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Lying online Anonymous 3316

Has anyone ever seen someone secretly lying online for no apparent reason?

I don't mean things like photoshopping your instagram pictures or exaggerating on your dating profile. Instead recently I've noticed people posting fake backstories on accounts separate from their real identifies (e.g. reddit or forums). Things like claiming they are experts when they are not, pretending to have been the victim of bullying when they were a bully themselves, or lying about being richer and more important than they really are.

It's not an attempt to hide their real identity as the type of things they post attract more attention than they would get otherwise.

Why do people do this? I could understand if it was linked to their real identity or somewhere dumb like 4chan but why do it in a post no one will see or care about? What do they gain from it?

I honestly find it kind of creepy as I can't understand if they somehow genuinely believe what they are posting or what could motivate them to waste time repeatedly lying with no apparent benefit.

Does anyone here do this? Why?

Anonymous 3317

All the things you mentioned are things that get you more social clout which is usually why people do it. Like that one person who pretended to have aids and be PoC for woke cred

Anonymous 3318

I can sort of understand the appeal of repeatedly maintaining the same story like a munchie would but the posts I mean are one time replies in threads without many hits. For example, if I randomly said that I have a Lamborghini on page 30 of a thread not related to cars and then never brought it up again or if deep in a reddit comment chain I said how much high school bullying trauma affected me and then never mentioned it again. It's not part of a building up a bigger character either, just a lot of disconnected lies sprinkled in for no apparent reason.

Anonymous 3320

Are you talking about psuedoanonymous sites? I feel like if someone is lying is a post that won't get much attention it's either a spur of the moment thing or they're aren't good enough at social media to leverage their lie into attention

Anonymous 3322

>psuedoanonymous sites
I've not heard that term before but I think that's what I mean.

>they're aren't good enough at social media to leverage their lie into attention

I don't know if you mean they aren't good enough on sites connected to their identity or if they aren't good at building up a whole new fake identity, but both ideas are interesting to consider. Maybe they aren't committed enough to lie about this to people who know them IRL or maybe they are too unfocused to maintain one consistent fake identity.

Anonymous 3323

As in they lie in ways that are supposed to make them look good but they aren't committed to it and it shows in the fact that they're aren't trying to systematically build up a fake identity

Anonymous 3324

Perhaps but they are really terrible at it if this is the case.

Anonymous 3325

Most people aren't particularly good at things they do on impulse like this. If they're doing something like this to create a consistent false identity they're better at it just as a byproduct of the commitment

Anonymous 3327

That's true. I wonder what makes them do it impulsively.

Anonymous 3340

I was a compulsive liar in high school, for me it was a coping mechanism for my depression, I was able to live a different life and be someone else.

Anonymous 3407

My bet is on propaganda, for lack of a better word.

Your opinion is more important in certain places if it comes from certain demographics. So you have places like Reddit where white men are the authority, and SJW circles where disabled PoC trannies dominate. You don't a consistent online identity for that. Maybe one person found your Lamborghini comment on page 30 and thought your opinion is 'valid' because of it, but would have ignored it if you didn't mention the car.

That being said, it's a waste of time, you have to be mentally ill to care about this enough to start lying.

Anonymous 3937

I think the answer to this is compulsive lying. People like that can't help but lie, even if there is no reason to and they have nothing to gain from it. I guess it's hard to make sense of other people's mental problems.

Anonymous 8061

Wow! This post is making me wonder why I don’t lie more. It’s the internet. I mean like for fake sites. I could gain so much social clout for it!

Anonymous 8103

Idk but sometimes I do share stories of my life on 4chins and people tell me I am larping. It is quite annoying.

Anonymous 8109

i used to when i was a teenager, i'd make up a whole new identity and catfish using someone elses pictures and type out my darkest and cringiest thoughts to people. just to test the waters on what is acceptable vs not. i'm sorry pretty random girl from instagram for stealing ur pictures

Anonymous 8316

i wish i was better at lying online just for fun. i think it would be fun to troll an entire community and then drop the ball at the last minute and bounce, leaving everyone in disarray. i've seen people do this all the time, especially when message boards were more popular. i wish i had that kind of maliciousness in my bones but i am too fucking honest to a fault. on the other hand, sometimes i think it's stupid how people online won't believe you when you are actually telling the truth because of god knows what reason, but then someone comes along with this obviously shitty lie and everyone just laps it up like candy.

Anonymous 8339

I used to lie all the time. I would go on places with lonely men, and larp as their preferred women based on what they would say about their lack of a love life. I would casually talk to them, let things escalate with the male flirting with me, and then I would give them something like a rejection letter before ghosting them. Rejecting them would be even more entertaining if they had already shared their deepest insecurities.

Anonymous 8347

Lying online is fun, its like acting or playing pretend, it's an imaginative exercise.
Its fun to see peoples reactions to certain things (in some ways this manifests as "trolling").
I constantly play "what if" situations in my head, and the best way to test some situations is just by lying.
Its just fun.
I guess if you wanted to get really analytical you could say a bully pretending to be a victim secretly feels bad or just wants attention. You could call it an attempt to cope with deep seeded wrongs in their lives, but that is all explanations non-liars come up with because they can't accept that lying is just fun.

Anonymous 8353

i used to lie a lot online when i was a teenager, and a lot of it was stupid small things no one cared about either way. i don't even know why i did it, i kind of just did it because i could.

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