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Karma Anonymous 3394

Any thoughts on karma, miner?

There are Indian religious schools that teach about karma. Westernized the concept is simplified as a rule of cause and effect, reaping what you're sowing, doing good and therefore experiencing good and vice-versa doing bad and experiencing bad.

There is also: good karma, bad karma and neutral karma (not to be neglected, you don't have to be all good and some good can even be bad, think helper-syndrome and/or self-exploitation).

Anonymous 3395


OP further commenting: I like to think it exists or not rule it out. It gives my life more meaning to believe in it.

I like to "collect" good karma sometimes by doing little good things or I think of karma sometimes when I do them in everyday life. Don't get me wrong. I'm not an especially good person. I have been working hard on myself in the last couple of months though.

One thought I had recently that felt very good is that I can quickly gain good karma if I want to by not only treating others well or fairly but also by treating myself well. I'm someone. My needs have to be taken care of. Doing that job and doing right by myself is a good deed. It should align with the rules of karma especially when self-care requires effort sometimes. This helps me trick self-neglect sometimes. I wanna practice such thoughts more.

Anonymous 3412

I know karmic retribution exists. I seen it but apparently, it's only "emotional."

Anonymous 3446

Interesting. Any examples?

Anonymous 3447

Karma isn't real there are too many people who get away with too much evil

Anonymous 3453

As a concept it's hard to support if you don't also believe in reincarnation, as without reincarnation, all the retribution would have to come in the person's life to be valid. Reincarnation takes up the slack by just offloading any of the negative comeuppance you don't see onto the person's next life.

Anonymous 3466

Sure. I seen things reverse themselves, etc. none caring exes get depressed. A ex who left me during my miscarriage is now divorced. A ex who attacked me is sucidial. People who ignored me in junior high are now being ignored themselves. Healthy people who were nasty to the sick are now sick themselves.

Anonymous 3467

I donno, maybe it's cause or effect too.

Anonymous 3534

not the one u replied to but i feel like an example of this is the richest people are often unhappy

Anonymous 3566

Good example. They spend a life in luxury to disguise their emptiness and secrets.

Anonymous 3636

I know a lot of people say this and it's commonly the case in stories but I always felt like this opinion was just a cope from poor people. I know being rich isn't exactly all its cracked up to be, but to say poor people have it better couldn't be further from the truth.
Maybe rich people have their own troubles but they still don't have to worry about how they'll possibly afford bills for the month and that by itself is a much more comfortable life.

Anonymous 6873

Former Buddhist here (family’s religion) and I’ve always doubted the whole karmic retribution thing until I’ve seen what happened to people who wronged me (in this life, current timeline). Mom was extremely abusive and violent towards me and my brother, dies in a car crash. Ex gf who was abusive, triggered my panic attacks, and mocked the people with mental illnesses now has developed anxiety and has panic attacks from time to time. Do you think these are legit examples of karma irl?

Anonymous 6879

I don't rely on karma. If it's worth it I'll try to have my revenge, if it's something petty I'd rather forget it, why waste your energy on dumb shit

Anonymous 9016

Uhh alright, I shall humbly share some of what I know:

So the word Karma, comes from Kar(action) and Man(to think). What does this mean?

As it's known, in many creeds there is the idea that God is everything and everyone, and so we are god experiencing ourselves. That would also mean that we have the ability to co-create the world together.

And Karma is exactly that: The result of our thoughts in the world. So if for example one says: "Oh I want a house", well because of your own divine ability to create (although most are unware of it while living human lives), you will start shaping the world so an opportunity of getting that which you wanted, comes. Now we tend to think of Karma as some divine judgment, because everything to exist needs it's positive and negative. So you get to have a house, but now you have to take care of it, so if something breaks, you have to pay. If a better job opportunity comes in another city, you have to stay because your house has a heavy tax connected to the bank, and all the many chores that owning a house can entail.

And all of this comes from a single thought. This is why they say "Becareful of what you wish"

Now you can learn to better handle your ability to create by becoming conscious of your unconscious thoughts, and that is when you transform your Karma in Dharma, from Dhar(to hold) and Man(thought), so it's basically the thoughts you are already aware of and thus are unlikely to come bite you later like the unconscious ones.

Anonymous 9608

I think I am being humbled by the universe. For saying and doing bad things. I believe this is part of everyone’s path. Little instances only known to them. There is not a single bad thing I’ve ever done that hasn’t come back to bite me somehow. Gets me to get my act together. I feel so embarrassed of myself.

Anonymous 9812

I am currently in a bad karma cycle. I am washing away my sins of a bad karma that I am facing for things I did/said. Similarly, I recently put out some bad energy into the universe that I know will cycle back to me eventually. I just want to start my good karma cycle. I am ready to wash away my bad karma and start fresh again.

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