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Human Psychology Anonymous 3605

Do you guys ever wonder if people are easier to manipulate than you'd originally think?

I keep watching psychology videos (this channel, especially: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwVxWpjeKFWwu8TML-Te9A) and it makes me think most people probably fall into certain sets of behaviors you can just…recognize, and go from there when interacting with them.

This feels like such a chuuni way to think, though, when I think on it.

Anonymous 3606


Yea pretty true. People have certain sets of NPC behav- I mean personalities. Still I'm too much of an idealist to manipulate someone in a serious manner. Actually I'm more of a sentient victim: I know when and how I get played but I can't resist, I've got no confidence.

Anonymous 3611

What other channels do you watch?

Anonymous 3613

>Do you guys ever wonder if people are easier to manipulate than you'd originally think?
Only those below your IQ, EQ, facial and body attractiveness, and other ways I won't tell you.

Anonymous 3891

JCS rules, i can watch those videos for hours.
that being said, it's hard to not think hack on them when i actually interact with people in person, watching how their eyes go and if they move their hands. idk im kinda retarded

Anonymous 3892

i think a lot of what he says is bullshit but the videos are mostly enjoyable

Anonymous 3893

it could all very well be, i had no idea interrogation videos like that were obtainable like that, he's got a nice voice

Anonymous 3928

Any good psychology youtubers?

Anonymous 3929

Robert Sapolsky has an entire semester of lectures for free on youtube.
Jordan Peterson lectures are good, the rest is meh.

If you instead mean someone who will give you persuasion techniques, that game is completely filled with PUA. The other people in that game are the business-minded types like Scott Adams.

I for one hate JCS because he seems to be projecting his own view onto the scenario rather than just letting it stand. It's absolutely infuriating trying to observe the flow of a conversation, and having it paused every 10 fucking seconds for him to run his mouth. When he's good he's good, but he seriously needs to figure out when to stop fucking talking sometimes.

Anonymous 3930

>jordan peterson
peterson is an insane quack, sapolsky shills for troonery using crap neuroendocrinological claims. neither have any integrity, both have an agenda that either intentionally or unintentionally seeks to denigrate women through "science". peterson is the bigger quack of the two, however. jbp is a complete clown.

Anonymous 3932

Why is Peterson a clown? I keep digging to find anything he says that denigrates women and I can't seem to find it. I'm told it's there, but I've yet to see it.

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