time since I did it. Do you have an altar at home? Is it in your bedroom or in a different room? What do you keep on it?

Anonymous 6039

I keep an altar in my bedroom. It features offering water jars, other offering items, and appropriate devotional objects. Sometimes I'll put other things on there to take on the altar's energy.

Anonymous 8379


>Which deity/deities do you worship?
Lots, a mix between known local deities and Roman one - Mainly Mercury and Juno.
>How and when did you start?
I started properly last year, just decided to take the plunge after years of wanting to.
>How is she/he?
Mercury is extremely friendly, Juno was initially hard to connect with. I persevered however, making offerings and repeatedly stating that I would try to live a life up to her standards.
>What offerings do you give?
Frankincense, Myrrh, Dried flowers/Plants associated with the deities in question, Water, Milk, Tea, etc.
>Do people around you know?
Yes, deciding to not hide my natural inclination towards Polytheism was one of the best things I've done in my life. Such a huge weight off my shoulders!

>within a year of 'feeling' that Queen Juno was accepting my offerings, I was engaged and pregnant

She's the best!

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