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How to summon incubus Anonymous 3269

How do I summon incubus, I'm really horny, also needs to be white.

Anonymous 3271


The real questions are finally being asked.

Anonymous 3275

write it when you find the answer kek. i don't believe in that stuff but i could use an orgasm (even if it happens in my dream)

Anonymous 3276


This. It only happens in drea.s but it happens, helps to go to sleep with a pillow between the legs.

Anonymous 3410

lie on your back, induce sleep paralysis, and then go from there.
tbh, I haven't really tried this out and don't know the exact procedure. But I know sleep paralysis is important if you want to see an incubus or succubus.

Anonymous 3693

I recently had a dream where a goat man?creature? fugged me or something. It was my first sleep orgasm but I didn't want it, felt gross when I woke up. I was horny and thinking about this thread earlier on the day of the accursed dream.

Anonymous 4185

Incubus if you can see this please come tonight and make me cum. Eat my pussy and ass. Thank

Anonymous 4753


bumping this thread, i'm still waiting for answers on how to actually summon one

Anonymous 4965

Just say what you want, that's enough. He will appear when he wants to, so be patient.

Anonymous 5268

i had a dream like that about a month ago but it was a pillar of flesh with 3 legs. very strange, woke up feeling gross. it was hot in the dream though.

Anonymous 5310

LMAO so many crystal sisters have been so groomed by porn to only find white men attractive just like moids have been porngroomed to find asians and latinas attractive. Kind of sad.

Anonymous 5311

Wut? It's actually a thing statistically that men are more likely to have a light-skin bias.

Anonymous 5316

oh, sorry, thought you were a male for a second.
anyway idk what to tell you because there's a few studies showing that black men are rated as among the most attractive while asian men are often on the bottom.
studies are just studies, but regularly I see black men get away with being dark skinned, being able to sleep around, etc.

Anonymous 5317

oh, this isn't me saying colorism doesn't exist among women, it does, but it's still a lot more likely to women to see dusky skin as being attractive like I initially said. I also would think OP is probably white and probably long gone.

Anonymous 5318

Yes but they are the only race of dark men for which this is the case (again because of bbc porn). Don’t underestimate the effects of porn on women either. Something like 40% of girls in western countries watch it.

Anonymous 5324

It's normal to be attracted to people outside your race. It prevents inbreeding and racemixing has been going on for thousands of years.

Anonymous 5327

Oh so it’s in everyone’s genes to be exclusively sexually attracted to white people right?

You’re so full of shit. If heterogeneity of appearance was genetically ingrained as being attractive, racial differentiation would have never happened to begin with.

Anonymous 5331


I want an incubus who has tan skin and half southeast asian like me please. I need this right now because I'm PMSing so please come soon.

Anonymous 5332


Anonymous 5333

I don’t watch porn and I still only find white men attractive. Nothing beats blue eyes.

Anonymous 5334

OT but are you from a country where blue eyes are less common? They are the most common colour where I'm from (even I have them) and they are my least preferred colour. I like green or very dark brown (almost black looking) because they are rare for me.

Anonymous 5335

I never would've thought my eye color (very dark brown) would be uncommon anywhere

Anonymous 5337

It's pretty uncommon in Northern Europe, especially in the smaller towns that don't have many different races.

Anonymous 5339

i also have dark eyes. only guessing however i would say majority of people have this eye color

Anonymous 5341

you do realize that demons are the archetypal representation of dysfunctional personality right? summoning an incubus is essentially just summoning a horny manipulative sociopath. like why not just go find your local retard drug dealer to fuck if you are just going to go fuck a demon? literally the same thing.

Anonymous 5342

No. But they are slowly becoming less common here sadly. black eyes are so boring and generic.

Anonymous 5344

but they aren't hot anon

Anonymous 5350


I'm that anon and tbh I'm not sure what I say besides making a confession…I prefer asian men of any skin color; a 7/10 one looks as good or better to me than a 9/10 white Chad. Of course I won't give any shits if he's cocky or a wet cucumber either ways, but I think asian men are easily the best looking men on average. In my area they're substantially more likely than other men to seemingly take care of themselves, have nice hair and skin, etc, too, so even when they're "meh", they are so much more appealing than men of pretty much most other races in my area. They also tend to act less dumb which helps a shit ton…this might be the most racist thing I've ever said.

I am white/nonwhite mixed and not at all asian myself.

Anonymous 5356

tf, anon, it's not the same thing.
a real life drug addict is just boring. he is just a slimy parasite that exploits people for flat profit and, worse yet, he is real, so there's real people that he's harming.

a hot mystical sex demon thing that transcends humanity and reality itself is not "literally the same thing." not being a real human with human bodily functions for one helps the appeal.

Anonymous 5357

If you actually want to summon one of these entities then your best bet would be to do the letter of intent ritual. 4chan's /x/ has a succubus thread that has all the details on how to summon these entities and advice for making the connection stronger if a connection has been established. Highly recommend you read up on much of this as you can before you summon as there can be serious consequences if you go about it wrong

Anonymous 5368

I'm this anon and I still got nothing and my period just ended and I am still feeling like I'm in dire need of an incubus that fits this bill.

I think I will check out the succubus thread on /x/

Anonymous 5375

I did that ritual with the letter about a month ago. I've been having a lot more sexual dreams recently, with quite attractive men that seem to shapeshift. I'm pleased with this outcome, it's fun to dream right now.
Donald Tyson has a great book called Sexual Alchemy that goes over everything you need to know about having relationships with spirits. You can find it on libgen easily.

Anonymous 5377

Meditation is great for the bond and learning how to lucid dream will allow you to contact your partner more easily.

Anonymous 5383


>unironically inviting a male vitality-sapping demon into your house

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